No Muffler Needed: Villifying Doug Coby For Demonstrating Passion Is A Bad Look

Doug Coby before the Whelen Modified Tour Jersey Shore 150 in May at Wall Stadium in Wall, N.J. (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

Classless. Jackass. Poor loser. Crybaby. 

And those were some of the tamer descriptions of Doug Coby that pocked social media Saturday following Friday’s NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 at Stafford Speedway. 

Oh and wanker, let’s not forget wanker. 

For years we’ve heard the argument from so many fans from the highest levels to the grassroots that NASCAR has washed the sport clean of passion. That NASCAR’s PR machine has turned drivers into emotion-sapped robots. 

Friday, after finishing third in the Stafford 150, Coby didn’t have much to say in his post race on-track interview with the track’s pit lane announcer Jeff Maconi. But Coby’s short and colorful retort certainly rang a bell that woke up the world of Modified racing. 

After Maconi mentioned something about Coby being heartbroken with a third place finish Coby responded: “I don’t get heartbroken, I get [effing] pissed off.” 

Except he didn’t say effing. Remember Ralphie from A Christmas Story? How did he put it? 

“I didn’t say fudge. I said THE word. The Big One, The Queen Mother of Dirty Words. The F-Dash-Dash-Dash word.” 

So yeah, Coby dropped an F-bomb in victory lane Friday. 

Hours later Coby apologized for the utterance through Facebook, but that hardly slowed the flood of apparently immensely offended local race fans, who took to social media Saturday to essentially demonize Coby as the worst human involved in local racing in decades. 

Ironically many of those complaining how awful Coby was for saying a bad word over the public address system used their own vulgarity to properly convey their anger for what Coby said.

It was sad to see, and only more proof that social media rantings only serve more and more to hurt short track racing than help it. 

This much is certain, race fans shouldn’t be trying to muffle Doug Coby’s voice or personality. 

One consistency about Coby over the last 20 years of his racing career is that he is pointedly blunt and emphatically honest. 

Sugarcoating is not in Coby’s DNA. If you ask Coby a question he’s going to give you a blatantly honest answer. Ask him a ridiculous question, and he’ll tell you it’s a ridiculous question and why. 

For journalists, it’s one of the aspects of Coby that makes him so important to the series. He’s never about saying the right thing because it’s the PC thing to do. 

And Maconi, a first year Stafford Speedway pit lane announcer, ended up in the crosshairs of Coby’s ultra-frank personality. 

Let’s first look back at how it all got to that place after the race. 

When the first caution of the Stafford 150 flew on lap 147 – just over three laps from the scheduled completion of the event – Coby held a nearly five second lead over then second place Justin Bonsignore. 

Saying Coby’s Mike Smeriglio Racing crew had the field covered on Friday is the understatement of all understatements. 

Coby had the field choked to a lifeless pulp. Coby had lapped all but five of the cars in the field by lap 146. 

The caution made for a chaotic folly of the six lead lap cars heading back and forth onto pit road at Stafford as teams try to figure out the best strategy while staying within the constraints of the Whelen Modified Tour rule for Stafford events that teams can only change one tire per pit stop. 

Coby has been a vocal challenger of the one-tire pit stop rule at Stafford since its inception in 2017. Friday, the rule he hates so much bit him and cost him a victory. 

Take that back, saying simply it cost him a victory hardly speaks to what slipped out his hands on Friday. It cost him an absolutely dominant, field thrashing, runaway spanking of all his competition. 

After dominating the event, Coby restarted sixth for the green-white-checkered finish and ending up clawing his way back to third place.

Coby paced around his car visibly infuriated after parking behind race winner Ron Silk and second place finisher Jon McKennedy. And then Maconi arrived with the microphone to interview Coby over the track’s public address system, and things went bad. 

About two hours after the race Coby posted the following on Facebook: “I apologize to the race fans and more importantly the kids in the stands for swearing on the PA after the race. I’ve pretty much kept my emotions in check for the bulk of my career but this one got the best of me for many reasons. Not thrilled with a 3rd but really impressed with our racecar tonight. If I didn’t have to conserve fuel I think there would have been 2-3 cars on the lead lap. Great job [crew chief] Phil Moran and my guys on preparing a dominant car.” 

It’s no secret that Coby – a five-time Whelen Modified Tour champion – has never been a huge fan favorite. It’s also really no secret that the likely reason he’s never been a fan favorite is that to many fans he doesn’t fit the mold they expect of short track racer. Maybe it’s his not so rough around the edges image. Maybe it’s the whole college educated, successful businessman thing. Who knows. 

But it’s clear Coby’s actions are judged differently because of the way fans see him. Had it been most other drivers who said what he said Friday it probably wouldn’t have made for a blip on the radar of the Modified social media scene. 

Too many around the sport label Coby’s candidness and genuine personality instead as whiny, and that’s really an unfortunate thing.

In a sport where entirely too many competitors think sugarcoating all topics – controversial or not – is the best thing for short track racing, Coby is a breath of fresh air that the grassroots level needs. Forward, honest and not afraid to speak the truth loudly. And certainly not afraid to display emotion, good or bad. Trampling that candor does nothing good to help the sport. 

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  1. wmass01013 says

    Welll it Certainly causes a Big Crowd reaction at the track when he said it.
    WAS it Bad? Maybe, Was it Honest? Yes, THE Coby haters will be vocal at the low class words in front of kids and non Potty Mouth fans, But Remember when David Ortiz said during his famous Boston Marathon Bomber Speech ” THIS IS OUR ******** CITY, he was loudly cheered and everyone YES DAMM RIGHT, again Raw EMOTION is not always good emotion, I think we all will survive til the next time!

  2. That was disappointing.
    Foul people on social media shouldn’t negate the validity of the sincere critics or mitigate the actions of Coby.. Potty mouth was used by many.
    All across the country at many levels of professional, semi professional and amateur sport people get mic’s shoved in their faces at the most stressful times and seem to be able to control themselves. It’s pass or fail. Coby failed.
    Stafford more then any place promotes the family friendly atmosphere. The internet exists and consequently most kids know all the foul words. it’s not the point.
    Count me a not one of the Coby haters. I thought the guy was intelligent, measured and a professional. He was in the Speed51 interview on the Morning Bullring after the NHMS disappointment. Actually almost analytical. That changed after Friday. Especially since in my view the teams decisions put them in the place they were in.
    In the last few races we’ve heard Bonsignor trying to make sense of his cheap move driving Beatty high to win a race at Riverhead and now this Coby dust up. My view, the two most prominent drivers in the NWMT have feet of clay.
    It’s all so unnecessary. Coby controls himself, is humble and introspective and his epic green lap run is the talk of the town, he gets the sympathy vote and is still leading the points.
    Missed opportunity.

  3. I still don’t understand why he should be so upset? His crew chief, one of the best in the business made the call for two tires and the driver opted for three. You asked for it you got it Toyota! Shuffle your feet you loose your seat. You loose buckwheat, live by the sword die by the sword, what else is there to say.

  4. We saw him pacing laps around his car after parking on the podium. He was obviously very upset.

    Should he have more control, maybe… Maybe he should have declined the post race interview. However, having a car that dominant, then finishing third, has got to be insanely frustrating regardless of why it happened.

    He said something inappropriate in the heat of the moment, obviously regrets it, and he apologized… I think we should all move on. He’s human…

  5. Sorry Shawn,
    I agree with you on many things, not this one. In a case like this, there are two words that take care of everything. NO COMMENT. I realize that emotions are high, but NO COMMENT is a viable answer and just walk away. Not just for Coby, for anyone. He said that because he WANTED to say that. Memo to every frustrated racer or person out there. No comment is an answer! Give that answer and walk away. You did your job for an interview. Act like a professional. If your boss at work said something to you that made you really mad, would you say F-you to him? I bet if you did you would be looking for a new job. I know self control is hard, but professionals and a 5 time champion should have it.

  6. Trapper Dave says

    I attended the race at Stafford on Friday (8/2/19) and found it to be quite entertaining. One hundred and forty-seven laps of green flag modified racing was interesting to watch in and of itself. I don’t think I ever saw that in my lifetime of following short track racing, and was surprised there was almost no equipment failures during that long run. The wild pit stop scramble at the end had all the fans standing. Doug Coby fuming and pacing around his car at the podium before losing his cool over the track’s PA system was fun. We talked and debated about it the entire two hour ride home and at a family cookout the next day! We had fun and don’t think any less of Doug Coby. Thank you to RaceDayCT for hosting our comments.

  7. Coby seemed incensed because it was a “full blow” caution (not a quick caution that would have made pit stops impractical) Friday night. The “one tire per pit stop” rule really didn’t cost Coby the race: the decision to pit 4 times (instead of 3, as the others did) was the problem, unless I’m missing something(?).

  8. Josh paradis says

    Im a coby fan and im suprised he pitted cause at stafford usually he doesnt pit.

  9. There can be emotion, candor, passion and genuine personality without that vulgarity. There needs to be a certain level of decorum and protocol. Expecting folks to keep locker room talk in the locker room shouldn’t be asking too much. This is supposed to be a family entertainment thing, and a sport that is trying to attract more women and youth. That kind of vulgarity does not belong. Especially over a PA system. Come on people!!!

    Shawn, will that language be allowed here on for now on? There are many very emotional and passionate folks here, and you frequently post that that kind of language is not allowed. If you are not going to allow it here, please explain the dichotomy, why was it okay 👌 in the post race interview and not here?

    I thought it was a great question by the track side interviewer. Tough question, but had to be asked. Who wasn’t wondering how Coby was feeling about that finish? Sure, we all knew the answer, but HAD to hear it from him. Led all those laps to lose it on his own pit call. And who insisted on 3 tires? Let’s not forget that. I was stunned watching the field get ready and Coby was pulling up to the back of the lead lap cars. How did that happen? How could that happen? This is NOT supposed to happen with the #2 team. Who made that pit call? The rules were the same for all. Coby made the pit call, got what he wanted and took the shot. It was a total gamble, nobody had any idea what any other car was going to do. I couldn’t keep track of the lead lap cars during that caution, and what they were doing or not doing, it was wild. 😜 If he really thought he was going to dominate from the #6 position in two laps on a GWC then he is pretty confident in his car. Looks like he was significantly overconfident.

    wmass01013, the Big Papi example is not a very good one. Big Papi is not that good with English, and it was Boston where f-bombs are common, everyday language. Just about every movie set in Boston contains extreme vulgarity. Perhaps you could use the Trump rallies and speeches as an another example, where he regularly drops f-bombs and other swear words. People that were shocked Friday night are probably the same people that cheer and yuk it up when Trump swears at his rallies.

    This has nothing to do with sugarcoating or candor. It’s all about cherrypicking, selective outrage, selective self proclamation of victimization, smoke, mirrors, diversions and distractions, advocacy, and fandom, …AKA: hypocrisy. There can be candor without vulgar language. Maintaining a level of decorum, behavior, respect and protocol is good for the sport. And let’s not forget… Coby made the pit stop call, he got what he wanted. He did it to himself. All this drama is over nothing, it’s his own fault, he did it, he’s to blame. He shouldn’t bloviate about the rules, yadayadayadayada, WHEN HE MADE THE BAD PIT CALL.

    But wasn’t it so nice of Coby to Tweet out that all cars should start the race? That was so sweet!

    Shawn, are you ready to end your rules on language and decorum on these forums? Just like Coby put himself in a tough spot demanding tires, you put yourself in a tough spot by questioning the flak that Coby is catching for his behavior, while you prohibit such emotion, passion and vulgar language on your forums.

    This paragraph is important:

    “About two hours after the race Coby posted the following on Facebook: “I apologize to the race fans and more importantly the kids in the stands for swearing on the PA after the race. I’ve pretty much kept my emotions in check for the bulk of my career but this one got the best of me for many reasons. Not thrilled with a 3rd but really impressed with our racecar tonight. If I didn’t have to conserve fuel I think there would have been 2-3 cars on the lead lap. Great job [crew chief] Phil Moran and my guys on preparing a dominant car.” ”

    He diverted and distracted away from the fact that he made the call for three tires. He needs to own it and admit it.

    This reminds me of an interview with Trump right after 9/11. He said a few of the right things about the attack, and then went on and on about how his building is now the tallest in NYC, and used the interview to promote his building.

    Shawn, I think you’d lose your decent sponsor and user base in a matter of hours if you backed off your rules on manners.

    Look, the driver overruled the Crew Chief (the best crew chief around) and got what he wanted. He has nobody and nothing to blame but himself. Coby is his own victim. His call put him in that position. If he’s still looking for someone to blame, take him to a house of mirrors.

  10. Only drivers understand what it’s like to be that close and not get the win. The fans witnessed raw emotion that comes out as soon as the driver exits the 140+ degree race car. You bet you’d be a little hot after the race, and that’s in reference to temperature and thoughts. Was it the choicest word to use? No, but it happened. The man apologized afterwards too. People need to talk about things that can help grow the sport, not degrade it.

  11. wmass01013 says

    Rafter and Josh, you know after 147 laps of green flag racing that when the caution came out even if it was a spin and go that it would NOT be a quick caution, as soon as it flew the chatter started on the radios on what to do with tires and gas, and even after all the lead lap cars pitted the 1st lap the pits were open. almost EVERY LAP DOWN car pitted on the 2nd lap for service. NO one was going to stay out and not pit. I think another part of the reason Coby was upset was if u had 1 STOP TO do all service then just the 6 cars would have been on pit road to change however as many tires and gas as u wanted but when u had to make multiple stops you not only had to deal with 5 other cars but 25 other cars on pit road on the 2nd lap[ on.
    All in all is was a gorgeous night for racing, the place was PACKED with fans and it was a very different then normal race, I don’t think 1 F BOMB should ruin the night for anyone!

  12. Darealgoodfella,
    I’m not advocating for vulgarities running wild in post race interviews. The column was saying that Coby shouldn’t have been demonized and had his reputation trashed the last two days on social media for slipping and letting emotion burst. He’s never done it before, and I think he learned a lesson about what he did. But if you read the bulk of social media Saturday and Sunday you’d think Coby talks like that after every race.

  13. I think you are spot on Shawn. Some of the responses to this are beyond comical. If anyone anywhere at that race track says they made it to the podium interviews of the last race before they heard an f bomb is full of it. Is it a great look for Coby, no he has admitted that, but is it enough to suddenly undermine years of thoughtful, honest and insightful answers he has provided about the sport, definitely not.
    Like him or hate him he always offers an honest view of things. I have never thought he is whiney just says what he believes, an explanation for what happened becomes an excuse in the eyes of his critics. More than most he actually seems to understand what modified racing is, enjoys it and is an advocate for making it better, doesn’t view it as a stepping stone he seems in it for the Long haul and is good with it. To jump on a guy who is upset over loosing a win on a night where domination is underselling how good he was on basically a last shot wins senerio is a bit much. We complain about vanilla then we complain when someone has something to say, guess we only want to hear from certain people.
    Coby hasn’t always been my rooting interest but since he drove the 52 I believe he has been one of the best out there both as far as on track performance and his off track persona as well. A shame to see him being totally vilinized for one slip of the Tung. Hopefully it doesn’t stop him from continuing to speak his mind.

  14. Can’t speak to the wildly hyperbolic nonsense going on in social media but the two sides here have expressed their view respectfully for the most part. I’m in the passion is another word for petulance group. Not admirable.
    Certainly am not painting Coby as the anti Christ nor do I think it will have any consequences past the rhubarb du cycle. On the other hand when we see a kid squat down in the middle of the grocery store isle and scream out of control because mom won’t buy him Fruit Loops we don’t say we love that kids passion.
    On the lighter side maybe historically the epic green flag run combined with the potty mouth will comprise a long term memory for many. Like when Ron Bouchard shocked the Cup world way, way, way back in 1981 winning a three car drag race to the checkers at Talladega.. He came to Stafford for a Friday night race, was interviewed, got excited and threw out the S word.Something like “holy ____, I said to myself I think I won the race”. Seems tame now but at the time it was a can’t believe he used that word moment making it all the more memorable..
    Could the F bomb Coby used be an exclamation point people use to remember his historic run?

  15. Crazy in NY says

    Here is another way it could be handled.
    But it wasn’t. Nobody is kidding anybody the interviewer was looking for an emotional reaction and got one. Those kinds of questions asked in those situations are what sells. Tell the truth.
    The threads here with the most comments are the ones that involve some level of controversy.
    Coby’s reaction was a human one, not the best decision but human none the less. Dale Jr said Shi something in a post race interview once and had to pay a fine from mother NASCAR. This wasn’t a nationally broadcasted event so Doug will likely get a pass for this. Social media hurts most everything it touches. That’s where BS like Trump regularly uses F bombs at his rally’s comes from.
    Right Dafool? In the end his decision (reportedly) to take the third tire and restart 6th cost him the race not a rule he doesn’t like. Now…someone go ask him about that with a live mic.

  16. Ken Latham says

    I think we all can understand Coby’s frustration. And to be honest, I like the fact that he is frank and honest AND blunt. Our sport needs that. The heyday of NASCAR was when Cale, Darrell and Dale were going at each oteh ALL the time. That all changed with the influx of Gordon, JJ and others. I also believe that announcers have to be a little prudent when approaching a driver in a situation like Friday. You HAVE to know he is fuming. Give him a couple of minutes to calm down, maybe talk to him privately for a minute or two, and feel him out. I don’t think there is a rule that he HAS to be interviewed on pit road/victory lane, that fast.
    Again, I think his dominance at this event was a beautiful thing to watch, and I feel sorry that he came up short. And yes I think he made the wrong call to take 3 tires. Two right sides and gas should have sufficed.
    I also agree the rule is a little ridiculous.

  17. Please consider Mike Stefanik and Richie Evans. Not only are these two the best ever and most likely the best there will ever be, they were modest, mild mannered and easily likable. They were the greatest drivers, but also nice and entertaining people. It is stunning how Richie Evans lives on for all the good reasons. Watch the historical videos of Richie Evans, he’s incredibly articulate and objective. I was lucky enough to be at and hear many of his post race interviews. Mike is so mellow and mild mannered, it is stunning he ever got excited enough to drive with any kind of competitiveness. His interviews are priceless for how nice and good they are. His post race interview at Bristol is the benchmark for the way it is supposed to be. And when Mike was punted by Park, and said a swear word in the post race interview, that was not nice, but Mike didn’t do it to himself. Mike was punted by Park and you can understand that frustration, and the blame was clearly not Mike’s. In this case, Coby did it to himself, made the pit call, and THEN tried to assign blame somewhere else, as in blame the rules. Coby owns the mistake and then tries to assign the blame elsewhere. Did Coby go to Trump University?

    Now consider Coby, who always seems to be in full throttle ‘roid rage narcissistic toxic masculinity me-me-me-me-ME mode. Shawn, Coby does talk like that quite often, f-bomb 💣 or not. I watch the crowds during the interviews. People are laughing at Coby interviews, and to make clear, not in agreement with him. His copious narcissistic blowhard petulant peevish bloviating full throttle ‘roid rage toxic masculinity is why he is not liked and admired like Mike and Richie.

    This is not about a singular f-bomb 💣 event. The f-bomb 💣 was nothing more than the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The f-bomb 💣 broke the dam wide open and the flood waters raged. Coby’s reputation is the same today as it was long before Friday night. Coby’s f-bomb 💣 over the PA at Stafford was all the public needed to unload their disdain for everything Coby. A disdain that has existed long before the f-bomb 💣 at Stafford. Coby’s reputation is what it is and what it was long before his f-bomb 💣 at Stafford. What has happened on social media is merely a reaction to Coby and his reputation, like a lighted match tossed on a pile of fuel. 💥

    Shawn, about the part where you say he’s never done it before and learned his lesson. That is no excuse or an explanation. Coby is almost 40 years old. He must have seen events in the news where people were caught dropping an f-bomb or other swear in public or on the air, and they were immediately chastised, fined, etc. Perhaps most importantly, HE SHOULDN’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS MANY BEFORE HIM TO LEARN IT IS WRONG. Is everyone still always re-inventing the wheel and rediscovering fire? People should have learned this lesson, long before they neared 40 years old, from others, not by doing. As young children, they should have been taught about vulgar language. Why does Trump say he can shoot people on 5th Avenue and get away with it? Did Coby think he was going to drop an f-bomb 💣 over the PA at Stafford and be the one to get away with it?

    Please read this again, from Coby on FB:

    “I apologize to the race fans and more importantly the kids in the stands for swearing on the PA after the race. I’ve pretty much kept my emotions in check for the bulk of my career but this one got the best of me for many reasons. Not thrilled with a 3rd but really impressed with our racecar tonight. If I didn’t have to conserve fuel I think there would have been 2-3 cars on the lead lap. Great job [crew chief] Phil Moran and my guys on preparing a dominant car.”

    He is trying to make it look like he’s apologizing, but segues into the full throttle ‘roid rage narcissistic toxic masculinity me-me-me-me-ME narcissism mode where he says he could have put more cars down a lap leaving only 2-3 on the lead lap. This is supposed to be THE APOLOGY, but it is not an apology. It’s another opportunity. This is more petulant raging 😤 that he did not crush, kill, and destroy by a bigger margin. This is the reputation that has been around long before the f-bomb at Stafford. He wants attention, he wants it to be all about him, and social media is giving it to him. 🎯

    Coby made the pit call that put the team in that position. Don’t let him forget that. Coby screwed up, made the wrong pit call, and then does all he can to evade his ownership of that bad call, and divert away from ownership of that bad call. 🤡

  18. Crazy in NY wrote, “This wasn’t a nationally broadcasted event so Doug will likely get a pass for this. Social media hurts most everything it touches. That’s where BS like Trump regularly uses F bombs at his rally’s comes from.”

    Or you could do a search and pull up all the videos of Trump regularly throwing f-💣s all over the place.

    Do a Google on “Trump f-bomb” and see more video than you can ever watch.

  19. Hillary 2020 says

    Dafella in full freak out mode. Somebody notify the nearest mental institution.

  20. Exceed your attention span, Hilly?

  21. It sure exceeded my attention span. The Wrecking Rob diatribe and now this complete with a full bloom of irrelevant Trumpisms. Definitely off the reservation. Makes me want to give Coby a hug and tell him to ignore the mean man.
    Richie Evans and Mike Stefanik joining Mother Teresa for sainthood. Who knew.

  22. you get pushed into the wall ,,, that’s racing.. you get disqualified for any/no reason,,, that’s racing…. you struggle with your cars performance,,,, that’s racing… you show intensity for the sport you love,,,, that’s racing… you accept that anything can and will happen,,, that’s racing… accept it or find another sport…

  23. Shawn, I hear what you are saying, but this is the world we live in today, and specifically the social media aspect. Social media allows anyone with an account to chime in and voice their opinions, thoughts – including mean, negative ,over the top inaccurate statements, flat out lies, etc. Unlike professionals, like yourself, who are expected to jeep to the facts, do fact finding / checking, avoid the potential for libel lawsuits by staying within the bounds of integrity.

    To be surprised at the content on Facebook etc regarding Coby’s F-bomb soundbite? C’mon…you’ve seen too much crap out there to be surprised. We all have.

    Hell, look no farther than some of the garbage “POTUS 45*” (* intended) spews on twitter!

    I thought about Stefanik’s comments down at the Daytona Battle on the Beach race a few years back. I recall that got him some national attention!

    Coby was livid, frustrated, disappointed, all of that. Was wrong to let it come out like it did. Came across like a crybaby. He apologized but most did not see/hear it. Not sure if he can post it here or on the SMS website so most folks who were there could see it.

    I think what was maybe even worse was complaining about the tire rule. Yeah, it may suck. But Doug, the way the cards fell, if you could gave done it all in one stop, you probably still would be in same boat unless everyone took just 2 tires, which would not have happened. Fourth on back would probably have taken 3 tires, while you would have probably gone for 2. You were a sitting duck, as we’ve seen happen to the leader in the cup series.

    Ignore the haters, and move on to next race.

  24. I had a super long post that turned into a short novel, but I’ve edited it down.. in summary..
    I once took my precious young child to Stafford for a Friday night tour show. There was fan profanity, I was upset, disgusted and took to MSS to vent; he’s grown now and is a fine upstanding young man. He wasn’t scarred and I’ve gotten over it..

    Cut Doug a break and change that silly tire rule..

  25. Dareal you sir are a piece of work. You talk about Coby being a narcissist and then write a book in the comments section often repeating the same things. As if your opinion is the only correct one. Sounds like a narcissist huh? Bottom line it’s racing,it’s emotional and here’s a big surprise it’s 2019 and if the worst thing you can say about a guy is he swore during an interview,which you needed a book to get your point across,than he’s doing ok. Public TV has swearing on it all the time. Get the point yet? It’s no big deal to normal people only old out of touch grumps who pine for yesteryear. Now go ahead and write another book on how I’m wrong and how evil Coby is for being human. Trigger

  26. Harold Peterson says

    COBY take no prisoners and feed the rest hotdogs. YOUR THE MAN PERIOD???

  27. It is strange that Coby is being chastised for being critical of a rule, and of the way he was critical of the finish at Louden and the winner of both races was also critical of the same things. Coby is not blaming his team not saying anyone screwed up just saying the powers that be were making things complicated. If they had chose 3 tires and fuel and someone else took just fuel they still could loose 4 spots on a stop. So it doesn’t seem like the call has anything to do with the rule. You can actually loose more spots on a single stop because you’re comited with multiple stops you can see what others do. It just gets muddled up with lap cars ect. And leaders should have the ability to get on and off pit road cleanly they are out front. I can see why rule tinkering frustrates guys and why should they not express how they feel. I think NASCAR should have a competition committee, they might I don’t know, with drivers should have input someone like Coby and Silk offer good on-site and knowledge from a drivers perspective and both have taken there lumps in lesser equipment and in the best. I don’t see there opinions as whining but rather suggestions on making racing better.

  28. wmass01013 says

    AGAIN I LOVE IT ALLL, the passion, the fact the WMT has 30 to 40 cars showing up at races, the place was packed more than I have seen on a Friday night in a long time, the hard racing, the emotion, the chassis war, the pit calls, the next night Beech ridge had 16 cars and Chemung 24 cars for modified races, Chemung Looked packed, I don’t know about Beech Ridge, Modified racing IS HOT and that is great when other motorsports are DOWN, lets enjoy it ALLLL BEFORE it changes.

  29. “Coby had the field choked to a lifeless pulp” You have to read these opinion pieces two or three times to appreciate all of the wonderfully colorful metaphors and phrases Shawn comes up with.
    Speaking of lifeless pulp this topic may be nearing that stage of decay.
    Finally read the posts in Facebook. There’s the one argument that too many said nasty over the top things about Coby and I trust that’s valid.. I saw way more supporting him. In fact making the point that he had nothing to apologize for like Eddie Flemke:
    “Nothing to apologize for , maybe a little better choice of words , and a little better restraint on behalf of the Speedway to get an interview at that moment … that was a fantastic race showcasing everyone’s talent by running that many laps without anything bad happening , only to be ruined by a “circus act “ tire/pit rules that no body wants and was shoved down our throats ! Want good racing , let us race ! Congratulations to the entire field for showing there talents last night !”
    That’s the other side of the coin. The circling the wagons mentality. Each account being a clubhouse where the members only say what the president of the club wants to hear. In the clubhouse they circle the wagons, show support and slam any intruder that dares not share the same view. They’re usually one liners and don’t show any thought at all. Don’t see the value at all watching a heard go in one direction but then again i’m old and out of touch with these new fangled ways of interacting.
    Coby did what any stand up guy would do by apologizing especially to the younglings. Why would anyone on social media try to say it wasn’t necessary for the guy to do the right thing. Support him for manning up, bank it and move on..

  30. So he dropped the F bomb, get over it. John Force dropped the F bomb 3 times Sunday after his 150th win, on national TV, and face it for 99%of the fans, kids included, they’ve probly heard worse at home.
    Now for the tire rule…It Sucks… If you set a limit of the total amount of tires, Friday night was twelve, let the teams use them how they want to, eventually they’ll run out. 1 tire per stop actually makes pit road more dangerous because you have cars pitting 2-3 times under a caution, nevermind the wasted laps. Put the race back in the hands of the racers, and remember it’s a racetrack, not church.

  31. Totally 100% agree with you Shawn. Coby drops the F-Bomb, and everyone goes F***in nuts. It’s not like “the kids” have never heard the word before. Get real people, when you interview someone who just raced 150 laps, dominated the event, and lost because of a stupid tire rule, tour gonna get emotion. Totally support Doug Coby, and I’m not even a fan of his. NASCAR should do away with the tire rule. Teams are given a set amount of tires they can use per event, let the teams decide how they are used. If teams can’t afford the allotment, maybe they should ask themselves do I belong here?

  32. Ok, I’m not a prude. But geez, when I take my grandson to the races, I think it’s reasonable not to expect an f bomb dropped over the pa.
    I get it. Heat of the moment, just jumped out of the car, and pissed off at losing a race that he had the felid covered in. Hands down. No question, a reason to be pissed, for whatever, or whoever made the strategy calls. It’s racing.
    I just feel though, if Coby get’s a pass on this with no penalty, or team penalty, it opens the door for more of it to happen. Whatever the next circumstance. And I have nothing against Coby. Great team and organization, doing what they do extremely well.
    One of the things Ive always loved about racing in general though, for the most part, is the respect in the stands where little kids can be. By the crowds, by the drivers and team members. Family sport.
    Sure, few exceptions along the way, but compared to a basketball game, or football game in the stands, i’ve found race crowds, and racers themselves, to be extremely respectful towards others.
    Hopefully, the coby “slip” is an anomaly. I’m guardedly optimistic, it’s a one time exception and nothing else. But I’m not sure you can just give him a pass on this, without opening a door for more “slips” to become common place in this family orientated sport we love, by others. Could be a slippery slope. Hope not.

  33. Just another thought I heard many people clapping when coby was announced most of them in the regular stands in the pits not so much maybe they know him a little better.He cry’s all the the time that’s probably why this went crazy

  34. About the one tire per stop rule. I think that came into play a couple years ago with the austerity program. The low car counts and the low budget teams couldn’t afford to bring more crew for full blown hot pits and multiple tire changes in one stop. At one point, before the one tire per stop rule, I do think the Stafford races were “encouraged” to be no tire change races, to be fair to the low budget teams, but some teams ignored that and took tires. Then they went to this one tire per change arrangement. This went into effect the same time the mandatory break at Loudon was implemented. The break at Loudon was to accommodate the teams that could not bring enough crew for over the wall hot pits.

    Regardless, one tire per stop was the rule in place at this race. A bad call was made. That the caution happened when it did made the pit call as crucial as it could possibly be. Bigly bad pit call.

    A really top notch car and top driver could have gotten away with less tire in a two lap shootout. Especially since that car was leading and could have restarted in the #1 spot.

    But no, that would be too sensible. Instead, make a HUGE mistake and assign blame to the rule, and the humans that make the rules. What about the human that made the call to take three tires for a GWC? If the #2 won, he would have been pounding his chest and patting himself on the back.

    This is supposed to be a good, clean, fun family night out.

    Look, movies have ratings to warn people about the content to prevent young kids and others from being exposed to things they shouldn’t be at young ages, or they don’t want to see or hear. Same goes for vulgar language. The PA system shall be G-rated. Professionals need to practice professional behavior which includes self-control.

    This heat of the moment stuff doesn’t work. People are not allowed to get away with unacceptable behavior because they are upset. Or a sore loser. Being upset is not an automatic pass. Where does it end?

  35. I’m Dareals biggest critic, but on this one I’m with him, there was nothing good about it and a pretty weak apology also

  36. Shawn: Though I hardly write in any longer I just figure you have enough ‘people’ doing so. I enjoyed this piece a lot. Your spelling was perfect. Sometimes it is terribly wrong. And as a paid writer I think you should present the sport at least as one with good spellers? As for your story telling. It was great in this piece. I feel for Doug Coby…but it looks like he is entertaining at the track and away. Your doing well at assisting too. Keep up the good work…


  37. Maybe in the future the track announcer could give the drivers a heads up to keep it clean before interviewing them. I agree Coby F***Ed up and should be fined, but when you look at the big picture, the guy had the field covered for the whole race and lost in a green white checker situation, so he was pissed off. But… He lost the race himself by pitting for 3 tires, maybe next time he only takes one. Again, people need to be aware your at a racetrack, not a church, in the heat of the moment there might be some coarse language wether it’s televised or not makes no difference. Whatever happens, hopefully NASCAR is consistent in the punishment.

  38. I know it’s not my place to judge but there been some great writing here so how about a few gold stars.
    -The author-don’t agree with the conclusion but the writing laying out the scope of what was in play, the colorful way of expressing it and especially Coby’s accessibility to the press and the importance of that was typically outstanding. And he got “wanker” in and how many times do you see that in racing articles.
    -Trapper Dave-while we are all running around with our hair on fire about a naughty word Dave saw what we all should have seen. Amazement at seeing 146 laps of green flag racing and highlighting all the things that had to go right for that to happen and did. Then mentioning the pits stop then “the word”. He is the only one the prioritized the event perfectly.
    -wmass- can see the forest fore the trees better then anyone. Yes it was a great crowd at Stafford and elsewhere. The notion that circle track racing is dead as a current reality may actually itself be dead and we aren’t appreciating it much as all or even recognizing what is happening.
    Bob-for my money the most elegant, heartfelt comment in the thread disagreeing with many but expressing it will velvet gloves we can all relate to.
    DGF- using some Bizarro World genius taking an array of relevant and irrelevant facts and references, meander through a series of convoluted assumptions represented as ultimate truths that lead to a conclusion that there is only good and evil. Evans and Stefanik in this case representing good and Coby unrepentant evil.

  39. Just a little public service reminder here…

    Friday night at the track is supposed to be a fun, clean, safe, family night out. That means the facility is G-rated, for all audiences.

    I was on my way out to the car when this happened. I was just before the back gate. Coby made his remark, and the collective gasp and shock of the audience was stunning.

    I’m disappointed that Stafford Speedway has not issued a statement condemning the f-bomb.

    I’m disappointed that MSRIII has not issued a statement apologizing for the f-bomb. What Coby posted to FB was lame and nothing but an opportunity to bloviate some more.

    We need to see official public statements issued to the media for publication, by Stafford Speedway and MSRIII.

    Dale Jr. was docked 25 points and fined $10,000 for swearing. NASCAR issues fines and penalties for swearing 🤬. Has NASCAR headquarters been made aware of this? Will this be bleeped 🤬 out when it runs on NBCSN TV ? 😳 📺 Perhaps the #2 should be docked all points earned in the Stafford race and forfeit all $$$ awarded from the Stafford race. Coby should be required to donate $2,500 to a local Stafford charity, and MRSIII should be required to donate $5,000 to a local Stafford charity. It will be very sad if this is allowed to go without weighty consequences. MSRIII Racing needs to understand that Coby is the face, voice, public representative and liaison of the organization. Send him to charm school or keep him in a back room, away from the public, for the benefit of MSRIII.

  40. Dareal, did Preece get fined or docked points for saying BULLS*** a couple times after the K &N race at Sonoma? Did he apologize? Did his race team issue an apology? Did Preece donate to charity? Where were the weighty consequences? Darealhypocrite at it again.

  41. “BULL***” is not even in the same area code as “FU**ING”.

    The former is allowed on network TV now, the latter is not even close to being allowed.

  42. Doug wrote, “I know it’s not my place to judge…”

    There are no truer words.

  43. I can’t wait to see how NBCSN deals with this on the broadcast.

  44. What’s the problem DGF. I gave you a gold star.
    People sight others comments all the time and attack them. I express appreciation. Same coin, different side is all.

  45. Chris D., read this again, and very carefully…

    [When a track announcer mentioned Coby coming up short at the end over the public address system Coby said: “I don’t get heartbroken, I get [expletive] pissed off.”

    Later Coby called out the issues with the tire rules at Stafford, a topic he’s been a vocal opponent of since its introduction.

    “I just hate humans tinkering with stuff,” Coby said. “… I know nobody wants to see one guy win lead all 150 laps and win by a straightaway. I get it. So they got a finish that they wanted to see. But it’s like doctored in a weird way. We know the rules. … We all know what we have to do. But like, [the Monster Energy Cup Series] guys don’t come in and take one tire per stop. Neither do the Xfinity [Series] guys or the Truck [Series] guys. It seems like at this level we’re better than that. If we had just come in and taken three tires like the Modified Tour did for almost 30 years we would have come on pit road five seconds ahead of everybody with lapped cars in between and we would have come off first and restarted first and drove away. … I just don’t like when people come up with rules like this. It’s weird to me. Just let us race. If there’s a dominant car that wins there’s a dominant car that wins.
    “I get it. It didn’t work our way so I’m going to sound like a crybaby like everybody thinks I am. But put yourself in my shoes, my team’s shoes, my sponsor’s shoes. The whole point of racing is to be better than everybody else and to be dominant.” ]

    Read that… he makes it seem like there is a vast conspiracy out to get him. Like the rules were designed to screw him. He is not a victim of rules that applied to all other cars. Nothing was done to exclusively limit him as he tries to make it sound. Nobody got a finish they wanted to see. It was what it was per the rules. If the caution did not come out, it would have been a wire-to-wire win by about a half lap. But a caution and a bad pit stop call changed all that. The race was not doctored in any way. It was a bad pit stop call.

    A crybaby is such because it whines and cries. Fits the profile.

    He spews on about how he would have won with the old rules. Again, not so if other cars took one or two tires, and the #2 car took 3 tires. Does anybody else see that? Even with the old rules, track position would be determined by what was done in the pits. It was not a problem with or the fault of the rules. Some cars did the pit stops differently. Coby made the call, he wanted all 3 tires. He paid the price in track position. We know that races can be won or lost in the pits, especially when the wrong pit calls are made, and better pit calls are made by other teams. Coby wrote a check his driving couldn’t cash. An important part about being better than everybody else is making the better pit stop calls. 🤡

    Next, Coby is going to advocate for mandatory race intermissions, so he can’t lose track position and they get more than enough time to work on the cars. 😂🤣😂🤣 Like the race intermissions at Loudon. This will eliminate the possibility of bad pit stop calls. 😂🤣🤡🤡😂🤣

    If Coby wants to play by the Top 3 Series rules, fine him like the Big 3 are fined. He’s looking at at least a $10,000 fine. BTW, the FCC fine for a network that airs an f-💣 is $325,000. I don’t understand why such a fine for behavior detrimental to NASCAR racing would be any different depending on series. Seems to not be fair at all. An f-💣 is an f-💣.

  46. Dareal said “A really top notch car and top driver could have gotten away with less tire in a two lap shootout. Especially since that car was leading and could have restarted in the #1 spot. But no, that would be too sensible. Instead, make a HUGE mistake and assign blame to the rule, and the humans that make the rules. What about the human that made the call to take three tires for a GWC? If the #2 won, he would have been pounding his chest and patting himself on the back”. True!

    Rob P said “the guy had the field covered for the whole race and lost in a green white checker situation, so he was pissed off. But… He lost the race himself by pitting for 3 tires, maybe next time he only takes one.” True!

    I say, it is not the fault of those who created the rule, it is the fault of the those who decided how to utilize/manipulate the rule. You can be a hero or a goat and the rest is history.

  47. Tires matter at Stafford, always have. Had he stayed out he most likely would have finished 5th or 6 the depending on how much he was able to block.

  48. Rob p., I don’t think anybody was even suggesting staying out. They all needed gas. Just saying it looked like the #2 car was the only car to take 3 tires, and in doing so, blew it. I lost track of what the other cars did or didn’t do. Whatever they did, they did it way better than the #2. Track position on a GWC start is crucial. The 5 other cars were all staged and side-by-side, ready to go, and the #2 was racing around to get in position.

    I gotta tellya, the cars looked remarkably good the whole run. Usually, some cars would start getting loose and squirrelly as the laps piled up. But the cars looked rather solid and stable after such a long run.

    The finish was awesome, haven’t seen something like that, at least I can remember. Still enjoying it. It was amazing to see that hole open up and then Silk and McKennedy go for it.

    For now on, Phil Moran should just tell Coby what to do. Phil Moran put on a great show.

  49. Driver loses a race and blames it on the rules. Even though everyone else was racing under the same rules. Kind of like a presidential candidate who loses an election and blames it on the Electoral College, even though all candidates were operating under the same Electoral College rules. Give Coby credit….at least he didn’t blme the Russians.

  50. A divisive cable news TV star as a screen ID. An outdated election, a defeated, retired candidate, our NWMT race driver Doug Coby, the means of electing a president and the Russians no less.
    This should go well.

  51. I thought Shawn reported that Silk took 3 tires, but no gas. Did I misunderstand?

  52. S Hannity, you need to be educated about the Electoral College. So glad you compared Coby’s beef with the rules to the election. So glad you brought that up. Let me show you how you are wrong. Start by reading the Federalist Papers, and other significant historical documents concerning the genesis of this country. This country came to be because people were fleeing another country that was run by a church and a singular religious doctrine. If you did not subscribe to that church, you were as good as dead. So here comes America, and they kinda kept the bad habits of the country from which they fled. What little government they had was still based on reward and fear based religion, and only the well educated and wealthy were smart enough be allowed in government. But that was conflicted with the ideal of democracy, equality, and one-person-one-vote. They realized that the general public had to be allowed to vote, well, they thought some of them should be allowed to vote. Women were not allowed to vote, people of color were not allowed to vote, and people were required to take qualifying tests to see if they were smart enough to be allowed to vote. There are still people alive today that were subjected to those vote qualifying tests. It was a way for the wealthy and elite to maintain control of the wealth and general population. Very similar to what Wilbur Ross and the Trump Administration were trying to do with the census manipulation. What they were trying to do with the census would further lessen the value of the democratic one-person-one-vote principle and put more influence in the EC. So the formation of the Electoral College was a compromise between the faction that wanted to keep control of the Government exclusively in the hands of the wealthy, and those that wanted to live by the principle of true democracy, one-person-one-vote. The Electoral College tramples on the value of the vote, and attenuates the principle of one-person-one-vote. Interestingly, states are moving to legislate that their Electoral College votes are awarded to the candidate that wins the popular, democratic principled vote total, effectively nullifying the Electoral College. It was a rule that women were not allowed to vote, it was a rule that black people were only worth ⅗ of a white person, it was a rule that black people were not allowed to vote. Rules can indeed be bad.

    But what is clear and irrefutable is that this recent Presidential election was attacked and influenced by outside forces. This is confirmed by various agencies, and overwhelmingly confirmed by Congress. The “winner” lost by 3.3 million popular democratic votes. The election was handed to he who prevailed by the Electoral College. Three states were heavily attacked by Russian influencers: MI, WI and PA. Merely 70,000 votes in those three combined states shifted all those EC votes to one candidate. Those 70,000 votes had more weight and importance than the additional 3.3 million total overall popular democratic votes that the loser won. Indeed, it was a tainted election, with election ads, misinformation and disinformation being placed by foreign adversaries in order to weaponize the election and Presidency. And the recent attempt by Wilbur Ross and the Trump Administration to alter the census would have put not just a finger but a heavy hand on the scale, against democracy. The candidates now chase electoral votes and the states they can get the most bang for the buck, and ignore the states that do not have many EC votes to offer. That also goes against everything the country was founded upon… equality. The candidates have no choice because of the defective EC rules.

    S Hannity, the Electoral College is a holdover, a compromise, an intentional defect in the rules to enable a manipulation. Read the Federalist Papers and other relevant historical documents.

    When a fact is denied, it is still a fact.

    So Coby brings up this vast conspiracy that the rules were meddled with to produce those results at Stafford. He said something to the effect that they got the results they wanted, whoever “they” are. He’s trying to make it look like it was a conspiracy against HIM PERSONALLY. He’s convinced that there is a vast conspiracy out to get him. But he’s missing the Russian influencers, or any outside influencers. Without them, there is no conspiracy, or elements that introduce illegitimacy. Coby doesn’t like humans tinkering with stuff, but the Electoral College is exactly that, it is a deliberate tinkering that undermines the value of a fundamental principle of democracy, one-person-one-vote. But then, it was Coby that made the three tire call that put him at the end of the lead line with a GWC. Not very smart.

    So far, Coby has blamed the rules and floated that there is a vast conspiracy out to get him. S Hannity, please explain how the one tire per stop rule is part of a vast conspiracy targeting Coby that will not equally affect the rest of the field. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

    Somebody PUHLEEEEZE explain how the one-tire-per-stop rule was targeting Coby to disadvantage him and only him. Go ahead.

    So S Hannity, if you knew about American history, and the genesis of the vote, equality and the Electoral College, you might have understood that your comparison is not valid, and is a false equivalence. You actually brought attention to the Electoral College. And I gave a lesson on how it was deliberately designed and intended to keep a finger on the scale to manipulate the election results.

    The one tire per stop rule was an attempt at an austerity measure, just as the racing intermissions are at Loudon, and perhaps a couple other tracks. To accommodate the teams that don’t bring enough crew. At Loudon, everybody holds their position during the break. Any complaints about that as being a conspiracy against Coby for anyone else? Still don’t see how this is a conspiracy against Coby. He’s really overplaying the victim card. 😜 😝 Hey Coby, please prove this vast conspiracy!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.

  53. Doug. You were right lol!

  54. In the infancy of the country States determined suffrage and property ownership was the main criteria.
    Filtering history through people with an ax to grind in any comment forum let alone a racing forum never ends with an informed audience.
    My preference would be to have this be a haven from the fire hose of politics we get every day in the outside world. Unfortunately there is an election cycle on the horizon and I’m guessing this nonsense will become more intrusive as we move toward the election.
    Forest Gump’s mom said “stupid is as stupid does”..Equaling history and politics to racing is stupid.

  55. Doug, and I think I showed S Hannity that is the case.

  56. So I watched the Stafford race on TV last night, and amazingly, Coby made the same mistake!!!!


    Per the announcers, Coby was the only one to take 3 tires, all others took 2. It was funny listening to Ray Evernham, the tone in his voice was screaming “stupididiotmoron” for taking 3 tires. Ray was constantly talking about the importance of track position all through the race.

    And Ray also mentioned that the one-tire-per-stop was done for economic relief for the teams that can’t bring all that crew.

    Again, what happened with the #2 was not the fault of the rule, the rule is not pernicious or malicious, it all depends on how the rule is used by the racers. Coby made a bad call.

    It is still incredible to see the track open up and then Silk and McKennedy go for it. Thrilling finish to what would have been a snoozer. Hope Goodale is okay.

  57. You tell them, dareal, it’s all Trump’s fault. And whatever isn’t Trump’s fault is Coby’s fault. You tell em dareal!!!!!!!!

  58. The real story behind the one tire per stop is that the track (Stafford) made that part of their agreement with NASCAR. It is not a NASCAR rule for Stafford

  59. Just Me, what’s your point with that post about the one tire per stop rule at Stafford?

    Everybody already knows it was a Stafford thing. So what? And as Ray Evernham said, as I have been saying, it is an attempt to accommodate the teams that can’t afford to bring all that crew.

    At Loudon, to accommodate the teams that can’t afford to bring the crew needed for competitive full up hot pit stops, they do the racing intermission and the timed pit stop that allows the teams with little crew to service the car and not lose track position because they are crew challenged. The cars come in and leave in the same order. This Loudon rule is a safe rule in that it accommodates all intelligence levels too. With the Loudon manifestation of accommodating crew challenged teams, team could be safe from their own stupid mistakes.

  60. Stupid Dareal says

    There Is no Loudon rule anymore.

  61. Dareal Like when did this happen this year did you fall asleep? That rule is over they did not stop at half way.

  62. Crazy in NY says

    At the ROC 250 @ LE last year they had the same rule. One tire per stop. One cold fuel stop (timed for teams that don’t run a dry break). 3 men over the wall only. We did 3 tires on one long yellow and our gun man had some trouble. I think it’s fallacy to do it for safety ( it’s the opposite in my view). If it’s to “equalize” the haves from the have fails there too. On the Tour bring a fast car and crew or settle for less than a win. The cream always rises to the top.

  63. Crazy in NY says

    “When you are dead, you don’t know that you are dead. It is only difficult for the others. It is the same when you are stupid.

    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.”

    Hoorayyy! Somebody got Dareal a mirror I see.

  64. Yeah he spews all this about NH and now looks stupid by a bad decision.

  65. Crazy, some good points there, and a question.

    At Stafford, one-tire-per is not safer at all, it’s a very narrow pit road. All that traffic in a narrow pit road is begging for trouble. But I never heard the one-tire-per being used for safety reasons, only to equalize pit stops between the haves and have nots.

    Why do you think it fails to equalize the pitting of the haves and have nots?

    And yeah, okay, the racing interruption isn’t happening at Loudon anymore, I’m aware of that. I brought it up because it was done and relevant to the discussion. It was at Loudon for the same reason as Stafford. And you all should know that I am not and was not a fan of it. I mean, if you can field a competitive car, but can’t come up with the coin for the cost to bring the crew needed to compete on pit lane, find the funds. That leaves the non-competitive cars, and does it really matter? They will probably end up finishing in the same spot in the order, maybe a lap or more down. At a track like Loudon, the competitive teams live to run at a place like that and need to be allowed to compete on the racing surface and pit road.

    I’m not a big fan of the attempt to equalize the teams on pit lane with the one-tire-per rule at Stafford, but let’s be clear, the rule at Stafford did not cause Coby to lose that race.

  66. #darealisnotsafefromhisownstupidmistakes

  67. Hillary 2020 says

    So it was Blewett that wrecked Goodale. How many is that for him and that new LFR car?

  68. Blewitt sucks in that new used LFR car. I know it’s only been 2 races, but seriously thought he’d be running better. Meanwhile Ron Silk has gone 2 for 2 in his new pre- Fuller TA-3 TROYER car. It all comes down to preparation with Silk. The team took delivery in the off season, and took their time preparing the car, and it’s paid off, on track.

  69. Maybe the NWMT should do like the K&N series and have a halfway break. Let the teams pit at halfway, bolt on 4 tires, fuel up and make adjustments, then restart in the same order. If you want to put any other time during the race you can, but no fueling till the break. This would make it so the teams don’t need talented tire changers and other crew. The B.S. 1 tire rule sucks. The teams are issued a set amount of tires for each event. How the tires are used should be up to the teams.

  70. Well now do like Riverhead they want to save the teams money right? 4 tires went 147 laps 4 tires that’s all you get at Stafford.

  71. Someone just double talked there way out of not knowing the rules at NH definitely a mental health issue fits into the category of if you hear or see something say something.

  72. Rob p, why would you recommend that the NWMT do halfway breaks like the K&N does, and the NWMT tried at Loudon? That was hated at Loudon on the NWMT.

    The pit rule at Stafford did not cause Coby to lose the race.

  73. This is so funny and sad at the same time. Coby screwed up YUGELY, BIGLY, the BIGGEST HUGEST EVERLY, by calling for three tires that cost him the precious track position. Then he blames the rules and you all go chasing other shiny objects, completely distracted away from the bonehead call that lost him the race.

  74. Everyone gets your opinion give it a break your mental illness sooner or later will do you in not just this story but all the other ones you comment on at least you learned something and I schooled you about Modified rules for NH.

  75. Racer, you do not even see the subject here. The subject is Coby getting roasted for two things: making a supremely bad pit call and then blaming a rule in an attempt to divert away from his bad call that cost the #2 team the race, and dropping an f-💣. Dropping the f-💣 was part of the show to deflect away from the hugely bad pit call he made. HUGELY BAD. Then the discussion went on to discuss rules, accommodating the lesser endowed teams, how the one-tire-per rule was to accommodate less endowed teams, and how less endowed teams were also accommodated at Loudon with the racing intermission. It is also obvious when the racing intermission happens, and when it doesn’t. All this talk about Coby being open and speaking his mind is absurd. He sends you all chasing shiny objects, and you eagerly do so. This bad pit call however is going to stick to him forever, like he jumped the shark. He’s going to be known forever for this incredibly bad pit call that cost the #2 team the race. Or until he makes an even bigger, stupider and more boneheaded mistake to replace or add to this one. He does this to himself, like he can’t wait to jump out of the frying pan into the bed of burning coals.

    You can only school someone else if you, yourself, have been to school. You would never be allowed to be a teacher.

    Phil Moran is the man, he takes all he has to work with and puts it all together to get the most out of it.

  76. wmass01013 says

    Oh cmom let it go, the rule sucks, Coby is a good driver, u are not a 5 time champion just with a good crew chief, all the teams were scrambling with the late caution, was it a bad call to do 4 stops MAYBE, u take a subject and just pound and pound it to DEATH, U DONT LIKE Bemer and Waterford, u don’t like Coby, WE GET IT, IT WAS emotional outburst, AND Saying u cant compare to David Ortiz in Boston because BOSTON drops F BOMBS like candy and MAYBERRY RFD Stafford Springs IS PURE as it gets is one of the Dumbest things u have said and that takes a lot to accomplish.
    I am NO COBY lover but my god u act like this guy is the worst driver and person on the earth, LET IT GO!
    PS THE FINAL CALLL WOULD BE MORANS if he said to the crew 2 ties and go then that’s IT.

  77. If you’re being fair DGF you went after the shiny object more aggressively then most leveling a 13 paragraph salvo on the theme of “decorum and protocol”. Who can blame you as it was the theme of the commentary after all. Separating yourself now as the one person that can see the more important issue seems disingenuous.
    One could also argue the one tire rule is the shiny object. Exposed as weak in a specific set of very unusual circumstances that normally are not the case. Very much like the damaged wall at NHMS ending the race being a shiny object we all had a merry time dissecting.. In each case the races unfold without these special circumstances and no one even notices either shiny object.

  78. Well, the Stafford one-tire-per rule has been around for a while, and only now did it get significant exposure and discussion. There’s a legal term for this, called estoppel. You knew and lived with this for a long time, but only after a long time, you then claim harm. The law dismisses that alleged claim, for if you really felt harm was genuinely imminent, you should have done something at the outset to neutralize that threat. Wha-wha. Too bad.

    Unlike the relentless exposure of the racing intermission at Loudon, that got relentless, unfavorable attention from the outset.

  79. Passion is passion. It is neither good or bad. The direction it is pointed is another issue that can give that passion a bad look.

  80. Crazy in NY says

    Rip the rule all you want but it saved what was going to be one of the most boring WMT ever. Unless… see one guy totally dominate as entertaining. The rules don’t matter if all involved understand them and learn to work with them or around them. ( no not cheat….figure out how to take advantage of them). Whom ever made the call is irrelevant, it’s likely what cost him the race. Cold stops, advertised pitting on designated laps and other such nonsense takes much of the race out of racing. Crew performance has had and should continue to be part of the whole package of racing in my view. For those that want just the racers to race and decide it.. the weekly fare should suffice.

    If that race went green to checker without a caution the howls on here would have been entertaining.

  81. Estopple-has more to do with established precedent in law then time. In any case rules aren’t law.
    Passion- impressive. My goodness the sages of philosophy have argued about it’s definition forever. You can say it is neither good or bad or say it is good or bad or say it is one or the other and a philosopher of great reputation will have agreed at one point or another.
    Was the race boring up to the caution? I would have agreed until I read Trapper Dave’s comment. If you did find it boring as I you likely shared my lack of modified racing history to grasp what every lap over 100 meant and how exceptional it was.

  82. The yellow flag saved what was going to be a boring race, NOT the one-tire-per rule. Even if it was the old pit stop way, they would have to come in twice, once for fuel and once for tires since they are not allowed to do both at one stop.

    The rule did not save what would have been a snoozer, the yellow flag did.

    If it were a “normal” hot stop where they could take all the tires in one stop, if the #2 took three tires and the rest took two tires, the #2 would still have been at the back of the lead lap cars.

  83. Shawn, about why Coby is vilified… apparently he’s simply not likable. No amount of driving records and success will change that.

    Consider Stefanik and Evans. Those guys were celebrities for their wit, personality and demeanor. They were really nice guys. And they were also great drivers. But Coby is just not likable. He should go to charm school, learn how to deal with the public, how to be aware of his public persona and perception, like most sponsors require of the drivers they sponsor. He should do so for the team.

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