Nichole Thibeault Wins SK Light Modified Feature At Speedbowl

Nichole Thibeault celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo: Cassie Rocco)

Last week Nichole Thibeault said she wanted to return to action in the SK Light Modified division to show her three-year old twins Logan and Lianna that “their mommy was once a badass.” 

She did just that last week, driving to a third place finish in the SK Light Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in her first race since 2014. 

Saturday Thibeault got to introduce her children to Victory Lane. 

In her second start for car owner Larry Goss, Thibeault scored victory in the 25-lap SK Light Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. 

Thibeault became the second female driver in track history to win an SK Light Modified feature at the track. 

The first female to win in the division was Victoria Bergenty on September 21, 2013. It was also on that day that Thibeault became the first female driver to win an SK Modified feature at the Speedbowl. 

Wayne Burroughs Jr. was second and Charlie McDougal third. 

Joey Gada topped the field in the 35-lap SK Modified feature. Rob Janovic Jr. was second and Kyle James third.

Jason Palmer won the 30-lap Late Model feature. Ryan Morgan was second and Tyler Tomassi third.

Shawn Monahan won the 25-lap Sportsman feature. Al Stone III was second and Morgan third.

Doug Curry won the 25-lap Mini Stock feature. Charles Canfield was second and Bill Sylvia third. 


  1. Congrats to Nicole! I remember her SK win beating Teddy; another well deserved win.
    I also remember her giving Teddy a piece of her mind after he wrecked her during another race; I think it was during a season opener.
    We are lucky to have these drivers provide us great memories.

  2. Fan of the night says

    congrats but beating Ted in a SK race is not the same as beating 14 year olds in aSK light race. Why not go race a SK if you are that good

  3. Racing within her budget. Kudos to her.

  4. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Great to see Nicole in victory lane again along with Joey Gada. I see the haters are on FB complaining about her being in the lites. Puleo making his sk debut. Dimattao back at the bowl. No one seems to know who Ryan McCarthy is in Rocco’s rental. Jeff Rocco in the 57 looking like a pinball. Should keep Keith in the car. Ken Barry will have a busy week, with Samantha Anderson smashing into Tyler Barry’s car.

  5. I agree it didn’t feel as good as an sk win. But my kids were able to watch their mom drive a car again. It brought lots of recognition to the track and maybe this will open the door for me to an SK ride? This is a free ride! I sold all my cars. I can’t afford the life style on my own, I took the opportunity and ran with it. Hope that clears up some confusion to the haters. SKL is not a kids division, look at the cars at stafford… Hope the field fills up soon! Glad to bring some publicity to my favorite home track!

  6. to all the people who seems to know more about race cars then the racers open your wallet write the checks to pay the bills and then put the drivers you find fault with in your car most will drive for free

  7. Fan Of The Night,
    The second place finisher in the SK Light Modified feature at Waterford Saturday was a 35-year old longtime track veteran.

  8. ron pinsoneault says

    Great to see her at the track again.

  9. I am all for Nichole.I would race a wheelbarrow if that was all that I could afford.I am sure an SK ride will open up soon.Good Luck!

  10. 🌈🦄2020 says

    A wins a win. You got at least one guy running a tour type mod and sk lite at Stafford on the same night. It would be cool seeing Nichole run an sk again though. Hard to believe last time she was out there, was against TC and Lutz. Buckler said it best. They had to replace the windows on the bus after her scream on the mike shattered them 😂.

  11. Glad you responded to the haters, Nicole. Good luck going forward. Nice to see you back.

  12. Jerry Fascione says

    a Win is a win what do you care what class she won in ? Congratulations its hard to get a win in any class.

  13. sour grapes equals sour parents says

    as far as I know Mrs Thibeault falls within the age limits of the division. second of the night AKA “mom and dad” why don`t you look at it realistically, younger inexperienced drivers racing with someone who has more laps at the facility could actually HELP your son or daughter. A mentor perhaps so instead of bashing embrace and share knowledge. take some time to get your car to handle better and your child can have a better experience at the race track. PS I know you spent spent thousands on a quarter midget or a legend/bandelero . you stepped up with a BIG investment and you suck , calling out or complaining on social media only embarrasses you and your child. not a confidence builder . have you thought of that ?

  14. Right on Jerry with an addition. It’s hard racing a car period let alone winning.

    Stafford Press Release 11/16/19
    “The winners of the Most Popular Driver Awards were Keith Rocco in the SK Modified® division, Tom Fearn in the Late Model division, Sami Anderson from the SK Light division, Alexandra Fearn from the Limited Late Model division, and Meghan Fuller in the Street Stock division.”

    What I’m noticing is a woman winning the award in every division there is a woman.
    Women win MPD awards mostly because they are special. It’s a traditional male sport that calls on qualities males are traditionally associated with. All you need to do is watch Meg Fuller pass Zack Robinson last Friday then watch what happened after to see the clear difference in style.
    So when you get a woman that wins sorry guys but it’s just more special regardless of the division.
    And it’s not just about the driver. It’s about who built and set up the car as well.
    It’s very discouraging reading the word “haters” so frequently on such a feel good story.

  15. Sour grapes, ur right. I raced against men double my age my entire modified career. It took years for me to earn their respect and tonssssssss I’d wrecked equipment to get there. I was wrecked every other week and stuck it out. So I guess TC was racing against little kids too 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣

  16. Nichole, congrats and good to see you back in victory lane. Was there the night you got your first win. Don’t let these fools get to you. They are just jealous they can’t do what you do and be successful at it.

  17. 56, You go girl!!! Awesome win after 6 years not in a car. Let the haters hate, they’re just jealous. Hope it was fun for you, because in the end having fun is what it should be about. Again Congrats, hopefully many more to come. You are indeed one fast mama!

  18. GIRL POWER! Loving it. Drives these sexist neanderthals nuts. Keep on winning Nicole, there are people who love watching woman succeed in this make dominated sport.

  19. Glad to see Nicole generating some buzz at the Bowl. The SK field is improving, too.

  20. Original justafan says

    Great win Nicole, congratulations. Everyone in my section was excited for you. (a bunch of old timers) Ignore the angry parents, they have no clue. Glad your kids got to see you win.

  21. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Stafford only had 7 more sks than Waterford? Not too bad for the bowl all things considered. I’m looking forward to Thompson coming up. I heard hardly anyone showed up for practice again. Hopefully they’ll show up to race.

  22. Great to see says

    Congratulations Nicole, glad to see you are back. Sorry that I didn’t get to see your win. Perhaps one of these weeks we might come down there. Looks like the car counts are growing, that’s good. Nice to see some of the Seekonk cars find a home at Waterford

  23. a racer brought up a good point. I don’t think most people realize how much Fielding a competitive race car,in any division, costs. Let some of them foot the bill, and see how opinions change.
    In Nicole’s case, it seems as though Mr Goss had an SK Lite he was willing to put her in, and she took advantage of the situation. I’m sure if someone had offered her a ride in a competitive SK, she probably would have said yes to that. Who knows, that somebody may be calling her soon. But for now, she’s out there, winning races, doing something she surely enjoys doing, which is more than can be said for most others
    Enjoy the time Nicole, and keep having fun. Haters may hate, but 99.9% of them ain’t driving race cars.

  24. On Friday, I took someone to their first race at Stafford. He said there are a lot of women drivers out here. I said yeah there are. They are competitive and running for wins too. Ms Fearn won the limiteds and Ms Fuller was racing for the lead in the street Stocks that night.

    Congrats to Nichole. It is great to see her back out there winning and making us all proud. One of my lasting memories at the local race track will be that time she gave TC a piece of her mind on the backstretch. Everyone loved it. Non TC fans, TC fans, everyone.

    The people I have talked to who have been to Waterford has said the Speedbowl looks great and the racing has been good. They just need a few more cars. It seems the cars are coming back, They are up about 45% in Sks in 3 weeks. Waterford released their schedule for remainder of the year so now drivers can plan a little further in advance Since Seekonk is out of luck, I would expect the ACT Style late models would end up at either Waterford or Star. Running the Open Street stocks is a good move as well. It gives the Thompson and Seekonk drivers a regular place to race.

  25. Nichole: It is very refreshing to see you on here, and stating the facts. It has always frustrated me when drivers, who come to this board never post anything. As a former racer, it’s hard to get a win in any division, so you should be very proud, and I’m sure your kids are all pumped right now. My kids still talk about my racing days and the many wins that they were at. Now, can you go give some tips to Melissa Fifield?

  26. She may be a hair dresser but don’t mess with her.
    How’s this for a nickname?
    The mom with twins that wins!

  27. Fan of the night says

    sour grapes, I am not sure who you think but I am but i sure as heck do not have a driver in those cars. I have been traveling to the bowl to watch racing for longer than you have been alive more than likely. Was i wrong to say that she beat 14 year olds? There were a couple in the race, a few more younger than 19. It sounds like you have personal issues with dads and moms in the field of drivers that you need to speak with. Bringing down their drivers makes you no better than the persons you are accusing them of being.

  28. Reality check.
    The hater thing is not a thing. The overwhelming reaction ranges from basic congratulations to unfettered glee. Experience is completely irrelevant. Comes back after making two new humans and living one of the most important parts of her life. What experience. A new class with new performance characteristics and piles of rust on the driving skills. Age is irrelevant. Ton’s of age in the Stafford SK Lights and the young guns are always the ones on the podium. It’s about the car mostly.
    Want the bigger picture subscribe to Unmuffled and hear this driver put everything about this win, how it came about and how it fits into her overall priorities in life. You’ll hear a young mom with her priorities perfectly in sync.
    Screw the SK talk. That’s history. Take the opportunity you have in a ride that keeps your family out of the racing financial mine field and have some fun. Think about a visit to Stafford if your team can swing it. Set a goal for the money you need to make it happen, announce it here and I’m in as a contributor.

  29. sour grapes says everyone gets a trophy says

    fan of the night they are drivers who cares about their age ! ..answer my question did you complain when bob potter drive an SKL?????.. was she in a car at silver city ? was she in a bandelro or legend car. mini stock,?? foolish parents choose to put their “children ” in an asphalt modified.its a dangerous novelty. if you want your child to race with adults stop complaining or with so many cars have a junior division…16 and under 18 and under whatever . midget racing has drivers of all ages.. stop coddling your kids . perhaps you could give the top 16 and under finisher a trophy too??? stop already ..PS in my opinion I would NOT allow anyone who wasn’t licensed to drive a passenger car at a track bigger than a 1/4 mile . everyone thinks its great until there is an on track incident,injury or worse. by the way have you been to a little league game or even a high school athletic event ? the parents ARE the problem

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