Happy Returns: Kyle James Returns After Rough Week To Win SK Mod Feature At Speedbowl

Kyle James (Photo: Tiesha DiMaggio/Vault Crew Productions)

On Aug. 18, Kyle James ended his night at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl by parking his SK Modified on the track during the feature and abandoning it to make an irate dash through the grandstands in attempt to storm the official’s tower.

Saturday at the Speedbowl James returned to park his car this time in a much happier style and place at the track.

James drove away from the field to easily win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

It was the sixth victory in nine SK Modified features this year at the Speedbowl for the Ashaway, R.I. driver.

Andrew Molleur of Shelton was second and Timmy Jordan of Plainfield third.

Al Stone III of Durham got his second consecutive victory in the 30-lap Sportsman feature.

Adrien Paradis III of Plainville was second and Jordan Hadley of Quaker Hill third.

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale got his second consecutive win in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature.

Jon Puleo of Branford was second and Molleur third.

Charles Canfield of East Haven won for the sixth time this season in the 25-lap Mini Stock feature.

Sean Caron of East Hampton was second and Doug Curry of Groton third.


  1. Good fields in the SK’s and SK Lights.
    Moeller 3rd in the Light feature and 2nd in the SK feature?
    Nooney giving up on the Stafford Lights and now a Speedbowl SK guy? Stafford SK’s for Nooney in 2019? He’s come a long way from the guy known for the open trailer and off the rack crate motor.

  2. Frank Franklin says

    What? All crate motors aren’t off the rack?

  3. sour grapes of rant says

    crowd was pretty good. disagree on fields any ct track should have 25 plus mods legend’s strickly`s and late models in both configuration. its unfortunate there used to be even more than that at the bowl ..why is decoster off the flag stand.. couldn`t get an answer top that one .some food se4vice workers require an attitude adjustment.. rant over still got home early though.. sk light race was the best of the night

  4. how many sk’s, 10-12

  5. Good to see the fans and racers starting to come back – thanks to all the Waterford staff for all your hard work to keep it going.

  6. 25 plus cars really? What planet are you living on? Not in this economy my friend unless you are a millionaire and have money to burn. Only reason there was a decent field of SKL’s was to get ready for the Bubby Brouwer memorial in two weeks. Need to run a minimum number of races to qualify. Thats what happens when you put up $1,500 to win, test and tune time.

  7. If you’re buying a ticket any patron can expect any car count they would like. My point would be in the preceding three race nights the SK car count was 12, 11 and 10. 15 is a higher number. On a smaller track 15 seems to be a good number in these days of decreased expectation.
    Just wondering. Based on the track outreach as evidenced on these pages are they reaching out more to the guys putting on the show?
    Good crowd aye. Bus race/demo. What kid doesn’t adore seeing the instrument of many of their worst memories of bullies left in a heap of rubble.

  8. Hillary 2028 says

    I believe you have to race at least once in the lites if you want to run the Brouwer memorial race coming up. Maybe that’s Moellers plan. Izzo and others were there in the lites last weekend also. I’m thinking there will be a full field of them for that race. Speaking of lites what happened with that lite tour that was being planned? Doug probably meant compared to how the year has been going the sk field was decent last night. Few notables were Buzel and Barry making their first appearance of the year. Jordan came back after his dispute with tech a while back. Owen is a true racer that won’t quit no matter how many times the car gets wrecked. Seems that James got a pretty nice gift from the track. Didn’t they make a complete reversal from the call last week? Should’ve been suspended for the stunt he pulled. And didn’t expect to see Rachel Forte in a street stock. After the bandolaros then legends, seems like an odd choice.

  9. Kyle James has long been a front runner at Waterford.He has run with and beaten the best(T.C.,Rocco).It is good to see such a decent young man take down some wins.

  10. Do they even have officials now? says

    How does a racer that ended the week before by “parking his SK Modified on the track during the feature and abandoning it to make an irate dash through the grandstands in attempt to storm the official’s tower”

    1. be allowed on the property the next week?
    2. be allowed to race the next week?
    3. start third?

    My question isn’t for or against Mr. James. He knows he was wrong and if he was allowed to race more power to him. Anyone and everyone that made a mistake would be there racing if the track allowed this to happen. No one can fault him for showing up.

    My question is is this tracks officials really officiating fairly or are they officiating by car count? Can the officials make any call to penalize anyone at this point? It seems the track made a business decision to keep a car there. Once that starts happening you’ve completely lost control.

  11. Great night of racing,
    decent car counts ,decent crowd
    (yes Stafford had FOUR more Sk’s)
    but the Bowl is COMING BACK.
    Do wish they could teach people how to PARK in the parking lot/

  12. Mike,
    15 started the SK Modified feature.

  13. Hillary 2028 says

    Current track situation doesn’t help. It really wasn’t that long ago that they were getting 20 plus sks weekly.

  14. Hillary 2028 says

    It really was a good crowd. Maybe best of the year? Back to school time and I think one of the first weekends all summer with no threat of rain. 7 features plus the busses and out by 9 pm. Nice that they didn’t drag out the show like they could’ve. Glad to see the guy in the 5 pro 4 walk away. He went in the turn 1 wall full steam. Looked like a stuck throttle.

  15. Hillary 2028 says

    Maybe they feel like they owe him one after he got screwed last season with the championship.

  16. Oh by the way Hillary, two races before the Brouwer memorial not one.

  17. get rid of the food people
    rude and dont care attitude

  18. Hillary 2028 says

    Should be a good show. The lites have been pretty good this year down there.

  19. Teams only had to participate in one of the four events before that memorial race. The dates were 7/28, 8/11, 8/18 and 8/25. Two of those were rain outs for the sk lites

  20. Viva race fan says

    I hear RC 3 made field at Oxford 250 . Hear there was 70 plus cars trying to get in.

  21. Hey 450mike why don’t you ask cd Mike how good of a guy he really is should of been suspended for a few races he isn’t beating anyone this year so it’s easy to look good

  22. Modman,KJ has run up front for years;always a contender.He did not need a weak field to look good.He has posted many feature wins over full fields of great competitors while driving a low budget,bent up race car.Further,you may want a perfectly behaved “representative of the sport”,I do not.I want talent,passion and balls just like the great T.C. to bring home the gold.Kyle keeps a cool tool until pushed too far.He is a classic New England Modified Racer.

  23. He finished a respectable 13th; great run.

    Shawn- hope you will interview him on his 250 experience

  24. yes rocco is not there
    he would of won every race
    no one can touch him

    i once seen him eat a chesseburger while driving

  25. Geoff Nooney says

    Thanks for giving me some credit, we had some issues in the feature this week that will be fixed for next week. Off night to say the least. As for next year, I have no idea what is going to happen. For now doing whats smart and fun for me.

  26. Another great night of racing at the Bowl. Good car counts in the SK’s and the SK Lights. Efficiently run program by management. RC3 did great to make the field at the Oxford 250 but there was no catching Bubba Pollard once he got out in front.

  27. dale ur not so smart
    im a guy who has $$$$ and brains!!!!

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