Modified Touring Series Officially Announces First Event At Monadnock Speedway

(Press Release from Modified Touring Series)

Gary Knight, who is behind forming the new Modified Touring Series, addresses attendees at an informational meeting late last year

Gary Knight, who is behind forming the new Modified Touring Series, addresses attendees at an informational meeting late last year

The Modified Touring Series is proud to announce our inaugural event- The Winchester 200.

[Series founder Gary Knight] approached many speedways with his vision and Larry Cirillo was the one who could see the possibilities of making this a spectacular event. Therefore, The Winchester 200 will be held at Monadnock Speedway- “The fastest high-bank 1/4 mile in the northeast”.

This will be a 200 green flag laps race taking place on May 21, 2016 (with a rain date of May 22, 2016)

Monadnock Speedway is hosting an open practice day on April 23 ($25.00 admission fee). American Race Tire will be on hand for teams to purchase practice tires. The tire price is $165.00

Purse Structure
1st Place – $15,000.00
2nd – $7500.00
3rd – $5500.00
4th – $4000.00
5th – $3500.00
6th – $3000.00
7th – $2700.00
8th – 2600.00
9th – 2400.00
10th – $2250.00
11th – $2225.00
12th – $2200.00
13th – $2150.00
14th – $2000.00
15th – $1800.00
16th – $1000.00
17th – $1000.00
18th – $1000.00
19th – $1000.00
20th – $1000.00
21st – $1000.00
22nd – $1000.00
23rd – $1000.00
24th – $1000.00

There will also be a$5000.00 non-qualifying race

This is the highest paying purse in Modified Racing to date with the total purse being $72,825.00
This will be a one-day event with heats determining qualifying positions for the starting field.

Pre-Race Entry Fee is $150.00 and the updated pre-race registration forms are available now at

We’d like to welcome our first entries already:
Rick Kluth- car #27- Driver: Andy Janjkowiak from 2 Qwick Chassis/Kluth Motorsports
Dan Cabral- car #55- Driver: Joe Doucette

If you have any questions please call Gary Knight at 603-826-0063


  1. All you naysayers from the previous article, here is your official announcement and I guess Shawn was not listening to any BS rumors. 24 to take the green and a pretty decent payout outside of the top 5.

  2. Andy Boright says

    Oh yes, this proves it’s going to happen and be successful – LOL.

  3. The track and participants should require that the purse be bonded or put in escrow. Need to make sure the participants get paid.

    This is not a real new Touring series…. one event does not make a series. This is at best an Open Show.

    Tires and the entrance fee will run just over $1,000. How does everyone feel about using American Racer?

    Any rules published yet? Will this favor NWMT, MRS, ROC, ????

  4. My opinion as a fan and car owner – love the effort of anyone who puts on these high paying mod shows, 200 laps is too many, having one race w an odd ball tire will make it hard on at least half the entries because you have the minimum 6 tires and $150 entry,you have to finish top 12 to break even

  5. Not sure about this, I like the money but you have to buy 8-12 tires? MRS is running the night before at Stafford, how many of those cars want to or can afford back to back nights? I think maybe 30 cars show up and everybody else waits for Tri Track.

  6. MRS running at Stafford the night before is not good. MRS is really a series for predominantly part-time cars, very few run the full schedule, so perhaps many of them will go to this MTS event instead, and pursue the big bucks. The couple MRS cars that are running for the championship are at risk, they probably won’t make this MTS event.

  7. Grey Matter says

    200 Laps at a track without infield pitting? Give me a break. It may prove interesting but I don’t see American Racer’s lasting 200 laps at Monadnock which happens to be one of the worst racing surfaces in New England.

  8. While I applaud the effort to support the mods I feel this has the recipe for huge disappointment, it takes more than a big payday for the winner to have a successful event. Too many negatives involved here. Back to back races will certainly hurt them, the purse drop outside top 10 will hurt them, the wear and tear of making it 200 laps will hurt them and last but not least the tire rule will kill them. If they have 20 cars show up I will be amazed. Its nice to see the effort but this race was very poorly constructed

  9. RaceDayNH says

    Ryan Preece and the #6 was just added to the entry list on the MTS website. I know a lot of you guys don’t like him but this entry could be a sign of other high profile rides to come. I race at the Mad Dog so I am obviously very hopeful that this is a successful venture. I love seeing the tour mods on a bullring like this because it definitely brings a little more parity to the field. I know we arnt Thompon, Stafford or even Waterford for that matter but the Tri Track, MRS and WMT shows we have always seem to be fairly drama free and great side by side racing. Hope to see you guys there!

  10. Really, wear and tear of the tires going 200 laps? I guess you don’t remember who did that green to checker, 200 laps on the same tires at Monadnock, one of the worse racing surfaces in New England and even though they were on Hoosiers it was done!

  11. In fairness, the WMT runs 200 laps there every year. That’s not a big deal IMO.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    This MTS event will be 200 green laps. The NWMT 200 turns out to be about 100-125 green laps. Huge difference.

  13. I beg to differ dareal. The 2014 NWMT race at Monadnock went 200 green flag laps, no caution, green to checker so it can be done on the same tires!

  14. Grey Matter says

    200 laps on Hoosiers, not American Racers…

  15. humphry, when a race goes green-to-checker with no stops, there really is no choice, is there? It HAD to be done. I think there was a tire rule in place (NWMT) at Monadnock, where a tire can be changed only if a tire went down. It is extremely rare that a race goes wire-to-wire, even more rare at a bullring. Typically, about 35-50% of the laps at a bull ring are yellow flag laps. And that 2014 Monadnock race was very boring, especially when the tires were worn and cars had nothing left, just trying to survive one more lap.

    So anyways, 200 green flag laps will be tough on tires, and no infield pitting. Hope they all don’t all come in at once.

    If you want good racing, you have to have tires at the end.

  16. You seem to be contradicting your self here dareal. You are saying because it went green to checker no one had the opportunity to change tires, and then you say the only way a tire change could be accomplished is if you had a flat, so bottom line is you were planning to go 200 laps on the same tires barring no flat. What am I missing here!

    And where you are getting the bull ring 35-50 yellow flag percentage from I don’t know. Did you ever think that maybe if you have a driver that uses his head, a car that is set up correctly and a chassis that does not wear tires excessively you just may be on to something?

    I guess we will just see if the American Racers can go the distance. I would think they will come to the party with a tire that can so everyone can witness a good show.

  17. There were a couple of the bullring races that had horrible green flag percentages.

    Here are the percent of yellow flag laps from 2015, in order:

    36%, 21%, 44%, 22%, 10%, 37%, 16%, 22%, 22%, 21%, 43%, 42%, 28%, 24%, 24%

    Most of those high percentage numbers are from bullrings. So there you have it. There is a big difference in 200 laps of GREEN flag racing, and a 200 lap event that end up around 125 laps of green flag racing. That 75 lap discrepancy is H-U-G-E.

    I used to follow these stats over the years, 2015 was a good year for somewhat less yellow flags. Some previous years were horrible, with a couple >50%. You bring up the wire-to-wire race at Monadnock, I’ll remind you about the race at Stafford where people left earlier because of all the yellow flags. The race should have been stopped early, like a mercy rule.

    So, 200 green flag laps will be tough on tires. The racing will get sloppy towards the end. Anyone know what the tire rules are for this event? If they are allowed to change tires, that will be a big hit of many teams.

    And let us know when a driver uses his head, a car is set up correctly, and the chassis does not wear out the tires, are all working perfectly at the same time. Good luck!!!!

  18. This race with 200 green flag laps will have at least 100 yellow flag laps with all of the caution flags and turn this into 300 to 350 overall laps, makes for a long race if your sitting in the stands.

  19. I see Gary Knight was arrested. You really have to wonder about some of these folks.

  20. Andy Boright says

    It’s a disturbing trend with people getting into the race track promotion game these days. Go to one of their races and you have to take a shower after, never mind that it was an asphalt race.

    Honest, credible, hard working people are in short supply in Northeast racing promotion these days, that’s why pavement racing is on the decline in New England.

  21. What was Gary Knight arrested for? It couldn’t be that bad or there would be five articles about it on this site like the Tommy Barrett thing last year.

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