Jimmy Blewett Scores Victory At Turkey Derby At Wall Stadium

Jimmy Blewett

When it came to closing out the 2017 Modified racing season in the Northeast, it was Jimmy Blewett defended his home turf Saturday.

Blewett, of Howell, N.J., drove to victory in Saturday’s 150-alp Turkey Derby Tour Type Modified feature at Wall Stadium in Wall, N.J.

Andrew Krause of Holmdel, N.J. was second and Ron Frees of Brick Township third to complete an all Jersey podium for the event.

Ryan Preece of Berlin was fourth.

Blewett fended off numerous challenges for the top spot on the way to leading but three laps of the event.

It was the sixth career Turkey Derby Tour Type feature victory for Blewett.

Blewett also won the SK Modified feature on Saturday at Wall Stadium and Friday’s Late Model feature.


  1. Henry Lecomte says

    John is looking down with a great big smile. Way to go Showtime

  2. Viva race fan says

    Nice to see home boys top out podium . Great job Andrew .

  3. Worst ace I seen……no valet parking..no wine…..no cheese…..
    Looks like all are poor at wall
    I left in 5 minutes
    Back to ct

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Jeffrey, how long was the line for tickets?

  5. Not too long for me
    I am considered vip at all venues
    Once I pull in I th is usually.people flocking me….most beg me for.money
    Some just want a selfie

  6. Dareal..
    Feel free to ask me for hedge fund advice

    Im.looking for a fund for you that does not have a minimum…
    Looking at small.time.stuff for your likes..
    I.dont.mind sitting with common.folk but I just cant eat that food from any race track..im.a sishi kinda giy. Love cavalier too. Biuluga

  7. Jeffrey, you couldn’t find Liz?

  8. Did a search of Wall, brought up some video’s on youtube and have to say I’m very impressed. Great divisions, great announcers, the web site is first rate. Very Stafford in professionalism. My interest was the Factory Stock division. Yikes, mayhem aplenty with those stock rear ends, not locked up at all and stock gears. You want car counts? Do it at Stafford. May have to budget a lot of time though because the crashes are frequent.

  9. Thank you barry
    Have a great day sir…
    Im off to another meeting

  10. My stock advice is

    Ford and yahoo

  11. Oops thought I was on wall st .com

  12. must have had a pretty good field of tour modifieds. guys like Rypkema, Bohn, Rocco, Jankowiak and Dowling were all DNQs

  13. Great way to cap off Thanksgiving weekend. Great job all weekend Showtime. That driver of the #60 (tour type mod) and #41 (SK mod) was never a factor, even after starting on the front row of the tour type mod race. He might better have stayed home. Didn’t look like “big money” from where I sat. And I heard someone on the crew made some very big mistakes in the tire department, could be the reason.

  14. Wall Stadium is a fantastic track. Very fast high banked and good racing. I missed this event, but followed on line best I could. Good filed 34 tour mods. Wish they would get a tour stop.

  15. Pete, all of you internet “I heard” guys kill me. Never a factor? Matt was glued to Jimmy’s bumper until the pit stop and then got the bad lane each restart behind guys with older tires. Ran outside Krause for what, eight laps? (Didn’t see anyone else do that). Then contact sent him up the track into the marbles, race over. The 41 car started sixth and finished fourth against the Wall regulars. Better get the optometrist this week. Have a nice day.

  16. Crazy in NY says

    Pete C is the C for comedy? Must be after writing this brilliance:
    That driver of the #60 (tour type mod) and #41 (SK mod) was never a factor, ………..

    Same old antagonist with a different name has no one fooled. Keep trying like I said.

  17. Crazy in NY says

    A former Modified racer posted this on the that site in NY.

    …No need to defend “Big Money” Matt Hirschman to a troll.

    Matt was the only one to challenge Jimmy Blewett all weekend, other than a couple laps in the SK race when local Steven Reed and Showtime mixed it up for a couple laps.

    When Matt did get bounced, it was just a racing incident. Matt was the only car in the field that could hang on the outside for more than a turn or two, and he did that on the outside of the leader whose car was nearly perfect. Matt and Krause ran side by side for umpteen restarts before that, inches apart with no problem….

    He was there while Pete C was home washing his cat. Matt did not win…true but wonder if Jimmy, Preece and Andrew Krause considered him a “non factor”. PLEASE…..

  18. Bunch of guys that can’t run the tour. All these guys cheat. Soaked tires, cheater motors etc. Whay can’t ANY of these guys compete on the tour? Oh yea…….. they have rules on the tour!

  19. darealgoodfella says

    Realist, a good friend tells me the reason he runs the NWMT is safety, they pay the purse, and the rules.

  20. Pete’s clueless was there Matt was only one to hang with jimmy preece blocked like a John deer also no one commented on Matt push starting jimmy after red flag classy move jimmy was fast all day he was great every restart

  21. Dear Mr. Hirshman,
    Please come to the open modified races at Stafford in 2018. Excitement and controversy will ensue.

  22. @Dennis, I heard it from someone who was in the pit near the #60. The person who relayed that message about the tire mistake was my fellow traveler down from New York. We discussed it on the way home. “Big Money” just doesn’t seem like a very good label to me. After all when he was going to show how it was done in 2017 on the NWMT, he didn’t pick the highest paying races (rather 3 of the lower paying races). I’ll bet we don’t see the black #60 at Bristol or either Loudon races in 2018. And the Loudon fall race is really “big money”. We’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath

  23. Bohn and Rocco both lost engines in practice. Dowling and Jankowiak both fell victims to not being regulars there and were victims of bad calls in the consi. Rypkema flat out asainated a guy in the consi and was deservedly parked.

  24. Congratulations to “Showtime” Jimmy Blewett and SPAFCO Race Chassis on their Turkey Derby win. Awesome job guys!

  25. Crazy in NY says

    Petey. Please enlighten us on the tire mistake the 60 guys supposedly made. I’d love to hear this.

  26. Humphrey was his sk a spafco because the car he received from Ed partridge I believe is a troyer

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