Tri-Track Open Modified Series To Reschedule May 2021 Event At Star Speedway

RaceDayCT has learned that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series event scheduled for May 29, 2021 at Star Speedway will be rescheduled to May 22, 2021.

The rescheduling of the event will avoid a conflict with a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event scheduled for May 29, 2021 at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway. 

“The biggest reason for switching is just to play nice and try to give competitors and fans the opportunity to see the most high quality races as possible,” Star Speedway owner Bob Webber Jr. told RaceDayCT.

The May 22 event at Star will mark the first of two visits to the Epping, N.H. bullring for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series in 2021. The series will run its traditional SBM 125 at Star Speedway on July 24. 

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series has announced a six-event schedule for the 2021 season. The series will also visit Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H. on May 1 and Aug. 14 and Seekonk (Mass.) Speedway on June 30 and Oct. 23. 


  1. This was the easiest and most logical solution for all involved. Now it’s over. The schedules are set. Bring on 2021!

  2. Way to be the bigger man Bob. Thanks!

  3. Way to step up Bob Webber!

  4. Old Observer says

    D+++, I’m having to scratch stuff off/change my 2021 calendar & it is still 2020. I’m sure there will be many more. My 2020 schedule had more X’s then C’s

  5. I’d agree the schedules are closer to set and two of the heaviest hitters publishing their schedules. I wouldn’t agree that the schedules are set.
    There’s one new heavy hitter on the block and they have not published anything. That would be Michaud and Mayberry. Arguably as relevant to regional racing as Tri Track now.
    Another factor is Waterford. The ugly step child of local racing but they will not be ignored. Bemer proved he can have a race season giving teams and fans only weeks notice. GSPSS has a TBA on their schedule and it may be Waterford. The Racing Guys may pop up as well at Claremont or Waterford so there’s that possibility.
    If your priority is the NWMT and to a lesser extent Tri Track then your schedule is done for you . It’s far from done for tour modified type cars.

  6. M&M have announced the schedules for all their tracks and series. Not sure what else you are waiting for?

    I’m sure the Racing Guys will do something but it won’t conflict with TT or WMT dates. My guess is Claremont again on Aug 28th.

  7. First off, welcome back to the web Shawn, thought we lost you there for a while.
    Bob moving the date is a class act. He did it so that guys who run his series and the tour could do both. You’ll never see Wilson do that.

  8. As of the point I am writing this there has been no schedule posted on the Thompson Speedway web site where the bulk of the Michaud and Mayberry modifieds events are to take place.

  9. Okay… TTOMS vs NWMT… NWMT wins every time. NWMT teams, drivers and talent run the TTOMS, TTOMS participants do not run the NWMT. That NWMT teams, drivers and talent dabble in the TTOMS is a blessing for the TTOMS. TTOMS regulars are not noticed on the NWMT.

    I doubt many fans would have to make the decision of which track they would go to, and the handful that will travel just don’t matter. So that’s not an issue.

    It’s a matter of forcing a decision on the teams. TTOMS would lose cars and big draw drivers, it’s that simple. TTOMS will lose bigly strongly if they go up against the NWMT. NWMT is not evil and certainly does not have to accommodate another series.

  10. Doug,
    I’d say at this point that’s more of a product of the fact that Cris Michaud and Tom Mayberry are leasing the track and operating independent of Thompson Speedway’s management or PR staff and the Thompson Speedway management/PR has just not gotten around to updating their website with that info. Even last year, those guys primarily used their own web presence through the American-Canadian Tour website for promoting what they were doing at Thompson.

  11. What DaReal said.

    Doug, and like SC said, all the Thompson stuff is on the ACT and PASS websites. As well as FB. 2021 schedules have been there for at least a month now. I doubt those guys have much control over the Thompson website. It’s all on RaceDayCT as well obviously. I have every date for every mod series memorized within a few hours of it’s announcement. You need to pick up your game.

    I have it on good authority it will rain every Wednesday night next summer.

  12. This could be a first for me but I totally agree with Dareal ,well there is another thing but that’s politics not racing

  13. 🌈JD🌈 wrote, “What DaReal said.”

    There’s hope for you.

    Doug? Not so much.

  14. If you’re taking a victory lap JD all I can say is with the month you’ve had you deserve it so knock yourself out. I know it’s not as good as your head but I will be updating my forum schedule for those of us without your advanced memorization abilities.
    Not important that it be published on the Thompson web site you say Mr. Courchesne. Then I stand corrected.
    What I have been pondering is the blow back the 300 inclusion in the World Series got on social media and here as well. Wondering if that is carved in stone which the publication of the schedule on Thompson’s site would pretty much do.
    By saying things are set you’re saying it’s a done deal. 300 at the World Series. I was hoping they’d reconsider but apparently not. Thanks for setting me straight.

  15. Bob Webber Jr is a chip off the OLD Block, Bob Webber Sr was a great man. He always made His way around the pit area, Even when He was sick He would drive around the pits talking with everyone and saying hello. He would also pay you last weeks winnings if the didn’t wait around for the pay window to open up. He always had the BEST TROPHIES of any track, weekly handing them out and HUGE ones at the Awesome Banquets at Year End for the top ten. Obviously Bob Jr picked up His Dad’s Wisdom of like 60 years Racing and Promoting Knowledge, Changing His TT race date with a Smile knowing it was Best for Him the Fans and Drivers & Crews. Many many of the Crew guys work on both TT and the TOUR , a-lot of Casual Fans don’t realize the Crews are the real Engine of these Teams. Now they can do both races without having any conflicts. There is going to be PLENTY of Modified Races to pick from in 2021 if we can CRUSH this bug… Thompson Outlaw Modifieds has peaked my Interest …. 10K to WIN the ICEBREAKER, The THOMPSON 300 pays 20 K for the Historic 300, The Other 3 pay 5K to Win , when Stafford’s opens pay 3500 to Win. Pay the $$$$ and they will come… I think the Thompson Races will be heavily attended and pits will be full. Only wish the would Schedule the ACT TOUR also…. You run the Track , Promote your own Products.. Let the fans see how nicely run the ACT races are. How truly competitive series it is, Let the fans see Ryan Kuhn battle Hebert, Shaw, Payea , Kruczek and Gluchacki , Johnson and Gravel… You have young up and coming STARS, LET THEM SHINE on the HIGH BANKS !!!

  16. OK ROB P ANOTHER SHOT, WHY should Wilson do that? THE WMT is 37 yrs strong and has had more races and better talent than ANY OTHER SERIES AND PAID MORE $$$$ THAN ANY OTHER SERIES, WE get u dont like the WMT, good for you stay away PLEASE, THE WMT and NASCAR deserve the right to schedule races when they want and other series can go against or do things to make things right for all involved, we alll want as many MOD races with the best teams and drivers racing no matter the SERIES but haters like you do NO GOOD


  17. JD, have fun watching the WMT, and unlike you I’m not about wishing bad weather upon you just because some people will see races you prefer not to go to. TriTrack has had only a few cameo appearances by the top running WMT teams over the years. Some WMT drivers participate, but run for different teams. If you were a true WMT aficionado, I would think you would find that interesting and entertaining, comparing how those drivers race with a different cars and crews. And although you probably haven’t noticed because anything below the WMT is unworthy to you, TRITACK AND OPEN MODIFIED EVENTS ALSO HAVE GOOD RACING!! There have been more than a few that were much better events overall than the WMT! There are plenty of Modifieds and good competition to go around for ALL the Tour-type options. We just need to hope that the teams are financially capable of running as many as possible.

  18. Teams are NOT financially capable of running as many as possible. That will be a big issue in 2021 and that is only issue number one. I love you people. The Thompson Opens will be great but but but.. I’m not too worried. These lease deals ALWAYS end badly. PASS use to lease Beech Ridge for races. Now PASS isn’t allowed back there. The Polar guys at Thompson. McCarthy at (All)-Star. All epic fails.

    Doug, if you are the last guy to know the schedule there is no need to repost it. It’s last months news, literally! We got it.

    Suitcase, Star and ACT went through a nasty divorce in 2020. Kruczek/Webber are going GSPSS racing in 2021. Thus the two events at Star this year. Also last months news by the way. I guess you can see them at Stafford come April. They are also going to New Smyrna in Feb.

  19. Glad you mentioned it JD.. Just updated it and here it is. And since you’re such a pain in the ass about it I named it after you.


    2, 3, 4
    17, (18 M&M OPEN NHMS,19)
    23, 24, (25 SMS SIZZLER)

    (14 SMS OPEN), (15 NWMT RIVERHEAD), 16
    21, (22 TTOMS STAR), 23
    28, (29 NWMT JENNERSTOWN), 30

    4, 5, 6
    (11 SMS OPEN-S), (12 NWMT OSWEGO) ,13
    18, (19 NWMT RIVERHEAD), 20
    25, 26, 27

    2, 3, 4
    (9 SMS OPEN), 10, 11
    16,(17 NWMT NHMS),18
    23, (24 TTOMS STAR), 25

    (6 SMS NWMT), 7 ,8
    13,(14 TTOMS MONADNOCK), 15
    (20 SMS OPEN-S), (21 NHMS BEECH RIDGE), 22

    2,3,(4 NWMT OSWEGO)
    (10 NWMT RICHMOND),11,12
    (17 MRS STAR-T), (18 NWMT RIVERHEAD), 19
    24, (25 SMS NWMT), 26

    22,(23 TTOMS SEEKONK), 24

    Like JD’s memory the schedule may not be perfect but it’s mostly correct and shows a jam packed season of racing.
    Flasks up!!!

  20. And yet, Doug hasn’t been to a track in many years, and never will again even when the #TrumpPandemic is over.

  21. Thanks Doug

  22. The vaccine is out for delivery!!!!!

    Thank you Doug. I would like to thank the Academy, my co-posters, SC and the many many others who helped me achieve this honor.

    A couple Star edits. Star has GSPSS for Sept 19. GSPSS put out a schedule with them being there Sept 17. Not sure which is right given it’s a three day show. It could effect MRS. I will clarify. I think GSPSS has it wrong. My brain gives me a flashing light when a conflict occurs.

    Suitcase, while Kruczek is going GSPSS racing they are still running a couple of ACT races. They did sell one of there ACT cars in order to buy a GSPSS car and get ready for that tour. Just wanted to clarify that.

    Question of the day. Should the WMT have a throwback weekend/race like Cup??

  23. Glad we got a brand new Camper, now it looks like it will get plenty of good use in 2021…. A smorgasbord of Modified Racing…. pick your must see races and hit the HIGHWAYS MEN ,,,………

  24. Yes indeed the vaccine is here! But, a word of caution, the virus is running rampant throughout the country. Don’t let your guard down even after your vaccinated.
    Everyone stay safe strong and sane. Keep fighting. With any luck there will be allot more racing in 2021 then there was in 2020. God bless.

  25. On April 18, 1942 sixteen B-25B Mitchell medium bombers were launched without fighter escort from the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Hornet deep in the Western Pacific Ocean, each with a crew of five men. It had been over 4 months of continuous grim news since the bombing at Pearl Harbor with moral sagging with each defeat.
    The raid itself produced negligible strategic damage. However the daring of the mission and the airmen that flew it demonstrated vividly that fortress Japan was not invulnerable to attack and lifted moral in the US at a particularly low point.
    Today vaccine has started to be distributed across the country in a massive private, governmental and corporate effort taking the first steps toward defeating Covid19. At the start if will bring immunity to a small group of people that need it most but will have little affect on our lives for months. However it is a real weapon with a significant chance of being a permanent solution to the pandemic and should help lift moral during a particularly dark period.
    So far we’ve been the nail. Perhaps at some point in 2021 we can start being the hammer.
    Flasks up!

  26. JD, I’m guessing the deal between PASS and Beech Ridge took place when Oxford Plains became the PASS “home track” run by Mayberry and co. Both tracks run on Saturdays. Before that the track was the home track for ACT before Michaud was involved with them.

  27. Does anyone but myself find it to be insulting that those who ignored and downplayed the virus will be the first ones to be vaccinated against it. That’s right, white house staff, US senators and congressmen will be the first people to receive the vaccine, right after the Trump and Pence families.
    Senators Congressmen and Donald should not be vaccinated until they pass a substantial stimulus bill that will help the American people, and those who vote against it should be the last people in the country to receive it.
    The distribution has already begun, and at least 27 states including 5 out of the 6 New England states are reporting massive shortfalls in the number of doses they’ve received according to a report on MSNBC news. Donald Trump failed to lock in a deal with Pfizer and Moderna back in July for a “substantial amount” of the vaccine saying at the time that it wouldn’t be needed, as the virus will disappear long before the vaccine is ready. Even today he still continues to deny the seriousness of the outbreak, instead still trying to overturn the results of the election there are 300,000+ families out there who have suffered the consequences of his moronic leadership, and unfortunately many many more will needlessly due because of his stupidity.
    Hope everyone is safe strong and sane. Keep fighting and follow the science, not the politics. and MASK UP

  28. I have a suggestion that may help people on both side. Stop listening to cable news then reporting their partisan news bites here. Nothing good can come from it.
    My suggestion would be the PBS News Hour with the lovely Judy Woodruff. Personally I think she’s hot. Is that sexist? Whatever.
    You’ll also get to see Lisa Desjardens that reports hard news from her living room with her cat lounging on the sofa. I love that cat. Somehow take the edge of the hard news she is reporting.
    It was a big day for JD having a schedule named for him as well as the vaccine starting to be delivered. Take a breath and enjoy the significance of it for a minute.

  29. SPEAK YOUR MIND… Shawn you are HIGH on the Sublitmitima totem Pole.. Planting those words over an empty box.. Psychology Major …. “SPEAK … YOUR…MIND” I am now wondering why you chose those words …???????? Liberal Arts Major …. Journalism Major ,,,,… ?? School of hard Knocks..???? maybe you could be so KIND…. TO share your Schooling and or Degrees and how you ended up starting this GREAT WEBSITE …. ??? if you Please… ?? Background on the Exhaust Circuit >>>……. ???? What was your introduction into the Motorsports Scene ….. ??????

  30. Judy Woodruff is the real deal.

  31. Suitcase if you go to the top of page there’s a section about race day that might answer some of your questions

  32. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Follow the science, not the politics says Rob P, the guy who watches MSNBC. 😂😂🤣

  33. Over 300000 dead. If you lined up hearse’s bumper to bumper the procession would stretch from Boston to Daytona

  34. Elect, Thank you , that answered many of my Questions….

  35. 2020, I watch a multitude of news outlets, and they all generally share the same message, therefore whatever they say I find to be credible. If more people listened to the science, rather than Donald, there would be allot less people dead from Covid, and the country as a whole would be in a better position now.

  36. 🌈🦄2020 says

    What’s the matter Rob p. Your news outlets haven’t told you that health care workers are getting the vaccine as we speak?

  37. 2020 been seeing those images, it’s a great thing. If they die, we all die. I totally agree with the order in which the vaccines will be implemented,and am patiently awaiting my turn, sometime in June hopefully. In the meantime I fight. Wearing a mask, socially distancing, washing my hands, and sanitizing almost everything I touch. I even stay home when I can. We will get through this eventually, and I look forward to January 20th when we’ll have a leader who actually cares about Americans, and will use his power to fight this virus, rather than telling people it’s no worse than a common cold, and will disappear soon.

  38. A healthcare worker in Alaska suffered a severe allergic reaction this morning that person is in stable condition and constantly improving. There were 2 cases in Great Britain as well. All things considered that is great that for the number of doses given to only have 3 reported cases. Scientists say that with every vaccine, or new drug there are always some adverse cases, and given the short time in which this vaccine was developed is considered excellent.
    Stay safe
    Stay strong
    Stay sane
    MASK UP!

  39. One thing I’ve noticed concerning the vaccine. That’s one loooong needle they’re using.

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