Tri-Track Modified Series Opens 2019 Pre-Registration

(Press Release From Tri-Track Open Modified Series) 

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) has officially opened preregistration for the 2019 season. Race teams looking to compete in the six-race schedule with eligibility for the point fund and bonus plan must register by April 1, 2019. Entries will be accepted via secure online registration or by mail. 

The preregistration fee of $450 entitles teams to a stake in the point fund as well as eligibility for the bonus plan. Car owners filing full preregistration will also receive one complimentary pit pass for each race on the schedule. Teams can register for the 2019 TTOMS season by visiting Checks made payable to Tri Track Enterprise LLC can also be mailed to Jim Schaefer, 545 Sweezy Ave., Riverhead, NY 11901. Individual race registration is also available for $150 each.

With its most robust schedule to date, the 2019 TTOMS series will feature six races. The season kicks-off with the second annual Claremont 100 at Claremont Speedway on May 25, followed by long-established events like Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway on June 26 and the SBM 125 at Star Speedway on July 27.  New to the schedule includes the Oxford 100 at Oxford Plains Speedway on August 24 as part of the prestigious Oxford 250 weekend plus a trip to the Wrenn Family’s Monadnock on September 14. The 2019 season will conclude with the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk on October 26.

During the 2019 season all competitors will vie for over quarter of a million dollars in purse money. Only those teams competing in all six races will be eligible to run for the point fund. The cumulative point fund of $15,000 will be distributed among the top 20 in owners’ points.

Another benefit of preregistration includes bonus plan eligibility. With strong car counts once again expected at each race, preregistered teams who fail to qualify for a given race will receive a bonus of $200 above what other non-qualifiers will earn.

For more information on registration contact Jim Schaefer via Facebook, email the series at [email protected] or via phone at 774.229.6106 or 508.847.0565.

“Everything is really falling into place for 2019 to be the best yet for Tri-Track,” said managing partner Wayne Darling. “We are really excited for the upcoming season and we are looking forward to the support of a strong group of dedicated and talented racers.” 

A total of 67 teams competed in Tri-Track Open Modified Series competition in 2018. Over 80 different drivers have competed in the Tri-Track Modified Series since its inception in 2014. 

To learn more about the Tri-Track Modified Series, visit

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  1. Could this be a bridge too far. A lot more races, high registration fee, a points fund. Is it messing with a successful brand or providing more of what fans and teams want?
    Holidays over and now we are entering the depths of the cold, brutal winter season. While snug in their heated shops teams are getting serious about putting their program together for the year they are now in. Tic, toc guys and gals.
    Believe it or not only a little more then a month to the World Series at New Smyrna. Tour modifieds hit the pavement on Monday, February 11. Hope Fans Choice provides coverage like they did all week last year.

  2. Can’t wait and looking towards a great 6 races. We will see who draws the most cars, the Stafford Open (with shades of grey) or Tri Track the only true open series.

  3. James Schaefer says

    The registration fee has been the same for a couple of years. Nothing new
    The point fund has been around for years. Nothing new
    We had three races the first year. Every year since, we’ve had either four or five.
    When tracks want a race, you try to deliver.
    We work very hard trying to raise money and paying out good purses.
    Every bit of money we take it goes back to the race teams. Not many can say that.

  4. Thanks for the clarification Jim. You guys keep up the good work as I am certain the competitors appreciate all you do.

  5. Jim kudos it’s very hard thankless job your doing I think it’s been great.One question I had any change in qualifying procedure what happened with hirshman did last year not trying to debate it I thought it was brilliant.Once again thanks for running the series.

  6. I think the Oxford race is a good deal; would love to see Mod guy like Hirschman, Rocco, or Pitkat try do the Mod race and the Oxford 250

  7. Just goes to show there is no such thing as an innocent little side comment. It could hit a nerve.
    Don’t know why you would be defensive Mr. Schaefer when you have the best Open franchise for asphalt modifieds in the Northeast.
    In my defense I just thought that $450 was a lot of money regardless of value. $75 a race if you plan on racing every event. Stafford by contrast is $125 for three races or $42. Not that Staffords Opens are in the same class as the TTOMS. Not implying that at all. You also return more money in purses so that’s a factor as well. But $450 is a large number.
    6 races isn’t 3, 4 or 5. It’s 6. Maybe not a true tour yet but knocking on the door. Chasing points could almost become a thing whereas before it was an afterthought.
    All of you essentially volunteer, put on these great shows and take no compensation as I understand it. That is indeed remarkable and what you guys have produced is just amazing. But to be fair the tracks are not volunteer run and I would think they need to make money. Again using Stafford for comparison they have no sanctioning organization to pay so it makes sense they are kind of in the same place as far as money goes. Makes me think they can afford to come closer to you in the purses they offer competitors.
    I’m not going to any TTOMS races but only because of the distance. I’ll be going to and loving the Stafford Opens. I know however TTOMS are the cream of the crop and shall follow them with relish. If you or Seekonk or Speed51 or whoever makes these decisions can lower the pay per view distance to 75 miles I’ll gladly buy a ticket and view via cyber space.
    Stafford is my track but their opens will never be able to match the TTOMS product as far as I can see. The Bull Ring Bash may however be competition. They seem to be very well organized.
    Good luck on yet another great season for the TTOMS.

  8. With all these modified opens, I think it is very important for these races to have a pre registration process. The race can post who is expected at the race before hand and the fans can get an idea of who will be where. It also helps the tire manufacturer determine how many tires will be needed. As a fan, I will be looking to social media and websites to get an idea of car count before I go to many of these open mod races. It is just a good idea for all involved.

    The Tri Track early registration process has a few benefits to the teams as it provides a pit pass, saves money over registering for each race individually and they get some extra money should they not qualify.

    I wonder how the Oxford race will be received. The race is long distance away from the home of most modified teams. I know the few MRS shows I went to on 250 weekend they struggled with car count. There just isn’t anything locally to supplement the field. The drivers and fans love their fenders up there. I believe this is also the biggest track the tri track will have run to date so some of the lesser motor teams may opt to skip it. I would expect this one to be their low car count show and hope they get a full field. Even with that being said I think I am going to try to get to my first oxford 250 since 2003.

    I like the smaller bull rings so I am really looking forward to the rest of the schedule. I will be honest I didn’t make as many tri track races as I wanted to last year. It seemed like every race was plagued with bad weather. If you haven’t been to one of these events check it out. These guys put on a good show.

  9. James Schaefer says

    From what I understand there will not be any more provisional. Not my decision and I totally disagree with that decision. I believe in loyalty, and the provisional was set aside for just that. There were no rules about what you had to do to get the provisional, other than there was an order set before each race, with the most recent past winners at the top of the list. Patnode, Silk, Hirschman were the top three of a short 12 driver list of provisionals. Barrett and I believe Kievman used Provisionals earlier in the year. Only one was allowed per driver per year.

  10. An innocent little side comment that hit a nerve? I call it throwing something out there that was ill researched and I applaud Jim for setting the record straight.

    We all know some out there just love barking about the Stafford Open with shades of grey however it won’t hold a candle to the TTOMS in competition, purse and car count. Maybe if they ventured away from a certain track once in a while they would find that the sun does not rise and set on that one particular venue or their racing events and there is great racing elsewhere.

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Since the TriTrack series inception, I have been fortunate enough to go to most of their events. As a Modified fan, that series is the top priority on my “going to the races” list each year. I think the car count and racing quality are the best there is out there. And I think the ticket prices are a great deal at $27 -$30. Mr. Schaefer work their tails off to put these events together and I will always be an appreciative and loyal fan. If you enjoy short track Modified racing, please go to one of their events. You will be very glad you did!!

  12. James Schaefer says

    I agree with you that the Oxford show will be the hardest one to draw the cars. With that said, we hope the $40,000 plus payout will get the cars there. That weekend has a rich history of racing and to be part of the weekend is extremely exciting to me. We are planning on the following payout to draw the cars And if lucky enough to draw more than 26 cars, tow money of $700 ( $500, if not pre registered) This would go up if we can still land a title sponsor for the race.
    1 – 6000
    2 – 3500
    3 – 3000
    4 – 2500
    5 – 2000
    6 – 1500
    7 – 1450
    8 – 1400
    9 – 1350
    10- 1300
    11- 1250
    12-26 1200

  13. What Humphrey said.

    While I agree pre registeration is super important, there is nothing stopping a team from waking up on race day and changing their mind for one reason or another.

    Oxford would seem like a tough sell being so far north but the casino is open now. A few more local hotels are open. Big $$$ on the line. From a fan perspective, it has all the makings of a fun weekend. Not much further north than Claremont really.

    Not to push the full fender discussion but have you seen the new 5 Star NewGen Super Late Model bodies? Absolutely bad to the bone. I was so sick of those Monte Carlo bodies. They were ugly as sin.

  14. James Schaefer, please read what you wrote, and think about it.

    In particular, “I believe in loyalty, and the provisional was set aside for just that. There were no rules about what you had to do to get the provisional, other than there was an order set before each race, with the most recent past winners at the top of the list.”

    Where you write, “I believe in loyalty, and the provisional was set aside for just that.” Can you explain what that means? What does the “set aside for just that” mean? Racing requires rules, comprehensive rules, that establish the proverbial level playing field. Provisionals that are awarded by undefined rules, or are taken advantage of, simply crater that proverbial playing field.

    No rules about how to get a provisional??? Really???? How does loyalty play a role in racing? No rules regarding how to get a provisional? If subjective, ruleless loyalty is in play here, it’s no wonder this looked like Trump’s lawless administration. This looks like favoritism, not just loyalty. Can’t have no rules and then try to make something look like it was done by the rules. Letting a car get away with skipping out on pre-feature racing to save tires for the feature hurts the series and the racing. Especially when tires are so carefully rationed, every lap matters. It’s like giving a car more tire, a HUGE advantage. Provisionals are usually for getting into a race when the car has a bad day and FAILS to qualify for an event, not when the team wants to abuse a rule to gain an unfair advantage. Rules are rules, no rules are no rules, no rules are not rules. Like Trump says, “LAW AND ORDER!”

    I can see teams setting up their cars per how much loyalty they have in the bank.

  15. At least they runs heats and a consi. not like the stupid NASCAR mod. BORING BORING, time trials. That is the way to go. Also the purse is better for TTMods that the tour. BORING BORING NASCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTmods, keep up the GREAT work that you do to keep it going. A huge mod. fan old school, Bugs Fred Richie etc fan.

  16. Crazy in NY says

    Trump derangement is alive and well in 2019 I see. Which by the way has absolutely NOTHING to do with TTOM. NASCAR had provisional long before TT ever did. Darrel Waltrip’s career was extended well past his prime with them. They have pluses and minuses to be sure but the best in the racing game adapt to what ever is in front of them. Keep flappin away though the derangement is fun to watch.

  17. Some provisionals are defined and have specific rules, such as NASCAR. When a provisional doesn’t have rules, then it isn’t a provisional. The TT provisional is “defined” as: “There were no rules about what you had to do to get the provisional, …” LOL! 🤣

    😜 🤪

  18. I believe there were rules in place for the tri track modified provisional. If I remember you had to be pre registered, can only get one per year and it went in reverse order of former winners. Only one issued per race. What made the Hirschman roll of the dice, save the tire strategy interesting was he was 3rd in line for the one provisional available at that Seekonk show. I believe it was patnode silk Hirschman in that order. If silk didn’t dump a competitor to get into the show, he would have got in via provisional and Hirschman would have been on the trailer with 4 fresh tires assuming the rules were followed. It was a strategy in which he had to start in the rear and race through the field could have gotten caught up in something. The more I think about the strategy, the more gutsy I think the decision was for Hirschman considering he was a championship contender. Please feel free to correct me if I am factually mistaken.

  19. Bruce Holbrook says

    The provisional starter has been around forever. It was meant to ensure all the Stars that the fans came to see would be in the feature. It was used twice earlier in the year with no complaints. Maybe if Matty hadn’t been so obvious in his plan, we wouldn’t be talking about it now. Hopefully the new rule doesn’t effect a needy competitor next year! It was also called a promoters provisional in the old days to make sure the local favorite made the show.

  20. NH Mod Fan says

    Dareal, I know I’m just a fan, but because I was curious at the Claremont race last year, I approached the Tri-Track guys when Tommy Barrett was having a rough night and asked them how their provisional worked. (they were easily approachable) I was shown a list that included past winners and point standings from the previous year. I don’t quite remember how many drivers on the list but it was long. I think it was Jim Schaefer who explained to me that they wanted to have something in place to possibly help a team who consistently attended their shows. (loyalty) As a fan I thought it was good because I wanted to see Barrett get into the race. I thought he was fast but had some bad luck. I remember a few years ago at a Tri-Track race at Star, I wished they had a provisional in place. Woody Pitkat had motor trouble early and missed the race. I bumped into him in the parking lot as he was leaving and he said they had another engine but wouldn’t have quite enough time to make the consi so they called it a day. Jon McKennedy was another one who missed a show at Seekonk after having a mishap in his heat. Both had won previous TT races and as a fan I was disappointed there was no way for them to get into the show. The way I see it, Tri-Track was trying to do something good for teams that attended all their shows. No secret plan or devious rules….. The series does a great job and I hope they have a long run. Not always perfect but I’m sure the open shows from the past had their difficulties too. IN ANY CASE, it looks like the provisional is now something that is in the past so its time to move on to 2019.

    Last thing is for Mr. Schaefer, I like seeing post from you once in a while but I would just make a statement with facts and leave it at that. The races you help organize and fund does the talking for you!!

  21. Yep, let’s see what the provisional is defined as for 2019.

    The thing is, the top teams should never have to use a provisional. Never. They are top teams because they don’t make mistakes, they don’t have bad luck. In a “series” that is so short, it should be paramount that there are no provisionals, no Mulligans, no gimmes, no do-overs. If a team such as Hirschman, that specializes in bullrings, shows up and can’t make the cut on the track, too bad. Even worse when a car intentionally doesn’t try to make the cut to save the tires for the feature for an unfair advantage. Everything is done to make sure the cars have a level playing field, and then allows a car to not run the pre-feature events to save the tires. In that race, and the TT as series, tire life is crucial. Allowing, or enabling, a car to have a tire advantage of just a few laps is huge and pretty much hands the win to that car. Provisionals are about getting cars into the main event, not setting a car up to be highly favored to win with a tire advantage. When the rules, or lack thereof, not just get a car into the feature but tilt things in its favor in the feature, then the rules are boinked.

    Does anybody wonder how Hirschman would have done on tires just as worn as everyone else?

  22. sour grapes of selfishness says

    TTOMS its their series/sandbox.. they can do whatever is best for “the show” . cars going home or a driver/team who will put fannys in the seats coming from the rear is what matters.. stop complaining. if you don’t like it don’t go.. stop bashing.. if you don’t like NASCAR don’t go.. if you don’t like the programming change the channel. problem is people can disengage and defuse things anymore they are so instant on getting the last word the arguments will never end…kepp fueling the fires ..

  23. Fast Eddie says

    I have never been a big fan of provisional, but I always thought a promoter’s provisional was o.k. to get maybe a local favorite in the show that might have had a tough time in his heat. I understand a past winner’s provisional, but unfortunately the Hirschman team figured out a way to “work the system”. I don’t fault them, as that scenario was obviously there forever. Had he been a little more strategic about it, they may have been able to do it again in the future. Although I’m glad that cannot be repeated, I think it would be still be a good thing for local fans to have a promoter’s provisional. Maybe a former track favorite who moved up had problems in his heat; that track could still get him in the show.

  24. With all due respect NH MOD fan I’d ask you to reconsider the wisdom of your “last thing” suggesting Mr Schaefer limit his entries to facts and let the product speak for itself.
    This has been a terrific thread with some really insightful comments and anecdotes by folks in the pits and in the stands. Not the least was yours that you might not have shared were you not motivated by others comments you might have felt were incorrect.
    Every single time the TTOMS is mentioned there in inevitably a stream of positive comments about the product and rightfully so. However, passing on opportunities to promote and sitting on fan memories is not a good idea. Mr Schaelfer is using the opportunity to promote the hell out of some of the strengths of the series and in my view is doing it masterfully. Passionate and packed with useful information teams planing their schedules next year should know about without a hint of pettiness.
    So what am I missing. Did Mr. Schaefer not say “From what I understand there will not be any more provisional”. How is that a good thing?
    I’m with Bruce Holbrook. Provisionals are a good thing mostly. Promoters should have the right to add literally any car or cars they think is in the best interest of “the show”. And it is a show not a courtroom. No one wants to see the stars miss the big dance. On the other hand the tire wear issue is completely valid.
    “I didn’t think it was worth the risk of possibly wrecking the car like in a consi, which tend to be wreckfests anyway,” True but too cleaver by half Mr. Hirschman.
    The mistake: he didn’t play the game and it stuck out like a sore thumb given the result. Should have pretended he was trying a little harder like countless others have done over time and run some laps in the consi.
    Now if a star is left out for some minor but fixable reason the possum will be mentioned for sure and not in a good way.

  25. Ken Latham says

    Da Real, I remember back in the 80’s most big events had a few provisionals. One was a Promoters Provisional. Sounds like the same to me. GET OVER IT & Yourself

  26. There is a difference between a provisional putting cars into a show, and abusing a provisional to get a HUGE advantage in the feature, such as more tire in a feature that would be all about the longevity of tires.

    This series is not about horsepower, it’s a series on itty-bitty bullrings, it’s all about turning and tires.

    Does anybody wonder how Hirschman would have done on tires just as worn as everyone else?

    It was very unsportsmanlike, a total bush league move.

  27. Matt will be at speedweeks next month. Feel free to chat him up on the matter. Otherwise its the same people going round and round about a race that happened months ago. Boring…

    RIP George Summers. A true champion.

  28. Is it boring JD, I suppose. But it’s also feedback to management.
    Apparently they are considering a change in the policy and that is probably from feedback they received that may or may not have included the strong reaction to the Racedayct article on October 28 after Matts win. Management may also want to listen to support for the promoters provisional and particularly based on feedback from people that are great paying fans of the series like Fast Eddie.
    Something different? How about this?
    It will only be two and a half months from the time guys like Hirschman and Blewett raced in the Turkey Derby to the opener in Florida on February 11. Given everything that needs to be done to refresh the old and build the new that can’t even be termed a winter break.
    Will the field continue to show signs of getting stronger as it did last year. Who know but there will be one new car. ROC front runner Andy Jankowiak and the McGrath 12x will be towing in from Tonawanda, NY to try their hand at the 5 race marathon.

  29. Crazy in NY says

    Andy J will be at Bronson as well along with Tommy Cat. I don’t know if Tyler Rypkema ( NSS feature winner last year) will be showing this year. I do not know of anymore upstate NY teams attending.
    I’m also told a new rules package has been worked out by Brooks to help equalize the competition between the NASCAR spec, ROC 390 built and the steelheads. Should prove to be interesting.

  30. Jim is always out and about and available to talk racing at any TTOMS event. Keyboard warriors need not be afraid.

    Unless you created another month on the calendar it’s always two and a half months between the Derby and Florida/500. Been that way for many moons. Even the Andy J news is several days old. Maybe Crazy knows if Chucky is heading to Florida in Feb?

  31. Folks seem to be saying that provisionals are OK. But, provisionals with a clear tire advantage are not. Could Hirschman have been required to make X number of hot laps to degrade his tires a bit?

  32. World Series rules are out.
    I’m guessing JD since you seem to get great joy in mocking uninformed “keyboard warriors” you have extensive modified experience and just here to get a chuckle at the ignorance you read. Why not cast a few pearls among the swine, review the rules and weigh in on changes you see that are impactful that we mere fans could not appreciate.
    Last year the ROC had a very strong presence and great results with three Catalano’s, Emerling, Hossfeld,Rypkema, Hirschman and maybe Ebersole if two races count as an ROC guy. As a tour they don’t get much play in this part of modified country and it was nice seeing them in action. Hopefully they’ll be in Fla. in force this year once again to make some waves.

  33. I think you hit the nail on the head rafter. But how do you write and police a rule that covers tire ware even though it is necessary to avoid future issues.

    I agree that provisionals should be allowed however one that benefits an individual by providing a distinct competition advantage should not be.

  34. I also agree, they should not eliminate the provisional. Accidents can happen in heats and I would hate to see someone miss a feature because they couldn’t get their car repaired in time for the consi but can get it fixed by the feature.

    I have seen tracks/series make a driver who missed the qualifying events and were given a provisional complete several laps on their tires before the feature. It was done to try to equalize the tire wear and the announcer said they were looking at the lap times to make sure they were completed at a good pace. I can not remember what series or track it was at. It didn’t take long and didn’t hold up the show much. Maybe a minimum laps tire rule, drivers have to complete at least as many laps as a heat race to be granted a provisional. Make them do laps to get to that number.

  35. I think they should have a minimum lap time the need to achieve along with completing as many laps as everyone else so the tire ware is equal.

    Then it will boil down to set up and driver ability.

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