Stafford Speedway Releases 2021 Schedule

Stafford Speedway announced its 2021 schedule Wednesday which includes three visits to the track next year by the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour and 24 events overall.

The Whelen Modified Tour will run the NAPA Spring Sizzler 150 on April 25, the Whelen Modified Tour 150 on Aug. 6 and the NAPA Fall Final 150 on Sept. 25. 

The track will also play host to four Modified Open 80 events in 2021 with those taking place on May 14, June 11, July 9 and Aug. 20. 

“Another season is on the horizon,” Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute said in a release. “2020 was a challenge but with the support of the race teams, race fans, and Team Stafford, we were able to get through it. For 2021 we look to continue to build on our strong weekly program and special events. We’ve added a few twists and turns in the schedule to keep things interesting but our approach continues to be schedule consistency, we think that is important for the sport.” 

The track will welcome the Granite State Pro Stock Series to the facility for the first time for a 75-lap event on Saturday April 24, part of the NAPA Opening Weekend. 

The April 24 event will also include a 40-lap SK Modified feature, 30-lap Late Model feature, 20-lap Limted Late Model feature and 20-lap Street Stock feature. 

The Sunday April 25 card for opening weekend will include the 150-lap NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Spring Sizzler event, a 40-lap SK Modified feature, a 20-lap SK Light Modified feature and a 15-lap Vintage All-Stars feature. 

The track will take a week off after Opening weekend and begin Friday night weekly racing on May 7. 

The eighth annual NAPA SK 5K is slated for June 25. The fifth annual Dunleavy’s Modifiedz Night will run on July 23. 

September kicks off with the Late Model 50-lap event on the third of the month. On Sept. 10 the track will host the fourth TC 13 Shootout night.

The NAPA Fall Final weekend will be held as a Friday – Saturday event Sept. 24-25. 

The Friday event will include a regular Friday night racing card. The Saturday event will include the third Whelen Modified Tour event of the season at Stafford, the NAPA Fall Final 150. The Saturday card will also include a 20-lap SK Light Modified feature, 20-lap Limited Late Model feature and a 15-lap Vintage All-Stars event.

The season will come to a close with NAPA Championship Night on Friday Oct. 1.

“We had multiple Friday and Saturday events this season due to Covid,” Arute said. “With capacity restriction as the big unknown entering 2021 we took a look at what we could do to ensure that even if we are at a reduced capacity we’d be able to run our entire schedule. This included making the 2021 NAPA Spring Sizzler Weekend a two day, two ticket event. The NASCAR Modified Tour will headline the weekend and we’ve added the Granite State Pro Stocks and the SK Modified teams will run both Saturday and Sunday.” 

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  1. No mention of a Pro Late Model event, which was a much anticipated race in 2020 till it got cancelled. 3 WMT events plus GSPSS, and 4 open events. I thought they might run 5 opens, and possibly still could. Looks like a great Schedule though.
    MASK UP, So maybe we can enjoy all these events in 2021.

  2. Did you know; in a recount of votes for a presidential election, the average number of changed votes is…wait for it… 237 votes. That’s right …237 votes.
    What is Trump doing? He’s doing what he does best, causing chaos. He says there is no one more patriotic than him. He says he lives this country… Lies, nothing more than lies. If Donald Trump really cred about this country he would just stop all the BS and concede. He lost that’s all there is to it.
    Even FOX NEWS is calling it all a bunch of bull. saying Trump needs to concede.
    Can’t wait till January 20th to watch him escorted off the white house grounds, hopefully into New York State Police custody.

  3. Yes the basic structure of the season is much like that which was intended for 2020. Big focus, relief, surprise….whatever…. that the NWMT remains at 3 events overshadows a significant change. Separate tickets for races on succeeding days is now formalized. That’s kind of a big deal isn’t it?
    Street and LLM rules are out for 2021. That’s the next bit of drama? Will Stafford adapt the rules that were used for the Tri Track race. Hope so.

  4. No mention of any sort of season pass for Stafford.TV.

  5. Rob p., Trump is looking to find one ballot of dubious provenence so he can declare the ENTIRE election as rigged.

    But it is well known that recounts of millions of votes only produce a delta of a couple hundred votes, no where near the tens of thousands that Trump needs.

  6. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculousness. It’s almost laughable how much of an idiot he really is. Yet the serious irreparable damage he could end up doing is really dangerous. Then you have all these self righteous Republican Senators still supporting him. Like I said, for someone who claims he loves this country, he’s not showing it right now.

  7. Typical and safe stafford speedway schedule . Relying on there hard core friday night fans. Disappointed there’s no Thompson 300 guaranteed starting spot , Feature race on there schedule

  8. 144,249 new cases of Covid reported a new record. We also set a new record for hospitalizations yesterday.
    WEAR A MASK, wearing a mask is the best step you can take to help slow the spread. Along with everything else, like washing and sanitizing your hands often, social distancing. Not gathering in crowds, staying home if and when you can ect… But the top thing to prevent Covid is to WEAR A MASK. Wearing a mask is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength, a sign of respect. If you have no self respect, at least have respect for those around you. Nobody is going to think less of you if you wear a mask. The more people who wear masks along with other practicing, the shorter time we’ll spend in this hell. It’s time to stop the foolishness, time to stop trying to hide behind the constitution, time to stop listening to and acting like idiots. It’s time to WEAR A MASK.

  9. The Atomic Punk says

    Hey Rob P, Careful what you wish for. In 2 years you will be wishing for Trumps economy again. ….And you have the Stones to use words like self righteous?,,,,,Wow…, China Thanks you…..Enjoy throwing rocks at buildings.

  10. I think I get it. First and foremost you want fans to buy season tickets and go to the events to provide the energy and buy food and drink. Offer some kind of terrific package right out of the gate for StaffordSpeedway.TV and you’re undermining your own primary goal.
    I’m going to assume there will be a streaming product offered in 2021. It’s early. It’s also a new variable they need to feel their way through. The TV bonus still needs to be paid to the teams that participated and the benefit from that assessed. You can bet they are going to want that to continue and it could be planting seeds for great car counts next year.
    In the end it won’t make much difference for this fan. Friday night will come or Saturday this season as it turns out. It will be so easy to just tap a couple buttons to see racing and like 2020 I’ll spend way more then intended on racing at not only Stafford but all over the place.
    Maybe that’s the answer to the streaming season ticket. Why bother. You either go or it ends up being an impulse purchase.

  11. Standard season pass is $340(?) thru mid-December. Offer a version which includes Stafford.TV (for all events) for a $50 up charge (total of $390)?

  12. Atomic, there are more indicators of the economy than just the stock market, when taken as a whole, the economy sucks. The stock market is being driven by pharma, and tech because of Covid, otherwise it would suck too.
    You’ve gotta understand, I’m not really a political person, but being blatantly lied to, and losing friends because of the lies, and lack of leadership upsets and angers me. It’s refreshing to have Biden being truthful about the virus. The rest…wait and see.

  13. Atomic, remember how bad things were at the end of the GW Bush & Cheney dynasty? Well, Joe Biden ran the recovery from that debacle during the Obama/Biden administration. They built an economy that has been so robust, it has weathered Trump remarkably well. And that by far means the turn down as a result of the #TrumpPandemic. Until the #TrumpPandemic hit, the Biden/Obama economy was still doing very well.

  14. I’ve got a customer who owns a small plastics shop. He’s a veteran, and a die hard ultra conservative Republican. During the GW era he applied to be a veteran owned business, and was turned down. The Obama administration granted him the status, which helped his business significantly. In 2016 he voted for Trump. Ranted how great he was. Guess what, he voted for Biden this time, first time in his long life he’s not voted for Republicans. I can’t print what he said about Trump, Shawn wouldn’t allow it, let’s just say he’s pretty pissed off. I’m sure there we’re many more like him who voted for Biden. Kinda tells me what I already knew. If Trump had been honest with the American people about the virus, and economy, he probably would have won. People don’t like liars.
    It seems to be a cycle Republicans tank the economy, Democrats build it back up. Go back through time and check it out.

  15. Any predications for the timing of the release of the Bowl’s 2021 schedule?

  16. I know some team members purchase the StaffordSpeedway.TV offering to review their races. Seems like they should have TV included in their season ticket package. Failing that the up charge sounds like a great idea.

  17. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Biden’s not even president yet and Dafella and Rob are preparing for the next 4 years to suck, because of Trump 😂😂😂

  18. Rob p , You seem to be forgetting about the Jimmy Carter era ?

  19. 2020, hit the brakes. I never said anywhere that the next 4 years are going to suck.
    You have to look where we are, right now, and how we got here.
    Right now the death toll stand around 240,000+ people. There were 170,000+ new cases of Covid-19 reported yesterday, a new all time record. There were 65,000+ hospitalizations, again a new record. 1200+ deaths How did we get here? We got here because Donald Trump decided to lie about Covid back in February, and to this day continues to lie about it. He is more concerned about spreading lies about election fraud, baseless unsupported lies, rather than concede an election he has clearly lost, and focus on a plan to try and curb the spread of Covid. The Republican held senate refuses to vote on any legislation that could help the American people, instead focusing their efforts to encourage Donald Trump. These actions are not allowing for the peaceful transition of power, which has never happened before. I don’t see the Republicans doing anything during this “lame duck” session except maybe to try and strike down the ACA, stripping health insurance from 11 million American families in the middle of a pandemic with no plan in place to replace it.
    At 12:00PM on January 20th, 2021 Joe Biden WILL be sworn in as the 46th President, and the fight against Covid will begin, although some vaccinations of health care workers may have already begun. As you well know, nothing happens all that fast, especially where the government is involved. Therefore the fight against Covid is going to be a long fought battle, lasting well beyond 2021, with vaccination efforts expected to last into early 2022. Therefore 2021 is going to look allot like 2020, maybe even worse at times. And it all started when, back in February, Donald Trump blatantly lied to the American people about the severity of Covid-19.
    One good thing, we now have a president who will be up front and honest with the American people, and will do everything in his power to try and get rid of covid-19. We can all help starting right now by doing a few simple things. First and foremost MASK UP. and you know all the other steps, if you don’t, for you it’s too late.
    As the mayor of Paris France proclaimed:

  20. Carl, I was 11 years old when Carter took office. I was referring to a period starting with George HW Bush, who if I remember also screwed up the economy, leaving it for Clinton to fix, and if I remember correctly he did fix it, but GW Bush made quick work if screwing it up again. That’s all distant history now. I’m just glad there won’t be a pathological liar who cares only about himself in the white house anymore. Even FOX NEWS has come to see him for what he is, except for Shawn Hannity who’s still waiting for his cabinet position. Still can’t comprehend what 71 million people saw in him, I guess the disinformation campaign Russia put forth worked

  21. Hey Carl, the Jimmy Carter era? Well, let’s see… Carter inherited the disaster left behind from the idiot known as Gerald Ford who had to take over because the corrupt Republican Tricky Dicky Nixon had to resign. So Carter took over a hotbed mess that was then made infinitely worse with the Iran hostage crisis. Then Reagan spent his way into oblivion and put the country into a depression. His successor GHW Bush even ridiculed Reagan’s “voodoo economics.” Then, GHW Bush was one of the rare failures of an incumbent to get reelected and the phrase, “It’s the economy, Stupid” was born.

    What else you wanna talk about? You clearly need to avoid and evade facts.

  22. The Franchise says

    Rob P – you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and unlike democrats, republicans don’t mind when you say your opinion.

    The death toll is approx 250k but initial projections had the deaths in the millions. Cases are spiking but deaths are not increasing at the same rates – that’s a good thing. You might hate the messenger but to say Trump did nothing about the virus is wrong. He closed the borders while Nancy was dancing in Chinatown and Biden was calling him a racist. He sent Navy hospital ships to NYC and LA and they went unused. He enacted the defense production act to build ventalators and PPP. He closed down the country. Being the evil dictator that he is, Trump allowed the states to make Covid decisions so each state could decide what was best for their people because you know that’s what evil dictators do. Also remember that King Fauci and others have flipped flopped on many different Covid issues. If Trump’s best advisers couldn’t get it right, how do you expect a real estate guy to cure a pandemic. There was nothing ANYBODY could have done to make the virus completely disappear. You and many others are mad at Trump. I tend to be mad at China since they are the ones who created the virus and unleashed it on the world. I would love to know what Trump could have said that would have fixed this pandemic.

    Further, the Senate wont vote on the relief bill because Pelosi stuffed it with so much democratic pork it would make a blue state pig farmer blush. You should be insulted and outraged at the garbage Pelosi tried to cram into the bill as “Covid relief” when millions of Americans are hurting. Trump and the republicans have approached her countless times trying to get money into Americans hands but she wont negiotiate. But yeah orange man bad.

    And please spare us with your cries to concede. Gore took 37 days. Just last month Hiliary said the election was stolen from her and Trump was illegitament. Its funny – the democrats have been screaming about election interference the last 4 years but as soon as Trump says it , he’s lying and a danger to democracy. To say there is no evidence is wrong. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and even many sworn testimonies. If there is nothing wrong with the results then just sit back and let it play out.

    I also notice that you keep saying MASK UP., which is fine, I have no issues with a mask. But both CT and MA, along with many other states have mask mandates. Given that, if masks are so effective, then why are cases spiking? If masks are so effective, then why aren’t schools open? Why are people missing funerals, graduations, family outings? Why can you and 10,000 friends dance in the streets for Grandpa Joe but I can’t go to my kids sporting events? The left loves to make rules that don’t apply to them (see “protests”, celebrations, Pelosi, Feinstein, Lightfoot etc)

    I hope Joe is a good president. God knows the MSM will tell us how great he is every day. Maybe China will give Hunter the secret cure to the virus – I hear they have a good relationship.

  23. The Franchise has facts unlike Dareal –

  24. Oh boy, a target rich environment.

    The Franchise wrote, “Rob P – you are absolutely entitled to your opinion and unlike democrats, republicans don’t mind when you say your opinion.”

    BWWWWWHHAHAHHAHHAHHAAHHAAHAHAHHAHHAAAA!!!!! Read what you wrote after that.

    Yes, Trump closed the borders, somewhat. He’s a xenophobe trying to keep non-whites out since he got into office. This was a great way to do that. Canada closed the border, and they are keeping it closed.

    Trump did do some things, but needed to do much more. If he imposed strict pandemic control measures at the outset, we would not be in this mess. Instead, by his own admission, he downplayed it for MONTHS, allowing the pandemic to spread. Senators and Gonernors were concerned about this long before it became big news, but the Trump Admin blew it off. Well, until they couldn’t anymore.

    Fauci was controlled by Trump from the very beginning. Anybody that does not realize he had to appease Trump is a total stupididiotmoron. Fauci had to do what was scientifically (look it up) correct and appeasing to Trump. If we did what Fauci recommended, we’d be doing quite well right now, instead we did a kluged real estate salesman approach. And that includes the red States that have done pretty much nothing and have been and are being ravaged.

    We could not make the virus disappear, but there are indeed protective measures that should be required but Trump refuses to do so.

    It is NOT China’s fault. This is nature, it happens. It was out and spread before China even knew what was going on. The USA infection came largely from Europe, where a huge population of Chinese travelers brought it to Europe, particularly Italy. They passed through NYC, which was then ravaged. If you noticed, the outset of the spread took place in major cities that had large, busy airports. The travelers passing through those airports spread the virus 🦠.

    Regarding the Bush vs Gore election, that was all about Florida and it came down to about 500 votes. A measly 500 votes. So indeed, a refusal to concede was appropriate. Right now, Trump is losing BIGLY. Arizona was called for Biden, and just a couple minutes ago, Georgia was called for Biden. This is looking like a landslide. I look forward to the recounts to watch him lose the same election again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This election has been watched very carefully because of known attempts at interference, and the US agencies have recently announced that this election has been the most secure ever, and there is no reason to question or doubt the integrity of this election. And Trump should know this, especially if he were to allow Presidential daily briefings. He practices deliberate ignorance. Thinks he can’t be held responsible if he doesn’t know about something. Trump on the other hand wants to find one illegitimate ballot for Biden so he can then go bloviating from the highest mountain that the entire election is invalid. Trump’s election challenges have already been laughed out of the courts.

    Masks are indeed a part of the way out of this pandemic. Unfortunately, idiots refuse to wear the mask. For the pandemic to get under control, everyone needs to wear a mask, stay away from other people, and practice meticulous hygiene. That’s not hard at all. People refuse to do it, and are not doing it in defiance, and that petulance is what is causing the relapse.

    Over 10% of the Secret Service is infected, and that is being attributed to Trump’s flurry of campaign rallies leading up to Nov 3. The White House people are largely infected also. Ben Carson, the CoS, etc.

    Furthermore, since this virus is mutating at such a high scary rate, it is crucial to stifle its propagation to limit the number of mutant variants to increase the chances a vaccine will work.

    Highly recommend the book “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking. He discusses evolution and mutation. Fantastic book.

  25. The Franchise and Steve, you are indeed entitled to your opinions. And the facts you deny are still facts.

  26. 🌈🦄2020 says

    The Wuhan coronavirus is not China’s fault he says.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Next pandemic, shut down every major Democrat run city. Problem solved.

  27. Robert Neville, MD says

    Trump, fantasized he was Charlton Heston in the Omega Man, but now planning to pull a Colonel Jack D. Ripper. Hope we are still around for April 24 next year because I’m looking forward to being in Stafford for Modifieds and Pro Stocks at the best run short track in the USA.

  28. So how bout that schedule huh.

  29. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Forget about the schedule csg, Dafella and Rob want to talk about Trump and the rona. So shut up and listen to these rhodes scholars.

  30. Sounds like a couple people drank most of the kool aid and still looking for more, don’t worry you still have a couple months to drink up

  31. dareal maybe you drank too many of those Billy beer’s during the jimmy carter era ! And dont remember the housing market . the price of gasoline or the hostage crisis .It’s not what you Inherite that define’s you It’s what you do with it .

  32. See, you thought the election was the final buzzer but turns out it was only half time as the combatants change sides to resume the futile game. Batting partisan talking points that are mostly devoid of truth back and forth using Covid19 as a political football. Not realizing the game is lost and we were defeated. for one reason. It was never a game it was a war, we should have been on the same side starting in February and it’s too late now short of a vaccine to stop the carnage.

  33. carl block responded with, “dareal maybe you drank too many of those Billy beer’s during the jimmy carter era ! And dont remember the housing market . the price of gasoline or the hostage crisis .It’s not what you Inherite that define’s you It’s what you do with it .”

    Since you don’t know about what was going on during the Jimmy Carter era, such as the historical hostage crisis, you are beyond ignorant and not worthy of this conversation, or a tool.

    By the way, you brought it up, carl block wrote, “Rob p , You seem to be forgetting about the Jimmy Carter era ?”

    Good comment about what you inherit and what you do with hit. Trump inherited a fortune, and went bankrupt numerous times. He would have been better off putting his inheritance in some sort of fund and let those that know what they are doing manage it and grow it. He’d be wealthy today, no multiple bankruptcies, no massive debts, etc. So yeah, I see your point there, Trump’s a loser.

  34. 2020 all those schedules you talk about, they’re not going to mean squat if we all don’t work to get this virus under control, and drive the numbers way down.
    Yes I keep saying MASK UP. Yes MA, CT and many other states have mandates. It’s the dumb ones who continue to not wear masks, “it’s their constitutional right” appears they didn’t read far enough. There are safeguards added into the constitution that give certain rights to the government, and take some away from the people. They are only in effect when the country is in a state of emergency, as we are. And no I’m not going to quote them. There are allot of states with absolutely no mandates.
    In order to beat this thing we need to band together. Not as democrat, not as republican, but as AMERICANS. It’s amazing how divided this country has become in the last couple of years. It’s time to put our differences aside and fight like hell. The federal government needs to stop looking at us as red states and blue states, but as a UNITED STATES. but we all can still do our part and MASK UP even if others refuse to. Don’t be the problem, be the solution. MASK UP

  35. Hey Shawn,
    Why is Stafford no longer running the normal Modified Tour 200 lap distance for the Spring Sizzler? NASCAR?? I believe it is not right for either side to get ride of that tradition – Doesn’t feel like a proper Spring Sizzler without it being 200 laps- Well for me, since I’ve been alive. Thank you.

  36. Tyler,
    Nobody has given a reason why. I’m guessing it’s a financial decision. More laps = higher expected purse.


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