Pretty In Pink: Joey Ferrigno Wins SK Light Modified Feature At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Joey Ferrigno celebrates an SK Light Modified feature win Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Joey Ferrigno celebrates an SK Light Modified feature win Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD – Friday evening Joey Ferrigno exercised the demons of a plagued second half of the season by driving to victory in the SK Light Modified feature at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Saturday night Ferrigno carried that positive momentum south.

Ferrigno, of East Hartford, won the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the first career SK Light Modified victory on the track at the Speedbowl for Ferrigno, who was rolling in the bright pink car he debuted two weeks ago at Stafford. Ferrigno was awarded a victory earlier this season in an event at Waterford after a disqualification of a winner. The pink car is in support of raising funds for crew member Marla Klemovitch.

“It’s awesome,” Ferrigno said. “This is the first real Modified win here. I got one by something happening in tech a few weeks ago. This is the first place I ever raced and this is my first real win in a Modified for me, it means the world to me. Especially with the car being pink and support Marla.”

Josh Galvin of Oakdale was second and Chris Gombos of Naugatuck third.

“[Crew chief] Paul French tried something a little bit different,” Ferrigno said. “Me and him argued for hours this morning. I said ‘This car was so good last night, I wanted to bring out to play again today too.’ He said ‘If you bring out just don’t kill it.’ So I was taking my time and the thing just did whatever I wanted it to.”

Ferrigno moved to second past David Arute on a lap 17 restart and a lap later he was peeking under Gomboas out front. On lap 19 Ferrigno used a low pass off of turn four to get by Gomboas and take the lead for good.

“This car was just a rocket ship tonight,” Ferrigno said.


  1. Awesome race strategy…have 76 French intentionally bring out the caution so Ferrigno can catch the leaders. Class act as always.

  2. Chris D. “Crew chief Paul French Tried something a little bit diffrent” he must be talking about Paul spinNing on the front stretch to let Joey catch the leaders.

  3. A guy runs the same car at two tracks on Friday and Saturday nights? What a novel concept!

  4. Are there penalties for intentional yellows? It was pretty obvious what the 76 did. Pretty sad on the part of the 76 and 87 if that is what really happened just to get a win when clearly he would not have caught the leader just racing!

  5. Guess the negative posts must have missed the 69 putting the 76 around… AND the driver of the 69 posting on Facebook that he got the 76…

  6. rick, we’ll have to wait and see what penalties Waterford dished out when they are made public Tuesday… French parked in the infield after he “spun”, question is, was it part of the act or did he get parked?

  7. from Carlos’ facebook post:

    Started in the back for the feature made our way through the pack, cought Paul French and had a pretty good battle going, tried putting it underneath him going into turn 3, he came down I went up we made contact he spun, and they put me back to the rear….

    so apparently he was also in on it.

  8. youre favorite fan says

    The 21. 75, and whatever other cars the 87 passed must be in on it as well, who lets another car just pass them? This is more fixed than wrestling. For someone so interested in our sport come up with something positive to say Chris D, all I ever see is you bashing other people. You must feel really low about yourself to have to knock everyone down to your level. Its people like you that are ruining this sport.

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