RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Your Opinion On Tri-Track Open Mod Series Not Returning To Stafford Next Season

Stafford Speedway will release its 2021 schedule on Wednesday and that schedule will not include the Tri-Track Open Modified Series

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series ran its first event in series history at Stafford on Oct. 24. The CBYD Modified Classic 81, which was won by Chase Dowling, attracted a 51 car entry list including nearly every name driver in Modified racing. 

The event was a late addition to the Stafford schedule due to the Tri-Track Open Modified Series having to cancel its Haunted Hundred event at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

Although Tri-Track Open Modified Series management had announced an intended return to Seekonk for the Haunted Hundred in 2021, many people in Modified racing expected a Tri-Track event to land somewhere on the Stafford schedule in 2021. 

So what are your thoughts on the news that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series will not return to Stafford in 2021? Vote below. 


  1. Cheryl Paine says

    This is sad news. The tri track series brings lots of fans to this track!!

  2. Not surprised and don’t care.

    TTOMS is a bullring series, not a horsepower series. Stafford is a horsepower track.

  3. 🌈🦄2020 says

    What Dafella said. Stafford is not a bullring. Tri track is a bullring series. People can’t seem to grasp that.

  4. The Atomic Punk says

    A track needs 2 grooves for good Mod racing. Stafford had that once but no longer does. You have 1 lap on the outside before you slip up track, I miss the early 1990s before the repave. Stafford was just as good as Thompson then….Not now….. jmo.

  5. I’m a little surprised but not totally surprised, it was such a successful event that I thought that might give them a chance to return but I knew Stafford doesn’t like bringing in outsiders when they can do it themselves. Maybe it affects their rules for open shows though.

  6. TTOMS is a bullring series. Stafford is not a bullring.

  7. Stafford doesn’t like anything they didn’t invent themselves. They will try to replicate the success of that race as one of their open races and keep the money in house.

  8. Not sure I understand everyone saying they are a bull ring series, there were 52 race cars there and a good crowd, not sure I see a problem with that .yes a WMT car won but they were promoting those drivers and cars that would be there , the TT cars were doing ok The 25 with Coby went from 18th to 4th before hitting wall on restart not bad for a guy who can’t drive thru traffic

  9. I think the large car count was due to various circumstances, but because they’re not coming back there I guess we’ll never know if they would get similar car counts.

  10. The reason for the high attendance was that every other tour type modified series other than TTOMS was finished for the year. Take that same event and schedule it mid season when other tracks and series drivers are are in the midst of points battles and the entry list drops considerably.

    Keep it on the bull rings where it belongs.

  11. Atomic punk I know it’s your opinion and I can appreciate that , but on restarts the 1st place car starts on the outside many times and there is passing on the outside in both open wheel divisions, late model s if your on the outside your going to the back , I’m there every Friday to see some pretty good open wheel racing

  12. Yes absolutely. That TTOMS event at Stafford was a blue moon event. The next thing you know a percentage of us are anointing it the NWMT replacement even thought that’s not their business model.. It was never more then a one race possibility and that’s gone now apparently. Oh well.
    What I want is two NWMT races, the Stafford open to increase their payoffs just a skoach and to adapt the Tri Track and Thompson open style rules. The Modified Classic proved that allowing specs could work nearly flawlessly. Having Sapienza, Pasteryak, Carrol, the 9 obviously and others there is a big deal. If the NWMT reduces it’s schedule, teams may be looking for other races to enter and Stafford should be competing as a venue for their interest. The longer track being a better fit then the shorties for the specs..
    Suggesting modifieds can’t race in the outside groove at Stafford is outdated. This year especially we saw the groove move up almost in real time. One could make the argument it’s more viable then Thompson’s low groove passing potential. Cars are running and passing on the outside routinely now. Dowling gained huge success in the Avery’s SK and Dodges 9ct by getting the cars run high. It is likely to be more pronounced in 2021. You can be a big fan of Thompson without diminishing another track. It’s not a zero sum game.

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