Weather Makes For Early Cancelation For Wings & Wheels At Speedbowl This Weekend

Wings & Wheels has flown entirely from the weekend schedule in Waterford.

A dismal weekend forecast offered little hope for officials at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl and the decision was made this morning to call off Saturday’s event at the track and also to abandon the originally scheduled Sunday makeup date.

Sunday’s forecast calls for more rain in Waterford.

The Wings & Wheels event brings together the Valenti Modified Racing Series, the ISMA SuperModifieds and the NEMA Midgets on one card along with the track’s SK Modifieds and SK Light Modifieds.

In announcing the cancellation of their event on Facebook, the Valenti Modified Racing Series said no makeup date has been decided.


  1. Smart decision in being proactive with the pending weekend weather situation.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    A good decision against a horrible weather forecast. I hope they can find a date to reschedule most, if not all of the event.

  3. Add the Supers and the VMRS to the Finale weekend…then you’d have a nice show. That weekend has lacked a good modified race since Tri-Track left. They used to have the VMRS series headline it 5 or so years ago IIRC. The Finale currently is all the Speedbowl divisions plus the Granite State series and both NEMA series…tough to justify $40 for that weekend given it lacks a good mod race besides the Speedbowl SK’s and Light’s.

  4. Great job mike Serluca for getting the cancellation out in the media today. After a lot of criticism last week. I think Mike, George and his team needs a way to go for their work today!! Thanks Shawn for putting it on this site. That helps enormously too. I actually saw the cancellation on Face book first. let’s give credit when credit is due. Great job!!

  5. valenti mods make up 8/18 according to their website. NEMA make up 10/6 according to facebook comment on nema page. ISMA I haven’t found anything yet. Doesn’t look like the whole show will be made up in its entirety at one event.

  6. Racer28, no praise needed for something that should have been routine and reflexive. Like breathing. Rain delays are common and expected. After doing this for decades, you’d think they have this figured out by now.

  7. How do you now like Mike Serluca? The Speedbowl was banished. The management had a come to Jesus moment in May figuring out that excommunication from the areas one constantly updated racing web site was not smart under any condition. Serluca I assume was the bridge that helped make it happen along with a bit of grace from RaceDayCT to look past hard feelings. Not an easy thing. He’s been going directly to the base of support in the comments section that many in management and race teams avoid. He’s taken the hits and is turning attitudes around. What’s not to like and respect?
    The biggest stumbling block now is one that no one can control………the weather.

  8. Crazy in NY says

    valenti mods make up 8/18 according to their website
    Dumb… that is the night of the Claremont open with 5k to win on the line.
    gonna hurt both events I’m afraid.

  9. Fast Eddie says

    Unfortunately it looks like that’s about the only spot to reschedule. The VMRS is racing every weekend after next week through mid-September. Then it’s Loudon and all the “end of the year” events. I’m guessing most of the NH teams will head north, and the MA and CT teams will head south. The same problem is with the other Claremont race on 9/8; that’s the Beech Ridge VMRS make-up.

  10. James Schaefer says

    Numbers aren’t great, but even before the conflict , they weren’t off the chart. Lost maybe 4 cars that were coming, but we are set with a pretty talented field of cars. Gotta give Dick Williams a huge amount of credit for his efforts. Ever since I met him, we both had one goal in mind – to help out race teams, with no thought of making money off of this.
    06 – Les Hinckley
    3 – Jeff Murray
    9 – Tommy Barrett
    14 – Dana Smith
    23 – Mike Douglas
    24 – Todd Patnode
    25 – Brian Robie
    25 – Gary Casella ( driver TBA)
    26 – Bucky Demers
    43 – Kirk Alexander
    50 – Carl Medeiros
    50 – Ron Silk
    60 – Matt Hirschman
    71 – Josh Cantara
    76 – Matt Galko
    88 – Russ Hersey
    176 – Dana Dimatteo

  11. The free “Rained Out” text messaging service is fantastic at Stafford, and also worked well for the Speedbowl when I subscribed. Has Waterford stopped using it?

    Why look around if the notification will come to you as soon as the decision is made?

  12. Hillary 2028 says

    I sighned up for the rainout notification quite a few years ago. Works every time. Got the message around 7 am this past Saturday. No surprise the car count will be on the light side for both series this weekend. Originally MRS had 28 including the 7NY which was a surprise.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    I think the MRS version of the 7NY is McKennedy’s renumbered #29 black & white car. I saw it run another event earlier this year.
    This weekend will be more about quality of racing than quantity of cars. The Claremont roster has a good mix of heavy hitters, up ‘n’ comers, and young guns. I would guess the VMRS lineup will have a similar mix, so both events should have good racing.

  14. Hillary 2028 says

    Could be although I read in an interview that McKennedy said Baldwin Jr wanted to race Saturday so the 7NY was making an appearance. Or maybe Baldwin is involved with the 29 also.

  15. Fast Eddie says

    The MRS doesn’t allow SPEC engines, which I believe is what it in the red 7ny. Of course, maybe they have a built engine that fits the MRS rules. OR… maybe the red 7ny will be at Claremont as a late entry.

  16. ISMA make up OCT 6 according to the supers website.

  17. Hillary 2028 says

    Looks like 27 on the list for the mrs this weekend. Last week was 28 I think. Not bad when you’re going against tri track. Izzo in the 13. Looks like they’re having trouble selling their race operation?

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