Former Thompson Speedway GM Is Promoter For Whelen Modified Tour Return To Beech Ridge In 2021

On Friday NASCAR released the schedule for the 2021 Whelen Modified Tour, and one of the big surprises on the 14-race slate was a return to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Me. 

The Whelen Modified Tour hasn’t run at the facility since 2005. Jerry Marquis won the last event at the track. 

The 2021 Whelen Modified Tour event at Beech Ridge brings a familiar face back to involvement with the series. 

Former Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada is behind leasing Beech Ridge to serve as the promoter of the Whelen Modified Tour’s Saturday Aug. 21, 2021 event in Scarborough, Me.

“I’m looking forward to promoting this event, and [Beech Ridge Motor Speedway owner] Andy Cusack and I are going to work really well together to bring the great tradition of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour back to Beech Ridge,” Vanada said by text message Friday. 

Cusack was not immediately available on Friday afternoon. 

Vanada was also involved in trying to promote a 2021 Whelen Modified Tour event at Wall Stadium in Wall, N.J. Wall was not on the 2021 schedule released Friday by NASCAR.

The Whelen Modified Tour has run five times at the one-third mile Beech Ridge Motor Speedway oval over the division’s history. 

Steve Park won the first series event at Beech Ridge in 1995. The series then ran at the track in 2002 (won by Dave Berghman), 2003 (won by Todd Szegedy), 2004 (won by Nevin George) and 2005. 

Vanada served as general manager of Thompson Speedway from 2013 to 2018. In a twist of irony, Thompson Speedway will not host a Whelen Modified Tour event in 2021. It marks the first time since the inception of the Whelen Modified Tour in 1985 that the series will not visit Thompson Speedway.

Thompson was one of six tracks that was on the original or ultimately adjusted 2020 Whelen Modified Tour schedule that will not host an event in 2021. The others include South Boston (Va.) Speedway, Iowa Speedway in Newton, Ia., Wall Stadium, Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. and White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, N.H.


  1. Nice to see you back Shawn. Bet your glad that’s over!!’

  2. Bobf,
    Thanks Bob. Yes, very glad. That was a miserable 48 hours.

  3. Shawn, didn’t you take the time off, relax, go to a spa? It was a great break from hearding cats 🐈, flinging new shiny objects, etc.

  4. Doesn’t this twist demonstrate how futile it is to go too far out on a ledge jumping to conclusions about a single story at one point in time.
    Some of the leading citizens of RaceDayCtville making some pretty harsh judgements about Wilson and/or Vanada based on one story. Myself wasting an inordinate about of space supporting something that was never going to happen. We all arguing at exactly the same time Wilson and Vanada have moved on with the Wall deal in the rear view mirror.
    Now a mere 6 days later everything changes and we knew it would didn’t we?
    Are Wilson and Vanada still “sleazy”? Are the actions they’ve taken still underhanded? Or was there a completely typical negotiation between several parties with the position of the Krause family respected in the end? No back stabbing, no sexism no nothing except the person with the greatest leverage in overseeing races at Wall Stadium winning.
    Vanada especially. Getting trashed for simply being reported as making contact with the Wall management. As we argue back and forth Mr. Vanada apparently has moved on to more fertile ground.
    Meanwhile we are all holding our bruised ego’s in our hands wondering what the hell just happened.
    Tell you what. Competent people doing their job to schedule modified races just happened. We in the peanut gallery not so much.

  5. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    Beech Ridge in late August works for me. It will be fun to head over to nearby Freeport, ME to hit the cafés and do some fall fashion shopping. If I’m lucky, I might even see daRealPreppieBoy shopping for some new argyle socks!

  6. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Sorry Liz, you won’t see Dafella anywhere near a race track. The tour at beech ridge interests me as much as the color of Biden’s socks. I’m starting to think Wall made a mistake for not entertaining the deal. No races at Thompson is still the biggest story of this whole thing. I’m sure the Riverhead fans are happy but do they really need 3 races?

  7. Liz, clearly you’re not familiar with Beech Ridge or Freeport, ME. They are about 30 miles apart, hardly near each other.

    Besides, Portland is only about 9 miles from Beech Ridge and has numerous outstanding eateries. Portland over Freeport any day. The Portland foodie and shopping scene is far better than Freeport. Try Central Provisions or Duckfat. There are also some great donut shops. 🍩

    I’m hoping it will be safe by August to make such a trek. I usually go to Maine at least once a year, multiple trips some years. And Portland has a wonderful Farmers’ Market, hopefully it will be running the day of the race, so bring a big cooler. It’s considered one of the best markets in the country. We make it a point to stop by.

    My sock closet is full right now. I rarely wear socks since I usually go barefoot or with my handmade, vegan, fair trade sandals.

    However, I do recommend you visit Cold River vodka, located just south of Freeport. I think you’ll like it. Vodka made from Maine potatoes. The blueberry flavored vodka is divine. Please pick up a bottle of the barrel aged vodka for me. But my favorite product from Cold River is the gin… a mouth full of flavor, delicate botanicals. It’s our favorite gin, by far. A kaleidoscope of flavor.

    I’m only here to help.

  8. Really Doug.. ??? I see no vindication for what Wilson tried to strong arm Emily into.. This is a total different deal altogether . As far as Josh Vanada , He is one of the Finest Men , From a Great family, A racing family. His Father Chuck overcame tremendous health battle, His Brother, Jake is one of the cleanest drivers that you will see strap in . Josh was a very good Flagman at Seekonk, Very Fair.. The Thing that NASCAR & Wilson tried to push on Emily was the UGLY , Sleazy part , that somehow you refuse to see… Reread to UGLY TURN article and see WHO is out on the limb ??? Oh yes it’s the same Contrarian Doug holding on for dear life to His Unpopular Opinions, But others clearly could see the Wrong and Disrespectful actions of NASCAR dealing with Emily …Well most of Us >>>

  9. Comparing the Wall Stadium ordeal to the Beech Ridge deal is akin to comparing apples to cabbage.
    It’s great that with Vanada’s help there will be a race at beach ridge, but what happened with Wall is despicable at best.

  10. The difference between Beech Ridge and Wall is that the Beech Ridge owner operates the track. Wall has a lessee operating the track. Yuge, bigly strongly difference.

  11. Wall Speedway deal vs. Beech Ridge deal; two completely different scenarios with no way to draw a comparison. Agree with Rob p., definitely apples to cabbage
    Racing at Beech Ridge? COOL! Really wide corners, conventional width backstretch, and HUGELY wide front straight. I’ve seen some of their weekly racers go 5-WIDE across the start/finish line and Modifieds go 4-WIDE! AND… they do have what hopefully is a WMT workable pit lane in the infield. No pitting in the pits and the spectators will be able to watch pit crews in action. VERY COOL!

  12. Be that as it may Jake I still see nothing wrong with anything Mr. Wilson has done based on the small amount of information we know. My greater point was how silly we all are getting into rhubarbs that are most times based on superficial information that we take so serious, invest so much in being right that in the end mean nothing.
    I can say I’m completely uninterested in treating this forum like grade school recess where the goal is to accumulate allies in the interest of dominating the playground.. I feel what I feel, always err on the side of the people actually doing the work and if it’s not popular oh well.
    Flasks up.

  13. 30 miles, that’s only a 20 minute drive, I do that every day for work. That’s close in my book Liz. Just be careful you don’t partake of to much of the the evil broth before the return trip!

  14. Whats the status of Turkey Derby in 2 weeks?

  15. Earl wrote, “30 miles, that’s only a 20 minute drive, I do that every day for work. That’s close in my book Liz. Just be careful you don’t partake of to much of the the evil broth before the return trip!”

    Earl, 30 miles in 20 minutes is an AVERAGE 91 MILES PER HOUR.

  16. Rich,
    No idea. I think you’re best hope in getting answer to that is reaching out to Wall Stadium directly.

  17. And your point dareal? What do you drive like a blue hair or should I say Q tip?

    So based on Liz and her chariot, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and we will make it 35-40 minutes based on traffic/road conditions and local posted speed limits. Still a hop, skip and a jump.

    I think Liz can handle it and she doesn’t need your calculations.

  18. Rich look for the Turkey Derby next Nov. It’s over buddy.

    Everybody is out to kill Nascar over Wall but I have only heard one side of the story. My guess is the owners and Nascar have a different version but a lot of you are not interested in all the facts before starting a good Nascar bashing session.

    I hope BR runs their Pro Stocks on Aug 21. Some old Busch North family names running up there.

  19. 🎀🎀🎀 Liz Cherokee 🎀🎀🎀 says

    daRealKnowItAll, clearly you’re not familiar with my DownEast transportation/hospitality situation, but I do thank you for the tips on places to explore. I’ll actually be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in the downtown wharf area of Portland. From there I can easily walk to Fore Street which has been a Liz favorite for years.
    In regards to the 30 miles between Freeport and Beech Ridge, who cares? I just tell my driver where I’d like to go and I’ll relax with a nice beverage while I enjoy the ride. Don’t stress the simple things in life big boy!
    Maybe I’ll finally meet you at Cold River in your Birkenstocks and white bicycle racer socks!

  20. Your own Driver Liz? Awesome. Bottoms up! The glass, not you. LOL

  21. I am willing to listen to NASCAR’s side of the story on the Wall debacle anytime they will tell it. No comment and not available is their response? Wouldn’t NASCAR be all over the story if was a misrepresentation of the truth by now? It’s called credibility.

  22. The vaccine will not be effective unless some 90% or more get vaccinated.

    And we will still have to mask up, socially distance, and wash our hands frequently for at least another year. All of us.

  23. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”




    darealgoodfella says
    December 13, 2020 at 10:19 pm
    The vaccine will not be effective unless some 90% or more get vaccinated.


    AARP 10/20/2020
    “Experts still aren’t sure what the sweet spot for herd immunity to COVID-19 will be, but Ali Mokdad, professor of global health at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, predicts it will be higher than 70 percent. That estimate is based on infection rates in areas of the world where the virus is still spreading, even though a high percentage of those populations have had COVID-19.”

    Reuters 11/18/2020
    “Amesh Adalja, a scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said a good target for immunity in the United States would be for more than 70% of the population to be inoculated, but added that the figure could go up if vaccines are less effective.”

    “When does a community reach herd immunity? It depends on the reproduction number, or R0. The R0 tells you the average number of people that a single person with the virus can infect if those people aren’t already immune. The higher the R0, the more people need to be resistant to reach herd immunity.
    Researchers think that the R0 for COVID-19 is between 2 and 3. This means that one person can infect two to three other people. It also means 50% to 67% of the population would need to be resistant before herd immunity kicks in and the infection rates start to go down.”

    Forbes 12/11/2020
    “The World Health Organization estimates that 65 to 70 percent of a given population must be vaccinated to halt the spread of disease. Once that threshold is crossed, the Covid-19 virus will have too few human hosts to choose from, driving down transmission rates dramatically. “

  24. 90% of people is unattainable. My mask is going in the trash as soon as they stick me with that needle. Freedom at last baby!!

  25. In a recent interview, Dr Fauci said that if you take all factors into consideration, then the percentage needed to obtain herd immunity is somewhere around 85 to 90% of the population.
    JD, Remember, after the first dose your only at about 30% it isn’t till 10- 14 days after receiving the second dose that you may be immune. Let’s not forget this vaccine isn’t a 100% guarantee that you won’t get the virus, and it’s not known how long the vaccine keeps you safe, so don’t throw that mask out just yet.

  26. I hate the Covid talk, but, I feel we should all take a look at this. Cases are going up. In my work place we had double digit cases this month. We all know vaccines are great. Just because you get one doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a mask. You need two doses and you need to set an example for the people that do not want to wear a mask or get a vaccine and prevent the spread to people you care about. I think if we all get the $100,000 cure some people get, we would be in great shape. But if you or your loved ones cannot get that cocktail, maybe you should think twice about this. It might be nice to wave to people that might perish, but, it is not responsible.

  27. Sorry. Should not have said cure. Treatment is what I meant. Now I feel like a jerk. Like I am waving.

  28. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “90% of people is unattainable. My mask is going in the trash as soon as they stick me with that needle. Freedom at last baby!!”

    🌈JD🌈, you have no idea of how severe an idiot you are. It is true, ignorance is bliss.

    YOU are not protected with the vaccine, and this vaccine requires two doses. Vaccines work when the overwhelming majority of the population are innoculated. The point is to eliminate the pathogen and to do that, the percentage os the population that can be infected has to be reduced to a very small percentage to stifle infecting new people. The doctors have been saying that masks, social distancing, washing, etc will still be required even when the vaccine is being given out.

    Furthermore, this pathogen does not look like a vaccine lasts a lifetime, and might last only a few months and need regular boosters, especially if there is a large population of unvaccinated people.

  29. Fauci said 75 to 85%. Not 85 to 90%.
    Fauci also mentioned herd immunity may be possible by late spring early summer.

    Masks are recommended after getting the vaccine because while the recipient of the vaccine may be immune they could still be shedding the virus.

  30. We can sit here going round and round on this subject. The point I’m trying to get a cross is that although vaccinations have begun, it’s going to be a while before we’re all vaccinated. Once someone receives that first shot, doesn’t make the immune. Even after the second dose it takes 10 days or so for the vaccine to have full effect. Once vaccinated, it’s unclear how long the vaccine protects you, and although you may not get sick from Covid, you can still carry the virus. Nobody is even sure how long the vaccine will protect you, and if booster shots will be nessacary. So although you may be vaccinated, it’s still important to keep wearing a mask, social distancing, proper hygiene ect…

  31. Fauci on vaccine longevity MSN Lifestyle 11/29/2020
    “”So the bottom line is we don’t know right now how long it lasts,” Fauci said of immunity from the COVID-19 vaccine. “But it likely would last for a full year’s cycle.”
    “From what we know of the duration thus far of immunity, I would be surprised if it turns out to be a 20-year duration, but I would also be surprised if it was less than a year,”

  32. Face masks!!! Are the really that bad? Do they really have no upside aside from protection in spreading infection?
    You may miss them more then you think when they are no longer necessary.

    • Bad breath- whether you have it or know people with it you have to deal with masks have their advantages. Did you have a big spicy, garlicy lunch? No breath mints of mouth wash handy no problem. The mask limits your chances to offend as well as contain belching.
    • Bad teeth- it’s just a fact many people can’t afford proper dental maintenance, suffer from an unattractive smile and are self conscious. With a mask that’s not a concern.
    • Aside from Covid19 how many colds and other viruses have you picked up? That’s right, not many. Almost none in fact for many of us.
    • Not mask related but how about our cleaner hands. I don’t have to go into it do I what we all do with our hands and perhaps let cleanliness slide from time to time. How is cleaner hands on every body touching things bad in any way?
    • You know the uncomfortable situation. An acquaintance, boss or relative is telling you a story and you feel obligated to smile to show interest but you really could care less. Fake smiles that look genuine are hard. Grunts of acknowledgement much easier to fake.
    • How about the talkers. Pretend to be interested in a conversation but really just want to yammer on about every little bit on minutia in their lives. Impatient and uninterested when you talk interrupting their part of the conversation. Or worse. A cable news junkie regurgitating what they’ve heard on their favorite shows. Masks the perfect excuse for the well timed break away. “ Sorry I just can’t hear you that well with these damn masks. Catch you later”.
    • Advantages for the ladies as well. You know the drill. You just feel obligated to put on lipstick and some color to the cheeks to took your best in public. Now the daily chore is reduced to just around the eyes needing attention. Or what the heck, maybe not even that. Put on a colorful mask that expresses your emotion and you’re ready to go.
    • Shared behavior. Not for the Constitution wielding cry babies for sure but for many it’s a thing. Everyone participating in a shared experience. Perhaps trying to be a little more considerate of others in daily personal transactions and without the smile evident more willing to express a kind word.
    • Non verbal personal expression. You don’t need to say a word if your mask is a billboard for an emotion or a message you want to convey. We all look at faces and the message on the mask whatever it is can not be ignored.

    You wait. Once the masks are gone you’re going to miss some of the unintended, unappreciated advantages they provided. Especially protection from garlic breath.

  33. The chief medical officer for Walgreens is estimating that the general public will start to be vaccinated in Late March or early April, but stressed that it’s going to be a long process, and people should continue to wear masks, wash hands and social distance even after receiving the vaccine.
    At least they are starting to “fill in the blanks” and give a timeline, which so far seems to be consistent among the health professionals. Total immunization should be completed by this time next year, then it becomes a question of whether or not boosters are needed.
    That’s great news to me

  34. Nothing we have been told to do has worked. Nothing! Its that simple. Nothing! Meanwhile people can’t pay the rent. Can’t afford food. Can’t pay the mortgage. Enough is enough. I had a lady tell me the other day “I don’t want to go back to living in the woods. It is getting too crowded in the woods” Think about that. It’s all fine and good to sit in your house and critique everything but you are about to see a huge explosion in homelessness. For what? A virus that didn’t even slow down the NFL. Every game played through 14 weeks.

    Half the country doesn’t even want a shot. Am I suppose to wear a mask for another 2 years because they don’t want a shot? To each there own but my mask is coming off. The vaccine is ahead of schedule. The shots will be available to most by spring. If you want to wear a mask wear one. I don’t care. I’m done with it in the very near future.

    If it was up to you guys this would remain the normal forever. Ain’t happening.

  35. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “Nothing we have been told to do has worked. Nothing! Its that simple. Nothing! ”

    🌈JD🌈, you idiot, you are so stupid.

    Masks, social distancing, and washing hands often has indeed worked. Social distancing includes the attenuation of social situations such as bars, cafes, restaurants, and other high density conditions. It indeed worked. It was borne out in the data, and how the data plateaued shortly after these measures were put in place. But the pathogen was still spreading very so slowly, spreading to regions that believed the GOP and Trump, and so they never took proper precautions, and now the sparsely populated regions are being savaged. It didn’t have to happen, but the pro-life party did nothing to protect the lives of the people. And now all that spread is swinging around like a boomerang. It just goes to show that EVERYONE must cooperate. Stupid idiots that feel their rights and liberties are being violated are just plain stupid. Idiots like you that refuse to be a responsible member of a civilized and advanced society. The areas that are being savaged by the #TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus virus 🦠 are the Red States. It’s also not a coincidence. They are the states of sheeple that follow the stupid direction of their crazy GOP officials. The GOP clearly was not a fan of science in this pandemic, and they flagrantly flaunted the medical advice. This is what happens when the jocks, BMOCs and Home Coming Queens run something.

    And something I want to make sure you know… the lead scientists and doctors at the numerous companies that came up with the vaccines are women, Black women, people of color, and Muslims. Interestingly, the Muslim doctors and scientists that developed the vaccines would not have been able to do that as they did if Trump’s unConstitutional racial bans were not defeated. Just want to make sure you know that the vaccine you will get was developed by women, people of color, and Muslims. And I’m sure they don’t mind keeping people like you alive.

  36. That’s why your comment accusing another of being selfish got a universal chuckle JD.
    Look you’re going to do what you want and have made that clear. Saying nothing has worked is just flat out wrong.
    The four legs of the safety protocols have worked and continue to work very well when practiced property. They can not overcome our universal failure as a society to ignore them like at pool parties, family gatherings, bars, demonstrations, motor cycle rallies, racing events, weddings, wedding receptions, White House events, political events and rallies, religious events, rodeo’s, Thanksgiving gatherings and soon Christmas and New Year celebrations.
    Not only have safety protocols been universally flaunted by age group and regionally some how we managed to make it a political thing where safety right now continues to mocked and ridiculed.
    It was never about getting back to work safely because that’s happening every day even now where safety protocols are managed properly. It’s about segments of the population and regions thinking it wouldn’t touch them, didn’t do anything to learn from the early hot spots and ended up making their part of America they thought would not be touched a hot spot and in the end the country as a whole.
    So we are where we are. Sick and dying. One of the worst records in the developed world. Medical professionals and hospitals bearing the brunt of our stupidity as it gets worse and large portions of us still don’t care or think it’s all no deal because mostly it’s the elderly and vulnerable doing the dying.
    It is what it is and what it is, is not safety protocol ineffectiveness. It’s the complete incompetence of a society to adhere to the measures that could have mitigated the sickness and death.
    American exceptionalism you betcha.

  37. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “A virus that didn’t even slow down the NFL. Every game played through 14 weeks.”

    Multiple NFL games were delayed/rescheduled, players taken out due to infection, a team lost all four QBs due to infection. And that was stupid infection too. So the NFL was indeed impacted. Teams were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars due to COVID safety violations. That’s not nothing.

    What about the NHL, MLB, NBA, college sports, high school sports, etc? In the news just about every day, I’m seeing more and more schools and school systems shifting to online instruction.

    Just saw a report that the MLB is not expected to start “on time”, no way, no how

  38. JD, you brought to light some valid facts. People are hurting right now. Evictions are at an all time high, even though there’s legislation that is supposed to protect against it. People are losing their homes because they can’t pay the mortgage. Many families wait in hours long lines for food, people who thought they’d never be doing so. Families live in the cold because they cannot afford heating oil. Homelessness is at an all time high. With all these situations things are getting worse not better. Yet, what is the Republican party focusing on? Overturning an election, so a scumbag can spend 4 more years screwing this country up. It’s frustrating, and makes you want to scream. Hour after hour, day after day, we do the right thing. We wear the mask, wash our hands, social distance. All things that the scientists tell us to do, to help slow the spread of the virus. Yet day after day, the virus keeps growing. Records are set, just to be broken the following day. It’s estimated that we will reach 400,000 deaths before inauguration day, January 20th. Why is this happening? Because allot of people are not doing the right things, allowing the virus to spread unchecked. So should we all just give up? Should we not wear masks? Should we not use hand sanitizer? Should we not social distance? The answer to all of those questions is NO. We should do as we’ve been doing, wearing masks washing hands, using sanitizer and social distancing. We should also just stay home if it’s possible to do so. Don’t follow the que of those stupid Trumpian losers, follow the science. The vaccine offers a glimmer of hope, but vaccinations for most of us are months away. In the meantime we fight like hell, as if our lives depended on it, because in the end it does

  39. And there you go. The sum of our incompetence in the last few posts.
    JD passing on the talk media theme that it should be all about the economy that has elements of truth but ignores the overburdened health care system. Then right on queue Darealgoodfella with a withering insult laden attack on JD and Republicans like they are responsible for the country being where it is. Then the coup de gras with Rob p also heaping blame on political enemies.
    Trump and Republicans are not the sum of the reason we are where we are. It’s been a team effort more related to age then political orientation.
    If government is making JD or anyone do things they believe are fundamentally flawed and don’t believe in then right there we’ve lost the battle. Millions of people feel the same. It’s up to a society to create the environment where sceptics feel a sense of civic duty to contribute to the public good and make the modest sacrifice willingly. We didn’t have those skills going into the crises.
    For now every impact on individuals is transactional with most people needing to see an immediate benefit to themselves in order to behave a certain way. So JD and millions like him chafe at the restrictions. Meanwhile Darealgoodfella and Rob p to a lesser degree point fingers, insult and act out as individuals holding themselves completely blameless for anything.
    It all adds up to pathetic in my view. It’s a fact you can’t fact check or insult people that don’t share your views into anything other then more resistant and intransigent.
    It’s been 9 months and JD, Darealgoodfella and Rob p are essentially saying the same thing. No softening, no compromise, no empathy whatsoever from the views they had in the spring.
    It’s representative of why we are where we are and why we failed.

  40. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “Meanwhile people can’t pay the rent. Can’t afford food. Can’t pay the mortgage. Enough is enough. I had a lady tell me the other day “I don’t want to go back to living in the woods. It is getting too crowded in the woods” Think about that. It’s all fine and good to sit in your house and critique everything but you are about to see a huge explosion in homelessness.”

    And JD wants four more years of this. Is it not bad enough for you?

  41. 🌈🦄2020 says

    When all else fails pull out the race and gender card. Good one Dafella. Is he implying that JD has a problem with Muslims, women and poc’s? What about the Jewish doctors? Are there any Jewish doctors working on the vaccine Dafella?

  42. And Doug, How am I to blame for the 300,000+ dead people? People who shouldn’t have died. People who died because your president lied to the American people, and the Republican Senators who failed to pass legislation which would have prevented allot of those deaths. Tell me Dougie, how am I to blame?
    I did my part. I wear a mask when out in public, I social distance, I practice good hygiene, and use sanitizer often. I stayed home, losing money every day when we were asked to. So tell me Dougie, how am I to blame?
    In the end the blame falls squarely on one man’s shoulders… Donald J. Trump

  43. 🌈🦄2020, NASCAR, and motorsports in general, is rife with racism and gender disparity. There are equality and inclusion programs galore. Why does Bubba Wallace get so much attention? Why did Danica Patrick get so much attention? The white male supremacy is still ruling. Just figured it would be fun to let some that exhibit the signs of racism, misogyny and white male supremacy know that the vaccine they will receive was developed by women, Black women, and Muslims.

    🌈🦄2020, given that hundreds of scientists and doctors worked to develop the vaccines, some of them could very well have been Jewish. Does that bother you too?

  44. Black, white,native american, asian, male, female, muslim, jewish, catholic, methodist…
    When we bleed we all bleed red.

  45. Anthony Fauci has made it clear countless times that insulting people that are not on board with the safety protocols should never be ridiculed or insulted in any way.. To the extent possible their minds changed gradually by providing information and giving them the space to process it.
    Joe Biden similarly is trying to bring his opposition around more with a velvet glove then a hammer. No one is kidding themselves that it is going to make the division disappear but it sure won’t hurt and may change some minds over time.
    There have been two very loud voices in this forum ridiculing and insulting Trump and anyone supporting him with insults and barbs. Conflating every group or person making bad decisions regarding the pandemic as one issue and placing it entirely on Trumps doorstep. Not a Trump supporter it’s made me cringe every time I read them. Knowing all those unprovoked attacks on Trump and anyone that supported him was losing votes and causing people to dig their heels in deeper.
    Now we have a chance to end the pandemic and Biden will become president. You’d think that would turn the page for the two full time Trump protagonists but no. Still the same rhetoric continuing the same trashy behavior that only serves to perpetuate the division and undermine Fauci’s and Biden’s attempts to turn the volume down.

  46. I’m right again, and Doug will always be an idiot. There’s no hope.

  47. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Pay attention folks to what Dafella says. “Does that bother you too?” So when you call him out for being an idiot he immediately assumes I and I guess all race fans have a problem with who are developing the vaccine’s that are not white men. This guy’s a real peach.

  48. 🌈🦄2020 went to Trump University.

  49. USPS is experiencing g unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19.

    The ATP has announced a delay in the opening of the tennis season due to COVID-19. Tennis is an inherently socially distanced sport.

    The #TrumpPandemic is impacting just about everything.

    This pandemic can only begin to be contained when the entire world is vaccinated to a very high level. As long as idiots, those exercising their liberties (even though they have no idea what that really means), and the religious libertarians refuse to be vaccinated, this ain’t ever gonna be ovah.

    And it will take many months or a year of cautions, masks, social distancing, etc. even after the vaccine gets decent distribution.

  50. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”




    -Some stupididiotmorons just can’t help themselves
    -Everything happens for a reason, sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.
    -The Trump Administration is stupid
    -That is a profoundly stupid
    -Crazy Are you dumb, nuts, or both?
    -I tolerate your opinions, no matter how absurd they may be.
    -Earl, you have to get out some, experience more of the world beyond your lawn.
    -(Doug) That is a profoundly stupid
    -Mark, is your last name Trump?
    -(Mark) You have the same attention span as Trump… none.
    -Mark, Y’all haven’t made it up to Loudon in years, since y’all sucked whenever you did.
    -Mark, Are you Donald Trump? Buhlieve me, you need to focus. Honestly.
    -I think Mark had an acute myocardial infarction
    -Earl, you are clearly an idiot.
    -What is wrong with you people?
    -Are you people dumb, nuts, or both????
    -PBR, the beer with a cigarette butt in the bottom of each can.
    -Anarchy, you just proved you are an idiot.
    -Homer, yet another idiotic comment from you.
    -Doug is an idiot.
    -Rob p., what kind of meds are you on?
    -Rob p., what Universe are you living in? Do you have any comprehension or cognitive ability?
    -Eddie, I don’t read Doug’s (feces emoji)
    -Rob p., the only degrees you have are 98.6ºF
    – Crazy, you’re from upstate NY, it’s lawless up there. . And your gene pool is very small.
    -Freddy is full of (excrement emoji) Bigly.
    -Bobf, you do not seem to be high tech savvy
    -Just Me, wait, wait, I’m laughing too hard, having a hard time writing…
    -No Just Me, it is you and Racer that are clueless.
    -Anarchy, you are such an idiot, I have to explain everything to you.
    -You clearly have no ability to understand
    -Anarchy, you’re an idiot. Try another screen name.
    -Stupid is as stupid does, or in this case, posts.
    – Those that have a brain and those that do not have a brain
    -There are plenty of stupid people.
    -How stupid are you? Clearly you can not and do not understand
    -Do you have any comprehension at all?
    -You proved conclusively and irrefutably that you are an idiot.
    -Stupid is as stupid does.
    -You are a racist and hate people that are not like you.
    -Anarchy, yet another idiotic comment from you.
    -WeldingWonders. No, you idiot. Trump didn’t do far better.
    -JimB. You are living proof that ignorance is bliss.
    -Wow, if you aren’t wearing a mask, you are an idiot.
    -like RickyInMass, Mr. Dumbass, WeldingWonders, Insipid Sybil, etc. to make a mess of diversionary distractions from his bleeding ass.
    -Hey you dolts, you know who you are
    -Amazing how many idiot people are out there
    -Yep, Welding Wonders is an idiot.
    -JD , you idiot, you are so stupid.
    -Stupid idiots that feel their rights and liberties are being violated are just plain stupid. Idiots like you
    -I’m right again, and Doug will always be an idiot. There’s no hope.
    -🌈🦄2020 went to Trump University.

  51. WeldingWonders says

    “Well, I hate to say it again, but I WAS RIGHT!!!!! I’M RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!”










  52. Doug, et al., you are way past creepy now. This is looking like stalking.

  53. What’s the matter dareal, does the truth hurt?

  54. Earl, I live rent free in Doug’s empty head. Loving it. That’s the truth.

  55. Update: The red state of California, where the sheeple obey Trump and the GOP had 41,000 new cases of Covid on Friday, 110,000 new cases over a 3 day period , and a quarter million new cases in the past week. Not surprising. When will people in the Red State of California begin choosing science over Trump and his GOP buddies?

  56. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Where you live, Dafella, is in a delusional basement. It’s a place where everything you say is right according to you. The insults flow freely non-stop everyday. Sounds like somebody familiar. Rhymes with Cronald Lump.

  57. I think what you’re looking for Mike H is not the gross numbers that reflect the most populous state you want the cases per 100,000 of population. Based on most rolling averages you’re not going to find the basis for your mocking holds up. Not even close actually. But you did nail the politicization of the pandemic so mission accomplished on that.

  58. Good thing you don’t live in AZ, 20% positivity rate.

  59. Mike H, California ranks 40th among the USA states, territories, etc., for deaths/1M and 37th for Total cases/1M. Not that bad since much of the sparse population of California are GOP, like North and South Dakotas. They are in really bad shape. North Dakota is #1 in cases/1M and South Dakota is #2 in cases/1M. North Dakota is #4 in deaths/1M and South Dakota is #7 in deaths/1M.

    Simple statistics and facts.

    NJ, NY, MA, CT and RI still own 5 of the top 6 spots for deaths/1M, with North Dakota #4 and South Dakota #7, with LA, MS and Il rounding out the top 10.

    It looks like the Dakotas are competing for the top spots.

    Back around May, I said this was going to happen to the sparsely populated regions, and indeed it is.


  60. I have written the daily numbers down for Connecticut starting in late April. It’s been a roller coaster and now very nerve racking.
    Basically we are in the 6 to 7% positivity rate. Not good but not getting completely out of control and definitely not trending up. Hospitalizations down 15, 49 and 38 the last three days but to be realistic a lot of people that have passed. The goal however is to not exceed hospital capacity and so far we are in the midst of crunch time and doing as good as can be expected.
    Lamont in my view has done an exceptional job. Resisting closings to the extent he can and keeping kids in school as best he can subject to local authorities. Updates on a regular basis and a good sense of knowing what he’s talking about while doing it.
    Here’s a surprise. State revenue exceeding projections mostly because of people moving into Connecticut. Can you believe that? Seems that when you have a place that values safety with a good healthcare system and good government people don’t mind paying more in taxes. At least for now. They’ll probably move out when the crises subsides.
    It’s bad now isn’t it RaceDayCt nation but not like last spring at all? We’re open and grinding it out as best we can. Stores stocking most all the stuff we couldn’t get in the spring and just an acceptance that this is the way it is. People working and doing everything they need to do automatically to be as safe as they can. The same two boring us to death with that stupid mask up and stay strong crap but really everyone is doing it in the places we depend to do our business. We do what needs to be done and we’re doing it.
    It is what it is. Not good but not as bad as it could be and with a brighter horizon for sure.

  61. Not bad, only 1.26 Billion in the hole for 2020 according to Lembo and the projection last I saw. Who would want to move into CT? Not business/resident tax friendly, can’t retire there and they tax you on everything possible. Infrastructure in bad shape with no funds to repair it. Lamont is a snake oil salesman, you will see.

    Wave the flag for CT Doug but me I am waving the white flag and getting out while the getting is good as soon as I retire in 192 days but who is counting.

  62. It is disappointing you can’t cut the governor some slack. No governors signed up for the night mare they’re having to manage. The mayors and other elected officials as well. I guess I’m out of step but I value public servants and especially the good ones. I’m very grateful for the extra time and effort they all have put in doing their best to keep us moving forward in a generational crises.
    Actually where we are in Ct considering the hole the pandemic and shut down shot in the budget isn’t as bad as it could have been. There is a rainy day fund that should mitigate the impacts and this is certainly a rainy year.
    So you are retiring aye Earl. That’s terrific. Just about the time the pandemic is fading so that’s one less complication to deal with planning your move. Too bad you can’t sell your house now the market prices are insane. Here’s hoping for smooth sailing when you move on to greener pastures. Local racing will be available via streaming services where ever you land and RaceDayCt as well. Me, I’m all New England tried and true so this Connecticut Yankee is here for the duration. Not by necessity but by choice actually being proud of the state I live in and it’s heritage. Go Huskies.

  63. The way I see it is our governor is being compensated very handsomely at $150k/yr. When you decide to throw your hat in the ring for a job like that you know up front it will not be all peaches and cream as well as being under constant scrutiny.

    I have the utmost respect for our emergency responders who put their lives on the line to serve the public tirelessly and unselfishly every day but when it comes to politicians that’s another story.

    Politicians serve the party they are affiliated with. What makes me laugh is when they come out with the line “after speaking with my constituents” that don’t mean we the people it means the party.

    Retirement? House already sold, renting until it’s time to pull the plug and start the next chapter of our lives. And where we are moving, plenty of circle track racing to scratch the itch as well as RDCT and streaming. Still time to see racing in CT as long as the bug does not screw that up.

    My wife and I have been nutmeggers all out lives, beautiful state but not retirement friendly. And yes always go Huskies and Red Sox. That will never ever change!

  64. Earl, Lamont was quite wealthy long before he ran for Governor. He comes from a long family line of considerable wealth. Wealth where a salary of $150k per year is far too small. The $150k per annum salary you mention gets lost in his pocket lint. You need perspective. Lamont does not care about or need the $150k per year Governor’s salary.

  65. As always thank you again for enlightening us on Lamont’s wealth, something we already knew.

    He doesn’t care about the compensation? That’s pretty dangerous when it comes to making monetary decisions that effect the lives of those who aren’t as fortunate as he is.

    Perspective? Salary to small? Really? How about the Governor of AZ who makes 95k/yr. a state with a population, area and annual budget that makes CT look like a pee hole in the snow.

    I need perspective? You better look in the mirror.

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