RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The Granite State Pro Stock Series Event At Stafford Speedway?

The Granite State Pro Stock Series will make its debut at Stafford Speedway on April 24. Today’s Daily Poll question asks, who will win in the debut for the series at Stafford? Vote below.


  1. Kruczek is mysteriously missing from this pole? Eddie MacDonald too. They must fall under other.

    Griffith and Joey Pole are head and shoulders faster than the field. Maybe Eddie Mac now that he filed an entry. Darling is fast but usually gets beat by those I just mentioned.

    Rocco in the 48? Bahahaha. He will struggle to stay on the lead lap.

  2. JD,
    Poll was put together at about 7:30 am today off the published entry list that was on the Stafford website. Eddie MacDonald was added to the entry list later in the morning.

  3. If you’re gonna watch that race it’s a good idea to learn about the drivers so it’s not just a bunch of numbers and colors flashing by. Figuring out ACT, PASS, GSPSS series cars as well as tracks where they are the premier division in the interest of determining who is a threat to win is tough. I’m not letting my complete lack of knowledge deter me one bit from trying to figure it out.

    -Casagrande is a home town favorite but he has no real record of winning these big races I can see.
    -Gray the Stafford champ and tough as nails. Who knows what kind of equipment he’ll have. One thing for sure the car will handle well.
    -O’Connell 4 GSPSS races last year, 2 top fives.
    -O’Sullivan 7th in points in the GSPSS series even missing 4 races. A couple top 5’s.
    -Pearl dabbles in the Pro Stock series but a top 10 for him would be a banner day.
    -Rocco has well over 100 Late Model wins to his credit and knows full bodied cars. He may be rusty but he’ll figure it out fast. A handling guru and builds motors.
    -Polewarczyk the 2020 GSPSS series champ with two wins but he was never the car that had the fastest lap on any track in a feature.
    -Shaw only 4 GSPSS races with a win and a second but he was second in points in PASS with a win there as well.
    -Griffith only three GSPSS races but he won two and came in second in the third.

    Griffith is big time isn’t he? Professional race car driver, ARCA and a Super Late Model hot shot. How is he not the favorite. Eddie MacDonald is a big timer too although I’m not seeing a dominant threat like Griffith.. One GSPSS race at Lee and he came in 9th. 7 PASS starts with 3 top 5’s.
    Last year 66 drivers accumulated points in GSPSS races but only 4 made every race and 1 missed one race. All the rest missed 3 or more. Points tell you nothing about who will win the Stafford event.
    All the races are on shorter tracks. 7 different winners in 11 races and the only dominant car seemed to be Griffith. Stafford, bigger track with funky, flatter corners that are each different so what’s that gonna mean for all these guys used shorter tracks. Are we looking a guys like the modified cars that win in New Hampshire but struggle when they visit Stafford?
    All those other cars listed who knows what surprises they’ll be packing? One thing is for sure it’s going to be a quality field with high quality cars and there will be more entries to come.
    Seems to me whom ever is answering this poll knows something about the GSPSS picking Griffith.
    Rocco knows Late Models, knows handling, knows engines and knows Stafford. Griffith for the win and Rocco top 5.

  4. Sorry DJ Shaw. Not second in PASS points, the champ.

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