RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Was The Biggest Story Of Bud Blastoff 2016 Weekend At The Speedbowl?

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After two long days of weather frustrations mixed with some fantastic racing, Bud Blastoff 2016 is in the rearview at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

But before we let go, let’s take a quick look back and see what was the best story of the weekend at the shoreline oval.

You tell us.

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  1. Drove 280 miles this weekend to see the SK Modifieds. In the end I missed the race because it was the last race on Sunday and I had to be someplace else at 6:00. Why do they always run the SKs last? Most of the earlier races were caution fests and lots of time was wasted.

  2. They save the best for last otherwise people would leave, the track would make less money, then close. Its called business. Seems simple to me. Dont drive 300miles to go anywhere unless your planning on staying for the whole thing. Seriously? Some people are so ignorant.

  3. 10 divisions is ridiculous. .

  4. Well said (Ryo)

  5. James Scott says

    The show should have been postponed to start with. Why subject racers and fans to a long drawn out event then make everybody come back the next day? Yes there are way to many divisions as well. Waterford is a great track and l am happy it’s still here but it needs to go to a more economical format for racers and fans.

  6. Way too many divisions?! It was opening weekend. Do you guys complain that the World Series has too many cars or divisions? Saturday all the qualifying plus 2 divisions ran their features, so I don’t know why you say they should have postponed. Another Einstein drove 300 miles knowing he had to leave early….on a day that the program was going to start late due to weather…and somehow the track is to blame?! Really?

  7. Keep in mind that a 25 lap race at NWS is a little over 9 miles. Can anyone tell me why it should take 40 minutes to do this? I can do 9 miles on my bicycle in less time and I’m an old man. If you guys think races that average one caution per mile are exciting then enjoy. My own feeling is that many races at NWS are dull and time consuming. Many of the drivers are low on skill, they have low eyes and get nailed by TTOs lap after lap.

    So call me ignorant and an Einstein for expecting a better level of racing than we’re seeing. Maybe most of you find races averaging 17 miles per hour reasonable, to me it’s boring and unacceptable.

  8. Bob Npt. says

    I’ve seen the late models run after the SK’s at the Speedbowl on a Saturday night, and very few people left after the SK race. The faithful Speedbowl fans stay to the end.
    B.T.W. I love the Speedbowl, but way too many tours on their schedule this year. Extra admission cost for something a lot of people might not be interested in.

  9. Have to chime in about the Sunday part of the show. The Speedbowl tried to take care of the public by having the show on Sunday. Read the website the rain check policy as stated meant that they did not have to honor any rain checks for the event. So for all that spent money to watch and saw only 2 features plus the heats that was all you would have gotten for your money. I am sure that with the weather and mothers day the bowl picked up very few extra sales on Sunday so to help fans and competitors they incurred the cost of a second day trying to do the right thing for racers and fans. Did it suck the way it shook out? Hell yes. Do I blame the team at the bowl. Not one bit. Some people just have to bitch, I think the complaining in their posts takes longer to understand than races at the bowl took.

  10. You guys do a fine job. The weather made the weekend a little ragged but so what? A new weekend is almost here and I’ll be at The Bowl just as I was in the 50s when I used to cheer for Butch Caswell in the old “X” cars.

    See you guys Saturday.

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