New London-Waterford Speedbowl Owner Arrested

New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer

The Day of New London reported Wednesday evening that New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer was arrested Tuesday evening.

The Day reported that Bemer was arrested “for allegedly patronizing a trafficked person, according to Danbury police.”

Bemer was not available for comment Wednesday evening.

According to The Day of New London, Bemer was arraigned Wednesday morning in Danbury Superior Court with a $500,000 cash bond set.

Scott Gregory, who works in management with the Speedbowl said Wednesday evening that the track is expected to continue normal operations and be ready for the season opening Blastoff Weekend event May 6-7.

“In my opinion, there should be no reason anything should change now at the track,” Gregory said. “We have a good team in place to run the place. There’s no reason why this would effect whether we open or not. There is a team in place, we’re ready to move forward.”

“Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. … 

Bemer was the high bidder in a foreclosure auction of the Speedbowl in October 2014.

Since taking over ownership Bemer has overseen over $1 million worth of improvements to the facility.


  1. what does patronizing a trafficked person really mean.? was he with a prostitute? WHAT???

  2. It’s safe to say the racing card at the speedbowl is in jeopardy !

  3. Ya might want to check the lead story on the Hartford courant… this story is disturbing.

  4. I can’t believe you people don’t know what human trafficking is!

  5. He admitted he did it what else is there to say. What a said day for everyone

  6. No sponsor is going to want anything to do with the bowl. I also believe NASCAR will pull the tour race and drop the track under the NASCAR banner. He must sell or the bowl will go under.

  7. This is bad. I don’t think I can continue to go to this track and put money in his pockets. I normally would agree that we need to let the courts decide, but he admitted to it and that he’s been doing it for 25 years. There is no getting out from under that. I would be surprised if NASCAR does not revoke sanctioning and pull the WMT race. The only way this season can go on is if somehow Bemer sells the track. I am so conflicted. I want to support the drivers, but I really cannot put any more money in Bemers hands.

  8. I will be shocked nascar does not pull the whole sanction by monday

  9. MARK STANTON says

    Is this really “Racing News”? I expect to see this in the tabloids, the Courant, and The Day, but not on a dedicated racing website. Exactly why I rarely come here. Missed your calling Shawn C………….

  10. Not good, but everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.mind set of Waterford race fans being a family sport could change. It’s not a plus for business…….

  11. I can’t disagree with Mark Stanton more. Mr. Stanton, how could you think that this is NOT racing news? The future of the track is back in jeopardy. The fact that it is salacious and scandalous is immaterial.
    As you were Shawn Courchesne .

  12. I would not be able to bring my kids to the track ever again unless he is removed from ownership. This is hard for me since my family loves the Waterford Speedbowl. This is disgusting and i full anticipate Waterford Speedbowl delaying operations.

  13. bill realist says

    Last summer his oil business was raided by the police and FBI related to something similar to this. Not a peep from anyone. Too big to ignore this time must be.

  14. darealgoodfella says

    For those of you that are talking innocent until found otherwise and along those lines, you need to read the published reports. Bemer is talking and admitting to using these trafficked disabled young men for 20-25 years, with details. Are you so selfish and concerned for the NLWSB that you think you can overlook these facts and make like they never happened?

    This isn’t all about you or your favorite track. This is about those that have been preyed upon and violated by the owner of a local track.

  15. I can not in give $ in good faith to Mr Bemer.The speedbowl has been a wonderful facility to come spend my Saturdays along with family and friends.BUT,this takes it too a new level.There are a handful of taboo things in this world,this is one of them in my eyes.I just hope someone can save the bowl from all the drama over the years.SOMEONE PLZ save the bowl,it deserves much better than this.

  16. knucklesmahoney says

    Dareal in case you forgot, this is America. Where you are given the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Until he takes a plea, or is found guilty, he is innocent regardless of any statement given. There is no selfish intentions of anyone who stated this, more likely the people who stated it strongly believe in the constitution and the law. If you don’t like it, i’m sure Russia will be happy to have you over there.
    Having said that, it looks real bad for him, and the speedbowl. My take, is he should try to sell it as soon as possible if the government didn’t already seize all his assets.

  17. Dareal I been at odds with many of your posts , I couldn’t agree more this time ,he admitted to the crime,it’s sickening , if he tries to run that race the pits and stands should be empty

  18. Someone will be in charge Just watch.

  19. LET THOSE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. I was horrified to see this on the news and there are victims but we all have our issues. But also consider all the good he has done. I am not saying what he did was right and I am deplored by it ,but I am hoping he is given the chance to be rehabilitated . As for not going to the Bowl because of this, you are taking away the opportunity to allow our racers to race and for other people to make a living. I hardly think that he made any money after all the time and money he dumped into the Bowl. He has been the best thing that has happened to the Bowl.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    knucklesmahoney, you need to read the coverage of the law enforcement reports and warrants that are quoted, that contain details and the admission from Bemer. The guy is admitting what he did, with details.

    Innocent until proven guilty is fine, but when someone admits to it, there is no longer a question of innocence. Bemer is admitting to it, so the idea of not being guilty is no longer an option. That horse left the barn. The bell has been rung, can’t unring that bell. Bemer has admitted to using trafficked, vulnerable young men for some 20-25 years. Even more despicable details are available, that he has provided to law enforcement.

    So knuckledraggermahony, unless Bemer is trying to set himself up for some sort of insanity/mental incompetence plea, he’s toast, he has admitted to doing what has been reported. It will be hard for a successful businessman to plea not guilty by reason of insanity/mental incompetence.

  21. I will be the first car owner to say i will not field a car or work on a car at the bowl if that sick man is the owner ………..

  22. I love the bowl. But can not go until Bemer sells.

  23. Tick mike says

    This guy Bemer is a self admitted perv for 25 years! When you say you did it I don’t think he ment it jokingly. I do not believe that anyone can take the bowl from Bemer until he is found guilty in court Bemer needs to sell for pennys on the dollar ASAP! A $500,000 cash bond is serious stuff! its all just a d**m shame!

  24. Crazy in NY says

    Dareal in case you forgot, this is America. Where you are given the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Until he takes a plea, or is found guilty, he is innocent regardless of any statement given.

    True enough… the case of the law. This is the Internet and the “court of public opinion” rules the day.
    people are going to react how they do and some will stay away no matter, Some have already made up their minds on Mr Bemer. The big losers here..everybody The victims, the victimizer and least of all the rest of us that love the Bowl and just want our season ahead. The best track in CT is cured I swear.

  25. Wow! I hope someone buys it and fast… If some of these victims geat a order from the judge preventing it from being sold pending the outcome of a Civil trial it will be tied up for years… Not good because alot of people won’t go now with him still owning it.. I hope he is not stupid, sells it quick and puts the money in escrow pending his outcome… He needs to think of the racers. Workers and fans… Sell it now!

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Crazy in NY, it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out since he has already admitted to doing it. He’d have to be insane or mentally incompetent to now make a not guilty plea.

    You can hope that this just goes away and the Bowl will live on like nothing ever happened. Great country this America.

    The way Bemer is talking, it looks like he wants to go to prison.

  27. Ron P, I will restrain from throwing barbs your way until you read this. Then, come back and eat your words.

    Direct from the Hartford Courant:

    According to the affidavit, “Bemer stated that he believed that during a 20- to 25-year period, King brought him eight to 10 different boys for sex, most on multiple occasions. Bemer stated that he paid approximately $200-250 per occasion,” the affidavit said.

    Although he often referred to them as “boys” or “kids,” Bemer said they were adults when he had sex with them. However, he said he stopped having sex with some of them because they grew too old, according to the affidavit.

    Mr Bemer is finished.

  28. Rafter fan says

    The criminal and civil justice systems will likely take care of Mr. Bemer. Practically speaking, patronizing the Speedbowl will not help him in any way. However, I certainly understand those who choose to stay away from track as long as Bemer owns it. A quick sale of the track would benefit employees, racers and fans. However, I doubt that qualified buyers are lining up to make an offer to buy a local short track. Unless the Bowl can be placed “in escrow” (which would separate Bemer from track), it may simply wither away.

  29. darealgoodfella says

    JR, nice job force-feeding Ron P and his ilk. Even Fox reported the same, so it’s not Fake News, or alternate facts. 😑

    I think the NLWSB has lost all charm and appeal as a family friendly place. A change of ownership is needed. Not that that guarantees anything.

    The NLWSB can probably be bought for a really great price about now. It can be considered distressed.

  30. Looks like all the loyal race fans will suffer for this. Mr Beemer went from being a hero to being the devil. We cant blame the speedbowl for this chain of events. All the decent and respectable fans and workers and competitors will suffer for his actions. His legal fees will put him out of business . Don’t let all the great memories of the bowl , and all the great racers of past and present be displaced over this. I hope racing at the bowl lives on…..we should still support it, not for him but for what it stands for. I’m sure someone will come to its cause and keep the great memories alive…………..

  31. Tick mike says

    Crazy in NY – Bemer did it, He said he did it, and he TOLD on himself and the other TWO PERVS to ty and cover his own A””S ! Another words he SNITCHED himself out and told them what happened in hopes his sentence is lighter get the picture, I RAT on you to save my own fanny its on CSI every week The bowl must be sold! Its GREAT that he got caught he might have bought the bowl for ….. well lets not go there. SELL IT !!!

  32. crazylarry says

    Don’t believe everything you hear; I also don’t think he would have made a statement without having an attorney present. No one knows the age of these people that this old man calls kids , seems he was paying for a service that is not legal in the state of CT. Happens every day the street corner get caught they take your car, maybe in this case they must need testimony ? just a thought.High bond due to flight risk other two broke maybe a set up $$? Nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all the man has been nice to everyone lets see what happens .

  33. Tick mike says

    Buy the way BACK off Shawn guys. This is not his fault for not posting stuff its not like its every day a PERV buys a race track and does this.

  34. If the Speedbowl does stay in business, the fans, drivers and car owners need to continue to support the track. If everyone boycotts the track because of what has happened, the track will certainly go out of business. We need to keep supporting the track in order for it to survive. Supporting the track does NOT mean that we support Bruce Bemer.

  35. Tick mike says

    How about we all chip in and buy the track? I think there are enough of us who can do it, I am in. The Green Bay Packer fans own the team in the NFL why not us? We put a board in place and we RACE!!

  36. I totally agree with the comments that the Bowl is far more about things then just the owner.. Its about the fans, racers, workers and the community.. It needs to survive… We all know if it doesn’t you will never see another one built in the area… There’s far too much regulation today… The bowls management needs to sit and talk with Bruce and his lawyers and find a legal away to have it be sold or transfered to someone or entity and fast.. It needs to open and Bruce can not be involved untill his name is cleared. If it can be…. If not it will go the way of Riverside and Westboro…gone forever…

  37. I’m in as well

  38. From reading comments on other sites, it seems that whatever drivers or fans continue to patronize the place then they are somehow condoning pedophilia. It’s getting ridiculous.

  39. It seriously could be done if Bemer would agree…. He could issue say 120,000 shares of stock wich would be the total Value of the company… Set a value of say $20 / share.. Once 100,000 shares of the company are sold he would be out.the owners of the 120,000 shares would own the speedway. The remaing sale of the 20,000 shares would give the corporation $40,000 towards operating start up costs such as insurance, payroll etc untill it starts generating revenue… It’s a real possibility…

  40. Done

  41. Jeffrey P says

    skl fan is right …..what he did is sick sick sick …he is a sick man ….but those are personal crimes …would be the same as the owner of a stick and ball sport …..he goes down
    but the team does not shut down ….the speedbowl has not committed a crime …..there are tons of legal things he could do to save the speedbowl and separate himself from it… needs to be done fast to save this season so the fans racers sponsors etc. know he is not in charge any longer ….it is the right thing to do for all involved ….imo

  42. i’m not a lawyer but i dont see him being able to sell a thing until the case and fines are settled. the courts are going to lock his assets down until then imo . which leaves the moral dilemma for people to decide, support the track and sport you love, knowing the money will not only benefit him, but the drivers and families that work at the track every week, and in the end, through fines, the victims of this morally corrupt individual.
    my opinion is, more people win if the track stays healthy with the support of everyone. to each their own decision though.

  43. If I was a betting man and I’m not ,I would say that the operation of the speedbowl is the furthest thing from mr bemers mind .

  44. Crazy in NY says

    Until it all plays out NOBODY knows how it will all come to pass but it is fun reading all the Internet “lawyers” on here who know everything. Freeze his assets? Deny his right to earn a living
    before he’s found guilty? God forbid the guy has his day in court ( and no I’m not for a nanosecond condoning what is alleged). Waiting and watching isn’t a strong point of some of you. A closed Speed Bowl doesn’t do anybody any good and that is the truth.

  45. a regular guy says

    This might be a solution. Find someone who will lease it for the 2017 season (with the stipulation that Mr. Bemer stays off the property for the leases term).Maybe that would at least keep everything running as it has the last couple seasons. Might help the image of the place in the long run.

  46. You all need to compartmentalize the Bemer situation. On the one hand there is the alleged crime that the authorities will sort out in due time. Not to be confused with the Speedbowl season. Employees that have done nothing wrong, working to put on good shows and the countless teams that make up the racing program. True Bemer may enjoy some profit from it or maybe even a loss. But the show must go on.

  47. Alleged? Ok… The guy is going to die in prison without a penny to his name. He has admitted to the crimes. If he wasn’t wealthy he would still be behind bars now like the other guys. The victims will divide a large portion of his assets. Not that anyone cares about them on here. The lawyers will get the rest. The track WILL be sold/auctioned at some point in yrs to come. The government won’t care who buys it. If its somebody who wants to leave it a track so be it but nobody else placed bids 2 yrs ago. The lawyers will never let it be sold for a “discount” at their expense as some people think. Also, will the local police still provide security? How many track sponsors have or will leave? Will the taxes continue to be paid. What’s his motivation to keep paying the taxes given his future? Will the food vendors back out? How many drivers and fans will return if it does open? Is it worth opening right now knowing it will be a major news story in CT for all the wrong reasons. I just think its over for a while, maybe longer but at least a while.

  48. Poprocks says

    Doug, I don’t know how you can call it an alleged crime when he has already admitted to doing it for a quarter of a century. You need to crawl out from under that rock and look at the big picture here. There is alot at stake. Yes, while the track employees, teams have done nothing wrong, unfortunately they will suffer in some way shape or form from this monsters actions.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    Tomorrow, April 4, from 3 – 7 PM is job fair day at the ‘Bowl. Drive by and see if it is busy.

    The track was last purchased for a very low price. There was no interest. The site reportedly has environmental issues that will cost millions to remediate if used for anything other than a race track, making it very difficult and expensive to procure the property with the intent to re-purpose.

    There’s a big difference between a huge company with dozens of faceless executives and managers, and a small town local business with a very visible, hands on owner. This has nothing to do with the track employees, racers, etc. This is all about Bemer and his victims. The track will be consequential damage, as will the track employees, racers and fans.

  50. Jack the ripper says

    There will be some sponsors that pull out both for the track and teams. There will be fans that refuse to go but remember most of the car owners went there knowing they weren’t going to be paid sometimes by the previous owner this isn’t going to stop them. Racing will go on at the bowl this year.

  51. I like the idea of some one or some group – maybe a group of drivers / car owners – leasing the track for a song for 2017. Bemer is screwed regardless, so he might as well get what he can in the short term to help with legal costs, including payments to victims at some point, etc.

    The only other thing i can think of, and I have no idea if this can even be done legally, is that any proceeds that remain from ticket sales after all expenses are paid to operate the track and payout purses would go to a victims fund.

    Now, a lot would have to happen in 4 weeks, but the fact that Bemer admitted what he did – and I highly doubt he will say he was coerced – not with the level of detail he described – would maybe allow for that to happen somehow.

    A reach, I know……

  52. This thread gets more ridiculous by the day.The Icebreaker is in 4 days!

  53. The whole thing is just sad. Shaun i dont always agree with you but i do like to get info on racing living on long island so thanks its not an easy job.

  54. Somewhat of a Penn State relived….sad..very sad. Remember, there are victims involved that are scarred for life. I can’t see myself sitting in the stands and enjoying myself knowing he (Bemer) targeted individuals who can’t defend themselves.

  55. This is not the 1st time NASCAR has dropped the speedbowl throughout the years. A track can still operate without Nascar sanctioning. How successful it might be without is another question.

  56. If anyone is still here and following along. June 24th event for the Speedbowl.

    By the way, the speedbowl is near and dear to my heart, my grandfather was the director for years back in the 60s era and i used to be there every week without fail. he did his best to put on a great show all the time, joey chitwood shows, hurricane hell drivers, he even brought back motorcycle racing for a short time.

    it makes me sad to see these turn of events and hope it all turns out for the best and the speedbowl can recover and carry on for a very long time.

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