NASCAR Returning To Action At Darlington And Charlotte

(Press Release from NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications)

Return Slate Includes Seven Races in Three Series Across FOX Networks

NASCAR today announced it will return to racing on May 17, which will kick off a slate of races that includes seven events in three series at two race tracks – Darlington Raceway and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

The NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Gander RV & Outdoors Truck Series will each host its first on-track event since mid-March.  

The NASCAR Cup Series will return to Darlington Raceway on Sunday, May 17, with a 400-mile event scheduled for 3:30 p.m. ET, live on FOX, FOX Deportes, MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

What follows is a unique schedule that includes midweek races in primetime and a NASCAR crown jewel – the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway – in its traditional Memorial Day Weekend home for the 60th consecutive season.

The opening slate of races is as follows:

DATE               TRACK             SERIES                        DISTANCE        NET      START (ET)

Sun, May 17      Darlington          Cup                              400 mi              FOX     3:30 PM

Tue, May 19      Darlington          Xfinity                           200 mi              FS1      8:00 PM

Wed, May 20     Darlington          Cup                              500 km             FS1      7:30 PM

Sun, May 24      Charlotte           Cup                              600 mi              FOX     6:00 PM

Mon, May 25     Charlotte           Xfinity                           300 mi              FS1      7:30 PM

Tue, May 26      Charlotte           Gander Trucks              200 mi              FS1      8:00 PM

Wed, May 27     Charlotte           Cup                              500 km             FS1      8:00 PM

Each of NASCAR’s return events will be run without fans in attendance. Further schedule adjustments will be announced in the future.

“NASCAR and its teams are eager and excited to return to racing, and have great respect for the responsibility that comes with a return to competition,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR executive vice president and chief racing development officer. “NASCAR will return in an environment that will ensure the safety of our competitors, officials and all those in the local community. We thank local, state and federal officials and medical experts, as well as everyone in the industry, for the unprecedented support in our return to racing, and we look forward to joining our passionate fans in watching cars return to the track.” 

“We are excited to welcome back the FOX NASCAR season to our airwaves to provide a return to live sports, a move toward normalcy and a much-needed distraction during these unprecedented times,” said Mark Silverman, President, National Networks, FOX Sports. “While we are thrilled to return to the race track, the health and safety of our employees and all race participants is our top priority.  We will continue working in lockstep with our partners at NASCAR and the race tracks to follow all national and local health guidelines.”

Following thorough collaboration with public health officials, medical experts and state and federal officials, NASCAR has implemented a comprehensive health and safety plan. In accordance with CDC, OSHA and state and local government recommendations, nearly every aspect of how the event is conducted will be significantly modified, including:

  • One-day shows;
  • Mandated use of personal protective equipment throughout the event;
  • Health screenings for all individuals prior to entering the facility, while inside the facility and exiting the facility;
  • Social distancing protocols throughout the event;
  • Strict limits on the number of individuals who are granted access into each facility

As NASCAR works towards the execution of these events, the sanctioning body will continue to work with state and local authorities based on trends and local restrictions.

In-race competition procedures remain largely unchanged, though NASCAR will eliminate practice for all events during this opening return slate, as well as qualifying for all events except the Coca-Cola 600.

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  1. I wonder what victory lane will look like? How does that work?

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Great that it’s happening, and much more challenging for the racers with no practice. I would think at least a small practice session would be good from a safety standpoint. Also wondering how the fields will be set, probably by points? If so, how about a random draw for the teams that made the Chase with a second random draw for the rest of the field?

  3. when did they start running races measured in Kilometers. What are they trying to appeal to our friends to the north or trying to draw more of an international audience. Honestly I don’t watch a lot of Nascar at the highest level but if this is the only sports available I will watch it and I can honestly say I am looking forward to it.

    I am curious to see how the media covers this and what if any backlash Nascar gets. Without fans I don’t think Nascar should get abused too much for this. Perhaps they can say the Nascar teams are taking much needed testing resources away from the general population during the pandemic for their roundy round events.

  4. Bobf formally just bob says

    Crap. Sarcasm here
    It was nice to see Preece running up front virtually.
    Hoping it carries over to “new” season.
    We shall see.

  5. According to Trump, there are more than enough tests, so testing shouldn’t be a problem. It will prove to be an interesting social experiment.

  6. Bill Realist says

    I’m glad it’s coming back but they really blew it on this one. 3 races in a row at Charlotte? Great! Always great close racing there especially these days. How about rockingham? Maybe hickory for something different. The argument about infrastructure is null and void at this point.

  7. I don’t know if it’s the right decision but it gave me goose bumps. Something about fighting back against the plague or overcoming. Historic Darlington is an exciting track and the visual of everyone wearing PPE’s sends the right message.
    Fingers crossed for a good Preece run. 22 at Darlington last year.

  8. every race should have random drawing!! as far as the fans go, who cares, , they don’t draw any enthusiasiam to the race itself. victory lane should have a safe limited amount of people in it wearing masks.

  9. Rob P, knew you could not pass up the opportunity to turn this political.

    Boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s go racin boys!

  10. Nothing political about it Earl. Trump says we have enough tests, so it shouldn’t be a problem. In fact these events may be a good social experiment. No politics, just racing, with everyone’s safety in mind

  11. Fast Eddie says

    CSG, Phoenix was a 500k (300 mi) years ago from the Arab oil crisis. a few other races were changed from miles to kilometers as well “to save gas”.

  12. I always exercise using metric numbers, feel like I did way more.

  13. wmass01013 says

    GEE BILL you sure find fault with EVERYTHING
    Charlotte is 1 days shows for all 3 TOP series
    SO u want the TOP 3 NASCAR series to run tracks never run before or in decades?? why not run them at BOWMAN GRAY or RIVERHEAD???
    BE happy something is returning in some form and you are still breathing!!!!!!!!!

  14. 500K = 310.686 miles. The Phoenix race, and maybe Sonoma? are measured by kilometers. I guess 500K sounds better than 310.686. I think all oval races should be at least 400 miles, after all these guys are supposed to be the best. Eager to see Newman back on track, as well as the return of Kenseth. 1 Roush teammate returning, and 2 old Roush teammates reunited. Pretty cool.

  15. Bobf formally just Bob says

    Bill Realist. Love the Rockingham idea. No idea what shape that place is in though. As fans will not be there or anywhere for time being, how great would it be for any of the series to run at tracks off of the circuit for a while. Like N Wilksboro for example, maybe too much disrepair, but it sure would be interesting. I guess it would boil down to the “no practice” and no relevant notes. And, lack of promotion for tracks currently on the circuit. Just a guess.
    Ok Doug, new season for Preece stating now. Fingers crossed, here’s hoping! But he’s gotta go and make the numbers better. Now or never here for him is how I feel. Stay safe everyone!

  16. I agree with you Bob f. It would be cool to see these guys run tracks they don’t normally run. Would be interesting to see which teams adapt quickly. Maybe run the road course at Daytona and Indy

  17. Wonder if the Covid outbreak gas affected the rollout of the Gen 7 car. It’s not like the teams were working through this whole stoppage.

  18. A cool thing NASCAR and the France family are doing amid this pandemic.
    On May 31st Daytona International Speedway will host 2 high school graduation cerimonies. Graduates will be in their cars, and will receive their diploma as they cross the start/finish line if the speedway. Representatives from both schools and the track are in the process of ironing out the logistics. Pretty cool way to get your diploma none the less.

  19. Shame on you NASCAR. We are in the middle of a pandemic. People are dying every day. The numbers are there. Dareal posts them every day. I think it is terrible that NASCAR is rushing back like this putting all these teams in the line of fire. I thought there were limits on the number of people that can gather in public areas. People, please show your displeasure to NASCAR! Do not watch any of these events on television. Make them the lowest rated sporting events ever televised. I know I will not tune in out of respect to the people who have been sickened or lost their lives due to the virus.

  20. The white house is blocking Dr Fauci from testifying to Congress next week. Why? Afraid he’ll tell them just how screwed we really are? If everything is going so peachy why block him?

  21. Gen 7 car delayed until 2022. Nascar announced that a few weeks ago.

    There won’t be any new tracks this year due to the TV contracts. All the revenue is coming from TV money and the current tracks have contracts in place. Those TV contracts are very real and far from null and void.

    Rockingham is race ready but not going to happen in 2020 as mentioned above.

  22. EdJ, NASCAR is doing things the right way. The teams are only allowed a set number of people at the track. NASCAR is tracking each person. They will know exactly who is there, so if something does happen they will be able to track it quickly. I read somewhere that everyone attending will be screened before entering the facility. If done right, this may serve as a model for other forms of racing, although I think Friday nights at the local short tracks won’t happen this year.

  23. Ed J, Mitch McConnell has been pressuring baseball to resume to create the appearance of normality and that the pandemic is over. Keep in mind that it is an election year. The Trump admin can easily hide the COVID-19 deaths with crazy diversions and distractions. Trump makes like the deaths aren’t happening and all he talks about is how great the economy was, and how people aren’t nice to him. Look, many people are oblivious to the 2,100 people per day that are dying already. AND THAT IS WHILE WE ARE LIVING UNDER QUARANTINE CONDITIONS!!!!!! Furthermore, the GOP is requiring that new bills contain terms and conditions that indemnify companies that open from liability. So companies can open with no protections for the employees or customers, and the companies can not be sued. Not good, we need to keep protections for the workers and customers.

    Companies are not going to reopen and put people, employees and customers at risk. Look what’s going on with the meat packing plants. Pence has ordered the workers to show up and do their jobs. Trump has ordered the workers to show up and work. The plants have outbreaks with hundreds or thousands infected with COVID-19. These people are processing your food and are being ordered by the President to go to work. These companies will be remembered and marked forever if deaths are linked to their operation. This has been all over the news. There will be boycotts. Even Jennerstown is getting negative feedback already. They are trying to get people to pressure law officials to let them open up.

    Trump has ties with NASCAR, so the opening of NASCAR was inevitable and a given.

  24. Rob P.,
    You of all people should be against this. You have stated on here that you lost a life long friend to this and another one became very ill from the virus. I would think that after all that has happened in your life recently that you would be against such reckless acts that are starting to take place. Is racing more important than people’s lives? You have been one of the biggest proponents of staying home. Why should NASCAR allow their race teams to be the guinea pigs? I don’t think there is six feet between the left rear tire changer and the fuel fill, so if NASCAR allows teams to change tires and fuel on the same stop it is impossible to social distance.

  25. The way I understand it is that everyone would be tested with a rapid response test, before being allowed in. Plus, they know exactly who is there. The number of crew members has been minimized. And with only 1 series at the track , there will be plenty of room to separate the teams. I’d be willing to say, but can’t confirm, that there are most likely very strict rules in place to keep teams from interacting with each other. The good thing is that if someone does get sick, they’ll have all the contact trace information at hand. Someone had to go first.
    Would I rather have it not happen, and wait a while? Hell yes, never said it would be safe. But seeing as I have no control in the situation, it’s nice to see that it appears they have a good plan. Kind of funny that NASCAR can get those rapid response tests, and enough to do all 3 series, yet the U.S. Senate can’t even get enough 3 day tests to test 100 senators and their staff.
    I do stand by Stay At Home orders, and have been doing just that, even though I’m taking a moderate financial hit. It’s safer at home right now, and it looks like we’ll be here a while.
    Hope everyone has a good weekend, beautiful weather, good day for yardwork. Practice what I preach STAY HOME. it is making a difference.

  26. Don’t get on Nascar. I drove by the local Lowe’s store today. It looked like the parking lot at the Sizzler. Packed full!! Just as I predicted, once the warm weather arrives people aren’t staying home. If Lowes and Walmart are jamming on a Saturday then short track racing can’t be far behind. I think we will see racing before we see restaurants operating at full capacity. State Parks have gone to registration system because so many people are showing up. The beaches will be next. I stand by my belief that we will much further down the road in June than people anticipate. Oklahoma is opening almost all industries this week. The numbers have NOT spiked in Georgia despite their limited response. The NFL may have limitations but they have all but guaranteed football in 2020 now. The tide is turning the other way.

  27. Wait 2 or 3 weeks, when we start seeing huge spikes in all these open states. People don’t get it. This virus is an equal opportunity killer. It don’t matter if you live in a big city of 500,000 or a small town of 500, let your guard down and this virus will find you and kill you. There ain’t no coming back from DEAD it’s final. Although you see many people out, many more choose to stay home. This virus has at least another 7-8 months to hang around, untreated. And that’s provided one of these fast track vaccines actually works, and then how long it takes to produce it, and get it into people, so it could be a year. Up until mid April the virus killed about 30,000 people, it killed another 30,000 in just 2 weeks. In the last 2 days we’ve lost nearly 5000 people. At these rates we will lose another 75,000- 80,000 people. But, this disease infects exponentially, so those numbers could end up much higher. Like I said, if you thought the last 2 months were bad, wait, you haven’t seen anything yet.
    Use your head, do the math. Is it really worth your life?
    Hope everyone is safe, strong and sane. Hang in there, your doing the right thing, and it’s helping us all.

  28. So how many COVID-19 deaths are considered an acceptable expense per race?

  29. None is the only acceptable amount. But we’re not NASCAR so who knows. I would hope none would be their answer, going one step further to say any Covid cases are unacceptable, and if they see any signs that they close down Imediatley.
    How many Covid deaths are acceptable when reopening a state?

  30. OK then according to JD the Lowes and Walmart somewhere in Market Basket country are jamming and thus the unproven observation somewhere that is unidentified proves JD’s self congratulating point of how smart he is..
    God how stupid can you be
    The mess we are in screams context. I live in Enfield, Ct, our death rate in Ct is heading to 5 grand plus or minus depending on the projection and I’m at Home Depot with all those people. With a mask staying away from people. As almost everyone else is.
    You’re another one of these prom queens JD that won’t say where the hell you are to give what you say makes you so smart a little context.. If it’s New Hampshire you’re under 100 deaths so how is that comparable to CT or Mass? If you’re in Northern Mass is it rural or near a vulnerable urban center. Are people wearing masks or kissing the cash register?
    No JD racing and beaches are not anywhere near as essential to the economy as Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and a gazillion other businesses.
    ” The NFL may have limitations but they have all but guaranteed football in 2020 now.”
    No JD, not remotely close to true. In fact a monumentally inaccurate statement and I say that as a person that desperately wants it to be true.

  31. JD, people get it. Most of them anyways. Since they are to stay home, might as well make the most of it and get to work on those “honey do” lists. That has NOTHING to do with short track racing. Hardware stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, are considered essential, so they are open. Is a short track considers essential? So what are people going to do? All those home projects they wouldn’t have time or money for if they were going to the track, beach, restaurants, shopping, etc.

    The are no crowds at the home centers, the visitors are controlled, like at the grocery stores. Geez, grocery stores are jamming.

    JD, the Republican Convention is scheduled for late August. The GOP is already considering not doing it to avoid the crowds that would normally be gathered for several days of the convention. THE GOP IS LOOKING AT OTHER OPTIONS FOR THE CONVENTION THAT IS SCHEDULED FOR AUGUST BECAUSE THEY CAN’T GATHER IN LARGE CROWDS. That’s four months away. They are expecting this social distancing and pandemic to be a serious issue then such that it will impact their convention.

    So while the politicos take all these measures to protect themselves, you’re gonna go to crowded short track events? Nice knowing you.

  32. ” This virus has at least another 7-8 months to hang around, untreated. And that’s provided one of these fast track vaccines actually works, and then how long it takes to produce it, and get it into people, so it could be a year.”
    JD wins the sports related stupidity award. There is literally no credible information anywhere to support what that gem from Rob p just offered so he wins the news stupidity award.
    I’ve read the claim of Rob p of being a guy deeply involved in Late Model racing and a principle in a very successful team. Only to read he never had any investment in racing and spent no money in the sport. No Rob p spent his money on family. Noble indeed. But not consistent with what he’s said over literally years. I think you’re full of crap Rob p. Just my opinion.

  33. To Doug, tell me where I got it wrong. Another 7 months puts us just about at the 1 year mark for a vaccine. That’s provided they come up with a viable vaccine. It’s estimated that once a vaccine is found they’ll be able to produce about 5 million doses a week. So tell me brilliant one, how long will it take for a vaccine? Do the math and you end up about a year from right now. As far as the racing stuff goes, yes I spent my money helping my family, but spent allot of company money racing. Look at a picture of Jim’s car from 01,02 C&S Engineering, that’s me you idiot. My investment helped to win 2 championships, not to mention all the long hours preparing 2 cars. Tell me Doug, did you ever have any success? Maybe a top 20, top 10 provided there were only 10 cars. And don’t be speaking Ill if my family idiot, I don’t speak Ill of yours
    So tell me idiot, what did I say that was wrong?. I’m waiting

  34. Dareal, did you piss in Doug’s corn flakes again. You need to stop winding him up, his fuzzy little heads gonna explode, and then we won’t be treated to his long winded rants about absolutely nothing.
    As for everyone else, hope all is well. Stay safe strong and sane, although it’s a little late for some of us. Keep fighting the good fight people, your sacrifices are helping all of us.

  35. A small group of doctors have started a study into quarenteen syndrome.
    We’ve all heard about the mental health toll this curus has taken on doctor’s, nurses and first responders, but now doctors are saying that people staying at home 24-7 is leading to mental illnesses. Explains Doug. If anyone heard the exact phrase they’ve named this, post it up.

  36. They say you can’t fix stupid, turns out you can’t quarentine it either.

  37. So because I live in NH and the numbers are much lower my context is wrong but your context is correct? The box stores up here are not limiting entry. The stores and parking lots were full. That is fact. Stop telling me people are staying home when my eyes are telling me they aren’t. You guys are all banging the I’m staying home drum but seem to all want to talk about what is happening outside your homes. All retail stores in NH are allowed to open on Friday. That is this Friday, not a Friday 7 or 8 months from now. They are already allowed to open in many other states. Lee Speedway has set an opening date of June 1. Star is shooting for June too. Again, dates could change but things are trending that way.

    Market Basket is based in Massachusetts. What exactly is Market Basket country??

    I don’t make my news up. The NFL statement I made was widely reported yesterday on NFL Network, Pro Football Talk, ESPN etc. You might not like that news but that was the most recent NFL news yesterday. The article is still up on PFT. Go read it. Ole JD is proven correct once again. Nice try.

    The NFL schedule will be released on Wed.

  38. JD wrote, “Ole JD is proven correct once again.”

    Not sure, what are you claiming to be right about?

    JD, did you see the other thread about Tri-Track postponing the May 24 Clarement event? No future date was offered.

    Here’s the link:

    JD, the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, SDE, HFE, CPW, NNN, SOG, PWA, MWO, and everyone and their siblings have been yapping it up like they are opening in a few days or couple weeks, for several weeks. None of it has ever happened. NASCAR might get away with it because the top tiers have great TV contracts, and the Trucks and xfinity series have always been running with no crowds. For the Cup to run with no crowds is no big stretch. BTW, I heard that the team employees have made it clear they do not want to travel so the local circuit around the shops was dreamed up. Along with one day only shows. The major leagues have been yapping it up about operating some how for weeks, but NOTHING DEFINITIVE has been announced. Even the NASCAR deal can be stopped in an instant.

    The only thing open is essentials, like food, meds, hardware, auto repair, etc. And at that, crowd control is in effect. Restaurants in my area have given up on take out service, and are now completely closed.

    Let me remind you, the GOP is looking at alternative to the late August convention because they can’t and won’t gather in large crowds for several days because of the pandemic. C’mon, demand your GOP walk the walk, and gather in large crowds to show their constituents that it’s safe to do so and go back to work.

    JD, there are many PSA’s on TV about this pandemic. This is nothing trivial. We have been living this in lockdown for several weeks, we open up and feed people to the virus this thing is going to explode. Several states are planning on relaxing in the next week. Watch the data in 2-3 weeks. NOT IMMEDIATELY. It takes several weeks to respond. Furthermore, Mississippi was going to relax but they are now experiencing a sudden rise in cases so they are reconsidering relaxing.

    JD, don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. These sorts of things only happen to other people. Nice knowing you.

    JD, we are chugging along at 30,000 new cases per day and just over 2,100 deaths per day. Steady, no sign of attenuating. The CDC issued guidelines that the pandemic must be in several weeks of strong decline before they would recommend relaxing social distancing. If we relax now, all I see are people being fed to the virus. 🦠 I’d feel better if the GOP members would roam among the general public with no social distancing, masks, etc. But they are making sure they are very well protected.

  39. Rob p., Doug is livid when he gets called out, or someone doesn’t agree with him. I still laugh out loud when I think of how I nailed him on multiple screen names. It was profound stupidity. And the only people that agreed with him were his alter egos and other screen names.

    So if you don’t go along with him or his many screen names, it’s the same as peeing in his cornflakes. I’m guilty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I called him out a couple days ago with a post of a couple sentences, and he’s replied with so much he’s consumed the electrical output of three nuclear power plants. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    He’s like Trump. Trump makes promises and doesn’t keep them. (Mexico will pay for the wall.) Doug repeatedly promised to leave, or in his megalomaniacal narcissistic mind he thought he was threatening to leave, but never left. He’s still here.

    Nuclear power plants will now be put on high power alert.

  40. ” The NFL may have limitations but they have all but guaranteed football in 2020 now.”
    How you can utter the word guaranteed in this environment even with a qualifier makes no sense. It is true the company line is what you would expect to be with spring training not scheduled until July and the season 4 plus months off. The schedule will come out and the intent like everything we’ve seen is to have the season as scheduled. There’s the company line and there’s the reality that all the owners, coaches and players know to be true but at this point in time serves no point to publicly speculate.
    OTA’s have been canceled so there’s that. No one in sports talk from the pure geeks to former players believe the season will go off as scheduled. Everything is on the table from a shortened spring training, shortened season, Saturday games if college doesn’t have games, a quarantine of players for 5 months to protect them from being infected. And yes depending on what happens a canceled season.
    Nothing today is “almost guaranteed” especially team sports related entertainment.

  41. “You guys are all banging the I’m staying home drum”
    I have no idea how you get from me saying I’m going to Home Depot to advocating for cringing and hiding like the engineer amigos. I don’t know how you get I’m telling you people are staying home when I know where I am they are not nor am I. My point was you should say where your location is for it to have any context and to my knowledge that’s the first time you’ve said you live in New Hampshire.
    It’s a false premise to imply there are two choices. Cringing in the house in fear like Rob p and the scum bag and going out as if nothing has changed. I guarantee in and around Enfield, CT today things were rocking. In fact you could infer from it all the stay at home order was a joke. On the other hand people are masking up and as far as I can see aware of there proximity to other people.
    Full parking lots for big box stores while small business stays shuttered. You can see why small business folks would be bitter prevented from opening and seeing their livelihood go down the tubes.
    The larger point is this. With regard to businesses opening it’s about location. We in and around NYC are simply getting hammered. What we do should have no bearing on the decisions New Hampshire, South Carolina or any other State with a low infection and death rate. Nor should anyone be applying opening dates are universal countrywide.
    The way things have worked out various States are firing up business at different rates and none have qualified to do so under the administrations protocols. They’re doing what they think is right for them and whether it is good or bad it’s the way it’s going to be.
    At this stage I am very sympathetic to those that want to get back to business. I know it means more death but there are negative consequences to not opening that can be worse for far more people. Moreover there is a powerful argument that why should we crush the economy for relatively low numbers of sick and old people. It’s a hard fact but true. It’s a balance of science, location and stress on the health care system of each region. The notion that a few have pushed in this forum to stay at home may be fine for where they are but it doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

  42. Rob p 4/27
    “Well Doug, how I spend my money is none of your God dammed business. But since you brought it up, I didn’t spend my money racing, ”
    Rob p 5/2
    “As far as the racing stuff goes, yes I spent my money helping my family, but spent allot of company money racing. ”

    Got it. Company money.

  43. I have no idea when a vaccine will be available Rob p. I trust Bill Gates does and this is what he says about it.

    I don’t know what your 7 or 8 months deal is. The virus will be with us for a long time. It will subside then re-emerge by location and population density. The challenge will be to balance economic interests with the public health and health provider capacity.. The Mass and CT projections show a remarkable improvement in infections and deaths merely weeks away. Our goal is flattening the curve in the short run and developing treatments for those infected while the vaccine is being worked on.

  44. Hey RaceDayCt nation. I love you guys. And gals if there are any to be found.
    Except for Rob p and the DGF of course. I’m biased but I write what I write after doing a great deal of research and stick to facts as best as I can if challenged. I have to say if you’re basing your responses on peeing in corn flakes, triggering and really old sybil stuff I’m holding my own. But it’s not for me to judge.
    Rob p and DGF engineers, I’m not thinking so much. Bag of hammers is what I’m thinking based on how often they are factually incorrect but as I said I’m biased.

  45. Doug, who says I’m cowering in my house? I’ve been out, been to my shop, my office. I’ve even gone shopping. Can’t work right now, all my clients are closed.
    I stay home when I can, to do my part, that’s all, it’s really simple, our Governor has asked people to stay home till May 18th, I’ve got no work, no need to be out so I stay home.
    So Doug, what was your best finish? You haven’t said. Win any championships? It may have been a while ago, but I still hold my head high knowing I helped to accomplish what many don’t, got the scrapbook to prove it. So Doug, you may want to think first, type later, in the future.

  46. Rob p 3/18
    “Now, getserious, it’s my turn. Have you ever built a race car from the ground up? Have you ever set up a race car? Have you ever re-clipped a race car? Have you ever crewed a race car? Have you ever won a race? Have you ever won multiple races? Have you ever won a championship? Have you ever won consecutive championships?
    I can answer YES to all of the above. Can you? Now really get serious, and next time think, before you type.”

    Got it Rob p. Your experience in racing is a big part of how you define yourself and are happy to let anyone know at any time. I don’t see how that’s relevant to the conversation.

  47. You do a good job at retyping stuff. Have you ever had an original thought?

  48. Ventured out today. Palmer, where I live still looks empty, but as I got closer to Chicopee started seeing a few more cars, but nothing like pre Covid normal. Meat prices are on the rise, spent $180, where normally would spend about $120, but didn’t see a shortage of product. The owner of the store was walking around apologizing to people for the increase. Made my way home, let my cat in. He came in the house and shot me one if those oh f you, I’ve had enough of you looks. Cat owners will understand. Then he disappeared down the hall. It’s gotten that bad.
    Quarantine fatigue syndrome. Anybody heard if it? People in quarantine for long periods of time tend to develop it. Depression, sadness, tiredness, inability to sleep, cronic fear, just a few of the symptoms to be aware of. Suicide is up, especially among people in the medical field.
    Hope everyone is safe,strong and sane. I know 99% of you know when I say stay at home, that I’m not suggesting to cower in fear at home. Our sacrifices have greatly helped, so keep fighting the good fight. Get your face coverings ready, about to be mandatory in MA.

  49. Allot of July 4th events have been cancelled in MA. Governor Baker has said when the state does finally open it will be a very very slow process. Wondering if Gillette will be open this fall.

  50. I’m with Doug on this one, what does a scrapbook of racing memories have to do with this particular conversation?? Umm… nothing!

  51. Breaking: ABC World News.
    The U.S. could see 3000 deaths per day, by June according to John’s Hopkins. In a report shared with the government. They predict a second wave that will be much worse than the first.

  52. JD, are you with Doug or Rob p.? Doug is the one creating the scrapbooks with all the recycling.

  53. JD it’s all Doug, read through his posts. Every time he throws his fits, he brings up my involvement in racing. This time he brought up money. Even though it’s none of his business how much I spent nor anyone’s for that matter. Doug 8s jealous of anyone successful of anything. Stay here long enough, you’ll learn.

  54. Are these posting times correct? I see Rob p posting a 4:27AM on 4/28. 12:42AM on 5/1. On 5/2 12AM, 12:13AM, 12:24AM, 12:43AM, 1:38AM, 1:51AM and 2:5!AM.
    I’m a fan of this forum but that there is some kind of turbo charged commitment to RaceDayCt.
    OK so Rob p you think being part of a winning team in local racing is one of your life’s greatest achievements. That’s fine but for me other things are more important. Like being a good spouse and parent to our children? Raising our children right and encouraging their education. Did they get their degree, go on to get good jobs and be their careers and personal relationships. As adults did we work hard in our jobs and gain the respect of our co workers, pay our bills, save money, make wise investments and achieve a measure of independence as we age? Are we eating right and exercising as we age so when we get older can enjoy a good quality of life and not be a burden on others. Do we treat others with respect regardless of what color, sex or personal circumstance and not prejudge them? For those with military service did you do your job, get promotions and leave service with a good record. In this pandemic if you’re old have you made sure you have an up to date will and have gotten your personal accounts in order.
    On that list of ideal I’ve come up short on a more then I care to admit but on the whole have done OK. One thing that does not in the slightest way register on my list of things I put value in is my mediocre time in Street Stocks. It actually registers more on the selfish failure side. Not because of the lack of success because it was fantastic but the waste of money.
    You can waive around your scrap book all you like Rob p and if it’s a big deal for you knock yourself out. Your car accident, degenerative back issues, operations, sick and dead friends, monetary struggles, business struggles, hating Republicans, calling Trump voters names and whining about Trump and the government not doing enough is what I’m seeing and I have to say I don’t aspire to any of it.
    You’re in your mid 50’s the star of your own soap opera sharing too much personal information in my view, that on some nights you post all through the time you should be sleeping.
    No one here is your friend and the least of all the scum bag. You happen to occupy the same space in the bag of hammers because of your common hatred of Trump but otherwise he’d turn on you in a second if you didn’t agree with him.
    If your position Rob p is that I am jealous of your connection to a championship caliber race team given the way too much information you’ve shared that would be incorrect.

  55. Doug, I’ve noticed a pattern with you, and that’s all I’m gonna say.
    Racing isn’t my only accomplishment by the way, many more that I’m proud of. But like I said, I’ve noticed a pattern, I’m sure others have too.

  56. It’s just a fact that the more a person posts and the longer the posts and the stronger the statements are the more incoming you’re going to take. Over the course of time an online persona emerges and we all have to take responsibility for that and account for what we said to get it. Everyone has a pattern including you and the scum bag that by now is so deeply rutted in Trump fever you’re both up to you axles.
    A guy merely mentions the Reuters/Ipsos poll and you and the scum start salivating like Pavlov’s dog. An accurate comment by the way and only a couple lines. About one snap shot in time of many 6 months from the election and you two idiots go off on it like you discovered a bundle of toilet paper at Walmart at closing time.
    You just annoy me Rob p. It’s no big deal I annoy way more people then you do. Whether it’s yammering on about ticket prices that are two years out of date at Stafford. Bragging about your wins and championships then saying you didn’t spend any money on racing you spent it on your parents then saying you did but it was your business like your business is not you spending money on racing. You’re hunkering down then you not hunkering down. You can’t afford to buy an NBC Sports Gold subscription, you can’t afford to go to more races, your physical issues make it hard for you to go to races. That’s a pattern as well. Many have personal and/or physical challenges but they don’t have to qualify everything they say with personal drama.
    You’ve been annoying to me for years Rob p. The thing that’s different now, the thing that really seemed so incongruous was the hatred you expressed for Republicans and people that voted for Trump juxtaposed with all that sappy personal stuff you dish out. It’s one thing bloviating on ticket prices you haven’t kept up with and another completely getting so many things factually wrong in a crises. Facts that unlike reflections on racing can be easily checked..

    “But like I said, I’ve noticed a pattern, I’m sure others have too.”.
    Where do you think we are on a playground? Hey Dougie, Robbie says Judy said you’re ugly. I’d say grow up but that ship sailed. If you’re hoping I’ll behave like an insecure teenager seeking the approval of others like you and the scum bag don’t hold you breath.

  57. Doug, you don’t annoy me, you amuse me. Tread long enough? Come on Me Wonders, your gonna have to do better than that.

  58. Your too easy, almost predictable Dougie. But where your wrong is politics
    I’m far from a political person. No bumper stickers, yard signs, or stupid hats. On election day I’ll go and vote, but not D, not R, but for the person I feel is best for the job.
    If you think a lying, cheating thug like Donald Trump is who you want to lead the greatest country in the world, then vote for him, that’s the beauty of the system. Personally I really don’t care, your not gonna hurt my feelings voting for Trump.

  59. Doug is triggered.


    RickyinMass is triggered.

    WeldingWonders is triggered.

    Insipid Sybil is triggered.

    Doug, can list all the others I left out? Don’t want them to be upset for not getting attention.

    Doug, you got caught being stupid. I’m loving it!!!!! And you just keep bringing more and more attention to your stupidity.

  60. Dougie is not well. Too much time cooped up, cowering in fear. Oops wait, maybe it’s Welding wonders. Nope, must be Rickyinmass. Help, I’m lost, who is it? Where’s Waldo? Dammit, I hate when this happens.

  61. If you need to think up a reply for 24 hours, is it still a spontaneous thought?

  62. On March 28th I wrote this.
    *I’m grateful to the government from Trump on down to State and local government both Republican and Democratic. Maybe not Trump so much but certainly Pence on down. Grateful for the risks administrative officials, Congress, State and local administrators and legislator take to do their jobs passing legislation and managing critical services.
    *Grateful that the government has seen fit to take extraordinary measures both fiscally and monetarily to mitigate the economic affects of the virus as best they know how and that the measures that can only be described as epic were passed in record time.
    *sad that older people are the most vulnerable but happy that the children with their entire futures ahead of them have been less affected so far.
    *Being thankful for the medical professionals is obvious. They are under incredible stress. However less obvious are all the people doing their jobs that we depend on from the employees at grocery stores, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, garbage drivers and all others taking risks but flying under the radar as we huddle in our homes.
    *I don’t take for granted the fact that the government credits a Social Security payment to my account every month so reliably I don’t even check any more. Nor the fact as a geezer the government gives me access to great health care benefits no profit based company would ever provide. And that baring a situation where the hospitals are overwhelmed it is likely I could get attended to in the event it were necessary. I do understand that not all people have that access that is especially needed now and very troubling.
    *I’m grateful that the virus came as spring is coming. That we can escape by taking a walk on a sunny day and appreciate the simple pleasure it provides with social distancing built in.
    *grateful that package stores are considered essential businesses
    * while there is a virus floating around that could kill you otherwise surfaces in any place the public frequents have probably never been more sanitary and that’s something.
    *not happy about the lack of sports for sure but happy streaming exists. Not depending on broadcast shows like in days gone by. So many options to watch what you want when you want it while we all bide our time.
    * Sympathetic to all the moms and dads out there that are dealing with this, trying to maintain their income and having to watch their kids and worry about them at the same time.
    *Grateful to all the research firms across the planet and governments funding them that are working feverishly to find a vaccine and additional means to fight the respiratory affects of the virus. Not on our radar now but in time may very well end the far reaching affects this stinker.
    *grateful to Stafford Speedway especially this year for supporting The Show series, the podcasts and the sim racing special. They are and will be under tremendous pressure this year to avoid losing money and here they are providing free content to keep everyone engaged and hopeful that racing will resume.
    *Grateful to RaceDayCt and the outlet to vent it provides especially now. Sympathetic to the fact that it will be affected revenue wise as will everything race related and hopeful Shawn and company can muddle through the mess successfully.

    I think those sentiments continue to hold up well. I do mention things that benefit me but without reverting to petty politics otherwise show I understand the plight of and have empathy for others.

    A day later you wrote this.

    “Like Doug, I’m grateful for allot of things, for most, that so far I’ve remained Covid free. Both my father, and my wife have underlying health conditions, for that matter so don’t I. Because of all the closures, I’m pretty much unemployed, even though I worked very little before Covid. I spend some of my day at my dad’s, helping him pack up. He’s selling his house, but it’s been put on hold due to the pandemic. His real estate agent is smart enough not to have showings. I watch allot of TV ,trying to avoid the news, yet staying up to date on the issues. I’ve started playing Grab Turismo on my PlayStation, still trying to find a NASCAR game though. I can see the draw to iracing, and imagine it is quite fun especially if your lucky enough to have a simulator type setup. I’ve managed to get a few projects done around the house that probly would never have gotten done under normal circumstances. But in the end, I’m grateful for what I’ve got, and what I don’t.”

    That’s you and the DGW in a nutshell. Taking everything and interpreting it all in terms of yourselves.

  63. Dougie no play, me very sad.

  64. What’s your point Dougie? Because that post made absolutely no sense to me. You still don’t get it. Maybe welding wonders can explain it to you, once he learns to weld

  65. Amazing, simply amazing how someone can get so tee’d up from a post on a racing website LMFAO. This is just too easy.

  66. That he went and created all those other screen names to try to pull of the fraud was freaking hysterical!!!!! Then went and blew it all with massive stupid by posting the same post under two different screen names. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Then he gets mad and goes on the attack for getting caught and called out. Makes it even better!!!!!! Like Trump denying it was him in the Entertainment Tonight video.


    Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions. Doug, who made you do all those screen names?

  67. Easier than shootin’ fish in the proverbial barrel.

  68. Actually Dareal, Mythbusters did a segment on shooting fish in a barrel, it was harder then you’d imagine. So let’s change that to: Easier than selling crack to a crackhead. There ain’t nothing easier except teeing up Dougie, or is it welding wonders, oh no it’s Rickyinmass. Where’s Waldo dammit?

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