Giving It Up: Jeff Rocco Donates Purse To Chace Bennett After Late Model Win At Thompson

Jeff Rocco celebrates victory in the Late Model feature Wednesday at Thompson Speedway

Jeff Rocco celebrates victory in the Late Model feature Wednesday at Thompson Speedway

THOMPSON – When it comes to grassroots racing, every penny counts for most teams that arrive weekly at short tracks.

And it goes without saying that winning purses help the most when it comes to those efforts to keep the competitive budgets in check.

But Wednesday night at Thompson Speedway, padding the team’s budget was the last thing on the mind of Jeff Rocco after taking the checkered flag to win the 25-lap Late Model feature at Thompson Speedway.

After winning the event, Rocco immediately announced that he and his team owner, Eric Grant, had decided to donate their $700 winner’s purse to Chace Bennett, the son of Stafford Motor Speedway Late Model driver Michael Bennett.

Chace Bennett was diagnosed with Leukemia last week.

“The racing community, it may seem big, but it’s really tight knit,” Rocco said. “We’re all friends at the end of the day and we all share the same passion of racing. It’s times like this that show how close you can be. I might have talked to Michael in the pits or had a quick conversation or waved to him on the way by, but I feel like I know him better than that because of racing. … Any way we can help out, it’s just a small piece of the pie, but I’m glad we can do something.”

It marked the fourth consecutive Late Model victory at Thompson for Rocco, of Wallingford.

Keith Rocco of Wallingford for was second and William Wall of Shrewsbury, Mass. third.

Jeff Rocco started ninth in the field and deftly sliced his way to third over the first three laps. When Wall moved by Damon Tinio for the lead, Jeff Rocco followed to second and then on lap 10 restart, Jeff Rocco used the outside lane to take over the lead for good.

“Between the combination of hard works and a car owner that puts his heart and soul into this and gives us anything we need, this is the end result,” Jeff Rocco said. “Everything I’ve done lately has been a confidence builder. I think I’ve always had the talent to get it done, it’s just that you need that confidence to know you can do it.”

Click here for details on a GoFundMe site to help support the Bennett family


  1. Thank you for helping my family

  2. That’s what I’m talking about . You the man !

  3. Bob Freeman says

    What an awesome thing for Jeff and his car owner to do! Compassion and caring for others is a very admirable quality.

  4. Crazy in NY says

    Class….. pure class.

  5. This is just pure class on the car owners part and Jeff Rocco. Great job guys, I’m sure other will do the same. Pure class.

  6. Youhavenoidea says

    Truly a class act u guys will be blessed

  7. GREAT job by Jeff and Eric…the winner’s purse is patheticly low, it should be at least $1,000.

  8. I am not a Rocco fan,but that is a stand-up ,classy thing to do.Great to hear things like this.Made my day.

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