Tri-Track Open Modified Series Adding $10K To Win Stafford Speedway Event In October

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series will close out its 2020 season making a first-time visit to a historic facility. 

Series management informed competitors before today’s event at Monadnock Speedway that Stafford Motor Speedway will host its first Tri-Track Open Modified Series event on Saturday Oct. 24. 

“This is great for Modified racing,” Stafford Speedway president Mark Arute said. “The team at Tri-Track shares the same passion for Modified racing that we have at Stafford and the craziness of 2020 has allowed this event to come together. It should be a great show for the fans and will be an event that ends this season on a positive note.”

The Stafford event will pay $10,000 for first place and feature a $40,000 plus purse.

“We have been really excited to make this announcement and bring the Tri-Track Open Modified Series to another historic track in the region,” said Tri-Track Open Modified Series Managing Partner Wayne Darling. “We can’t thank the entire Arute family enough for working with us to make this happen.” 

The newly added event at Stafford will replace the Haunted Hundred at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway, which was previously scheduled to be on that date.

The event card at Stafford will also include the track’s SK Light Modified and Street Stock divisions.

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic restrictions put in place by the state of Massachusetts, the chances are unlikely Seekonk Speedway will be able to host events in 2020 with fans. The Tri-Track Open Modified Series had been scheduled to host two events at Seekonk Speedway in 2020. In addition to the Haunted Hundred, the track hosts its Annual Open Wheel Wednesday. That event had been originally scheduled for July 1, was later postponed to Aug. 26. Neither event will be run due to the restrictions in place.

Earlier this week Stafford Speedway management released its September and October event schedules, with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour set to return to the track on Sept. 26. The scheduled announcement also included a Championship Night at Stafford scheduled for Oct. 9.


  1. You guys should listen to good ole JD more often. Been trying to tell you this was happening for weeks now.

  2. Suitcase Jake says

    HISTORIC NEWS…. I am glad to see these tracks and organizations work TOGETHER !!!!
    This year has been tough on the race fans and team members , tracks .. As crazy as this year
    has been it great to se some GOOD THINGS HAPPEN IN 2020. I am very thankful that Racers
    can come together, be reasonable with each other, put the egos aside and provide fans and
    Racers alike with these end of the season shows.. Who knows.. Maybe we could see a few tracks
    try and push the weather envelope with some races into November Winter Series Races.????

  3. Sweet! This should be a great event!

    Again, hats off to the Stafford management crew for putting a solid season together, and KEEPING it together, while offering some non-traditional events this year. If it weren’t a pandemic, I’d hug all of you. Elbow bumps all around!

  4. WeldingWonders says


    THE GOOD…………..

    JD March 31, 2020
    I disagree there is no end in sight. The economy will become the driving force, not corona. At some point the lockdown becomes ineffective. At some point it will become proceed at your own risk.

    JD says
    August 9, 2020 at 11:30 am
    If you want a prediction, I think the Fall Final at Stafford will be a TT race if capacity limits do not increase soon

    THE BAD…………..

    JD March 2020
    You best prepare yourselves now for zero racing
    You can start rescheduling everything for 2021. 2020 is over.

    March 29, 2020
    More talk of no football in 2020 today. You best prepare yourselves now for zero racing. It very easily could happen

    JD says
    April 11, 2020 at 5:26 pm
    I’m hoping to be at Seekonk June 6th myself. I know I’ll be at Loudon in July.

    THE UGLY……………

    JD April 11, 2020
    The economy will determine when we open. It already is. Once Texas opens, neighboring states will feel the pressure to do the same and so on down the line

    JD says
    April 13, 2020 at 10:45 am
    1733 people die everyday from heart disease. Sad but true. 2000 a day from this isn’t far off of that should it get that high.


  5. Glad to hear a TriTrack event will be coming to Stafford. This event and it’s purse will draw a huge diversified field of modifieds and will be a must see event. The way they handicap their events through heats adds a entertaining level of unpredictability. I find this to preferable to heads up starting positions based on time trials. A must see event

  6. Into the weeds I go.
    *It’s not Stafford open rules it’s TTOMS rules. Specs legal on a long track changes everything. How many NWMT teams will lick their chops on this one knowing the track and all and take a shot?
    *Silk has two choices, maybe three. The proven long tracker and proven short tracker. Or the 85 if Stuart wants to play. What car does he drive and do the other cars show up with other drivers?
    *Bonsignor, Coby, the Catalano clan and many many more all in play at first glance.
    *the Paige 00. Got it covered long or short.
    *PPV via Speed51 or StaffordSpeedway.TV. It’s been negotiated we just have to learn how. Nascar track so no prelims on Speed51 but a much larger base of subscribers. Everything on Staffords offering. Don’t like PPV screw you. This wouldn’t be happening without it.
    *the undercard. SK Lights and Streets………..perfect!!!
    *Hirschman must be in. On record as saying he has nothing against Stafford it just doesn’t fit into his schedule. I’m guessing 10K to win and TTOMS will change his plans. But what gun is he bringing to the shootout?
    *Sapienza loving the TTOMS and thinking about getting a TTOMS friendly engine. Guess what, you now have everything you need to win.
    *Shawn Courchesne telling Earl Stafford more likely then the Speedbowl……….Bingo.
    *huge change for TTOMS. Are rules tweets forthcoming?
    *What’s Preece’s schedule look like?
    *The downer is projections are that the plague will gain momentum in October. I’m loving our mask mentality and not believing it will be a factor but it’s a wild card. Hope all the people with “make me” attitudes like JD take a pass.
    *Rufrano and Rocco win going away in Stafford opens but this is a more open, open. Does the Stafford gang even have a chance or will guys show up with NWMT, spec loaded cars and blow them away? Or are rules tweaks forthcoming?
    *car count? Not a problem if TTOMS talks to every possible entrants and makes the tweaks to the rules teams are concerned about if any.

    We may know one third of what is to know on this one.

  7. Fast Eddie says

    UNBELIEVABLE!! First we had WMT races at a non-NASCAR track, and now we have a TriTrack race at Stafford!! Will the TriTrack rules change for the bigger track? Will the race length still be 100 laps, or will it be 80? Will it be 26 cars or will more be allowed due to the different track size? Bottom line, the questions are minor details relative to the news. STAFFORD IS HAVING A TRITRACK RACE!! WOO!!HOO!!

  8. Proceed at your own risk ( Right on welding wonders ) What are we going to walk around with these masks on the rest of our life’s ? PLEASE ! This race could turn into a classic fall event .

  9. Carl. this is already a fall classic. For Seekonk! This is Seekonk’s Haunted 100 date. They had to change the venue. Not saying TT at Stafford won’t continue but I fully expect THIS event to return to Seekonk in 2021 and beyond.

    No makeup for Seekonk’s other event? That stinks. Especially with over 2 months of no activity now for TT. The WMT is it until the end of October (no complaints). That is a little surprising though. I guess their is Claremont on Aug 29th still.

  10. carl block, does that mean I can mitigate risk? You idiots are putting me at risk, I should be able to neutralize that risk, right?

  11. carl block, you are free to not wear a mask and end your life much sooner, one way or another. This is muhrika, you are free to do that. It’s your libibbity an kunstitwoshunall write too doo so.

  12. Hopefully they keep it ar 26. assuming it’s a big entry list it really spices up the heats more than usual. Could see some big names load up.

  13. I hate to be a skeptic but I’m not sure this will be a classic Tri-Track race. What has made this series great is the fact that they run on bullrings where underfunded mods, crate motors, and even SK’s can all be competitive. Now you’re on a fast 1/2 mile where you’re going to need a good motor just to make the show. I think it will still draw a respectable 30+ cars, but I don’t think it’ll be 45-50 like in the heyday of the Seekonk Open Wheel Wednesday. All this said I’ll be there, just hoping for a 1pm start like the Final/Sizzler so we’re not freezing our butts off.

  14. Any open port.

    Seekonk is a great concrete skidpad. No where near the same as Stafford. TT is a bullring series, just about anybody can run. Those that can get lateral grip prevail.

    Stafford is a horsepower track and that eliminates most cars. UNLESS some weight rules are developed. Fiddle with left side and total weight to even out the field.

  15. Ken Latham says

    Big field? Let’s do a B-Main Any sponsors out there?

  16. Great point speedbowl. Moving this race to Stafford will eliminate the SK and Sportsman Modified engine packages along with the teams that use them from the field. It will also be interesting to see if anything is done to level the playing field with the tour type engine rules because of the track size.

    Happy to see TTOMS salvaged the race but not happy with the venue.

  17. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Should be held on a bullring. It’s what the tri track is all about. Plenty of tracks to choose from. I find it hard to believe that any of those other tracks wouldn’t want to host this event. Maybe I’m wrong.

  18. It should be a bull ring but we make allowances this year.
    We’ve been here before when Stafford introduced their open races. Skepticism and doubt. A series of great races proved all the doubters that weren’t used to change wrong.
    Connecticut is locked and loaded as far as safety is concerned and the best chance for an October race.
    Tom Fox and the Stafford team combined with the TTOMS crew are as good as it gets in coming up with rule tweaks that make things competitive.
    It will be different. Writing it off because it will be different is short sighted. It will likely be different in a great way.
    It should not be called the Haunted Hundred in any case. That would be disrespectful to Seekonk that are dealing will tough times not of their making. It’s their brand so come up with a one time deal.
    Seekonk will be back next year . Every event they built and nourished back as it was known and all will be well.
    The new TTOMS management has proven themselves terrific and the predictions of a trailing off in the purse and quality an epic fail even in the worst of times. Teaming with a quality Stafford management is win/win.

  19. Why ever have a NASCAR tour event again at Stafford??
    No need to pad their pockets, the fans and drivers will come whether NASCAR name is attached to a race or not….

  20. getserious says

    Hey JD, you mentioned the Claremont Aug 29th race. Is that a TT race? And if not, what is it? And what are your thoughts on who will come?

  21. Claremont entry list is out. Good field thus far. Expect about 30 cars. Run by LIM and Dick Williams. Money Matt the obvious favorite. The Willis kid is a former TT winner and local favorite.

    Phil A, that’s a dumb take. The WMT in a normal year packs them in. Several thousand more than an Open. More people equals more $$$$.

  22. Fast Eddie says

    It looks like Claremont is an Open Mod race on Friday the 28th. No indication of TriTrack affiliation that I could find. It was cool back in July to see a few WMT teams hit the first Monadnock TrTr race on their way home. It’ll be interesting to see if it works the other way around with Monadnock’s WMT event following on the 29th.
    And speaking of WMT, Nocella finished 5th at the TriTrack race in the 82. I’d guess that also qualifies as a pretty good test session for the WMT race!

  23. Pro Late Models out for Saturday, all 5 divisions and Preece in for Friday.

  24. Fast Eddie says

    Thanks Doug, for the reminder about the Claremont info. I wondered if Saturday at Stafford might change, as I thought I saw 18 or 19 entered earlier in the year. It seemed like they lost entries. The Arutes are probably spot on with the date change being the issue. I think this weekend at Oxford is a race where the winner gets a guaranteed spot in the 250. I was hoping to enjoy heats for all 3 Modified classes Friday, probably going to features only now except for the tour. Still should be good though.

  25. Tri Track at Stafford. Good move. Feel bad for the crate motor and SK guys, but who know, maybe a huge weight break as well as some sort of gear rule to equalize things. This race is taking place because it looks as though Seekonk won’t be able to run, glad to see the 10K to win . Might attract some Stafford open guys as well as WMT. Should be a good show, and might lead to a race there in 2021.

  26. Let’s get real here. I don’t believe a gear rule or weight break can make up for horse power and torque especially on a 1/2 mile track.

  27. I feel bad for Seekonk. They have the best layout for social distancing and the State of MA wont let them open with fans. Furthermore MA put a travel ban on RI residents which forced them to stop running without fans, They say 40 percent of their drivers are from the Ocean State. I havent checked in about a week but this news certainly indicates restrictions arent loosening. The haunted hundred with ACT style LM and PASS division was one of my favorite shows of the year. It will be missed. If any track has been screwed by this virus it is Seekonk.

    This should be a good show for Tri track and Stafford. While the track is a little larger than the bullrings tri track is accustomed to, I would think they should get a great field supplemented by Staffords Open drivers. I am thinking it will be Tri Track high car count of the year. They should consider adding the recently cancelled open pro stock event to this show. We know the PASS tour has an open date. Probably a money losing idea considering capacity limits. Next year post pandemic(please) I hope Tri Track go back to their roots and run mostly bullrings. I am very interested in finding out who will do the online broadcast for this one. Speed51 has done all the previous Tri Track events. Stafford has their own broadcast. Who gets the nod? If the haunted hundred cant be at Seekonk Stafford is a great alternative.

  28. God bless the ever optimistic race fan. Add Super Mods and Star or just tack on a major Pro Late Model race at Stafford. In a year where you still can’t have more the 25% capacity, making ends meet will depend on sponsors and PPV and it’s a great race as structured anyway. Without raising the ticket price no doubt.
    Often times exactly what has been offered believe it or not is exactly what is necessary to be a success and not go broke doing it.

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