RaceDayCT Live Updates From The New England Short Track Showdown At NHMS

LOUDON, N.H. – The third annual New England Short Track Showdown hits the big stage at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday and Sunday.

The RaceDayCT Live Updates page will be bringing the action from on and off the track with Denise DuPont, Jim DuPont and Curtis DuPont keeping the updates coming. Check below for our live updates page to keep up.

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  1. Was this event open to the public? I try to keep up with local motorsports, and I had no idea this was happening until the morning of the race. No mention on the NHMS site or social media feeds, no buzz elsewhere. I would have liked to go.

  2. Barry,
    It is open to the public. It’s not put on by NHMS so they don’t do a ton to promote. The group that does put the show on really doesn’t do that much to promote it either. Every year I hear people say “If I knew it was going on I would have gone.” It’s too bad because it really is a cool event with great racing, just so minimally promoted.

  3. I guess so. From what Race Monitor was showing it was an outstanding race at the end.


    It was covered…………zero interest on this site based based on comments Zero buzz.. May have been one of the best VMRS races for a while. We’ll see.

  4. Any update on the status of Roy Seidell?

  5. Just goes to show, as I have been saying for years and years, promotion is crucial.

  6. wmass01013 says

    I HAVE said this the past 2 years that I don’t understand how this event continues, if you go to you tube to watch the VMRS races from the last 2 years it looks like less than 500 people in the stands, I don’t know the cost to open NHMS up for an event but it continues and they even upped the winner share of the VMRS TO 5,000, so no or little promotion and a very small crowd at a MAJOR venue to operate, things don’t add up to me but it what it is I guess

  7. Anne,
    Not anything official as of yet.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    This was the greatest race I ever went to that no one showed up for. They had 160 cars for 6 classes. I went on Sunday and saw either a battle for first, battle for second, or a three way battle for first in almost every heat race, of which there were 13 for 4 classes. I thought the features were also good, with multiple battles for position. The Modified race was decided by a wheel! The only down side for me was some of the cleanups were long and restrooms needed to be opened under the turn 2 grandstand. If I had to guess, I’d say about 1000 people in the stands.

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