New RaceDayCT Weekly Podcast “Unmuffled” Set For Launch

It’s been one of the most often asked questions over the past year or so.

When is RaceDayCT going to join the world of podcasting? Well the time has come.

The new RaceDayCT podcast “Unmuffled” will launch in the coming days.

The one-hour (or maybe a little longer) episodes will be released weekly. Each week’s podcast will offer different guests from around the Southern New England Racing  scene and more.

Our first guest will be Tom “Sid” DiMaggio from Sid’s Vault Productions, who will let us in on his new webcast project he’ll be debuting soon with local driver and web site producer Sean Foster. The pair will be hosting a kickoff party to introduce the new webcasts on Jan. 6 in Groton (for more information on the party check out their Facebook event page).

The “Unmuffled” podcasts will be a feature that will be available through the new RaceDayCT Patreon page. Check the RaceDayCT Patreon Page for more information on how you can get access to the new podcast shows.


  1. Sounds cool, good luck with this new venture.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Tom “Sid” DiMaggio, Sean Foster and Shawn Courchesne are perhaps the most important factors in short track racing in New England right now. Short track racing needs this exposure, and this could be what brings short track racing into the modern ages using modern media: webcasts and podcasts, in addition to the online outlet. This should be a great news and information outlet, but it will also be a great promotional asset.

    Best of luck and, thank you!

  3. I don’t want to pay for participation in a comment sections. I never have paid for it. And strictly speaking racedayct isn’t requiring it. But the fact is that local oval track racing has a limited audience and if we want it to continue we should pitch in.
    I’m absolutely loving that unmuffled avatar. Very social media edgy.

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