Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series Cancels 2017 Events At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

(Press Release from Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series)

The Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series will not race at the New London -Waterford Speedbowl in 2017. The track ownership is in the midst of some legal issues. For the Mr. Rooter ProTruck Series these issues have necessitated the cancellation of all four 2017 race dates.

“Our ProTruck owners, drivers, sponsors, and families have overwhelmingly expressed that they are uncomfortable with the series traveling to the SpeedBowl this season,” explained competition director Marshall Hurley. “They all love the track, and are close to the staff. It feels like a family problem more than a business issue. All you have to do is look at the picture of the 42 in victory lane at Thompson and you can see this is a family sport. When all the factors are considered, there was no other alternative solution.”

There is a price to be paid by losing the venue. As mentioned earlier, the series loses four valuable race dates from the schedule.

“The tracks have been very supportive from my first day with this series.” commented Hurley. “The owners and general managers are remarkable people that love the ProTrucks. I know they understand the decision and will help us out in any way they can.” Expect at least one new race date to be announced within the week.


  1. just wondering says

    I bet you won’t see this series back ever at the Bowl even if there is a change in ownership. Nothing like saying you don’t support the track and its fans due to an issue neither one of them created. Sure seems a little premature on the truck series part when all the talk on the internet is a prominent racer may be buying the track to save racing in 2017. What other divisions aside from the NASCAR WMT have pulled out? Everyone else seems to be willing to wait and see how things turn out and an official announcement from the Bowls management. I personally can’t see any value to the trucks turning tail so quickly. What’s the big rush anyway its not like every track is looking for a truck series race.?Time will tell maybe, Thompson or Stafford will offer to give them more races to fill in the gaps.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Hey, did the track sell yet?

  3. Seriously, all these ITKs keep saying it’s sold when there nothing concrete and all signs point to Bemer still being in charge opening weekend.

  4. sneaker pimp says

    The track doesn’t need this joke of a series anyway. During off season last year a bunch of the teams lobbied the speedbowl to start their own truck division because the tour is so poorly managed. The Speedbowl had it’s own truck division last year and it’s still on the schedule this year.

  5. Want to see racing says

    Lets face it, the track has almost no chance in opening! The truck series had to pull out and find alternate locations for their own survival! It’s sad but the end is near for the speed bowl I’m afraid!

  6. Well, I’m 80% sure there will be no opening of the Speedbowl this every day goes by, it becomes more and more of a certainty.

    It has no NASCAR nor INEX sanction anymore. Most drivers will feel the same way as the Pro Truck drivers do, and i bet most car owners will to. Seekonk will gain some car counts, and possibly Stafford for the SKs and SK lights.

    I’ve left the door cracked open but it is highly unlikely that the track will be even allowed to be opened.

    It may live to see another day, but not in 2017.

  7. Seems waterford is aways going thru this being sold, not opening , not closing turmoil I admit I am only a part time fan enjoying the so caiied thrill shows which seem to fill the stands!!! But I notice this year no 4th of july show so I guess something is up??? Hope all works out for the weekly fan base and this old kinda delapatated track stays open!!!!

  8. The ship is still afloat but unfortunately headed toward troubled waters with icebergs littering the seascape. You can just feel the wave of opinion rolling toward the track. Moms and dads reading the news and many likely deciding to skip taking their children to Speedbowl events. And for Pete sakes could we please drop the quick sale hopes for a white knight with deep pockets. Over the last three decades when has the Speedbowl and property ever not been filled with drama and delays. Racing isn’t that profitable, nor even profitable at all unless things go just right. Even if you had the money and wanted to buy the track would you jump right in and catch the falling knife or would you wait for circumstances to sort themselves out and the price go lower before pulling the trigger?

  9. This is exactly what happens when mum is the word. The sponsors will keep leaving until someone takes the bull by the horns and makes a statement on the plans for 2017. Did INEX bail or are they still involved?

    Sad state of affairs.

  10. Does anyone really care about the truck series .I always take a restroom break, or go to the consesion stand during their race. Most boring division they have ……….

  11. Humphry,
    INEX has said they will not sanction events at the track.

  12. James Scott says

    We’re is Scott Gregory? I thought he was keeping things going? He or somebody need to make a statement soon

  13. Seems like everything is on hold until the court date next week, but I did read there is now another lawsuit filed against Beamer for another 5million in assets for a underage victim from 20 years ago. I have a suspicion multiple people from his past will come forward now and try to get a piece of the pie. Even if it did open it will most definitely be under his ownership on May 6th and not Nascar, drivers chasing Regional Points will be looking for other tracks (Riverhead I suspect or Seekonk). Stands will be empty and even though some racers are willing to show up, a good amount will not.

  14. Seekonk fan says

    If the rest of the series is anything like the Thompson race, they are doing everyone a favor .They need to find a local track that will let them run on a weekly basis.

  15. Thanks Shawn, any word on the MRS or MTS events?

  16. If it does not open this year it will NEVER open again. It will list it’s “grandfather clause” that property is not zoned for a race track. The only reason it still exists at all us the grandfather clause. Good riddance to noisy trash.

  17. Jerry Fascione says

    As a race fan bad mouthing a series, any series is stupid, there are fans who probably think the modifieds aren’t cool either. all this negative bull sh_t isn’t going to help the problem but it will hurt it. If the track does end up closing you guys can sit around drinking beer in your trailers because that will be all you have.

  18. Humphry,

    MTS officials have stated that their plans have not changed. MRS has not stated any changed plans.

  19. Speedboat Fan says

    I have been at the speedbowl since I was a few weeks old in the early 80’s. My family ran a low buck mod for years. I love the track, the people, and the racing as there is none better locally. Grew up in Glastonbury and can tell you that Bruce Bemer is and has been a pedophile for at least 20 years. I know guys who he tried to molest while they were in high school. I am glad he finally has to answer for his actions. For him to prey on mentally challenged KIDS is despicable. I can say now that I have children I cannot support the track. I can only hope he is forced to sell to someone who wants to keep the track alive. Any series that keeps their schedule at the track at this point is helping to pay for this monster’s legal fees.

  20. Surprised that MTS is not reevaluating running at the bowl this year.In light of the responsible actions of other sanctioning bodies.Being a new tour they may alienate many fans.I can say I don’t like it and will stay away fro my home track of Riverhead that night.I can take my grandkids there any time but won’t go that night.As far as expecting common sense or good judgment from MRS I won’t be holding my breath.

  21. I’m sure many teams will bring that up at Monadnock this weekend.

  22. Come on all you Speedbowl teams. Attracting crowds and making money for a track is tough under the best of conditions. You show up at the Speedbowl even if it opens you’re unloading your car under a sharp knife that will fall sooner or later. Rich nailed it with his comment. Future laws suits by victims, that’s what is at play. Change the gears in those rear ends and come to Stafford for the season. It’ll be great.

  23. Fast Eddie says

    I’m sure anyone and any series or organization still committing to the Speedbowl is doing exactly that; supporting the Speedbowl and NOT Mr. Beemer. If there is any hope to the rumors that there may be a purchase in the works, anyone still showing support for the track can only help that. I understand the dilemma, and everyone has to make their own decisions.

  24. RaceDayNH says

    Have you not been to the bowl since Bruce bought the track? Or are you just boycotting now?

  25. Actually u are incorrect. The bowl doesn’t have to open to keep its grandfather status. It can stay closed all year as long as it doesn’t operate as some other business it stays zoned

  26. Actually u are incorrect. The bowl doesn’t have to open to keep its grandfather status. It can stay closed all year as long as it doesn’t operate as some other business it stays zoned

  27. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks Driver, I was asking because I didn’t know either way. I’m still hoping it opens, but if it doesn’t or can’t open, I was hoping that the land status would not be affected.

  28. You’re all hitting relevant points but missing the whale. An asset that can be sought as damages from wronged victims of the owner.

  29. I have contacted MTS voicing my concerns about running at the speedbowl.I received a speedy,courteous reply stating that the bowl did nothing wrong and they will be racing there to try to help the bowl survive.So the news is the Speedbowl will indeed open in spite of all the resignations and having their sanctions pulled.I guess mums the word is bemer’s M.O.I have also contacted exit realty and have not heard back.There are three local offices in my area that will be contacted.With all the complaining I have done about Nascar they pulled out before the ink was even dry on the news story.MTS doesn’t seem to understand that they are rewarding mr. bemer.BTW Theodore don’t worry about Riverhead Raceway.They get good crowds in the stands and many cars in the pits

  30. darealgoodfella says

    You guys have to understand that MTS and MRS are not exactly on sure financial footing to afford to be of very high morals. They are struggling to survive, and pulling support for NLWSB would be harmful to themselves, perhaps a existential threat. Let’s see what crowds they can draw.

  31. He is boycotting a race series that is racing at his home track because that series is racing at another track that he thinks shouldn’t be. We’re getting beyond wacky at this point.

  32. Victor Phillips says

    It is what it is. I just wait for the next day. We shall see what it is when it happens. Hopeful still, but it’s something that worrying about won’t matter. We will see what we shall see.

  33. If MRS or MTS were to run the Speedbowl, wouldn’t they be doing it without any weekly divisions running as support races?

    If so, it would seem like it would be a pretty short show, and comparing draws to locations where other divisions run the same night wouldn’t be an apples to apples estimate.

  34. Oh, they cancelled the weekly divisions?

  35. Last year, there were support divisions the night the MRS was at Waterford. I also believe the MTS was scheduled with support divisions.

  36. Well yeah, the mts is running on opening weekend which normally brings in a ton of divisions. Usually the only nights that all the weekly series don’t race is wings and wheels and the mid week tri track race. I mean who knows now though. I would imagine we may hear some sort of news this week because I believe Monday is the court date regarding the asset freezing. Depending who you believe, I’ve heard everything you could think of. The feds, the FBI, even the marshals are going to close the place up. Or it’s going to be business as usual except the income would go into some sort of account for the victims lawsuits. If the latter is true then the boycotters should buy 10 tickets every week to support the victims, right?

  37. “Last year, there were support divisions the night the MRS was at Waterford. I also believe the MTS was scheduled with support divisions.”

    I know… I also know the weekly divisions haven’t been officially cancelled, although there is no current sanctioning body. With no sanction and a huge legal case in process, I can’t see it being easy, if possible at all, to obtain liability insurance from the open market, sell billboard or other advertising, or find purse sponsors to run weekly divisions.

    Even if the court orders it to open and escrow money for a victims fund, it’s hard to see it being profitable to actually put anything in the fund. A touring series could possibly rent the facility and put on a show, but I can’t see anything outside of NASCAR having the ability to take on that level of financial risk, and NASCAR isn’t interested.

    I hope I’m wrong, really wrong, and am cheering for the facility to open. Based on how things have gone so far, I don’t think there’s going to be any sort of announcement, just dates passing with nothing happening. I’m still hoping for the track to survive overall, but I think the 2017 weekly series is toast.

  38. Rich,I am a boycotter who will not be buying anything at the bowl.Let your friend bemer support the victims.You do not seem to get that people have the right to act in their own way.While I have admired the way the sanctioning bodies,the track officials, and many racers have acted, it is absolutely is turning my stomach to see some of our WMT guys who I have really admired participate in a series that does’t care about anything but the speedbowl and themselves.I understand it is their right to do so.This whole affair is sickening to me.You and everyone else is free to act as you wish within the law.I will wait until Mayday at the bowl to see how this all shakes out and my plans going forward.

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