Marcello Rufrano, Ryan Fearn And Jon Puleo On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 83 of Unmuffled we chat with Tour Type Modified and SK Modified driver Marcello Rufrano, who is getting ready to make his first trip to the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna Speedway. We’ll also catch up with Stafford Speedway Late Model driver Ryan Fearn, who talks about his preparations for the 2021 season and some new marketing partners coming on board with Fearn Motorsports. And we close out the show chatting with Jon Puleo, who is getting ready to make the jump from the SK Light Modified to the SK Modified division in Stafford in 2021. 

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  1. I wish it could be the way it was. Guys that’s worked with their hands making a living in trucking companies, in factories, driving fork lifts and owning repair garages. Putting together cars on a shoe string that if they were smart could win races. You can’t go back.
    These three drivers epitomize the current state of racing. Family affairs with parents carrying the financial load while the younglings concentrate on driving for the most part and if they are smart learning a few trade skills in the process. Trade skills that I see on the PBS Nightly News Hour are going begging as young people seem to have less interest in working in the trades in spite of the very high paying jobs available but I digress. The point being I not only accept the current model of more and more family oriented race teams but think it’s the single most important reason why the future of local racing is bright.
    It’s all tied together. The emergence of one stop shopping to get a car that can be competitive right off the trailer. People with money of course. Social media providing the place to meet young people with an interest in racing. Local racing streamed on TV and accessible at home or by phone at the races or any time of day. Readily available stats available to both experienced and novice racers that provide continuous feed back on their progress with lap speeds.. Sim racing gaining popularity with drivers moving to the real thing or becoming fans of the real thing. Moms, dads and their offspring enjoying a common form of entertainment. Unlike boating or camping young person centric and intense with success fully dependent on mom and dads involvement.
    So here I am once again on an Unmuffled article all alone. I’m told continuously how important it is for me to support racing as a fan and yet I’m usually here by myself barking at the moon. Seems none of the other frequent posters in the forum know the content of the interviews I’d guess because they aren’t subscribers. And many reminding me so often how important it is to support racing. RaceDayCt is the most important vehicle to remain connected to local racing and yet it would appear the ones posturing about supporting the sport are free riders with regard to racing news content. How can that be. There are apparently over 100 subscribers yet no one here having a clue about the content.
    Why should you subscribe. The interview comes out then a period of time elapses and the content comes out in an article anyway. It’s given away for free.
    Personally I don’t care if there is 5 interviews a month or none ever. I was a free rider for a long time and now $5 a month is the very least I owe RaceDayCt for all the great content it provide. I try to imagine a world without RaceDayCt and while it would not affect my interest in racing it would never be as vibrant and alive.
    Consider joining me in responding to the Unmuffled articles and show you know what is being discussed. We can mix it up and the entertainment value alone will be worth the $5.

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