RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Short Track In Connecticut

As we head into the offseason we’re going to try to bring back something from the past. The RaceDayCT Daily Poll is back. Let us know your feelings each day on a variety of topics from around the racing world presented each day.

We start today with an easy one. What is your favorite short track in Connecticut? Vote below.


  1. Interesting poll. I picked Stafford for numerous reasons, but the main reason was the Arute families commitment to the sport. Haven’t been to Waterford in about 30 years, and Thompson in about 20, but anticipate visiting both facilities in 2021, provided Covid is under control

  2. Fast Eddie says

    Shawn this is a great idea, but for me this question is harder than it seems. I like all three for different reasons:
    Stafford for the biggest car counts and most Modifieds at any given event.
    Thompson for the banking, “slide jobs”, and speed
    Speedbowl for being the only “true oval” for tracks that size (1/3-3/8 mile). The others around here are so wide they are “circle tracks”.

  3. This is a tough one I am actually going to abstain until I hear arguments. It is like picking which kid is your favorite. There are some things you just shouldnt do. I like Waterford for on track racing the best. Stafford has the nicest grounds and best field of SK and SK lights. Thompson has my favorite race weekend of the year with the World Series. They are all good we are very fortunate to have 3 good tracks to chose from and in non pandemic years they all run a different night of the week so you dont have to choose.

  4. Stafford is the best overall track by far. Best drivers and great competition. Waterford has 2 grooves and is the most racey track by far but you can get blocked from advancing. Thompson is the fastest track and is top groove dominant(can’t pass unless you run into the outside car). That is my order; Stafford, Waterford, followed by Thompson.

  5. I love Thompson for the speed and distance. But, Stafford gets my vote. The Arute family does everything first class and their operation is the best in New England.

  6. Favorite track is the Speedbowl, but favorite racing operation (track + management) is Stafford. Thompson is in limbo, but the proposed 2021 schedule is very interesting.

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    Your poll answers should be about 1 thing in my opinion and that is the on track racing. The Legendary Thompson speedway is King in Conn.

  8. The results are pretty much as expected aren’t they? Stafford the most consistent producer of high quality events with the biggest base and the least drama. If you’re having a hard time answering the question with a series of caveats there’s no shame is saying you don’t have a favorite. Being a fan is mostly about proximity. I would think anyone outside the tracks fan base and especially longer distances away would not tend to have a clear favorite in Connecticut.. It would depend on the event, headliner and prospects for good competition.

  9. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    If the poll answer should be about 1 thing, on track racing, then Thompson is a distant third. Firstly, Thompson has hardly any on track racing as far as number of events. Second, Waterford and Stafford blow Thompson out of the water as far as on track action. Stafford may be top dog as far as a racing facility but Waterford may be closing in towards the top of the list.

  10. The Atomic Punk says

    @2020. The Super mod race at the World series had a 3 card battle to the end and the Mod tour race had 5 cars under a blanket at the end. Side by side lap after lap.

  11. Viva race fan says

    Waterford hands down. I’ve attended races for 40 plus years . The crowds and car counts were out of control. Old man Rocco parking under 395 bridge untill last chance . Potter , Moose and Gadas . Dennis may have been the best in a SK . Ted your missed . Both other tracks are in middle of know where . Jack Arute is a beast but I’m hands down a Bowl guy. Thompson sucks from a person in stands . Turn 4 is best spot for close up action . Happy holidays all

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