Woody Pitkat Grabs SK Mod Win At Stafford After Feisty Battle With Keith Rocco

Woody Pitkat (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

Woody Pitkat (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

STAFFORD – The drive to win had Woody Pitkat using every bit of the half-mile oval in his SK Modified Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Pitkat used just about every lane on the track over the closing circuits to hold off Keith Rocco and win the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

It was the first SK Modified win of the season at Stafford for Pitkat, of Stafford.

Rocco, of Wallingford, held on for second and Ronnie Williams of Tolland was third.

Rocco went to the lead past Tom Bolles on lap three and looked on cruise control to victory before a caution bunched the field up on lap 28.

On the ensuing restart Williams went to second past Mike Christopher Jr. with Pitkat following him to third.

On lap 30 Pitkat found the way by Williams to second and quickly closed on Rocco.

On lap 32 Pitkat went diving under Rocco into turn three and came out of turn four as the new leader.

But Rocco didn’t let Pitkat get away. The problem for Rocco over the final six laps was Pitkat wasn’t allowing him even a chance to make a bid to the outside lane, blocking all his attempts to set up a side-by-side battle.

“I hate to race Keith like that, but I wanted to win so bad,” Pitkat said. “He did an awesome job. He had a great car. I thought I really was going to drive by him and pull away, then I looked and he was staying with me and I said ‘Man, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do to win this race.’ We worked out butts off this whole week.”

Rocco was left seething over Pitkat’s tactics.

“I just needed a lane to race,” Rocco said. “Pitkat wanted to use the whole racetrack. As far as I’m concerned that’s not racing. I’d be embarrassed to win like that.”


  1. That’s racing!!!

  2. After the end of the SK Light race this one was pathetic, is this the only was Woody can win now? He looked like Diego Monahan at Waterford swerving in and out to make sure no one could get a run on him. Where was Tom Fox? Pick a lane 50…..

  3. Kid Rock blew it, he is the one that let pitkat pass him

  4. Teddy fan says

    Woody looked like the 87 Sk lite out there. Driving around the track Like a windshield wiper. Would of be nice to see them run side by side. That was disgusting. It was like watching Monahan or chadwick leading at the bowl. Thought he was supposed to be good?

  5. Joe White says

    So…… are you saying that Kidrock never drove that way in his entire racing career? Were you born yesterday?

  6. The only thing is,is when rocco passes you he go’s to the top so you still have a lane to race

  7. I don’t have a dog in the fight here, I have been an Eric Berndt fan for years.

    I never buy the “I worked so hard” or “my team worked so hard” as a reason for driving dirty like that. It is just an excuse to try to justify your actions to the fans when the race is over. Yes this crap happens at the Bowl, but I expect better from Stafford and from Woody.

  8. darealgoodfella says

    Stafford is turning into a one-groove track, this is unavoidable.

  9. Joe White says

    Where do you think Woody learned how to drive? I remember Woody when he was a teen sitting in the stands. He started in DARE stocks and worked his way up. Woody learned from people like TC, Ryan Preece, Kidrock, Frank Ruocco, and many other great drivers. He would work his way into second place and then watch these great drivers keep him from passing them. That is where he learned his trade. I thought he did a masterful job at keeping Kidrock from passing him. Please do not get me wrong. I like Kidrock. If you can keep him behind you than you must be a really great driver. I watched many a race when Kidrock and TC went at it. They passed each other 5 or 6 times during the race, but make no mistake, when it got down to the last couple of laps, there was plenty of blocking from both drivers. Very entertaining. All the drivers should shut up in victory lane because they sound like whiny brats. Especially TC.

  10. You might reevaluate what went on here by considering that Woody began apologizing to Keith while in Victory Lane BEFORE Keith had the mic; spent the last third of his time apologizing. As to where/when Woody learned that, seems to me that Woody learned it before Ryan Preece made it to preschool.

  11. darealgoodfella says

    When TC blocks, the troglodytes love it.

    Blocking is defensive driving, and when in the closing laps, expect it.

  12. Kid rock fan says

    Take a stroll through the Waterford pits tonight, Thompson on Wednesday, or Stafford on Friday. You will notice the only Sk without a single mirror in it is Keith Roccos. It’s hard to block without a mirror.

    Also Joe White, do you really think Pitkat learned from guys like Rocco and Preece? Two guys that started running SK’s years after him?

    Woody should be ashamed of that show for the last 8 laps.

  13. Some guy says

    Got news for you dareal….Stafford has been a 1 groove track since it was repaved in the mid 1990s.

  14. speed kills says

    blocking isn`t racing…. to admit you didn’t`t give him a lane is embarrassing for a driver with pitkats skill. rocco would have even more wins if he didn’t`t spare the front bumper. there aren’t many other drivers who would tolerate what pitkat did or what Diego Monahan did to rocco last year .. stop being so nice kid rock !

  15. Joe Lajoie says

    If your gonna run the chicken groove the last 8 laps of the race, you need to accept the consequences if you get taken out. You reap what you sow.
    This especially true for a certain driver in the SK Light division that even the announcers call Mr. Inside.

  16. Where have you people been you can see the same thing any Sunday afternoon at the top level ,good job Wood and Joe white if you think he learned from preece you were watching the wrong guy Wood has about 12 years on him

  17. Just my thoughts... says

    Come on people, anyone who has watched the 88 of Rocco at Stafford last year and this year know that something isn’t quite right. The car is just not what it was in other years, lets face it, one does not see the 88 charging through the field as it has in the past. Could it be that Rocco is taking on too much? He runs Stafford, Thompson and Waterford, select MRS races and maintains a car that he rents to Ronnie Williams for Thompson, sounds like he may be spreading himself kind of thin. I have to wonder if Rocco was ever embarrassed to go to Victory Lane with his dad? What Pitkat did last night, is nothing compared to how Ronnie Rocco raced in his day! If Rocco had a car capable of staying up front last night how did Pitkat get by him? Remember Rocco only had to pass two cars to get to the front, I did not see any sparks flying when Pitkat passed him, so what is the problem? I have watched Rocco and Pitkat for years, if you people are trying to say that Rocco would never win a race that way, think again, I have seen that and much worse from Rocco and others! To Pitkat, don’t feel bad about doing what you have to do to get the win, not a doubt in my mind he would have done the same thing if you hadn’t got by him. To Rocco, keep diggin bro! To the Eric Berndt fan, Eric is a great guy, however I am sure you have heard where nice guys finish. Remember, just my thoughts…

  18. Joe White says

    So KidrockFan you think that TC is too old to learn anything from Kidrock every Saturday night while he is following him at Waterford? Old people cannot learn from younger people? That may be the dumbest statement made here. No wonder you won’t identify yourself. I agree with JustMyThoughts. Once you get the lead you do everything you can to keep it and if the situation was reversed, I would defend Kidrock the same way. By the way, has anyone bothered to say that the race was still one of the most enjoyable to watch. The SK’s at Stafford are still the best entertainment around for the money.

  19. Not sure why you keep saying stafford is a one groove track. I watched Arute drive to the front on the limited race, watched the lead change at least 3x int the last 5 laps of the sk lites then watched a good side by side race in the sk race.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Can’t believe you people are complaining about racing.

    Would you prefer a boring freight train?

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