Waterford Town Officials Awaiting Plans, Permit Requests For New Speedbowl Grandstands

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  1. Great job on obtaining this information from the Town Building Official which I believe we all have been waiting for. He is basically the one who puts his name on the dotted line and pretty much has the final say as to whether opening day will occur as planned. Sounds like they need to get moving on the permitting process though to insure everything is ready on time. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a successful 2018 racing season at the Speedbowl.

  2. The traffic on this site will reach new levels as undercover reporter Shawn digs up more dirt on his most favorite racetrack…

  3. What a great update. First I believe with comments from a town building department representative. Pretty much confirming what so many have said in comments all along. Mr. Whitney’s comments would be the icing on the cake. But for some reason he never seems to make himself available to racedayct if memory serves. Last I checked the Speedbowl site was down. Hope the doesn’t mean anything. Can’t submit the plan to the building department until all the research has been done. Just a monstrous amount of work contacting suppliers, contractors and getting quotes. Arranging financing. Gotta have the particulars before requesting the proper permits. This isn’t like putting a pellet stove in your rumpus room. All seems normal so far. Fingers crossed.

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, now check with Whitney on the architecture/engineering designs/plans, and if he can share that information. They must have an architect/engineering firm doing that work. That work MUST have been started a long time ago, in order to know what material needs to be procured, the capabilities of the contractor, equipment, etc. Bidding should have started already, to get a contractor and procure materials, and contractor(s) and suppliers chosen. Bidding should have been completed already so they could start the material procurement process. Material should have been ordered already and should be getting delivered over the next couple weeks, so the material is on hand a ready to go after January 1. All that stuff can’t possibly get done in a month. January 1 is not too far away.


  5. This may just be in the process and not been filed with the Town yet. Maybe they purchase some of the stands that were disassembled from the Daytona back stretch and stored them somewhere off site and they are waiting to be delivered.

    Hoagland could not put a timetable on the process of approval once plans are submitted and permits are applied for. “I don’t think it’s going to take a long time,” Hoagland said. “Essentially the administrative approvals are pretty much there.”

    That tells me once everything is submitted things will move quickly.

  6. Shawn great article… darealgoodfellow more negative garbage from you. The release said after January 1. George is probably wrapping up the details that you mention. What would he have to gain from putting out incorrect information regarding replacement of the grandstands. He will reveal the details when he is ready to release them and apply for permits. I hope George reads these threads and laughs at all the garbage that’s on these threads. There are those of us who appreciate all he has done and believe in him and will support him on opening day while sitting in the new grandstands.

  7. darealgoodfella says

    This is a major construction job. Not a colonial days barn raising.

    There are codes and standards to be met. This is not a backyard project to be done by a bunch of shade tree mechanics and several cases of beer.

    If the Town hasn’t heard from the NLWS yet with plans and requests for permits, you can be sure that work will not begin soon after January 1. The engineering firm and the town should have been working together to make sure all of the Town’s requirements are met. If the Town has not been contacted by the NLWS or the engineering firm, nothing has been getting done. All that needs to be done to get demolition/construction started after January 1 hasn’t even begun. It can’t get done in time to start construction shortly after January 1.

  8. Shawn,Great story on the Speedbowl.While I understand that someone in Bemers position wouldn’t be making any statements on anythiing,Why wouldn’t the track be available to at least say there is no comment at this time.Instead your unavailable.Not a sound business practice.Maybe they will make a statement tommorrow.Glad I’m not a fan of the bowl.My career was in the construction industry working as a mechanic.Then kicked upstairs to sales.I have been involved in projects that have dragged on and on.I also was involved in projects that ran like the hammers of hell,no delays, mistakes or anything that impeded progress.That doesn’t happen by accident.So I think with speedy approvals the grandstands could certainly be ready for racing.The concessions and restrooms I’m not so sure.A lot better be in place if that is going to happen.dareal is right,this will have to done by a GC who knows how to run a job on all cylinders or it will be a muddy bloody mess.

  9. Something doesn’t make sense here. People were told the grandstand work was going to start the day after the last event. Now it’s over a month since anything has happened there and they haven’t gone to the town for a permit to take the bleachers down, or submitted any plans? If they knew they were doing this and knew it had to be done why would they wait until the middle of winter to start, or get permits? Not saying it can’t be done, but it doesn’t make any sense that they knew they had to do it but threw away two months they could be working on it. There has to be more to this because it just doesn’t make any sense.

  10. It’s complicated alright. And every one is on record from the wild eyed optimists to the healthy skeptics to the pathologically and perpetually negative. And we all share one thing in common. We don’t know much of anything. But from the controversial to the mundane wondering how big the stands will be if they are indeed built. Given the new realities in racing attendance, the lack of a WMT event there may be no reason to do any more then a bare bones structure. A starter structure if there is such a thing and more later as the need arises. Tons of seats, who needs them. Doesn’t the paddock attendance mean as much to the bottom line? They have all the data on attendance. What capacity do the new stands need to be to accommodate todays leaner audiences? Concessions? No biggy, get a few trailers like the fairs do. And no more fires under wooden stands. Dodged that bullet for 70 years and happy to move on. Building inspectors have a way of calmly making the absurd seem routine. I love that guy.
    Web site is back up and the latest is “After a Legends career that featured 19 wins, including eight this year, and a 2013 track championship, Joey “Walnuts” Ternullo of Middletown Connecticut has decided to take his racing career to the next level.” That could be a racedayct story if they would pass it on to racedayct like Stafford does religiously but I guess the estrangement will continue. A harmless little press release kind of thing. Why go to the trouble of posting routine stories like this and the toy drive if you aren’t doing your job on the big things?
    This wild eyed optimist is thinking Mr. Whitney has proven he’s a competent manager already and deserve respect and room to breath. This wild eyed optimist thinks he may be enjoying watching we monkeys dance with anecdotes and life experiences and speculation that add up to a big fat load of guesses and nothing. What should have happened, what it means, what can happen, while it’s too late. It’s exhausting. And in many cases from people that have no vested interest at all. Meanwhile he is purposely working toward a goal knowing what actually is and what will or will not be. I hope he’s appreciating this comic relief. Go Pats!

  11. Track hasn’t talked to the town in six months. Good thing government moves quickly. LOL.

  12. The plot thickens.. They couldn’t write this stuff. Will probably be made into a mystery movie. To be continued.

  13. The Town of Waterford has the demolition permit form online here http://www.waterfordct.org/building/pages/forms-reference-documents

    I’m not in construction, so I found it an interesting read. The asbestos and lead paint boxes stood out to me, as my wife’s entire extended family has been in the Hazmat abatement business for decades. Due to the age of the structure, I’d be surprised if lead paint and asbestos aren’t present.

  14. Lead paint and asbestos? But I played all around that place when I was young. Aha! So THAT’S what’s wrong with me.
    I’m calling Trantolo & Trantolo today….$$$$

  15. Lead paint positively, absolutely is there for sure. Asbestos in the cooking areas perhaps.
    If in the last two decades any time the property changed hands and a lending institution was involved a Phase 1 ESA would have been required. More in depth depending on what the Phase 1 turned up. Even if no bank financing related to the property was needed no purchaser worth his or her salt would waive it with a million plus on the line. The auction, had to be done I would think. Bet it’s in the town records.

  16. darealgoodfella says

    Submit all the plans and applications to the town in mid-March 2018 and then blame the town for being too slow. LOL!!!

    The age of the place will uncover plenty of hazard/environmental issues. Translation: HUGE $$$$$$$$$$ for remediation.

    But then, just wait a couple weeks, the Trump Admin will have eliminated all environmental, OSHA, safety rules/laws and construction can proceed without a care in the world.

    In this day of declining attendance and interest in racing in general, it’s so encouraging to see so much interest and resources being considered to refresh and bring an old, historical track up to date. Let’s see if it ever happens.

    It is still amazing that people will still believe A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

  17. darealgoodfella says

    That the Town has not heard from the track is all we need to know that the track will not open with new and refreshed facilities on May 5-6.

  18. It’s like the Speedbowl slept with your wife 20 years ago Lionel Train Engineer and you never could let it go.

  19. darealgoodfella says

    The track has not been in contact with the Town in several months.

    The track says construction to start after January 1, 2018.

    Opening day of May 5-6 is only 4 months later.

    Actions, or in this case, lack of action, speaks far louder than words.

  20. Shawn – thanks for checking with Waterford and posting this report. My fingers remain crossed with respect to new grandstands for the 2018 season.

  21. All the bowl needs to do is replace half bleachers this year and half next
    Year…and rope off the ones that are not done.they never fill all the bleachers anyway.first turn bleachers to the far right of the track are fine…..

  22. There you go Bob. Do it in segments. Can’t anyone get on board with the topic of stand capacity? And I’d still would like someone to tell me how important stand capacity is compared to the number of tickets purchased for the paddock area.

  23. NH MOD CHASER says

    I love how all you monkeys (not all of you ) get so worked up about something you can’t control..Get a life !! There are plenty of other tracks in the Northeast to go watch racing at.

  24. A couple of guys with the NH in their screen ID and never mention NH race tracks. So what’s your favorite up there CHASER? Other then the NHMS. Where do you chase mods?

  25. Went by there today, took a cruise through the parking lot, no work under way, all stands still intact, two vehicles parked by the trailer, blinds closed. Trying to stay as positive as I can however I guess we shall see what we shall see!

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Bob, maybe if ALL of the bleachers were replaced, all the stands would be filled for races.

  27. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, thanks for keeping it real.

  28. I will thank humphry as well for providing solid recon on this threads topic. Shooting down a prior comment that observed the turn one stands were gone. As for what it means I’ll take the opposite view of the perpetual bummer Lionel Train Engineer.
    This blind optimist sees the Speedbowl web site updated with racers plans for next year. And in my imaginings Mr Whitney is working tirelessly on all those myriad and complex tasks necessary to put a project together, including paying for it and apply for the necessary permits. No plan, no permits. And also in my addled imagining of hope for next year I see the project exploding in a focused display of purpose and progress on or close to Mr. Whitney’s target dates. Proceeding on time and concluding in time for the 2018 season with the same level of competence he demonstrated in pulling off last season. Including patching the stands together when many said it couldn’t be done. Call me naive, you betcha.

  29. I really believe there has been a line drawn in the sand by the Town on this project. Because the stands are 70 years old, I believe the Town has a documented concern that their structural stability and safety going forward is not acceptable. Unfortunately, I also believe the Town will not accept the liability of signing off on the stands as they exist and their replacement will probably be required. Again, I am trying to stay positive that everything will turn out for the best for a 2018 racing season however, they need to get moving on this project to deliver as advertised.

    Good luck guys, do us proud and deliver as promised.

  30. darealgoodfella says

    That the concessions are right under the stands complicates things. It’s not just the stands that have to be replaced, and concessions are an important revenue stream.

  31. darealgoodfella says

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

  32. Geese humphry…..why. George Whitney has said in so many words triage is over. He gets it. Has anyone said on any level implied they could milk one more year out of the old wood? I’m the optimist and I don’t even see that happening. Aluminum or bust! With hand rails please.

  33. Sorry Doug, unless I missed something, I don’t recall George saying anything since he is never available for comment. Especially when the tough questions would be asked after the info from the Town was released in this article, something positive would have been nice to calm the masses.

    It is not just the wood I am referring to, it is the steel substructure and deteriorating concrete pillars that is probably causing the Town heart ache. I have been going there since 1959, grew up less than 10 minutes from the track and I can’t count on my fingers and toes (since I don’t have enough) how many times the wood has been replaced. Heck, back in the Dick Williams days, I was part of a volunteer paint party painting the old and new replacement wood brown.

    Aluminum stands are definitely the answer and my guess is you will find they will be re-purposed from another race track. Maybe not we will see.

    All I can say is GET-ER-DONE!

  34. You just enjoy the conflict don’t you humphry.
    The original racedayct article quoted George Whitney as saying “Construction on the new grandstands will begin after the first of the year,” Whitney said”. In the article, on Facebook, on the Speedbowl website. Didn’t register did it. Now you go full circle back to the original controversy like information never happened. Really, just like the movies Ground Hog day.
    Of particular interest is you needling Mike about his comment suggesting volunteering with claims of liability insurance and letting professionals do it. Resulting naturally with Lionel Train Engineer crafting the barn raising mockery that sent all the monkeys into a fit of glee. And here you say you were a volunteer painting the stands. You loves your conflict don you?

  35. Humphry I want to have your optimism, but I’m having a hard time. There were rumors all year that the grandstand had to be replaced before next year or the town won’t let them open. In this story it sounds like the building official says that’s true. People in charge at the track were telling teams at finale weekend that the grandstand demolition was starting two days after Smacktoberfest. Now it’s December and they haven’t applied for permits to do demolition work they were telling people was going to start in October? I’m having a hard time believing what they’re saying.

  36. Yea, you are probably correct watcher, I am having a real difficult time staying positive myself but what the heck. There has been much lip service by management with very little shown in the way progress which is what I believe is concerning to everyone. I think everyone was excited to see progress by now and let down by the lack there of. What I should do is say what I really think is going to happen but you have a 50/50 shot on this site of being applauded or ridiculed for voicing you opinion by certain individuals who think they are the be all and end all of raceday.

  37. darealgoodfella says

    Being optimistic is one thing, having the courage or whatever it takes to realize and admit that there is no way construction can start like now to make sure the May 5-6 opening can happen is another issue. The ‘after January 1’ gate is probably something to appease the fans, teams, racers, owners, etc. Since we have learned from the Town that the track has done nothing, and that if designs and plans were submitted to the Town now, it would be extremely unlikely that permits can be issued by or shortly after January 1. There is really only three working weeks left in the year folks, this is December. Not much happens in December. People start taking off in the days leading up to Dec. 25 and return after New Years. No way designs and plans can be reviewed and revised as the Town requires, permits issued and contractors committed, materials designed and ordered, etc. in these three weeks to have it all ready to go after January 1.

    N-O W-A-Y.

  38. darealgoodfella says

    I’d really like to see George sit sown to an interview with racedayct.com, and get all the details on the refurbishment to substantiate how the track will be ready to go on May 5-6.

  39. You humphry are the singular, most pessimistic optimist I have ever encountered. Kicking the dead horse that is the old stands still looking for some controversy. Oblivious to the content of the articles you are commenting on. Lip service? One post. One post that you said you weren’t aware of. Lip service like what. References people make in comments that are unsubstantiated. Your optimism is a set up to make your Debbie Downer nonsense more credible. Fact is if you had done a better job painting the stands they might be in better shape now. That’s a joke son.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, forget about being optimistic, or pessimistic. Just look at the facts, or lack of thereof.

    “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill

    Let truth replace optimism and pessimism.

  41. Mark Andrews says

    George doesn’t have to tell anyone squat!You people are pathetic.Nothing more to do than praise your precious nascar modified tour which is a guaranteed money pit for racers.There is a huge amount of engineering involved in this project including the drainage issues at the facility.Electrical and so forth.I worked for a pre fab company down south for 11 years.we specialized in grandstands.bleachers and seating for all kinds of venues.The stands themselves are the least of it.This will get done…..I don’t care whos holding the strings…..don’t care whos taking out permits or when.Quit your whining and go to another track.The track will rebuild its facilities and reputation and the racers and fans will come back.With or with out mighty NASCAR.

  42. Fans are shameless. Here we are in an anonymous comment section provided free of charge by racedayct telling owners and teams with actual dollars to lose what they should and should not be doing. Meanwhile we do nothing and at most offer only the price of a ticket. We have no shame. We haven’t a clue what’s going on behind the scenes but let-er-rip with mockery, taunts and demands any time we get a notion. Zero information, zero vested interest, zero humility or respect.
    Most of us have moments of humility when we know to dial it back and realize our place in the food chain. That place is if there is a race scheduled we have the right go or not go to the race. Ahead of us is the track management, employees, team owners, drivers and crew people. Season ticket holders, media professionals and regular attendees. You aren’t on that list who cares what you think. Lionel Train Engineer is not one of those people that knows his place. Believing with no money invested, no team racing, not an an investor, announcer, media professional or anything remotely connected to racing except an overstated sense of self worth. That somehow ownership should give a fig about what he thinks or wants.
    I would like someone, besides this perpetually tedious, negative broken record to tell me how big the seat capacity should be in relationship to what the have now. I say 50% would be sufficient. Anyone care to speculate?

  43. Watcher, remember what I said about the 50/50? Was I wrong?

  44. darealgoodfella says

    Mark Andrews, George doesn’t have to say anything more. He’s already said enough. Actions speak louder than words. And the silence is deafening.

    The demo and reconstruction was supposed to start right after Smacktoberfest. Never happened. Then there is the announcement that there are all sorts of plans for 2018. Okay, and the construction was recently re-announced to happen sometime after January 1. What we have been told so far is a huge pile of 💩 . We do now know as fact that the track has not been in contact with the Town, and that could only mean there is nothing going on. If anything was to happen after January 1, the plans and applications should have been submitted to the Town already, long ago. There’s only three working weeks left in December before people start taking off for the holidays. And that applies to all the contractors and suppliers the track will need. Why y’all want to keep ignoring that is amazing. Nothing to do with optimism or pessimism, just the facts.

    Teams, owners, drivers, etc. that are NLWS regulars need to seriously consider reconfiguring their cars over the winter for running at another track.

  45. I’m thinking aluminum. New footings. Nice integrated announcer’s booth for Matt with AC and a big comfortable chair. About half the size as the stands now. Hand rails for we oldies for sure. Concessions? A few trailers for next year. Maybe a little messy but the track surface is still great, the pits with more cars and believe it or not the Gada’s back in force. Fingers crossed.

  46. darealgoodfella says

    Nothing left to do but wait for the next announcement from the NLWS. Clearly, there is no work getting done shortly after January 1.

  47. Word was Bruce purchased the backstretch grandstands from Daytona 2 years ago, if that’s true that should speed up construction.

  48. Wow, if you’re going to have a rumor that one is a whopper about the Daytona stands. You’d think someone would have noticed all that material somewhere in Ct. Plenty of information on Daytona’s renovations but zero about what is happening to the old stands.

  49. Just Wondering says

    If they are going with a hi-tech announcers air conditioned booth with a big comfy chair for Matt, how about adding an elevator for Matt as well. In case anyone hasn’t noticed Matt is have a hard time getting up and down the stairs when doing the after race interviews with the drivers.

  50. darealgoodfella says

    Until the Town is included, such as requesting permits for demolition, there is nothing going on, nothing to be excited or optimistic about.

  51. Great point, I wonder if the ADA act would require one if it is a complete replacement?

  52. Nothing new. That rumors been going around ever since Daytona took those stands down. I even think that Monahan mentioned in an interview a while back that they were looking into it.

  53. It will be the Speedbowls New Years resolution, new stands for 2018, Santa will deliver them for 🎄.

  54. darealgoodfella says

    If the stands from Daytona were purchased by Bemer two years ago, where are they?

  55. I don’t think Buckler is considered a person that qualifies under the ADA. On the other hand as his analogies about the racing action get more bizarre who knows.
    Wild card. How about temporary stands?

  56. darealgoodfella says

    Waterford town officials are still waiting for plans, permit requests.

  57. darealgoodfella says

    The rare breed of Waterford winter crickets are being extra quiet.

  58. Excuse me, I meant to say handicapped. And don’t laugh, it just might be required if this is a complete demolition with new stands and structure especially with the height of the booth and its egress!

  59. I believe it is know as handicap accessible………….

  60. dareal,Waterford winter crickets are “the sturdy kind that doesn’t mind the snow”. Sooner than later their nightly din will resume.

  61. darealgoodfella says

    Heck, put an elevator in.

  62. The word handicapped is not used much now or is appreciated by people with disabilities. In the 21st century the widely accepted terms are physically challenged or disabled. Handicapped is viewed more as a pejorative description implying insurmountable limitations. You can learn more about the the subject by clicking on http://mentalfloss.com/article/69361/why-did-disabled-replace-handicapped-preferred-term.
    I’m guessing this may be a launching pad for mocking people with disabilities for some of you but you never know. By circumstance I have been fortunate to be around people with disabilities all my life and one thing is very clear. Most folks with physical limitations work many times harder to do their jobs and get through life’s simplest tasks. And like people without challenges there are good people, jerks, lazy, hard working and amazingly charismatic individuals. The key being individuals not defined solely by their limitations.

  63. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, what does that ^ ^ ^ have to do with nothing getting done at the Waterford Speedbowl?

  64. darealgoodfella says

    Snow coming this weekend. The construction crew ready?

  65. As always you are reading into my comment. I just agreed an elevator would certainly help Mr. Buckler with his trips up and down from the press box. So please don’t stir the crap where it is not necessary by interjecting things into a post that are not there. Thank you

  66. darealgoodfella says

    Look, the Speedbowl would love to reopen with nothing more than another paint job. Doesn’t sound like that is going to happen. Any reconstruction will most likely require all these accommodations to be compliant with various codes. And all that is extra cost.

    So while the track is announcing an opening day, series and events, there is no indication or assurance they will be allowed to open.

    The Town is holding all the cards and the track needs to ante up to get in the game.

  67. darealgoodfella says

    Safety and accessibility standards today are far different than they were in 1951. And the cost to include those requirements can be substantial.

    I’m thinking Bemer is reconsidering his playground, specifically spending anymore money on it or just let it sit idle if the Town won’t let them reopen as-is, and dump it.

  68. Why don’t you invest in a calendar. It’s not January yet so probably not.

  69. darealgoodfella says

    rich, you think the engineering plans are done? Where are they? Why hasn’t the town seen the engineering plans yet?

    There are less than three working weeks left this year, before January.

    No way anything submitted to the town this year will be approved and permitted in time to get work started in January. No way. Let that sink in.

  70. Dareal, everything you are saying has already been articulated by others in this article or different articles. You are beginning to sound like a broken record, please tell us something new or original.

  71. Oh I forgot dareal, you have also said it numerous times yourself. Enough already……

  72. darealgoodfella says

    rich, it looks like the Town has their own ideas on what needs to be done to bring the facility up to modern standards, and that may be more than Bruce was considering.

    Like I’ve said before, the NLWS wants to get away with the minimum possible, like a new coat of paint. That ain’t gonna happen. That the Town has not heard from the NLWS at all regarding any of this alleged reconstruction, after the NLWS was saying that construction was supposed to start after Smacktoberfest, is damning.

    Looks like the NLWS has settled into a long winter nap. Will it ever wake up?

  73. What does a paragraph or two about terminology related to the physically challenged have to do with the topic Lionel Train Engineer? About as much as a discussion of an elevator but considerable more fact and information worthy.
    The bulls are running on Wall Street these days and you’ve invested heavily in your bear predictions for the Speedbowl. If you’re right yea for you. People won’t see racing on the shoreline in 2018. If you’re wrong it won’t make any difference at all. You whiffed last spring and it meant nothing. One thing is for sure. No one at this point has any question about how you fall on the issue of the promised shiny new aluminum stands and the historic oval.

  74. sour grapes of wrath says

    what I gather from da reals posts is he is an expert an all things involving modified racing. he apparently has also been in touch with the town of Waterford regarding his beloved speed bowl.
    they must love answering questions about the track.. perhaps they can set up a speed bowl permit hotline … he is also a structural /construction genius. I however wonder if he has the ability to eat crow if the track does in fact open as promised??? .PS forgot he is a legal expert too…
    here are my predictions..

    bemer gets a deal no jail time ..perhaps some home confinement, registers as a sox offender
    no trafficking charge as he is an end user (aka john) and a first time offender
    keeps all his companies
    the lawyers get more money than the victims
    speed bowl opens on time with new bleachers/trailer concessions after much haggling with the town
    whitney inherits a business partner to assist with the lease during 2018
    (well know past promoter in local racing )
    track is sold at end of 2018 season remaining a racing facility
    everyone who ran away and badmouthed the track will return to their previous officials posts and bleacher assignments …car counts almost double …everyone lives happily ever after
    I can at least admit I am wrong if none of the above happens.
    PS add another prediction keith rocco will be doing some modified tour racing that will conflict with his multiple track championship defenses…
    let the games begin..

  75. darealgoodfella says

    sour, it appears that in order to open in 2018, there needs to be significant work to the facility to get the necessary permits. Why would the owner do that work and then sell in the same year? That work is not an improvement that will bring value in a sale. It’s just bringing the property up to code since there have been issues and the Town looks like it won’t permit the place to open unless such work is done. All that work and cost is just to bring the facility up to where it is supposed to be.

    As long as Bemer remains the owner, many individuals, teams, series, and sanctioning bodies will continue to stay away.

  76. Sour Grapes isn’t just wrong.He is been seriously abusing his fermented grapes.A medal for Bemer is it?Home confinement so he can rape more disable children?Hilliary’s basket of deplorables can’t hold a candle to these speedbowl troglodytes.The good thing may be when the toilet bowl opens we’ll know where all the creeps are, easier to keep an eye on em.

  77. Sour grapes made a prediction. So what’s the harm.
    I was watching the video of Smacktoberfest at the Speedbowl. Wow what a crowd and children galore. Waterford is more then just Saturday night racing. As far as the carpet baggers from out of State casting viscous ridicule at we humble Nutmeggers children included that’s fine. If some higher moral standard involving the accused was their main reason for the constant nonsense they wouldn’t be on this site at all.

  78. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “viscous ridicule”.

    What is “viscous ridicule”?

  79. darealgoodfella says

    art, that’s one of your best posts. Here I am celebrating the repeal of Prohibition with some fine, rare 🥃 and laughing my maximum glutei off. Thank you very much!!!

  80. He won’t eat crow. Just look at last winter and all his nonsense. He’ll just find something else to cry about.

  81. sour grapes of wrath says

    hey art //made a prediction on bemer that’s all. read the charges, first time offender not condoning what took place just facts ..no additional charges forthcoming and those that are pending will be reduced or plead down .. happens every day
    as for the track everyone is begging him to sell….
    my prediction and opinion has been previous sales fell thru as the stands are a big expense and hassle that no potential buyer wanted to deal with AFTER forking over the requested asking price at that time …
    once stands/concessions are completed and it will get done . the track is pretty much turn key as any large potential expenses are reduced dramatically
    the promoter in question will gbe allowed to get involved on behalf of the potential buyer(s) and will be there to oversee the business and gather info on what costs and profits are under Whitney’s management
    place will sell and all the rats will come scurrying back home to live happily ever after in th epits and handicappers booth
    long live the speedbowl..
    remember when it all happens your heard it here first ..sour grapes of wrath AKA miss cleo

  82. darealgoodfella says

    It’s Wednesday and I must ask: Did the NLWS submit their plans and applications for permits to the Town yet?

  83. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, that’s laying on the ridicule pretty thick.

  84. As rich says all this was discussed when it happened earlier in the year. It’s old and mind numbingly tedious. Everyone has decided where they come down on the issue. At this stage it is a couple of petulant children plopped down int the middle of the floor screaming their lungs out because they aren’t getting what they want. And as they scream the civil and criminal justice systems grind on. Oblivious them and they oblivious to the progress being made they seem to spend so much time purposely knowing nothing about. My suggestion would be show more interest in the WMT races being held in Bristol and the NHMS that will likely have scant audiences to perform before. That may be a more current topic.

  85. darealgoodfella says

    It’s Wednesday afternoon, and it must be asked: Did the NLWS submit plans and designs to the Town yet?

    humphry, is there a bunch of construction equipment starting to gather at the NLWS?

    January is not far away.

  86. Went by the Bowl yesterday. All stands intact, two cars next to the trailer, lights on, blinds closed, fences closed, Backhoe now parked on the midway behind the trailer inside of the fence.

  87. Regular reports from humphry. Pretty cool. King of something “concrete” to look forward to. And unlike most of our comments not smoke and bloviating.

  88. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, are you going to accuse rich of being lazy for not quoting all what was discussed earlier in the year?

  89. Daidiot asks the same question twice in one day. Why not go for three and maybe you’ll get an answer. That backhoe? Daidiot would call that optics. See they figure humphry or someone would be snooping around so they placed it in full view just to make it look like they’re getting ready for something.

  90. darealgoodfella says

    A backhoe!!!

    🚧 🚜 🚧


  91. Outback has what is called a Blooming Onion, we on racedayct have what is called a Blooming Idiot. I will leave at that.

  92. Sour/Miss Cleo,I hear what you are saying and being on this planet for almost 70 years I would agree with you if Bemer committed murder or some other serious crime.People have always rooted for Jesse James types throughout history.But fishing in the waters that bemer and his friends were I have to disagree,First time or not, even after his punishment and parole or probation is completed he is marked filthy for life.He’s lucky he was able to post bond, the fine folks who populate the jails despise these kind of defendants and make their time in custody quite harrowing.The general impression is that he can never be rehabilitated or trusted by the community.Ordinary citizens and the police will hound him wherever he goes.Social media will see to that.His life is over.That I will predict and be willing to bet a whiskey sour on.As far as the bowl goes I won’t make predictions.Sorry I was a little out of line with my response to you as you answered my post in a civil manner.Soft soaping that kind of crime makes me nuts.But you better dig your shaker out of the closet and get ready to mix my drink.

  93. darealgoodfella says

    art, Bemer has admitted to it, the police reports show that. Furthermore, this behavior has been going on for decades according to reports. The concept of “first time offender” is moot. It’s not like he did this only once and was caught that one time. This has been going on for decades, he abused several people over that time. There is no first time offender get-off-easy here. Prison folk have higher moral standards, and Bemer will be very unwelcome. Given Bemer’s age, there’s no way he will ever outlive these transgressions to be a born again clean slate nice guy. Social media will make sure of that.

  94. darealgoodfella says

    rich, are you the backhoe operator?

  95. darealgoodfella says

    It’s Thursday morning, and new day.

    Is everybody wondering if the Town has all those plans yet?

  96. We know what we know about the Bemer situation which in total is relatively superficial. Some think they know everything there is to know but are basing it on the inability to admit what they don’t know.
    Something is afoot. Bemer’s future criminally and with regard to civil liability is bleak as Art made perfectly clear. Yet, counter intuitively plans and scheduling are moving forward on the Speedbowl under George Whitney’s management. All that tells me is there is some relationship or dynamic we haven’t a clue about. I’m pretty sure it has to do with an underestimation of Mr. Whitney, his abilities and his resources.

  97. darealgoodfella says

    Some people have clearly not read the police reports, and do not understand the severity of those charges and the admission to those charges. Quite the opposite from “superficial”. And more victims have come forward since the arrest. Doug, if you think what Bemer did is superficial, you must be some real primordial soup cretin. How would you like that to happen to your wife, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews? Would you still consider it to be superficial?

    And the Town has not heard from George and Co. for many, many months. Things have not happened as announced, such as the demolition beginning after Smacktoberfest. So nothing is going on from all that is known about the NLWS. Nothing is going on. The silence is deafening.

    If plans were available, I would expect the NLWS would be eager and excited to show them off. Like Thompson did when they expanded. Those plans were available many, many months in advance. We’re only a couple weeks away from January 1.

    Only two working weeks left in December to get all ready to start demolition and construction shortly after January 1.

  98. It is Thursday Morning and Dareal Dabroken record is asking the same old question he asks every day.

    Frankly, I have better, or should I say more important things to do with my life than worry about whether the Town has received anything from the Bowl yet.

  99. All I am hearing is bla, bla, bla, bla, bla same old broken record from the person, hour after hour, day after day. You keep saying the same thing dareal, we all get it so please take a chill pill…….

  100. It’s Thursday morning and daidiot is still an idiot.

  101. darealgoodfella says

    It’s yet another Friday and it must be asked… does the NLWS have the permits to begin the demolition?

  102. Just Wondering says

    DaReal, why don’t you do us all a favor and call the Waterford town hall yourself and post the answer. The number is easily found online. Why are you expecting someone else to do all the work. LOL

  103. I’m thinking fingernails dragged across a chalk board.

  104. darealgoodfella says

    I’m expecting the NLWS to post it themselves. Don’t you think they’d want to keep loyal fans up to date on current events?

  105. Same ole, same ole, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla from the broken record. Dareal, call the Town Hall or the Speedbowl and ask them yourself, what’s the matter no testicular fortitude?

  106. Just Wondering says

    DaReal, it was obvious the NLWS was tight lipped regarding the release of info last winter and it looks to be that way this year as well. Lets face it, it is their prerogative to do so. Most don’t complain when Walmart , Stop n Shop or even the Federal Government when it comes national security. I’m sure George Whitney coming from a racing background gets it and if he had any info to release he would as it is obviously in his best interest businesswise to do so.

  107. darealgoodfella says

    Just, was it “tight lipped” or just saying anything to create an illusion? There were a couple false starts, do you remember? Clearly, reliability of NLWS announcements is near zero. That is not the same as “tight lipped”. They do not want teams converting over to run at other tracks.

  108. The Speedbowl has done everything that they should have with regard to announcements. Check their web site. They’ve announced the management team, the fact the stands are going to be addressed and they’ve announced special racing events. They had stories on drivers, had banquets and have done what most tracks do in the off season. No one is demanding to know what updates Stafford is doing.
    The problem is not the Speedbowl management. The problem is some of us setting the default that they are liars and for some reason should prove themselves. I’m not on that team. I’m on the team that respects Mr. Whitney, looks forward to humphry updates and have faith they will follow through. At this stage given Mr. Whitney’s record of accomplishment I would say the odds are heavily in favor of him being successful. How he moves through his set of priorities is none of our business as Just Wondering said.
    As for the king of the naysayers, mimicking tinnitus generally isn’t considered a good thing.

  109. darealgoodfella says

    NLWS announced the opening date, but they did that last year too. More than once.

    The season schedule hasn’t been released yet, even though that too was promised and should have been available by now.

    Two weeks left to get the permits and approvals needed to start those new grandstands after January 1.

  110. By the way Dareal, the Town Hall is closed today and tomorrow so please do us all a favor and don’t ask the same stupid question you ask every day. Thank you!

  111. Prestige motorsports just announced that Dylan Izzo will be taking over the 13 sk at Waterford this coming season. I guess that’s one team that’s not taking daidiots advice.

  112. Doug comparing this to anything going on at Stafford is not relevant in any way because Stafford is going to open and no updates they might have going on will change that.

    There’s questions about the town of Waterford letting the track open without a new grandstand. The building person from the town even said that much publicly. And management at the track actually already lied about the whole thing. Teams were told at the final weekend of racing that the grandstand demolition was going to start about a week later on Oct. 30. They knew when they told teams that information that they hadn’t even applied for permits and that there was no way anything could be starting by that date. But they still told teams it was happening. Why did they say it then when they knew it wasn’t going to happen? So yes it is fair to question if there’s truth in what they have announced because they already were caught lying about it in October.

  113. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, since the Town is closed, all that means is that there is still no progress with doing what needs to be done to get the track approved and permitted to open in the Spring.

    Two weeks to go…

    I don’t like being lied to.

  114. darealgoodfella says

    Stafford has a complete schedule published, and they can be trusted.

  115. The town Hall is closed on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, where have you been living, in a cave?

  116. Good point Darren. I mentioned Stafford as a means of comparison but clearly the size of the project makes it completely different.
    Did some one make specific statements to you Darren about the plans. Who was it specifically and what did they say exactly? Was it George Whitney or an employee?
    Do you race a car at the track Darren? Are you concerned about getting your car ready for next year.
    If all you know is you heard about there plans and you have no interest other then as a fan then relax. If there’s a season and a race you want to go to then go. Or don’t Your only investment is the ticket. They are in charge and are accountable for the big boy decisions and we’re not on the big boy management team. This is was too early to be judging.
    Beware of those with Speedbowl delusional syndrome. People overweight in opinion and underweight in knowledge and relevance.

  117. darealgoodfella says

    Darren, what we do know is that the Town and track have not been in communications for months, as per the content of this article. When you consider that demo was supposed to start right after Smacktoberfest (demo has still not started), clearly the line that demo was going to happen was complete 💩💩💩 and more 💩💩💩. Come on, the folks at the NLWS must have known that they need a permit and plans approved by the Town to do demolition, but the Town has not heard from the NLWS.

    Why would the track be so misleading?

    The 💩 will hit the fan soon.

  118. darealgoodfella says

    Does Bemer still own the NLWS?

  119. “Nothing to do but wait for the next announcement from the NLWS” says daidiot. This guy’s such a genius he doesn’t even take his own advice.

  120. “Hoagland could not put a timetable on the process of approval once plans are submitted and permits are applied for.

    “I don’t think it’s going to take a long time,” Hoagland said. “Essentially the administrative approvals are pretty much there.”
    Sounds like a pretty reasonable guy in the town building department. There may be some confusion. Contrary to popular belief, many town building departments are not bureaucratic snake pits with the goal of muddling investors plans. Within the bounds of safety and proper design they bend over backwards to move projects forward.

  121. I don’t get it. The rule is supposed to be vulgarity is prohibited and Lionel Train Engineer once again gets a pass incorporating fecal emoji within the context of the sentence. Other symbols are rejected. Put a smile on a turd and I guess it’s OK. Either allow it or don’t but be consistent.

  122. Seeing as how this thread is pretty much dead with everything relevant having been said. And seeing as how repeating the same thing over and over and over again is the norm I will repeat one of my favorite themes.
    Lionel Train Engineer is a lying, manipulating, arrogant troublemaker. Disingenuous and foul constantly looking to others like an insecure teenager to support his nonsense.
    Is he the engineer he claims to be? Does he “work with several WMT teams” as he has claimed. Does he have a “very good friend” in the WMT he has referred to. Does he have an expertise or experience in virtually anything related to racing at all. I’m guessing no.
    In this thread I see is a person of low regard manipulating the moderator into publishing his repetition of the exact same theme and incorporating foul symbols representing foul words. Whether it’s urine in breakfast cereal, references to scat or the fecal imoji’s he uses in this thread his goal is clear. The point, theme or context of the thread isn’t important. It’s seeing what he can get away with. He is the only person that routinely incorporates foul references and for some reason it passes the vulgarity test.
    Seasons greetings!

  123. darealgoodfella says

    This is going to be an exciting week.

  124. darealgoodfella says

    I’m sure the Waterford Engineering Dept is ready to go once they have something to work with. The problem is they have nothing to work with.

  125. Doug, all the questions you reference in paragraph 3 of your last post I have asked of dareal god knows how many times and he refuses to answer them. He goes off on another tangent like he just did to you and ignores your questions. Please don’t hold your breath my friend because he will never give you the answers you are looking for. Seasons Greetings to you as well.

  126. You and I have had our beefs humphry but at the end of the day each of us in different ways paid the price of admission for the right to duke it out. That price is not just buying a ticket but spending time and tens of thousands of dollars put into the local tracks we love fielding cars to compete and help put on the show. May have been a long time ago but it is real experience and counts. As opposed to Lionel Train Engineer that for the most part is an opinion without a foundation in sincerity or respect for admitting what he may not know. The foul emoji he used repeatedly in the thread I found disrespectful and set me off. Disrespectful to the thread, to racedayct, the moderator’s request to avoid vulgarity and the racing community. Shame on me for thinking a rant would change anything.
    Looking forward to your next Speedbowl update if you are of a mind to drive by once again. Be well.

  127. darealgoodfella says

    Just a reminder, “Waterford Town Officials Awaiting Plans, Permit Requests For New Speedbowl Grandstands”

    The subject of this thread.

  128. darealgoodfella says

    So far, the NLWS has earned a 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 award. The highest honor.

    If this keeps going, the 🚽 🎪 is going to get a 🏴.

    There’s been enough, perhaps too much, 🗣 and it’s time to 👀 real results.

    It will be a while until 🎟 will be sold, and if it ever opens, lines will be long for 🎟 🍺🥤 🍿🍗 🌭 🍔.

    It’s that time of year when ❄️ ☃️ ⛸ 🛷 🎿 ⛷ 🏂 🏒 is the norm and 🚧 🚜 🚧 grinds to a halt.

    It’s Monday, time for more 🤯. Well, that happens everyday.


  129. The guy claiming foul for not following the thread subject mocking the vulgarity guidelines yet again by using emoji turds in place of profanity. Ironic and typically phony.

  130. OMG, never knew there were that many icons to choose from on a cell phone LOL…….

  131. Doug, I am still waiting for him to answer the questions you asked and I am not holding my breath either. All I can say is he needs to Man Up!

  132. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, will you be following up with the Town, or leave it be?

  133. darealgoodfella,
    I’ll be covering the story in a timely manner and obviously we’ll be reaching out to the town to check up on any steps or approvals going forward.

  134. Humphry, man up, good one. After seeing his post with all the symbols it’s more like Junior High teen girl……….. up.

  135. darealgoodfella says

    Doug and humphry are frantically trying to figure out how to use all those them there fancy icons and symbols. 🤯 🤯 🤯 🤯


  136. darealgoodfella says

    Shawn, looking forward to your continued coverage.

  137. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “Humphry, man up, good one. After seeing his post with all the symbols it’s more like Junior High teen girl……….. up.”

    Doug, you do much texting with Junior High teen girls?

    BOOM! 🤯😳🤭

  138. Just Wondering says

    Since I decided today to make the trip to the Chrystal Mall for a little Xmas shopping I decided to make a drive by of the NLWS. In addition to the back hoe previously mentioned (by Humphrey I think) there was a red car in the lot next to the office trailer there also now a bucket truck parked on the midway. I noticed all of the advertising signs are down from the back side of the grandstands. Not sure if this is new or not but I recall in the past some advertising signs always remained in place for the off-season. Maybe things are moving forward? I sure hope so! I too am looking forward for continued real coverage of the permitting progress to confirm the promises of starting construction in a few weeks made by management at the end of last season.

  139. Just, yea the bucket truck is new and the red car was there the last two times I have been by possibly an employee. Don’t remember if there were signs up or not but who knows maybe some progress.

  140. Headline in the Hartford Courant:
    Bruce Bemer, Glastonbury Businessman Accused In Sex Ring, Puts Up $25 Million In Civil Case

    From the story: “As part of the agreement Bemer will turn over all of his financial data, under seal, to the plaintiffs’ attorneys who will decide which assets to attach for possible future settlements.”

    Guess the victims might just end up owning the Speedbowl pretty soon. So that’s why there’s no work being done and just all sorts of talk.


  141. Those signs usually stay up all year. But daidiot knows all and like he said it’s all optics.

  142. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, what say you?

  143. darealgoodfella says

    I told you this was going to be an exciting week.

  144. darealgoodfella says

    I bet the businesses that had signs up are glad the signs were taken down so they are not being seen as associated with the Bemer SpeedBowl anymore.

  145. Just Wondering says

    IMO for what its worth this does NOT mean all doom and gloom for the Speedbowl. The article clearly states the plaintiffs Atty’s get to choose which asset(s) get to be attached to protect the “possible” $25M in liabilities should they be successful in getting a cash judgement for their clients. I would guess considering Bemer’s sizable holdings as mentioned in the article that the Atty’s will leave the Speedbowl out. My also uneducated guess is that his propane company would be enough and more to cover the $25M. Lets face reality, the Speedbowl has never been a cash cow as some of those in this board believe. If it was, why has it gone through so many owners in its past history? Hopefully this will all get ironed out in the near future and George Whitney will make an announcement reconfirming the statement he previously made regarding his having a signed lease lease and plans to replace the grandstands for 2018. I am sure yesterdays court actions is what has been holding up the release of info from George Whitney. I am also sure George was well aware of what was going on when he originally made the statements regarding the 2018 season and he does in fact have a plan in mind going forward otherwise he never would have made the statements in the first place.

  146. 145 comments in and a burst of outstanding offerings lead by Just Wondering and the latest drive by update. Things may be afoot at the Speedbowl. This is exciting. Hope the shopping went well. Thanks!

  147. darealgoodfella says

    Just, I’m sure George is ecstatic about having to accommodate Bemer’s legal woes as he plods along trying to keep the ‘bowl alive and running.

  148. Just Wondering says

    DaReal, I would think George Whitney did not go into his lease deal with his head in the sand and the recent court proceedings comes as NO surprise. It was no secret of the legal issues the owner was facing as well as the Towns wishes/demand to have the and the Grandstands replaced when he signed the leases for the 2017 and yes the 2018 seasons. I would think anyone willing to risk so much time, effort, and money in to saving the track would have a long term agenda in mind. Even if there should be an upcoming be an attachment on the racetrack property it should not stop it from operating in 2018 as the Hartford Courant’s article states the trial is not set to start until 2019. An attachment only stops the transfer or sale or property ownership and it is not a court or Atty take over. I stand by my previous thoughts there WILL be racing at the Speedbowl in 2018. How much and when is up in the air.

    I along with hundreds if not thousands of others are eagerly awaiting any official announcement from George Whitney or a follow-up article by Shawn C. as he mentioned above in this thread.

  149. Probably why they were taken down. Not because the stands are coming down. As an engineer, you would know.

  150. Everything that comes out is some shocking revelation to daidiot.

  151. Me thinks the Waterford winter crickets will freeze to death waiting for words from the great manager George

  152. darealgoodfella says

    From the Hartford Courant article, “In this case, police said, at least two of the 15 male victims were under state-funded care, with deep psychiatric disabilities and drug addictions.”

    15 male victims. Read that again. You all are eagerly awaiting this guy to open his place of business so you can give your money to him?

  153. At this stage I’m fairly well convinced Art and emoji boy or girl as the case may be are members of the same family. The young rambunctious child, testing limits, needling the adults and making trouble. Using emoji’s, repeating the same thing and making childish observations and petulant taunts. And Art the kindly and loving grand dad that very briefly pipes in to support anything the young hellion says. Cause that’s what grand dads do.

  154. Clearly I like most want to see the Speedbowl continue with the announced plans and season. My view they knew this was coming and nothing has changed. The track is a white elephant, the least liquid of any asset and a non factor in Bemer’s overall empire. But can’t we just agree that it’s good things are happening now so a direction can be taken one way or the other for the sake of the guys racing and prepping cars.

  155. Mark Andrews says

    2018 lease agreement is in place.so da real and whomever else wants to do a selfie with a for sale sign or have a marshmallow party…..your going to have to wait.if its sold.attached……..whatever.its of no consequence.a lease drafted by any smart business individual would cover this issue and dozens of other scenarios.my god I wonder what these internet superheroes do with the other free time they have.

  156. darealgoodfella says

    Read this carefully: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/20170330/police-speedbowl-owner-said-he-paid-boys-for-sex-for-nearly-25-years

    Twenty-five years. 25 years. No, this is not a “first time” offense. You ready to do business with this guy? Give him your hard earned money so he can keep doing those young boys that are being trafficked?


  157. This is why emoji boy or girl as the case may be it’s hard to take you seriously. You are showing an old article and repeating things you said in the spring. Moreover, while continuing to explode the emotion of monumental evil you at the same time are being imprecise about the legalities aka first offense. If you would just say something new instead of this mind numbing repetition you would be better served.
    Most folks have decided where they come down on the issue. Myself I’m convinced Bemer’s life is essentially over. His next criminal court date is in January and the civil case not until 2019. I’m placing my faith in the legal system. Hoping the cash cows of Bemer’s empire continue to survive to provide payout to victims. Convinced the Speedbowl with a value of 7% of the total proposed settlement will not factor in significantly in the end if at all. My advice to you emoji boy or girl as the case may be would be if you are this passionate about what he did and want to make a difference picket the cash cows in the Bemer empire. Maybe you’ll get lucky, shut the track down, collapse all his business interests, put countless people out of jobs and deprive the victims of significant settlements. Yea for you.

  158. Don’t question daidiot. He’ll just sent you nasty emojis. You know, like most adults do.

  159. Daidiot can keep repeating things over and over. Everyone knows what’s going on. Doesn’t matter how many times he keeps reposting old articles. I seem to remember a decent season at the track last year. Not business as usual but still fine. I predict the same this season.

  160. Although the basket of deplorable Waterford winter crickets just don’t care about doing business with Bemer,He will always need a front man like great manager George.The crickets should be used to hearing these facts by now, admitted facts.Unless Shawn censors folks they will continue to hear these comments.Their constant defense of their precious bowl and attacks on anyone who disagrees with them makes silence impossible.

  161. Just Wondering says

    Art, how do you know George Whitney is a “front man” for Bemer? Or is this just some rumor you read online somewhere. If you have proof please let us know who what where and when. Why do you and others have to be so critical of George? He may have risked his life savings into keeping the Speedbowl open for us to enjoy. What would happen if George had not renewed his lease for 2018 and just turned tail and bailed out after 2017? I really doubt there are too many others standing in line wanting to take his place. While I do wish we would hear more from George Whitney regarding the status of the renovations I guess at this point he will let us know when he wants to. Given the recent court actions I would think George would want to get some type of word out asap before the racers may make plans to race elsewhere in 2018 for fear the renovations at the track will not be done in time to make it worth waiting.

  162. darealgoodfella says

    art, these 🦗 don’t let facts get in their way. They just keep trying to talk over the facts with copious bloviating. That they do not like to see the facts, such as police and news reports, only proves the point. Attack the mention of these reports as if that will unring the bell. What a bunch of 🤡.

    That recent report where Bemer put up $25 million is going to shake things up quite a bit. A number of that magnitude means he’s in Y-U-G-E trouble. The more trouble he’s in, the more trouble the 🚽 is in. Remember, the 🚽 was bought for $1.7 million. That’s pocket change for Bemer. Not high on his list.

    And Dougie, with numbers like that, don’t try to say that patronizing the 🚽 is for the benefit of the victims. The 🚽 can’t produce that kind of bank, or anything materially better than the $25 million that has recently been put up.

    🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗 🦗

  163. Mark Andrews says

    Im not defending anyone here.im stating my opinion on this subject and disagreeing with some other individuals.Im not condoning or approving of the listed owners behavior at all.it means nothing in this particular thread or discussion.im simply commenting on the subject matter.The track will be open for this coming season regardless of what anyones opinion is.If you don’t like it…….don’t go.there are other tracks and other means of entertainment on a Saturday night.

  164. Keep those emojis coming daidiot. It makes me take you even more seriously than ever.

  165. I just don’t get Grampa Art. He used to say smart things on occasion. He’s passed over to the dark side.

  166. Doug,I must have passed over to the dark side, all I hear are crickets and a toilet bowl flushing.Just Wondering,I don’t know anything about Whitney’s business.Why someone would lease a facility under such a smelly cloud is something I wonder about.Who exactly is paying for renovations to the bowl?No one knows the details of this lease.The fact remains that bemer will need some kind of buffer going forward.Like Willy Cicci famously said “Yeah the family got a lot of buffers senator”

  167. Trashing George Whitney, a man none of us really know. Trashing everyone that works, fields a car and attends the races at the Speedbowl. And by extension trashing every employee, supplier, customer of all the Ct based Bemer businesses. Virtually demanding they all go out of business. The arrogance and unbridled hubris for these two carpet baggers from out of State is breath taking. Really cowardly seeing as how it’s anonymous. Not a hint of humility or doubt they may not know all their is to know. Amazing.

  168. Mark Andrews says

    Let them keep talking…..they show that they have no life.What is or isnt in a lease or contract between an track promoter and the owner is no one’s concern but thier own.That includes things such as improvements and general maintainence of the premises.I went to dinner tonight in New London at a nice resturant.i told the owner I didn’t think I could eat or have a drink without seeing the lease agreement he has with the buildings owner!After I enjoy my meal im going to AutoZone to get some washer solvent and anti freeze…….oh wait…don’t think I can do business with them till I see the lease they have with the plaza owner.These folks are again,Just sad and miserable.It would also show some guts to post your real names.Speaking of crickets and your fondness to mention them.I like to thing that that’s the sound you hear prior to forming you opinions or critisizm of the various teams,tracks,and causes you claim to support.Do everyone a favo and concentrate on solving the problems with NASCAR and in particular the Modified Tour.P.S.MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  169. Ok, someone please PLEASE tell me just what is the root cause of this guy, “daidiot”‘s over-the-top negative attitude ? He or she, obviously has some sort of deep, deep, personal antagonism toward the NLWS. Is he is a neighboring property owner hoping it goes out of business? Is he a competing propane dealer? Does he just not like racing? What is his connection? He has done nothing but badmouth every single hopeful comment, on every thread that is related to NLWS. There must be some serious money involved, because no-one could be that completely obsesssssssed with adding nothing but wet-blanket comments to the threads ! I have learned to discredit anything he says because of some ulterior motives, but man, it is getting annoying to have to keep scrolling past him. Rant over.

  170. darealgoodfella says

    Okay, let’s apply a brain cell or two.

    The 🚽 was distressed, Bemer swooped in and bought it. A year or two later, he’s arrested and sings to abusing trafficked persons for 25 years. With all this legal trouble the 🚽 owner has, this guy George comes out of the blue and leases the 🚽. Does that even sound plausible? How many of you thought “Hey, now’s a great time to lease the 🚽!” ? If anything, the 🚽 became highly toxic when all this 💩 hit the fan. The 🚽 was distressed when Bemer bought it, it’s far more distressed now. It’s toxic.

    Teams, sponsors, sanctioning bodies, series, and people couldn’t flee the 🚽 fast enough, and you think this guy George is a goody-goody that is operating on his own to step in and LEASE the 🚽 because it seems like a great idea? 🤣 Still believe in 🎅 too?

    Consider the lease agreement. Given the shambles the 🚽 was in when Bemer was arrested, the lessee should demand complete and total indemnification. Bemer really doesn’t have a choice. He needs any stooge as a buffer, so he (Bemer) can hide and make like he’s not associated with the 🚽 . Or at least obfuscate his presence. Nobody that can maintain a body temperature would lease that place and take on any liability. The only plausible explanation is that George is an agent for Bemer.

    Why would Bemer lease the place? He has only owned it for a year or two, and it needs a ton of improvements. You lease it out and then expect the lessee to do all those improvements? 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  171. dareal,Brain cells are in short supply with these guys.Mark Andrews logic is on full display here.A restaurant in New London?Is he kidding?he needs to see Auto Zone’s lease but bemers shenanigans are nobodies business.

  172. Stop making it so easy to call you an idiot would ya. How many series and sanctioning bodies left? How in the world did a season happen last year with it being so toxic? And what will you do on opening weekend of this season, cry yourself to sleep? So Bemer is making like he’s not associated with the place. Yet everyone knows he’s still the owner. Everything you stated is speculation. If you actually know any of what you say is true then why don’t you let us know how you came about this information. But you won’t because you don’t.

  173. I speculated that maybe he received a head injury after falling off the stands once. He’s moved on to Bemer for the moment but his obsession with the stands last winter and now is pretty wacky.

  174. Beware of carpet baggers with childish emoji’s. Stay out of Ct if you think we’re so evil.

  175. As the carpet baggers write the same nonsense insulting Ct residents over and over and over again, Mark Andrews gets a nod for writing the cleverest, most unique and relevant comment striking a dagger of truth in the heart of the phony outsiders.

  176. Interesting bit on Modern Family the other night. A mom had to learn emoji’s to successfully communicate with a 14 year. If you guys want to get through to emoji boy or girl as the case may be, you may have to learn the emoji symbols. Me, I see no point.

  177. I stand corrected. The cleverness of Mark Andrews example mocking the futility of applying culture standards to businesses we deal with every day was lost on Art anyway. He just wasn’t bright enough to cross over form literal to figurative meaning and realize his phony mass conduct standards were being mocked.

  178. Mark Andrews says

    Amen Doug!

  179. Mark Andrews says

    Tick ,Tock,it’s Friday and da real and art have yet to post anything.Oh my god I can’t go on with my day!I thought I saw two homeless looking types wandering the parking area at the bowl.that must be them.they got out of a Prius with out of state plates and a Hillary in 2020 sticker on the back bumber.oh its them all right.lol😅

  180. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, where are you getting this ‘outsiders’ bit from?

    Do you know what a ‘carpetbagger’ is?

    Have you always been so prejudiced?

  181. As a counter point to that, Mark, I actually do try hard to only frequent businesses run by responsible human beings. I see no reason to provide income and profit to people that have used it to harm innocents of any type. I agree wholeheartedly wit the sentiments that art and Darryl express here, I just choose not to argue with people about it.

  182. dareal, not Darryl.

  183. Google definitions:
    Carpetbagger”-a person perceived as an unscrupulous opportunist.”
    Yup, fits.
    Prejudiced- “having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.”
    Yes, against lying, petty, manipulating, foul opportunists such as yourself.
    Any other questions?

  184. Saints preserve us. RichC picks a fight with me on Truex, he takes a shot at the guy criticizing the doctored Speedbowl picture and enters the ongoing fray here taking sides in no uncertain terms. That’s all fine. But your nonsense about choosing not to argue when you do it repeatedly make you appear the self righteous fool. You should get along fine with Art and emoji boy. Or girl as the case may be. You’re as phony, holier then thou and narcissistic as them.

  185. WeldingWonders says

    I’m with no one. Except tht if you don’t like the product for any reason don’t buy it. Just stop acting like you’re better.

  186. darealgoodfella says

    Prejudice: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

    That’s more like it.

  187. darealgoodfella says

    How is all that snow doing in Waterford?

    Is it delaying construction?

  188. It’s daidiot actually. That’s ok, you must be new here.

  189. Doug, you obviously like to read your own posts, there are so many of them. I pick and choose my spots. When someone makes a comment that I feel like responding to, I do. But, I truly won’t argue with you. Not fair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

  190. Ton of snow, about 1/4 inch on the ground. Impossible to work. But you would know as an engineer.

  191. RichC . An interesting person. Coming in on the side of the righteous like emoji teen. Holding himself above the crowd weighing in with unquestionable opinions because of his stature. Opposing but not argumentative because he has no equal. Humility, doubt……..please. RichC or the alter ego of emoji teen. Pushing two hundred entries, emoji teen a heavy weight in quantity of entries. The name Dareal prominent in this and most other comments yet RichC calls him Darryl. Too clever by half or inattention to detail? Doug likes listening to himself but “Daryll” is exempt. Pretentious, arrogant, clearly superior just like emoji teen. The same person or kindred spirits at the very least. Phony in either case.

  192. “Not fair to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man.”
    RichC or emoji teen? That literally is emoji teens favorite line of superiority. And emojy teen not piling on like he does unfailingly. Is deception afoot or kindred spirits speaking as one?

  193. So what do you think of emoji teens definition of prejudice RichC. Or is it emoji teen? Is making up your own non attributed definitions that suit your argument OK or not?

  194. James Scott says

    When will George Dorothy have a press conference or give an interview???

  195. darealgoodfella says

    Anyone can go use a dictionary and see the definition of “prejudice”. I recommend that you all do that.

  196. darealgoodfella says

    Sooooooooo… Is there a collection of construction equipment happening at the NLWS?

    Only one working week left this year.

    At this point, if I were the NLWS, I wouldn’t say a word.

    If I were a team that had run at the NLWS, I’d be working on converting my car to run at Stafford, Thompson, Seekonk, etc.

  197. Just Wondering says

    James S, a good question you have asked. Hopefully Shawn C. will follow-up with the article he mentioned about 70 posts ago to this thread with an official statement from someone at the Speedbowl. I am sure someone has mentioned the racers and fans concerns to George Whitney if he hasn’t seen the requests himself on this and other internet venues. I am starting to doubt the 2018 plans myself as I do not see any reason for G.W. not speaking out one way or another regarding 2018 considering the latest developments in the legal proceedings published in the link somewhere above.

  198. Don’t care about dareal’s definition of prejudice. And Darryl was a spell check change that I didn’t catch on time. And no, I am not dareal posting under another name. And finally, though I don’t owe you any justification for why I believe as I do, I do want to give you a little background of my experience, just to prove that I’m not dareal (because we know he’s never posted his background).

    I started in racing in the early 60’s in NEMA watching my father run his midget. I was a little too young to work on it. Then he graduated to modifieda at Riverside, running against Billy Greco, Don Flynn, and others very well known that I don’t feel like listing. My fathers best man and best friend was a crew chief at Indy in 67 and 68. We moved to New Jersey in 65 and my father ran TQ’s against Johnny Coy and Nick Fornoro, future starter for the Indy 500. Long story short, I personally spent 15 years crewing pro stocks and sk’s at Stafford, also drove open wheel on dirt and helped my son race starting when he was 8. Now, I auto cross with the SCCA and am also Chief Starter for the New England Region of the SCCA.

    None of this means that I am always correct, as no one is perfect. But I do think that my opinions are typically based in knowledge when it comes to racing.

    So Doug, keep reading your many posts, I hope they bring you happiness. I’m out of this one. Merry Christmas to you, as well as to everyone reading here, opinions be damned.

  199. Thank you RichC for sharing that. If you don’t think my entries are worthy of your attention you know my name and can pass them by. But I will say I enjoyed yours since we crossed some of the same paths.

  200. darealgoodfella says



    Are you people going to dismiss the dictionary definition of ‘prejudice’?

    It’s really cold.

  201. Doug, Just to be clear, I did NOT say that they were not worth my time, I just think that 3-4 posts in a row by the same person on the same topic is a little wordy, thus the snide comment from me.

  202. darealgoodfella says

    So the simple fact remains, after massive bloviating 🤮 by Doug, there is still no reason to believe that the 🚽 construction will begin anytime soon, or later. Given that I was right, and that the 🚽 has not been working with the town to get the plans reviewed and approved, and permits to begin demo and construction, there is no reason to believe that the 🚽 season can begin on May 5-6, ’18. The town seems to have drawn a line that the facility will not be allowed to open in the current state. The 🚽 needs 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 and I’m not sure the court will allow for that at this time. Major demo and construction is far beyond normal operating expenses. I do recall reading that assets were frozen a long time ago with the allowance for simple, normal operating expenses. So Bemer Co. is being restricted on what he can spend by the court, and the town is requiring reconstruction that is major, and in direct conflict with the court order to freeze assets. This isn’t going to end well.

  203. First you demand some kind of new statement. Now you say keep quiet. Man you’re an idiot.

  204. Just Wondering says

    DaReal, everything you say in you last post makes sense if Bemers asserts only come close cover the amount he has agreed to set aside. However he is a supposed business mogul which I would guess means he is worth way more than $25M. It very well could just be pocket change to him. If That’s the case it would most likely have no impact to the Speedbowl. Why would any a Atty want to attach a property that could have possible environmental issues when they could go after something more liquid or profitable?

  205. darealgoodfella says

    rich, I would like to see a truthful statement, not a self-serving bloviating 🐂-💩 statement. All we’ve been seeing from the 🚽 is pure 🐂-💩. If all the 🚽 is going to put out there is 🐂-💩, then they should remain silent. For their own good.

    Just Wondering, impact or not, his assets have been frozen, only normal expenses allowed, and major expenditures are not allowed per published public disclosures. Go argue with the court order all you want.

    Geez, it’s cold. Tough for outdoor construction.

  206. I just saw a Facebook post indicating that Speedbowl gift cards are now available – a great holiday gift idea?

  207. Last Minute Shopper says

    If anybody knows anyone daring enough to buy one of these gift cards the Speedbowl is selling let me know, I have some Blockbuster Video gift cards I’m trying to sell.

  208. darealgoodfella says

    I can see it now… the 🚽 won’t open and then blame the town for taking too long to review and approve the plans, and then blame the town for not permitting the facility to open with the current grandstands.

    Wait for it…

  209. Construction workers don’t work outside in the winter. That’s why houses only get built in the summer…But you would know, as an engineer.

  210. I don’t think you have a problem with long or numerous entries RichC. I think you have a problem with mine. I’m fine with that. Many of us have car building and on track experience that fuel our entries. I find that out by asking questions and being curious. You wouldn’t know any of that because you are singularly uncurious about others and devoting your time to casting your wisdom among the ignorant.
    So far I have observed you lying about what I said and attacking the lie you created. I’ve also seen you attack people out of the blue then follow that up by saying you aren’t argumentative. And that bit about doing culture checks of businesses you frequent was right up there with emoji teens most self serving nonsense. Oh ya and always saying you’re done like if you say it the thread dies just before you make another entry. Yes sir, pencil me in for a dance at some thread in the future. Clearly you are a self absorbed kindred spirit of emoji teen so butting heads will be unavoidable. Cheers!

  211. darealgoodfella says

    This is way too easy.

    rich wrote, “Construction workers don’t work outside in the winter. That’s why houses only get built in the summer…But you would know, as an engineer.”

    rich, it has been obvious that construction does not happen in winter. Perhaps not obvious enough? That’s been one of the themes of my posts. Not just the lack of calendar time, the lack of legitimate available construction time. Does that help?

    So when is the construction going to happen to rebuild the 🚽 for opening day on May 5-6? When will construction start? rich? Enquiring minds are waiting for your answer.

    🤡 🦗 🤣

  212. Dareal, how many times are you going to say the same thing in a different context. You preach you know what the future of the Speedbowl 2018 racing season will be. You better hope you are correct because if you are not, I believe there are some on this site that are going to enjoy shoving every bit of your rhetoric so far down your throat you will gag on it.

  213. darealgoodfella says

    It’s an interesting situation. The Town wants the ‘bowl to open for it produces tax revenue. But the town also has the responsibility to make sure the facility is safe. It appears that the ‘bowl has been advised about the town’s concerns and position for some time. How much longer will the town let the ‘bowl operate with a facility in such a condition, while putting patrons at risk with the rickety grandstands?

    Looks like the ‘bowl has been able to get away with ‘just one more season’ for the last time.

  214. Ill try to remember to let the men & women working at the new Meriden Commons site, and the new Town Garage in Wallingford, and the new Subaru dealership, and the new solar panel farm in Guilford, and the crew putting up the new houses off North Farms rd that it’s too cold to work outside now.

  215. darealgoodfella says

    So what excitement will this next week bring?

    This has been an exciting week.

  216. I’m being sarcastic dummy. Of course construction work goes on year round. You’re the one that’s crying about the cold and snow. Do you really think that houses don’t get built over the winter?

  217. Dareal, enquiring minds are waiting for an answer as to when you are going to stop saying the same thing over and over again like a broken record. Well?

    By the way, the Speedbowl does not have to open for the Town to collect taxes. They pay taxes on the property regardless if it opens or not.

  218. It’s interesting that I’ve had some great exchanges of personal information regarding racing with folks here and have enjoyed it immensely. Mostly the guys in the trenches that helped put on the show with war stories to share when they raced. And the people that support a track, a series or division that share what they know about their interest. Pretty cool i’d say.
    This guy or teenager, girl or boy that calls him or herself Darealgoodfella is an empty vessel. There are his lies of course but do any of you know anything about him or his experience in racing. General claims of expertise and contacts but never, ever any specifics. Basically he seems to like the WMT and taunting people with an interest in anything else. Very curious that a person that has so many entries has said so little about himself.

  219. Your correction humphry of his or her error regarding property taxes may be more revealing then at first thought. Who doesn’t know that property taxes are paid before virtually any other property related expense.

  220. I’ve got numerous beefs with this guy RichC. But he’s a real person with experiences he’s shared and history. This girl or boy Darealgoodfella is a troll. His only goal is to needle and disrupt and he’s making fools of all of us.

  221. darealgoodfella says

    And the tax revenue from the operation of the facility, such as the tax (10%) on tickets.

    You boys didn’t know that??!?!?!?!?!

  222. darealgoodfella says

    Property tax is not the only tax revenue stream.

  223. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “I’ve got numerous beefs with this guy RichC. But he’s a real person with experiences he’s shared and history. This girl or boy Darealgoodfella is a troll. His only goal is to needle and disrupt and he’s making fools of all of us.”

    Fools make fools of themselves. You are really good at it. You are an expert. You are the best at it. I can’t make a fool of you, you have to be a fool to begin with. All I can do is help you do what you do best… relentlessly demonstrate what a fool you are. I’m a real helpful kinda guy.

  224. Town taxes. Bait and switch. He’s making fools of us.

  225. darealgoodfella says

    Who doesn’t know that property tax is not the only tax revenue stream on a race track?

  226. I believe the 10% revenue for the ticket sales goes to the State not Town. The only other revenue stream the Speedbowl will pay to the town is demolition and construction permit fees, cost for the police protection and necessary permits to operate.

  227. Ya know, Doug, only one topic did I take you on, and that was when I felt that you were saying that Truex was only doing his visit to the hospital as a publicity stunt. Ou chose to twist my words in the other 2 topics. As far as the picture of the bowl that Shawn Foster chose to artistically alter, someone said that it was “ridiculous”, and I called that out as harsh and unimaginative. Had NOTHING to do with you, yet you chose to take it on. The other was when someone ridiculed dareal and anyone else for choosing not to do business with an admitted abuser if the mentally handicapped, claiming that it was unrealistic that anyone would do that. I pointed out that when I know about it, I try not to do business with people like that. Again, nothing to do with you, but again, you choose to make an issue of it.

    So hears the real opinion. If you really had any racing experience, some of the stupid questions that you ask you would already know the answer to. You fawn over anyone that happens to agree with you, but God help them if they disagree, as you will talk down at them like no tomorrow. Leave my name out of comparisons with dareal or anyone else. You don’t know me or anything about me. I’m not sure if I bring more at a dareal post, or a Doug post

    To all folks here, I apologize for derailing the thread. Doug, I really am done now. Take your issues with me and go away if you don’t like it.

  228. darealgoodfella says

    Boys, towns are recipients of tax revenue from businesses that operate within the town. Simple fact.

  229. darealgoodfella says

    RichC wrote, “So hears the real opinion. If you really had any racing experience, some of the stupid questions that you ask you would already know the answer to.”

    Dilly dilly!!!!

    We have a winner!!!!!!!

    I second that emotion.

  230. darealgoodfella says

    And that ticket tax that the state collects goes back to the town. Maybe not all of it, but it does.

    Go to your town and look up the Grand List, it will list all the taxpayers and the businesses will be the biggest tax payers to the TOWN. My town recently lost some HUGE companies, and the town lost many millions of dollars in TAX REVENUE, and now our schools are at risk. It’s not all based on property taxes.

  231. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “Town taxes. Bait and switch. He’s making fools of us.”

    Yes, you are looking like a fool. And no, I’m not doing it.

  232. And who doesn’t know that construction crews work all winter? You guessed it. Daidiot.

  233. Dareal, I will only say this one more time, the town does not receive tax revenue from businesses that operate within the town other than property tax. That’s it, end of story. You are absolutely wrong on this one as I personally know several individuals that are Waterford business owners and what you are spewing is absolutely not true. Just hung up the phone having a conversation with two of them. Again you are wrong so just it give up.

  234. darealgoodfella says

    What’s the weather in Waterford for the upcoming week?

    Conducive to construction?

  235. GSPSS just announced two dates at Waterford. Optics Daidiot, optics.

  236. Hey Rich, it’s December. Just remember, in 2017 the Whelen Modified Tour and the Tri-Track Series both had Waterford on their schedule in March. How did that work out?

  237. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, why do towns compete to get businesses to locate in their town, and freak out when businesses leave the town? For the tax revenue. It’s complicated. Revenue collected by the state gets redistributed/returned to the town. It’s complicated, and I happen to have seen it by being involved in town business while advocating certain development projects. And watching the news when businesses come and go. Each town provides services to those businesses such as police, emergency, fire, road maintenance, etc. and that costs MONEY. That ultimately comes from the tax revenue collected from all those companies. The state acts like the central bank that collects, distributes, and takes their cut.

  238. darealgoodfella says

    Hey rich, what series ran at Waterford in recent years are not signing up for 2018?

    It’s the end of December 2017, and lots can happen, or not, between now and May 5-6.

  239. darealgoodfella says

    rich and Doug are feverishly searching their flip phones, trying to figure out how to send emojis.

  240. Cinch up your panties RichC. You may be done as you so often proclaim. Me not so much.
    Claims of experience in racing or life experience in an anonymous comment section are only as meaningful as how the reader perceives them. To you RichC, I have no racing experience and my curiosity of what I don’t know is weakness. If I am making stuff up it’s funny that I would do so by making fun of my own mediocre career in a novice division and listing my failed efforts to cheat. Cheating that was so ineffective that no tech inspector found it worth their time to try to find. I would think if I was going make it up I’d be a front runner.
    My judgement of you RichC is also a balance of perception and trust in what you say. I trust that your experiences in racing are real. I know you are not only a liar but one that tripled down on your lie after putting words in my mouth then attacking what I didn’t say in the Truex thread. You’ve said here that you try not to be pointlessly argumentative. After I see you out of the blue insulting the guy that made the comment about the Speedbowl pic. And not a jab, a viscous, mocking, brutal put down. And finally no, I can’t say as you do that all men, women and children that participate in or watch events at the Waterford Speedbowl are morally corrupt as you and other have implied. Nor do I think all employees and customers of any other business that Bemer owns are morally corrupt either as your holier then thou pronouncement implies. You came out of nowhere to endorse those opinions of others. Own it like an adult. Trying to put yourself apart from those you agreed with using pathetic qualifications is……..just phony.

  241. Dareal, so now you are involved in town business along with being an engineer? Any other titles you care to add to your resume to validate the crap you spew? I really don’t have time to provide you with a civics lesson other than you are mixing apples and oranges when talking municipal and state taxes and how they are applied where revenue is received/disbursed.

    By the way, this about the Speedbowl installing new stands so lets get back on track here!

  242. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, you need much more fiber in your diet.

  243. 3 aren’t coming back. Same as last year. So what. How is that news. How many are coming back?

  244. All this time I figured you were a dude. Not so sure anymore.

  245. Back to the Speedbowl, fair enough. They just signed the Granite State Pro Stock Series. So whats that make, three tours so far. Sure they can be cancelled at any time but they sure act like they have no doubts about the stands and the season. Mr. Whitney is having conversations with tours and for some reason they’re buying what he is pitching since they seem willing enough to pencil Waterford into the schedule. 244 plus comments so far. Is that a record? If it is a record is it a good record or bad?

  246. darealgoodfella says

    rich, what three aren’t coming back?

  247. Just Wondering says

    It is indeed great Mr Whitney is talking to and tours (please no more that come with a hefty front gate increase) but I the natives are getting restless for some type of additional info. I wish he would be saying something to us weekly fans and competitors regarding 2018. I have been previously willing to cut him some slack on not saying anything but considering the recent legal issues and this article regarding lack of communication with the Town of Waterford regarding pertmits etc.. it gives me concern that there may be things going on we don’t want to hear. Good or bad the racing community will deal with it but making everyone wait can’t be a good thing especially for the teams trying to get prepared for 2018. Sure everyone says there are other tracks the racers can race at but that is not always easy considering the rules are significantly for most divisions.

  248. Went by the Speedbowl today. Few inches of snow on the ground, stands remain intact, 2 cars and 2 pick-ups parked near the trailer, backhoe has not moved, trailer occupied, lights on, blinds closed. Advertisement signs down, no signs of any demolition or construction taking place. End of report…..

  249. darealgoodfella says

    I must say, the Speedbowl Gift Cards are hilarious!!!

  250. darealgoodfella says

    The town is under pressure to open the ‘bowl. It means jobs and revenue. That simple. But the town has to protect the safety of the patrons. That is the leverage the ‘bowl has. The ‘bowl is in the limelight lately for all the wrong reasons. The last nail in the coffin will be driven if people are harmed by rickety grandstands. How bad have things gotten, and how much longer can a fresh coat of paint “fix” things?

  251. You’re the best humphry. Thanks!

  252. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, ” And not a jab, a viscous, mocking, brutal put down. ”

    What is a ” a viscous, mocking, brutal put down.”

    Viscous? What is viscous?

  253. Thank you for the correction. It was a silly mistake.

  254. Not saying Humphrey is lying but, a few inches of snow? I was in Waterford all day today and there was nothing on the ground. Maybe he was there early.

  255. Never mind Humphrey. I hadn’t realized you were there on the 18th. Just about all the snow melted the day after.

  256. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote, “Thank you for the correction. It was a silly mistake.”

    I didn’t see a correction. Please provide what is correct.

  257. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, what is the correction?

  258. darealgoodfella says

    It’s Friday.

    This is like Dan Rather and the secret frequency.”What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

    Anybody see the plans yet?

  259. darealgoodfella says

    What’s the correction, Doug?

    humphry, any drive-by news?

  260. darealgoodfella says

    rich, what 3 aren’t coming back? Pretty big 3, eh? Big draws, right?

    Doug, what is the correction?

    The oil in my transmission is very viscous this morning in these cold temperatures. Glad I use 0W-20 in my engine.

  261. darealgoodfella says

    Geez, it’s cold outside. Has been for a while, and forecast to persist.

  262. Mark A Stanton says

    I scanned this whole article but nothing dated in 2019……Is there anything “New”?

  263. Mark,
    It’s Nov. 29, 2019 and you’re commenting on an article that was published on Nov. 29, 2017. Funny Mark, you trash pretty much everything that is published here, but you want to know when I’m going to publish something new? Maybe you should just stick to trashing me on Facebook. And don’t forget that big “Thumbs Up” you gave to the one saying I was the cancer of local auto racing. Thank you for that!

  264. Hey Stanton, thanks for dredging this gem up. Sybil, Doug, and some of his other screen names were active on this thread. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    What a hoot!!!! This thread was waaaaaaay back when that George guy was “leasing” the track. What a joke.

    Mark, take a ride by the place, let us know how it’s going. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Looks like things have played out pretty much as I predicted. And the emergency rooms in the region were overflowing with people getting hooks disgorged. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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