Thompson Notes: Bryan Narducci Tops SK Light Modified Field

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – On Wednesday Bryan Narducci found out that a penalty that would have disqualified him from a victory and suspended him for two events had been overturned at Thompson Speedway

Sunday the Colchester driver got right back to doing what he’s done for most events at Thompson Speedway. 

Narducci won the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Thompson Speedway. 

It was the sixth victory in eight events this season for Narducci and his 10thwin in 12 SK Light Modified starts all time at Thompson dating back to the 2017 season finale at the track. 

“I guess it’s redemption,” Narducci said. “The last time we were here it didn’t end well. It is what it is. This time we came back and we did it as clean as possible and we’re in victory lane. Nothing better than that.” 

Wayne Burroughs Jr. of Oakdale was second and Bert Ouellette of Ellington third. 

In addition to his six SK Light Modified victories at Thompson Narducci has eight this year at Stafford Speedway and currently leads the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Division III national standings. 

“We’ve won the last three at Stafford,” Narducci said. “And then winning here. … We’re on a roll and hopefully keep it going. Leading the national points, leading here at Thompson and we’re closing [in the standings] at Stafford. Maybe we can get it done at all three.”

Ryan Waterman of Danielson scored victory in the 20-lap Limited Sportsman feature. 

“Oh it was a blast today,” Waterman said. “I needed this after the last couple weeks.” 

Jordan Hadley of Waterford was second and Kyle Gero of Norwich third. 

Charles Canfield of East Haven held off Doug Curry of Norwich to win the 15-lap Mini Stock feature. 

“Very nerve-wracking, but definitely fun racing with [Curry],” Canfield said. “With two or three laps to go I knew he was there and I saw him have that run. I got a little nervous but I just had to drive a little harder.” 

Dave Trudeau Sr. of Mansfield was third. 

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  2. Yea for Narducci……..again. But no Chapman, Hodgdon, Prucker or Flynn. Car counts as good or better in the other divisions. Natives restless in the Lite Modifieds at Thompson.
    It must be frustrating. You go to RAD, say you want the best legal engine they can offer and pay for all the value added machining.. Put the best components in your car. Fine tune the set up over the course of the season. Yet still can’t touch the lap time of the 01.
    There’s only one thing you can do. Like Chris Mathews take your car to Chassis Pro. Pre Chassis Pro for Mathews as Stafford 20.30 ish. Post Chassis Pro 20 ish.

  3. ……..and the CIRCUS continue’s…….

  4. Doug, Chapman and Hodgdon have turned faster times than Narducci at times – so it’s possible

  5. True Steve and others as well. But the results are stark aren’t they? Obviously not as consistently and not with as great a frequency.If you’re saying it’s driving ability I would not agree.

  6. The results listed for the Sportsman main are different than what’s listed here on the results page. For example it has Corey Fanning 17th, here it’s 9th. Did something strange happen after the race or on the final lap? Does anyone know

  7. There’s a lot of teams that don’t want to play the game of “daddy’s money” anymore or play the games that the 01 plays like nerfing cars into the wall, dive bombing into the corner and the subsequent slide job and getting railed and so on. Lots of teams are just sick of it and choose not to show up because they don’t have multiple engines,chassis and sea of spare parts at their disposal. It would just be better if all of teams just didn’t show up and maybe take up a different hobby like gardening. Heck, the track tech inspectors can’t even catch them soaking tires so why bother going?

  8. TJ,
    I’m guessing you’re looking at the results that were listed from Race Monitor. For some reason on Sunday Race Monitor was not even close to being accurate. You might also notice the results that have Fanning 17th also list Shawn Monahan in second place when he was actually 16th overall. Race Monitor also listed Troy Talman as the winner of the SK Modified feature, William Wall as the winner of the Late Model feature and Jared Roy as the winner of the Mini Stock feature. None of those results are correct. The results listed here on the Results page at RaceDayCT are the correct results.

  9. You Have to Be the Biggest CRY BABY i ever seen .CHASSIS PRO 5 in a row

  10. Ask for some Help to make your car better The all time winnest driver Chris Matthews asked now he’s faster

  11. Race Monitor does go haywire on occasion. Would be kind of interesting knowing what causes it.
    8 cars is a problem. Add it to the tire fiasco and Thompson seems like it’s smack dab in the middle of a credibility crises. Teams lose faith and it’s curtains especially for a part time track like Thompson where you have limited races to show you’re correcting the issues.

  12. Ron Narducheat says says

    ‘ask for some help’ No ask for some tire softener {Shine LOL}

  13. Ok. Thanks bro!

  14. Ok, thanks bro!

  15. Shawn. Race monitor is correct. You have a case of user error here. Go back to the races you referenced one at a time and look at the upper right hand corner. For example, the SK Race will show Talman as 1st if the upper right of screen is on the stop watch icon because he ran the fastest lap as did all the guys you mentioned that didn’t win, they just had the fastest lap. Touch the icon and it will change to a mini podium and that changes the order of driver on how they finished. See, just user error. Technology is always right!!! Ha ha

  16. Lightsout “dumping” someone is the new normal in racing. But, it’s not called “dumping” but rather “moving someone out of the way”. Gone are the days of the ” gentleman” racer when drivers would “lean” on each other. Aggressiveness is the new normal, and aggressive driving is encouraged, and sometimes rewarded. Drivers nowadays ” punt” each other out of the way with no regard for the consiquences or respect for each other.

  17. Unfortunately, the over aggressive driving won’t stop until there’s a tradgedy, which by then will be too late.

  18. With regard to all the days that are gone that would be what, the 1950’s to early 2000’s. Most of we old timers had our corners of the local racing world we followed and I’m sure these “gentlemen” that you refer to Rob existed somewhere. In my corner they existed for sure but it seemed more the exception then the rule. Hard, no nonsense guys exactly revenge in no uncertain terms many times at the cost of their own car. That’s my recollection anyway.
    It’s a big racing history out there spanning a lot of time. All I can do is point to the guy that represents a good part of it and that would be Ted Christopher. Over his decades of racing he was a lot of great things. One description I do not recall coming up often was “you know what, Ted really was a gentleman out there tonight” as he raced for the win. Just ask Bo Gunning. Bob Potter might have raced like a gentlemen but he was swimming in a pool of sharks at Waterford and later at Stafford as far as I can recall. Many of the lower divisions were organized chaos.
    This year I’ve noticed a couple themes that could be viewed as problems. Like Williams pushing Kopcik out of the way on the last lap. To be clear he did it brilliantly but in my view on the last lap it’s a dirty, unnecessary move. That activity seems to have self corrected as far as I can see. Narducci got black flagged for a similar last lap maneuver that he did very badly.
    The other is Narducci who for better or worse has been a lightning rod this season. My view he has little respect for his fellow division competitors and needs to mature in his decision making showing a tad more patience. But forgetting all that he is just winning too much that is a Stafford and fan engagement problem. Tom Fearn as well. No I’m not implying cheating or anything of the like. I’m saying lack of competition is a bigger cause for concern in local racing then clanging and banging. It ebbs and flows. Last year the SK Lights were the most competitive division and the SK’s no so much. This year as far as taking the checkered flag it’s reversed.
    If anyone wants to take a shot at young drivers funded by families and friends with resources it’s low hanging fruit for sure. However it also shows you to be sadly out of date with no perspective on what is good for the future of local racing. Young people funded by parents enjoying the sport together as a family providing entertainment and sustainability for we fans. How is that a bad thing?
    I’m not being critical of Rob’s comment on gentlemen racers. In fact I thought it was thought provoking and kind of terrific. It would be nice to read what others thoughts are of racing in the past compared to now and how it’s changed with regard to questionable tactics.
    I just think young drivers now whine more then in the past or social media makes it appear that way or both.

  19. Look at the chassis rules/ the side bars are made for banging- bring back single nerf bars. Front bumpers way out in front of the wheels- used to be a flat piece of aluminum just inches in front of the wheels

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