Tri-Track Open Modified Series Not Returning To Stafford Speedway Schedule In 2021

In a year of struggles and hurdles because of restrictions due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, a late season addition to the schedule proved to be a huge winner at Stafford Speedway. 

On Oct. 24 the Tri-Track Open Modified Series and Stafford Speedway combined to put on one of the most talked about short track events in years locally. It was the first Tri-Track Open Modified Series event at Stafford.

But it looks like the new relationship between Stafford Speedway and the Tri-Track Open Modified Series – born of struggle due to restrictions in 2020 – will not result in anything happening between the groups for 2021. 

Stafford Speedway will announce its 2021 schedule on Wednesday and track management has been tight-lipped about how that schedule will look. What is certain is that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series will not be on the Stafford schedule that will be released. 

Tri-Track managing partner Ed Bennett confirmed to RaceDayCT Tuesday that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series will not be on the 2021 Stafford Speedway schedule that will be released Wednesday.

“It was really enjoyable working with the Arute family at Stafford this year and we all worked hard and put on a great event,” Bennett said. “Unfortunately, because of schedule conflicts we couldn’t find a way to make something work for 2021. We really hope to get the opportunity to work with them again in the future.” 

Stafford Speedway chief operating officer Paul Arute declined to comment Tuesday. 

The Oct. 24 Tri-Track Open Modified Series CBYD Modified Classic 81 attracted an overflowing entry list of 51 cars. The event included almost every top name in Modified racing, including the winners of the last 10 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour championships. 

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series and Stafford Speedway announced the addition of the CBYD Modified Classic on Aug. 15, replacing the previously scheduled Tri-Track Open Modified Series Haunted Hundred at Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway. The Tri-Track Open Modified Series has already announced their intent to return to Seekonk for the Haunted Hundred in 2021.  

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series has announced six events for the 2021 season with two events each scheduled at Seekonk Speedway, Star Speedway in Epping, N.H. and Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. 

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  1. This news surprised even me. I thought for sure TT would return in 2021.

  2. Stafford’s been trying to get away from outside divisions for 15 years (save the WMT). Once they figured out they could do their own open shows that was the end of the VMRS there. PASS, New England Trucks, IMSA, NEMA, Pro-4…all bye-bye….this is not a surprise.

  3. Jd, i agree, surprised such a successful event would not be returning. I wonder if it’s logistics. The event worked in part being on a Saturday, something abnormal for stafford. A race like that would have been tough to run on a Friday night.

  4. TTOMS showed up and a NWMT race broke out. TTOMS was invaded by NWMT cars, teams, talent, personnel and they ruled the recent show. It was like watching a road course event that had multiple classes of cars on the track at the same time.

    TTOMS is a bullring series that can’t compete on horsepower tracks with the regulars or those experienced on those tracks. Not an opinion, a factual observation from the recent 81.

    It was obvious that TTOMS was not going to be back at Stafford.

  5. Folks, the recent event TTOMS has at Stafford might have been mildly successful, but the feature race was a stinker. And I will add as I expected.

  6. Makes you wonder where the other 2-3 TT events will land now.

  7. JD,
    I’m thinking there won’t be 2-3 more events added to their schedule at this point. I think the announcement of plans at Thompson for 2021 has changed the landscape of Open events greatly.

  8. 🌈🦄2020 says

    If it was such a roaring success, it should have been a priority to get them back.

  9. The Atomic Punk says

    THE Thompson speedway is where you want to see Mods race.

  10. 2020 – it was the most fan attended and the best car count in 2020 – I can only guess is the dates could not be agreed on due to other track conflicts and not wanting to run so late in the year after a full season in 2021

  11. Such a shame. But, given that Tri Track series was run strictly on bullrings since it’s inception, it not really a surprise. I’d imagine going from a 1/4 mile bullring to the 1/2 mile at Stafford took more than a simple gear change. Probably a different Can for the motor, and springs and shocks ect… Stafford benefits some teams, but hurts others, hence it makes sense to stick to their original format. May have problems with Seekonk, due to Covid restrictions, which seem stricter in Massachusetts compared to other states, especially given this huge surge the country is in, and the timelines for actual, meaningful relief. It was fun while it lasted.

  12. And let’s not forget that TTOMS would never have run at Stafford if not for the #TrumpPandemic shutting down Seekonk.

  13. Have this event in warmer weather and you’ll have heat in the track, 2 grooves, and better racing in the feature.Most of the WMT racers who were there also compete in TriTrack or Open shows. Bonsignore, Coby, and Meyers were the only WMT drivers who haven’t occasionally competed in TriTrack or Open shows. Coby actually has, but not for a while. I’m betting there will be spec engines allowed in Stafford’s Opens next year.

  14. WOW AFTER OCT 24TH 2020 seems like MOST here thought TRI TRACK was gonna take OVER STAFFORD, i saw post that said FALL FINAL, SPRING SIZZLER and others dates would be TRI TRACK AT STAFFORD you KNOW the greatest series ever made, now again i loved the 5 heats, 2 consi’s and B MAIN race BUT THAT WAS A MAKEUP DATE at a new track, a Big Purse and alll other series and tracks except Riverhead done, enjoy it for what it was. a DIFFERENT day OF racing, STAFFORD will have their OPENS AND WMT races like usual!

  15. Why couldn’t they run the bull rings then run a bigger track as a year end finale similar to when the mods went to Trenton

  16. Boy that’s a real kick in the marbles for those that had it penciled in on their dance card. No Tri Track, no problem. Just use the rules they used and increase the purse a skoach.

  17. Just another WTF day here in the USA. Did you know it’s fun to stay at the YMCA?

  18. Ok, gotta ask; How many of you dead people out there voted? Sounds ludicrous, but with the combination of mail in, and early voting, combined with this plague, it is quite possible that indeed some dead people voted. I don’t think it’s any kind of conspiracy, just a freak coincidence brought in by Covid, and the number in any 1 state is most likely very low.

  19. Turns out more dead people voted for Trump and GOP candidates.

  20. Stafford releases their schedule tomorrow. What is the prediction for Nascar Whelen Modified shows. none, 1, 2, or 3. I am thinking 1 Fall final. Its late in the season hopefully everyone gets the PFE vaccine shot by then and there are no crowd restrictions in place. They want to distance themselves from the whelen tour but aint ready to quit cold turkey. Kind of how they did MRS. Cut them back to one show next year none. I am guessing Stafford runs the tour type opens once a month. They allow the spec motor after seeing the tri track car count and perhaps a slight bump in purse with what Thompson put out. It should be an interesting discussion on here tomorrow.

  21. The ARCA race from Phoenix will be on NBCSN Wednesday at 6pm

  22. Fans liked the deep field and big names that entered the TTOM 81 at Stafford. If Stafford can attract similar fields to its Opens (by doing what csg suggests above?), no one will care that the TTOM organizers are not involved.

  23. ” hopefully everyone gets the PFE vaccine shot by then”
    Actually two shots but point taken.
    From the horses mouth.
    50 million doses in 2020, 1.3 billion in 2021 worldwide production, two doses per individual required… Hopeful with Moderna and many others also in the pipeline. Medical professionals most at risk first in line hopefully this year.
    Millions of doses already on ice. That’s literally on ice at minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. A distribution nightmare but perhaps an investment opportunity in manufacturers of dry ice at the same time.
    Odds of capacity limitations in 2021 going up as season progresses…….on the rise for now.

  24. I picture Doug sitting at his kitchen table with his morning coffee, hitting refresh every 20 seconds with the anticipation of a kid on Xmas.

    Happy Stafford Speedway Schedule Release Day kids.

    Happy Veterans Day too.

  25. Is that what you picture JD? Since you enjoy needling me fairly frequently with judgements it seems only fair I return the favor. Instead of a continuous stream I’ll get-er-done all in one shot.
    I’m envious actually. You’ve framed yourself as a hard working American with military service and a government worker. Admirable on every level. Yet even though you’re such a hard working guy it’s amazing how often you respond to comments almost immediately like here and mix it up with your perceived adversaries. Me I’m in the basement in my barkalounger with virtually limitless time to comment. Or at the kitchen table I suppose hitting refresh if that’s your perception.. I know when I was in the work a day world the idea that a good deal of time could be allocated to commenting in forums such as this would not have been possible. Then again you did say you had a government job so maybe that factors into it somehow.
    I saw something pertinent to racing season that could be interpreted as a positive sign and passed it alone. No acrimony, no target and no sinister intent. How that warrants some kind of meaningless aside I don’t know.
    I don’t really care if you want to brag all the time about being right or even care about what you will or will not do if someone or some group fails to fall in line with your expectations. . I know you’re not right most of the time and that claiming you are as well as saying things like so and so is dead to you is more childish insecurity then insightful commentary.
    Knowing scheduling and commenting on the periphery of racing happenings and events is your strength. Providing insightful details regarding actual races not so much. I know you take great pride at being at certain races while demonstrating scant evidence that you noticed pretty much anything except who won, if you enjoyed the race and the atmospherics. Right down to Shawn wearing a mask, crowd size, loving safety protocol flaunting and even if photographers are carelessly putting themselves in harms way. What happened back in the pack or in support divisions not really an interest.
    You seem to enjoy adversarial relationship in this forum as much or more then the racing itself and you’re not alone on that. I don’t know how you tell a career professional photographer what is safe at a race and what isn’t. Nor do I get how a guy with military service ends up such a troublesome non conformist bragging about violating even the most modest safety protocols at races but I guess it has something to do with the license plate slogan.
    There that was fun. I hope we can do that again. Time for a refresh and another cup of JOE. Thanks JD.

  26. Apparently they are teasing it event by event stafford via twitter. Whelen is in the house. Granite state at the opener.

    We’ll be dropping the 2021 schedule throughout the day today. First up: NAPA Auto Parts Opening Weekend

    Saturday, April 24th: NAPA Opening Day
    Sunday, April 25th: NAPA Spring Sizzler

    – NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
    – SK Mod double header
    – @GSProStocks
    – 2 tickets

    Funny you should mention that Doug. I was thinking the same thing. It is a logistical nightmare having to keep the vaccine so cold. I looked into cold shipping supply companies. Most are privately held I found a few publicly traded but they were up pretty good and mostly foreign based.

  27. Doug, that was a light hearted joke. Everybody knows today is your day. I appreciate the burn though. Well played. Enjoy your day.

  28. The Pfizer news is great, till you start looking at the details. 50 million doses= 25 million people. Don’t forget though, all those doses aren’t only for the US. Then there’s the logistical nightmare. Not many facilities to keep the vaccine at -100° F. Plus, us common folk are going to be the last to get it. All in all its a step in the right direction, and gives hope that we will someday return to near normal. I still wouldn’t count on racing facilities reaching 100% capacity until probably 2022.

  29. Well Doug, I think you got it right with that one.
    There are many, like JD, who think the WMT is the only series on earth, and the drivers are, well, gods. They invade tracks across the country to follow the WMT akin to deadheads, you know those who followed the Grateful Dead. Often, they won’t even bother to watch the regular weekly series racers, only showing up in the stands, where their taped down blankets have held their seat all day, empty.
    The weekly racing teams are the backbone of the sport, ask any racing expert. The weekly racing is where allot of superstars started their careers. Take Stafford for example. Doug Coby started racing at Stafford in the Late Models. I forgot what year it was, but let’s just say that year Doug didn’t dare too well. I think it was his third season that he won the Late Model championship. Winning that championship opened doors for Doug. Look at him Now, if not for weekly racing… No Doug Coby 6x WMT champion. Many of the top drivers on the WMT cut their teeth racing weekly at the local track, unnoticed by outsiders showing up to watch a touring series. Another thing unnoticed, the amount of preparation undertaken by weekly racers. Many of the frontrunning weekly racers spend as much, if not more time preparing their car. Then you’ve got guys like Todd Owen, and Keith Rocco who not only do their own ride, but help other teams as well, while also working a full time job.
    The weekly racers are noticed every week when die hard race fans fill the stands, even though they are relatively unnoticed when the tour rolls into town. Sad part, all those tour junkies don’t know what great racing they’re missing out on.

  30. Keep me out of it. I neither think the NWMT is anything but essential to local modified racing and have said as much. Moreover I do not think it is it my place to suggest any fan care about any facet of any part of racing they chose to support.

  31. Rob p, I agree. For the people that only want to watch the ‘top tier” racing, have fun, but you’re missing some great racing in the support categories. Many times at races I have seen the “best race of the day” be one of the weekly classes. My game plan is always to arrive during practice and stay until it’s over!

  32. When we were racing, I never really got to enjoy watching the races. Even when we were on the track pretty much concentrated on the car, and those around us. In retirement, I’ve been able to enjoy it when I go. There is allot of great racing in just about every division. Knowing the difference between a good car and not so good car makes it even more interesting.

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