Video View Exclusive: Cory Casagrande Flies Over Joey Ferrigno In SK Light Mod At Stafford

Cory Casagrande's SK Light Modified flies over the car of Joey Ferrigno during Friday's feature at Stafford Motor Speedway

Cory Casagrande’s SK Light Modified flies over the car of Joey Ferrigno during Friday’s feature at Stafford Motor Speedway

STAFFORD – Before the field could complete the first lap at Stafford Motor Speedway, Cory Casagrande took flight behind the wheel of his SK Light Modified during Friday’s feature.

Casagrande’s car came to rest on the frontstretch of the track upside down.

The Stafford driver walked away from the wreck unhurt.

Casagrande was making his first start in the division.

He had attempted to make his first start in the division’s feature on June 12, but an issue during the pace laps before the feature sent him off track before the green flag flew.

Friday Casagrande ended up on his roof before he could complete his first lap in the division.

Below is the exclusive in-car view of Casagrande’s car flying up and over Joey Ferrigno’s car during the wreck. (Video courtesy Joey Ferrigno)


  1. Glad everyone is OK! That’s one crazy way to start off in a division.

  2. Thank God the safety equipment did its job and everyone was ok.

  3. Maybe , just maybe a spotter would have helped there ?

  4. I missed the race last night. Can someone who saw this tell us, did he simply just run cars over that appeared to check up, or was he hit by someone else first?

    If it was the first case, I wonder if spending significant time in the “spotted” Late Model division, then moving to one without a spotter might have had him subconsciously waiting for notice of trouble in his ear.

  5. Barry,
    I think this video below gives the best perspective of how quickly this all took place. I was told by at least one veteran of the division last night that “spotters weren’t going to change anything, it happened too quick.”

  6. Thanks! What a mess… Another nod to modern safety gear. We’ve come a long way.

  7. Time for spotters, what are they waiting for??

  8. Sicklajoie says

    Buzz, spotters wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. Just a freak accident on how everyone was lined up on the outside. If that accident happened a hundred times it wouldn’t have happened like that again.

  9. There where only 11 Late Models at Stafford last Friday? What are they waiting for, just adopt ACT like rules and get rid of the limited late models.

  10. I’m sure spotters would help, talking to some of the drivers race control didn’t even give a head up what was going on up front. However that’s not race controls job, SKL’s at Stafford need Spotters…

  11. A Spotter would have done NOTHING there. Get real people

  12. This is not a reason for spotters, have there been plenty of reasons in the past. Yes! But this one was all way way to fast and even before spotter can say the check up. Racing deal, on to the next week.

  13. Spotters would not have helped with the initial wreck,but possibly could have helped with the rest of the mess that came.Lets just say that spotters could have helped .skl are only .8 slow than sk mods.What the heck is Stafford waiting for.SKL have had way too many big wrecks this season.

  14. Super Mods do the half-mile almost 3 seconds faster than the SKL and SKs, they have no spotters….SKL drivers need to shut up and drive! A spotter cant drive the racecar for you! If you want a spotter so bad move up! Not to mention they ball em up just as bad at the bowl and look at that, they have spotters! So sick of hearing the “I need a spotter BS”

  15. Crazy in NY says

    Modfan nails it!!!

  16. Grey Matter says

    I agree with ModFan as well. The Lites are no Super Mod and you think there are issues without spotters now? The Lites were designed to be a starter division for the real SK’s. It was supposed to teach the drivers how to drive a mod and “manners” before moving up and to be less costly. So far, the only thing less costly is the motor to a point since they are all working them over anyway and it seems these Lite drivers haven’t learned a damned thing.

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