RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Former Whelen Mod Tour Winner Would You Want To See Return Full-Time?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicks off its 2021 season in just about a month. Today’s Daily Poll question is, which former series winner would you most like to see return to see the series full-time. Vote below.


  1. Dowling, Pennink, Preece, BSIII.

  2. All of them

  3. The Atomic Punk says


  4. Pennink is due to come out of retirement one of these years. Has he been heard from lately? Let’s hope his back is feeling better.

  5. Jimmy King says

    There is much better modified racing off the Tour

  6. Fast Eddie says

    Bobby Santos first with Tim Solomito and Rowan Pennick for the top three.

  7. Bobby & Rowan..

  8. The question asks for one; dafella lists 4 and Punk picks one not even on the list. Priceless……….

  9. wmass01013 says

    WOW A FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ROB P AND I AGREE on something 1000%
    all of them!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I voted for one, but I posted that I’d like to see 4 of those listed, including the one I voted for.

    What’s the problem with that?

  11. Seekonk fan says

    Nevin George

  12. Santos is my choice

  13. Anyone know what Szegedy is up to? I picked Santos but I know he has got a full slate with the Sprints in Indiana. I forget why Szegedy left racing. I enjoyed watching him race he would be a nice addition to the mod squad. I agree I would much rather see them run the tri track and opens. I would get to see them more often then on the tour.

  14. In order to see Preece he’d have to have failed in Cup. To see Dowling his dirt gig would have to fall through or fail. Pennink would need to risk his health. Santos would need to cease being a professional driver focused on USAC and return to amateur status. Donny Lia of the Lia Motor Group has apparently moved on and either is helping expand the Lia empire or otherwise active in the auto sales industry.
    Szegedy is racing but instead of motor power he is using Szegedy power and otherwise enjoying a full like as a family man and professional in the HVAC field.
    Each is good where they are now.
    Only two guys apparently want to be full time NWMT drivers Blewett and Solomito. It would be swell seeing either able to go full time.

  15. Earl says he wants Santos, so clearly Earl wants Santos to fail at all other racing so BSIII has no choice but to run Modifieds.

  16. Charlie Brown says

    Modified tour needs excitement equals Jimmy Spencer

  17. Dafella wants Santos. He is on his list as well so I guess he wants him to fail?

    And dafella is calling me out? Nice try!

  18. Sometimes it appears Doug is dumber than Earl, then Earl proves me wrong.

  19. Dafella, look in the mirror and you will see the definition of dumb. Yep that be you!

  20. Earl, you have no sense of humor, satire, sarcasm, etc. You appear to be absolutely literal.

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