On Tap Presented By Four Seasons By The Lake: Closing Up The State Racing Season At The Speedbowl

Where: New London-Waterford Speedbowl

What: Finale Weekend

When: Saturday – Sunday


Saturday: 100-lap Granite State Pro Stock Series, 25-lap NEMA Midget, 25-lap NEMA Lites, 25-lap Pro Four Modified, 25-lap Super X-Cars, 25-lap X-Cars, 20-lap Bandoleros and 35-lap 375 Sportsman. Grandstands open: 11 a.m; Qualifying: 2:30 p.m.; Features: Immediately following qualifying.

Sunday: 80-lap SK Modified, 30-lap Late Model, 25-lap SK Light Modified, 30-lap Sportsman, 25-lap Mini Stock, 25-lap Legends and 25-lap Trucks. Grandstand opens: 11 a.m.; Qualifying: 1:30 p.m.; Features: Immediately following qualifying.

More: The 18th event of the season at the Speedbowl. … Championships will be decided for the Granite State Pro Stock Series, NEMA Midgets and NEMA Lites. … In the last Speedbowl event on Oct. 6, Todd Owen got his fourth SK Modified win of the season. … Other winners in the division this year include Kyle James (eight) and Rob Janovic (two). … With a 33-point lead in the standings over Owen and Janvovic – who are tied for second – James has essentially clinched his first SK Modified championship at the track. The most points a driver can gain in an even is 37 (32 for a win, five for a heat race win). … Anthony Flannery got his sixth victory of the season in the last Late Model feature on Oct. 6.Other Late Model winners this year are Jason Palmer (four), Ryan Morgan (two) and Bruce Thomas Jr. … Flannery holds a seven point lead over second place Jason Palmer in the standings. … Jon Puleo got his sixth win of the season in last last SK Light Modified event on Oct. 6. … Other winners in the division this year include Wayne Burroughs Jr. (two), Brett Gonyaw, Keith Caruso, Steven Chapman and Andrew Molleur. … Puleo holds a six-point lead over second place Burroughs in the division standings. … Jordan Hadley got his second win of the season in the last Sportsman feature on Oct. 6. … Other winners this year include Shawn Gaedeke (three), Al Stone III (three), Jon Porter (two), Bo Norman, Jason Chicolas, Adrien Paradis III and Ryan Waterman. … Gaedeke holds a 33-point lead over second place Chicolas in the standings. …  Charles Canfield got his ninth win of the season in the last Mini Stock feature on Oct. 6. … Other winners this year include , Doug Curry (two), Jordan Hadley, Nick Pappacoda, Nate Taylor, Andrew Krzeminski and Jake Christian. … Canfield holds a 14-point lead over second place Curry in the standings. … For more information check the New London-Waterford Speedbowl website.

Guests on this week’s Unmuffled podcast include Kyle James, Mike Serluca, Tyler Leary, Jacob Perry and Sid DiMaggio



  1. $50.00 is an awfully big grandstand ticket, particularly if you can only go one day. It would be good if a $30.00 or $35.00 single day ticket were available. If I remember right, previous events like this were a $40.00 weekend ticket,

  2. James Scott says

    65 for the pits, 50 for the grandstands is way to much for Waterford as is all those divisions.

  3. just have the speedbowl tell all drivers and owner free pit and grandstands just race for free because people think it cost to much like racecars are cheap

  4. dan roschko says

    the price is good for three days

  5. Fast Eddie says

    If the GSPSS and NEMA features were on Sunday along with the already scheduled features, then MAYBE there’s a $50.00 ticket. If you’re going to split up the features that bring in the fans into two days, then there should be two separate tickets for Saturday and Sunday, which I believe is what was done when this idea was tried last year. I spent $55 last weekend for a three day ticket, but along with most of the same categories as at the Speedbowl, there were ACT, VMRS, WMT, and Supers. If I could have only gone on Sunday last week, I would have still spent $55 for Supers, WMT, and Sunoco Modifieds. An 80 lap SK plus SKL’s would be good show, but not for $50.00.

  6. Fast Eddie is to first hand Northeast circle track racing fandom as Fuller is to NWMT racing.
    If he says there is a issue with the ticket price vs value you can bet he has a vast library he is calling on to make the observation and is probably right.

  7. There is no need to have another 15 division, multi day end of the year show. Especially when most of the divisions won’t have many cars. When just Thompson and Lee were doing it that was enough for the region. The way they splitting the divions over the two days is probably going result in a “friends and family “ only crowd. There will be a much better value with what Seekonk is running next week with only 3 divisions.

  8. I talked to a few people they all seemed to think Waterford was overpriced. 50 dollars and there isn’t a modified tour on the card was what one said. I would be really curious how the crowd turns out for this show. Hopefully someone can report how they make out?

    I am really looking forward to next week’s Seekonk show for 27 dollars you get a 1 day show with 100 lap mods, 150 lap pro stock and 50 lap late model. With the night time temperatures this time of year, you really don’t want to be at the track too late.

  9. they should have a ticket for Saturday, a ticket for Sunday and a ticket for the weekend that would be a better value like the nj/ny dirt tracks do, i can only make Sunday but i`m not paying 50 bucks, 35 would be fine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Does anyone know how many SKs showed up? Any non regulars (Rocco, Ronnie Williams, Blewett,etc) . I checked the website but cant locate any info anout that.
    I’d go but not if its the same 12 cars and the 21 and 81 running away from everbody

  11. Jean,
    All practice and qualifying for the SK Modified division is today (Sunday).

  12. Thank you Shawn.

  13. Hillary 2028 says

    According to the write up on the website and fb page, and this site, Christopher, Narducci, Williams, Dowling, are in the sk’s.

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