Bad Fumes: Ted Christopher DQ’ed From Speedbowl SK Mod Win; Ryan Preece Gets $5K Victory

Ryan Preece (Photo: JD Motorsports)

Ryan Preece (Photo: JD Motorsports)

Sunday night Ted Christopher joked about eight wheels being better than four in regards to his race winning pass of Ryan Preece in the SK Modified feature at the Bemers Big Show at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

In the end though Ryan Preece got the last laugh, and the $5,000 winner’s check.

New London-Waterford Speedbowl management has confirmed exclusively to RaceDayCT that Christopher, of Plainville, was disqualified from the victory in the shortened SK Modified feature for using illegal fuel.

Preece, of Berlin, who was second behind Christopher when the race was stopped with 14 laps remaining, has been declared the winner and will collect the $5,000 winner’s purse.

“Generally we wait until Tuesday because we’re holding NASCAR points and we’ve got our motions that we need to go through to make sure that we make the correct decisions,” New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan told RaceDayCT Monday morning. “But the technical staff has made it extremely clear that there’s not a gray area and it’s 100 percent that Ted Christopher is [disqualified].”

Said Preece: “I’m just looking at the trophies, it’s a pretty big deal, especially with that car. We’ve finished second twice this year with it. It’s definitely had the speed. Either way, I wish we could have finished the race and not have finished like that. You win some, you lose some. It doesn’t really matter how you get it when it’s $5,000 in the end.”

Paul Kusheba IV, who finished fourth, was also disqualified for using illegal fuel.

“That’s a bunch of [expletive],” Christopher said. “How does [Kusheba] and us both have the same exact number, but both of us bought fuel, 10 gallons from one truck and 10 gallons from the other? They bought 20 gallons of fuel there. We both bought 10 and 10. Just for some reason the circumstances played that where one truck they bought it from and then bought it from another truck. And we both did that. How the [expletive] can you both have the same exact number? It’s pretty odd that two cars have the same number? Who knows? One truck has a little water, [expletive] condensation. You’re talking two numbers off on 700 numbers.”

Preece had taken the lead from Christopher with 30 laps remaining, but with 15 laps to go, Preece chose the outside lane on a restart and Christopher took advantage, driving him up the track into turn one to take over the lead. A lap later the car of Diego Monahan darted head-on into the track entrance gate in turn four. The damage to the gate forced track officials to red-checker the race with Christopher declared the winner.

“He picked the outside, I didn’t pick it,” Christopher said in victory lane of the restart. “Eight wheels are better than four.”

Monahan also confirmed that Steve Masse, who finished fifth in the original finish on the track, was penalized two positions for a weight infraction. After the penalties, it ended up that Ronnie Williams of Tolland was moved from third to second and Keith Rocco of Wallingford from sixth to third. With the two disqualifications in front of him, Masse ended up back to fifth after all the penalties were assessed.

The penalty drops Christopher from third to fifth in the final standings for the division. Rocco won the division championship with Dennis Perry finishing second. Joey Gada now moves to third behind Perry in the standings and Tyler Chadwick moves to fourth.


  1. Two fuel trucks were at the track Sunday. Test samples were only taken from one, states by track officials…..

  2. THE doug dipisa says

    My name is Doug. I have my own specific gravity tester. The speedbowl has it out for us. It took me 20 years to win and now i get caught cheating all the time. My guys got 10 gallons of fuel from the truck I park 20 feet from. Then they walked a half mile to get another 10 gallons later in the day. My heads are legal. My intake is legal. My fuel is legal. My body is legal.

    Im going to post on facebook about it. Im going to let them all know that Im the best ever. Somthing is rotton in denmark. My checkbook is so big you will see. Our Free VP fuel isnt dyed blue. You will see.

  3. THE chris dipisa says

    Doug stop posting on facebook you sound like an idiot. Why do you embarrass yourself like that.

  4. Crazy in NY says

    I’m still scratching my head over this one. Who in North America wouldn’t think TC wouldn’t pull
    his 8 are better than 4 deal after Preece GAVE Teddy the bottom on that late restart? It’s his signature
    move for Gods’ sake!!. Teddy was hammering on the back bumper of the 40 for a number of laps prior. Not Ryan’s shining moment I’m thinking…that was just dumb.

    TC DQ’d again (yawn)? What else is new? Great racing at the Bowl otherwise yesterday.

  5. Frankie tree says

    Wow just more drama. Shawn last big call. Other than that big horse power at the bowl on Sunday. To bad the 60 was so fast in tri track would have like to see a race for lead but all.good.

  6. darealgoodfella says

    More popcorn, please.

  7. Congrats to Marc from tech!!! A very honest and fair man!!!

  8. How do you have illegal gas when you buy it at the track?

  9. Grey Matter says

    Never in my life will I ever defend an 8 wheelin pile like Ted but, there is far to much evidence backing Kusheba and Christopher at this point regarding the fuel. I think it’s a display of laziness on the part of the tech crew at the track to not follow up with the second fuel truck. Regardless of my personal beliefs, no one should be DQ’d for a lack of diligence on the part of Mark and the rest of the tech guys. What a shame for Kusheba, if anyone deserves a payday, that kid does. If I were Doug Dipisa, I would consider pulling operations out of that track and investing them somewhere else because that was not a fair trial.

  10. Why take the outside and give Ted inside. When will someone grow a pair and take the inside when they get a chance and drive ted up the wall? Ryan you better grow a set or you will be driving Mods until you are old and irrelevant like TC

  11. Amedeo Avogadro says

    Are we sure these fuel samples weren’t stored in a bathroom somewhere, perhaps next to a mail server?
    Joking aside, exactly what fuel specification was Ted disqualified for? How far out of specification were his samples? Was a gauge repeatability and reproducibility study run on the test method and equipment used to make the suspect decision?

  12. darealgoodfella says

    Never give the Court Jester the inside… never.

  13. Knuckles Mahoney says

    I’m missing something here. If he bought the fuel at the track, how is the fuel the disqualifier? Something doesn’t seem right.

  14. Doug dipisa's ego says

    They just don’t want me at the bowl because they think I out spend everyone. (lets compare check books) I mean its cool to have a big stacker truck. Its not my fault i have a cappuccino machine and a 12″ flat screen tv in there. Not to mention a rug with my name on it. Imagine if I didn’t bring the car I built to the scrap yard for some extra money to help pay for the lifts in my shoes, people would really be angry cause Id have 2 sk’s. One would be a cheated up fast car and the other would be some garbage copy of a cd car that I built out of Popsicle sticks.

  15. darealgoodfella says

    Could there have been fuel in the cell when they arrived at the track, thus rendering all the noise over buying fuel at the track nothing more than moot and a distraction?

  16. Facts Matter says

    Supposedly the spec is 715 both illegal cars were 722 that’s impossible

  17. I find it odd that two unrelated cars had identical measures.

    If there was fuel in the cell upon arrival, you’d think it would have been either mostly burned off during practice and the heat and/or heavily diluted by additional added fuel.

  18. mr science says

    Teddy has a point as does Kusheba. both trucks should have been tested. given the fact we had a rain event . large temp swings ..excess humidity …any mishandling of fuel by supplier or end user even after it was in the car could result and what could be a +/- 10% swing on a reading. no baseline or no test of the alleged second fuel truck supply does not allow for the track to win this argument on paper. that being said it appears the track has made its decision. a very poor example given the fact the final outcome in the race and seasons standings were altered due to the incompetence of officials AKA MONEY. should have waited or investigated further. did they take a sample from the fuel cans of the 13 and 72 and compare it to what came from the cell of said cars ??? that could have possibly been done as well to perhaps rule out the second truck as an issue ..stupid is as stupid does..

  19. DougDaCheater says

    It’s not impossible if they were both using the same brand of VP that was dyed blue.

    look both fuel trucks were parked miles apart for starters. Its unlikely that someone would get fuel from 2 different trucks. This isnt the first time the fuel was a problem for the 13.

  20. mr science says

    here is a link.. so funny that a “tech person” can use a testing device and think they know it all without additional knowledge to make the proper decision . if speed bowl tech says its “illegal” it must be so LOL !!!

  21. I dont hear the 72 team crying about the disqualification am i missing something?

  22. mr science says

    doug the must not be a racer who has ever waited in line at the fuel truck. it is possible someone bought fuel from 2 different trucks the same weekend. also if both cars tested the same (speed bowl test) they would have had to have gotten similar fuel from the same source, had the same amount in each fuel cell PRIOR to topping off ,run that same amount of laps ??? (consumption) and used the same quantity of alleged “dye” as you state .. that’s some conspiracy .. you must work in tech at the bowl LOL

  23. darealgoodfella says

    “Its called modified racing. Everyone’s full of crap !!” – Doug DiPisa

  24. JustAnOutsider says

    The problem Doug is you are a known cheater. Remember those cylinder heads you had last year; you know the ones that were sent to an outside engine builder who declared that they had been modified in such a way the rules don’t allow? You lied up and down how they were legal until you were caught red-handed, and then you just laughed it off. It’s hard to trust what you say after that.

  25. Frankie tree says

    Paul is no cheater has nothing to gain .

  26. Didn’t Preece pull the same move in a WMT race a few years ago at Waterford when Preece took the outside on a restart and gave Coby the inside. Coby drove Preece right up the track in turn 1 just like TC with the SAME RESULTS. Except Coby wasn’t DQ with illegal fuel.

  27. If one fuel truck was in the SK pits and one was in the Tri Track pits, it’s safe to say that the fuel in each was different because Tri Track does not use the same fuel as the SKs (I believe). So if that is the case, I would assume the team would be at fault for knowingly purchasing from the wrong truck and then putting said fuel in their cars.

  28. toilet bowel

  29. Tech at any track sees what they want to. Look at Stafford this year. 66 tall spoiler, don’t come back like that. 59 dq for ride height yet the 17 keeps his win late in the season. 15 for caliper mounting that had been inspected for the last two years. Those are just the Sk’s. Sure there are more in other divisions at any short track. Just depends who cried foul.

  30. Dareal,Doug must be an addicted to cheating just like you called Tommy Barrett an addict since you seem to know all

  31. Frankie the tree This is the second time this year the 72 has been busted for fuel and his third dq not exactly innocent as you make them out to be.

  32. +/-10% on a specific gravity test? That could only happen if one switched planets!

  33. In other news….

    Bo Gunning is just like that whack alley cat you just can’t get rid of. Just when you think he’s finally demolished the car past repair, there he is back the next week ready for round 17.

  34. Must be the same gas Carey had at Thompson during the late model race during the World Series

  35. Go Away Bo Gunning says

    Modified racing would be much better off if the Gunning family just went away. A lot of drivers would be safer for sure around here. That whole group is just awful. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put Bo Gunning in a Modified again should never be allowed near a track. He’s been a danger and a weapon at Waterford all year. How many laps was he down from the leaders Sunday and he was wrecking cars that were on the lead lap? That should be enough for the track to tell him not to come back next year. What kind of dirtbag wrecks their car and then spends a half hour fixing it to go back on the track and wreck lead lap cars when you’re 20 laps or so behind them?

  36. And for everyone else here. I haven’t even glanced at the 30 other comments where everyone pretends to be a scientist about specific gravity and how Jupiter alters the rotation of the moon. It’s over and done with. This all won’t matter when we’re in a nuclear war with Russia.

    Substitute Whah whah whah in appropriate places in video attached:

  37. Doug please get help u need
    You r a embarrassment to racing period
    You r broke from the casino
    You have no clue

  38. darealgoodfella says

    Joker, specific gravity is a very simple metric, IF AND ONLY IF you know what is it.

    Even though it has been nice on the NWMT without TC and his side show, this stuff is funny in a sad and pathetic kind of way.

    And to who ever said something like a +/- 10% SG swing… absurd. There would also need to be a HUGE gravitational anomaly. In other words, it ain’t happening.

  39. darealgoodfella says

    Joker, it is far more likely that TC will have several more DQ’s before nuclear war with Russia happens.

  40. As Dareal says, “more popcorn, please”. Prestige/TC have provided great entertainment on and off the track for the past few years.

    What performance advantage is suggested by the 722 (vs. 715) reading? Higher grade fuel? The presence of a performance enhancing additive?

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Let me tell you, really, and honestly, it’s rigged.

  42. This is the second time this year I was busted for fuel? Wow that’s news to me. Didn’t know this was my 3rd DQ either you must know a lot more than I do! We got bounced for an unapproved carb spacer this year which was deemed not illegal, and officials refused to send it to NASCAR with the rule book attached. As far as fuel this is the first time ever this has been a problem, seeing as I’ve been buying fuel straight from the truck all year. Also, to anyone saying the fuel trucks were ‘miles apart’ they were parked right next to each other all day long and one of the trucks had been at legends nationals two weeks prior with 93 octane 10% ethanol dyed pink. If the truck wasn’t properly cleaned of course it would alter readings. Reading these comments are interesting but don’t make false accusations on something you don’t know about please.

  43. Who is the race director at the bowl? I thought it was Webby but he was working with the track crew during the sk race. Plus word is going around again that Shawn is being replaced. Heard the same thing last season though.

  44. Rich,
    Scott Tapley was the race director for this event because he was available. Right now it’s unclear what any management changes may be for next season.

  45. Fast Eddie says

    I don’t know much about testing fuel, but logic and common sense tells me a few things…
    1) If there are two fuel trucks, baseline readings are needed from both. I would imagine there’s many circumstances that could vary the reading from one truck to another; cleanliness, volume of the tank, volume of the fuel, and time in the tank immediately come to mind.
    2) If there is a difference between the two trucks, then the racer has to commit to one or the other; no mixing of the two. I would think the variable possibilities would be almost endless depending on the % mix between the two sources.
    3) If neither of the above took place, then how can a team be DQ’ed, particularly if their numbers were close to correct? Just my opinion.

  46. Rich,
    The decision was made to have Tapley serve as the race director for the final event and Eric Webster work with the track crew. My understanding was that it was one-event decision because Tapley was available and any help for such a huge event was a good thing. I know for a fact that Webster welcome the decision. Again, as far as what’s going on for next year, I’m sure there will be more concrete information coming out very soon.

  47. Facts Matter says

    Unless I got this wrong if you only have a sample from one truck and there were two trucks there how can you DQ anybody if you don’t have a sample from the other truck ?

  48. As I write this Tuesday evening about 11pm, I find it frustrating that Fuel has caused such a problem again. None of this…none…is good for our sport (though the comments arefunny) with sponsors and other people who may have interest..loose interest and faith in those involved. Was anything done to truly test the fuel from each track truck? Try it…dump them together and get a reading, how hard could this be?

  49. I’ve been hearing changes are on the way. We’ll see.

  50. Tony Cockalota says

    The only real way to stop this questionable BS is to throw that thing called a rule book completely away and have outlaw racing then no one can bitch about anything.

  51. DougDaCheater says

    Guys The two trucks are irrelevant. Stafford speedway decided that with there spec motor there is only one brand of fuel you can run. That fuel has a specific gravity of .715. Other brands of sunoco have different specific gravitys. That does not mean anyone cheated per say. Its not likely that a truck full of sunoco supreme suddenly had the wrong specific gravity. If they bought sunoco standard by accident then it would be a higher specific gravity when mixed with supreme. However it would also be another color. Seeing how Ted is sponsored by VP and Kushebas sponsor is a VP dealer, they were most likely running VP Blue that has a Specific Gravity of Between .720-.725. That being said they were likely just running the wrong brand of fuel. Im sure there is no advantage in the world other than the cost. Suck it up and buy the Sunoco and stop mixing it with VP.
    Doug DaCheater, Don’t announce on speed 51 that you have your own Specific gravity tester. There is no reason in the world for you to have that unless you are mixing fuel and testing it. I feel bad for you buddy, Its a lot harder to win now that they took your intake and heads away. You got this one almost handed to you. To bad they pulled the carpet out from under you. At least you still got all them win stickers from last year on your car. Don”t be that guy that keeps win stickers on his car from years past. You already look like a tool without adding that to it.

  52. darealgoodfella says

    Rick Raducha, fuel did not cause this “problem”, people did. People still cause this problem.

  53. Prestige and the Bowl had the VP vs. Sunoco fight last year. Prestige kept a win (with VP fuel), but the Bowl clarified its rules to make it clear that only Sunoco was allowed going forward. If Prestige used VP on Sunday, the DQ will be upheld.

  54. Why is it that auto racing seems to attract a lot of Cheaters??….Is anybody interested in doing it the Right way any more?..How many of these stories will I have to read in a lifetime?

  55. ….and I don’t want to hear any car owners crying about a series driving the costs $ up when a guy has his own gravity tester….whatever that is.

  56. Teddy never cheats, it’s all the people around him, he has never cheated once in his whole life ever. I dont understand why Ted has the cheating bum bear on his crew still,the guy is nothing but menace, a user and cheat. Teddy gets in trouble because of OTHER PEOPLE, if he cheated he would tell DiPisa and DiPisa wouldn’t race, because DiPisa isn’t a cheater and along with Pete the motor builder.

  57. Ditto on the
    “Only reason you have a specific gravity tester is because you’re fooling around with mixing fuel and testing”
    comment by DougDaCheater^^^^^

    Absolutely correct. There really is no other purpose for a personal tester unless you race something with alcohol and are worried about large drums of stored fuel absorbing moisture over time, thus ruining its quality.

  58. darealgoodfella says

    Blame Trump, he encourages this bad behavior.

    The same clowns are always good for a laugh.

    Please, tell us what you do with the SG tester. What model do you have?

  59. Amedeo Avogadro says

    Anyone who owns a good quality balance can just purchase a good quality volumetric flask and have a specific gravity tester. It’s very easy.

  60. darealgoodfella says

    Oh, just get the hydrometer and be done with it.

  61. I have no idea if there was any cheating or not but I can tell you this – it is possible to blend two different samples of fuel both with SG of 0.715 and end up with a SG somewhat higher, maybe 0.720. It has to do with the various molecules fitting together more tightly.

    And yes, I am a chemist. BS 1969, MS 1983

  62. Some food for thought for all you junior chemists out there.

    What happens when you add 1 liter of ethyl alcohol to 1 liter of water?

    You get less than 2 liters of blend. The alcohol molecules and water molecules fit together more tightly. A 50/50 blend of water SG 1.000 and alcohol SG 0.900 would yield a blend with a SG of under 0.950. I know this is hard to fathom for the average guy at the track, but at least in chemistry 1 plus 1 is not always 2.

    You don’t have to believe me (BS Chemistry 1969) call a high school chemistry teacher.


  63. just wondering says

    IMO: There is a very simple solution to all the tech issues with the fuel. Why can’t ALL three tracks in CT get together and mandate ONE brand and type of fuel for each division? Sure it may hurt the select few on the free fuel deals but overall it should make it easier to tech and cut down on the detrimental disqualification issues and conspiracy theories where no one looks good.

  64. The series is less entertaining without Ted. Just like with Dale Earnhardt. You may hate the guy but he brought that entertainment and electricity to the track.

  65. darealgoodfella says

    Bob is correct about the SG information he posted. Regarding the high school chemistry, we had a high school chemistry demonstration of SG by adding I think it was sugar or salt to a beaker of water and the water level went down.

    just wondering says, because competition is good. If one fuel is mandated, they raise the price of the fuel and the cost to race goes up. Let there be a choice of fuels, but those fuels had better be what is used, no tampering. Why take action on the fuel suppliers when the racers are the ones that are cheating? Since cheating up the fuel is such an epidemic, the current punishment is clearly not a suitable detriment.

    The NWMT was a pleasure this year.

  66. just wondering says

    Dareal, I would think if all the tracks would put the specified fuel deal out to bid as one buying group to several race fuel companies it is my guess the price may actually come down for the racers due to the competitive bid process. All the tracks have to mandate that the fuel must be retailed at a certain price point to the racers. The tracks have everything to gain by lowering the costs to the racers.

  67. darealgoodfella says

    I can’t believe you are mandating price controls instead of open competition.

    At this point, we need every possible supplier to be involved with racing.

  68. Facts Matter says

    And a fuel with a higher SG burns slower not faster oh how many now are going to go to Sunocos
    web page to prove me wrong.

  69. darealgoodfella says

    Facts Matter, what is your point about the higher SG fuel burning slower?

    Does it matter?

    It was the wrong fuel, against the rules.

  70. “Does it matter?” Yes

    91 octane burns slower than 87 octane, and 93 burns slower than 91 octane. There is a pattern here. a slower burning fuel allows the tuner to run more timing which in turn raises the power curve.

    darealgoodfella I’m disappoint, I thought you were THE MOD racing expert that knew it all.

  71. Facts Matter says

    Good whatever looks like u stepped in it ha ha on a unrelated matter if every other fuel sample tested perfectly at 715 then yes it was the wrong fuel

  72. darealgoodfella says

    Gerry D, I wanted to see what Fact Matter has to say on the subject. I doubt she knows what octane and flame front velocity has to do with timing.

  73. darealgoodfella says

    If you look at the Sunoco data sheet, you will see the SG SPECIFICATION for the subject fuel. That is the target, not “every other fuel sample”. lol.

    Why do you people have to be idiots and try to say there isn’t much difference? Just use the correct fuel.

  74. Facts Matter says

    Good whatever glad u used Google and now u are more educated on the subject and use BIGLY words lol u still stepped in it lol

  75. Facts Matter says

    Oh and i forgot the most a Sk engine used for timing is 36 to 38 degrees tell us all if one guys fuel checks 718 and the the other guy checks 722 with no oxygen additives how many more btus more and Hp gain does the guy with a reading of 722 sg have?

  76. darealgoodfella says

    Facts Matter, SG is NOT a DIRECT metric or correlation to BTU content. There are other factors. You need to understand that SG is another way of measuring density. Changes in density can change many other things.

    The interesting thing about gasoline is that the heating value between different grades is negligible. Gasoline is graded by octane, that affects fuel burn rate, and that affects how much HP can be extracted from all those BTUs.

    And now, you are only more confused.

  77. Facts Matter says

    That wasn’t the question that was a good way to duck the answer.

  78. Facts Matter says

    Specific Gravity (SG):
    Density of the fuel. (a) This is the weight of fuel compared to water, water being at 1.00. If race fuel is .750 (specific gravity) it would weigh ¾ the weight of water. If water at 60 degrees Farenheit weighs 8.125 pounds per gallon (ppg), then race fuel at .750 will weigh 6.09 (ppg). (b) The less dense the fuel (lower specific gravity) the higher the BTU content and the better the stability of the fuel at higher RPM’s. (c) The lower the specific gravity of the fuel, the more crucial the jetting becomes, and the easier it is to run the engine lean, possible causing internal damage. (d) The combustion speed is determined primarily by the pressure (density) of the fuel mixture. A lower (SG) or viscosity fuel will flow more through an orifice (jet) and a higher (SG) or viscosity will flow less. YOU STEPPED IN IT AGAIN i can provide Sunoco and VP links and others but i don’t want to confuse you just sit in the stands and watch the race i was winning races at 33 degrees of timing while you were watching.

  79. darealgoodfella says

    Facts Matter said, “Oh and i forgot the most a Sk engine used for timing is 36 to 38 degrees tell us all if one guys fuel checks 718 and the the other guy checks 722 with no oxygen additives how many more btus more and Hp gain does the guy with a reading of 722 sg have?”

    That was the question.

    Here is the answer, again: Facts Matter, SG is NOT a DIRECT metric or correlation to BTU content.

    SG is a measure of density. SG is not a measure of BTU content.

    You need to step away from this technical content, you do not understand it. Do provide the links so everyone can see you don’t get it.

    From the Sunoco site: “For most race fuels, specific gravity is also an indication of the composition. Note that the words “most” and “indication” were used – there are exceptions. However, for most race fuels, a lower specific gravity suggests a faster-burning fuel, while a higher specific gravity suggests a fuel is slower-burning. This is because most light hydrocarbons used to make a race fuel are faster burning than most heavier hydrocarbons. This matters because faster-burning fuels usually require less spark advance than slower-burning fuels.”

    So you see, SG is not an exclusive, conclusive and irrefutable measure of heating value, HP, etc. There is much more involved and you should hire someone like myself to explain it to you. First, you need to pay heed to all the information, not just what you want to be true.

  80. Facts Matter says

    i don’t need a link u do you no nothing about race fuels keep googling that’s one link lol

  81. darealgoodfella says

    Kinda funny that Facts Matter does not know what the facts are and what facts matter.

  82. Facts Matter says

    Anyway I Allready gave u one link did u think I wrote all that out? You can’t read and it doesn’t fit your agenda keep looking lol

  83. As Dareal says, Kusheba and Prestige were DQ’d because their fuel was was not spec, regardless of the performance ramifications. However, one has to assume that Kusheba and Prestige believed that the illegal fuel provided a performance advantage.

  84. darealgoodfella says

    The fuel was not in spec, for what ever reason, then they argue that the SG was this, or that, and with some smoke, mirrors, insinuation, innuendo, and baffling bullscat, we are supposed to believe that the out-of-spec condition was someone else’s fault, or didn’t matter. Nice try, but it still doesn’t work.

    If the fuel was non-compliant from the truck, all cars that went to tech should have failed. There should have been many more cars dinged for fuel problems. But that DID NOT HAPPEN. lol.

  85. Facts Matter says

    It is what it is even tho u can’t read we’ll give it a rest your going to have a big week because of Comey your girl is going Down because of Carlos Danger lol

  86. darealgoodfella says

    Facts Matter, “It is what it is” means that illegal fuel was used and the cars were DQ’ed, right? Your Deplorables were DQ’ed yet again.

  87. Had the Bowl checked fuel during SK Tech earlier in the 2016 season? Could Kusheba and Prestige have used illegal fuel for all 2016 events prior to 10/23?

  88. darealgoodfella says

    Give it a rest??? I’m just getting started. This is a target rich environment.

  89. So all you genious’s on here know the fuel is bad why ? Did anyone here see the SG with there own eyes ? You all have no clue especially you the one that spews the most on here you know who you are .

  90. darealgoodfella says

    -100%, the track tech did the inspection and found the fuel was illegal.

    That is all. I believe them.

    nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah.

  91. darealgoodfella says

    -100%, do you see and review all tech results with your own eyes?

    Tell us about that.

    You apparently still have problems with permanence. Do you really think that things are out of control unless you and only you are seeing it? That is something that humans learn and get over at a very young age of just a couple years.

  92. Facts Matter says

    spews the most ha ha ha sounds like desperate Clinton even Obama took her legs out from under her and the Dems saying Comey is a good guy while she was spewing she’s going Down lol

  93. W I F O W U R I A G 2 B U A

  94. darealgoodfella says

    Hey -100%, here it is again: “Speedbowl general manager Shawn Monahan confirmed Wednesday evening that multiple tests done since Monday have proved that the tech staff at the track indeed made the right call to disqualify Christopher’s Doug DiPisa owned Prestige Motorsports car from the victory.”

    Read it again:

    There were plenty of tests. The fuel was illegal. Did you witness all of the testing? Did you?


  95. darealgoodfella says

    -100% said: “So all you genious’s on here know the fuel is bad why ? Did anyone here see the SG with there own eyes ? You all have no clue especially you the one that spews the most on here you know who you are .”

    Dude, where did you get “-100%” from? Was that every grade you got in school?

    -100% said, “So all you genious’s on here know the fuel is bad why ?”

    Love your diction, locution and lack of sentence structure. The fuel is bad because it was tested numerous times by numerous people and was found to be illegal. It was not what it was supposed to be. Pretty simple.

    -100% said, “Did anyone here see the SG with there own eyes ? ”

    Does it matter? People did the tests on the fuel and the fuel was illegal. It doesn’t matter if those people are here or not.

    Did you see the SG with your own eyes? Did you do any SG testing?

  96. darealgoodfella says

    -100% said: “W I F O W U R I A G 2 B U A”

    U R A C T F S I M

  97. darealgoodfella says


    DQ’ed and lost $5,000.

    Hey -100%, did you see that with your own eyes?

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