Whelen Modified Tour Mr. Rooter 161 At Waterford A Celebration Of Support For Vin Beedle

Vin Beedle

Vin Beedle

A little over three years ago, when management at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl was looking for the financial support to get the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour to return to the historic shoreline oval after six years away, it was local businessman and short track racing supporter and team owner Vin Beedle who stepped to the plate.

Beedle put his company’s Mr. Rooter name on the event to get the series back off the ground at Waterford and now it’s tradition.

The Whelen Modified Tour returns to the New London-Waterford Speedbowl Saturday for the fourth running of the Mr. Rooter 161 at the track.

With track embroiled in the issues of foreclosure over the winter, the Speedbowl was left off the original Whelen Modified Tour schedule. But after new owner Bruce Bemer closed on the property in early February, the quick work was done to get the track back on the division’s schedule for 2015.mrrooter1612014

Since becoming the title sponsor of the event in 2012, Beedle has also taken on the role of team sponsor in the division. His Mr. Rooter company supports Whelen Modified Tour drivers Ted Christopher with the Berkley Auto Racing team and also Keith Rocco with the Our Motorsports team.

“Being our fourth year, we’re not new at it, but we’re probably more excited with the new ownership and management in place,” Beedle said. “It’s not taking as much to promote it because it’s almost expected now, which is pretty cool. That’s what I like about it. But it’s a double-edged sword at the same time because it’s got to be part of our program now.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’ve gotten to know a lot more of the [Whelen Modified Tour] guys through doing this. It’s become more of a relationship versus sponsorship. I’ve been sponsoring Teddy now for several years on the Tour. Now having Keith there with [Our Motorsports] is even more exciting because I have two opportunities. They’re both great drivers and both in great rides. It’s an exciting thing.”

Beedle took on a second event title sponsorship with the division in 2015. The Whelen Modified Tour Mr. Rooter 125 will be held June 10 at Thompson Speedway.

“They’re close together, but they’re two different animals,” Beedle said. “That’s what I like about it. We’ve got the short track effort and then Thompson, which is the biggest track in the area. It’s a great thing to be tied to.”

In addition to his event and team sponsorships with the Whelen Modified Tour, Beedle also manages with the Mr. Rooter New England Truck Series and owns multiple teams competing at local short tracks.

Beedle said its all an effort to help keep short track racing alive and vibrant in Connecticut.

“If we don’t step up short track racing will die,” Beedle said. “I encourage everyone to get involved whether is racing or sponsorship or associate sponsorship. We’re going to make it die if we don’t put the effort to support it. I believe with everyone’s effort, it can live on for a long time.”


  1. Michael Humphrey says

    Thanks Mr.Beedle

  2. Chris D. says

    Good job sir, we appreciate the effort.

  3. Your are what the sport needs. Thanks

  4. As race fans a great way to show our appreciation to sponsors is to support them. If I have a plumbing problem I’m going to call Mr. Rooter!

  5. Definitely agree with Scott, as race fans we owe it to support ALL of those that support the sport that we love. I always make it a point to mention the reason I patronize a specific store or restaurant is because I saw their name at the track and though I would give their establishment a try. You would be surprised of the conversations that start once you mention racing.

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