RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The Thompson Outlaw Modified Icebreaker 125?

Thompson Speedway kicks off its 2021 racing season with Icebreaker weekend, featuring the $10,000 to win Thompson Outlaw Modified Icebreaker 125 on Sunday. So today’s Daily Poll asks, who will win Sunday’s feature at Thompson? Vote below.


  1. This will be epic racing between Santos and Preece. Must see Mod racing.

    Weather is looking dicey at Martinsville.

  2. Did I miss the poll about who will win Thursday? Asking for a friend? Historic track, 40 mods, WMT season opener. Seems like it deserves a mention.

    If it rains Thursday they can run Friday. Problem solved.

  3. JD,
    That’s tomorrow’s poll. Not for nothing, but you do realize that you come across on here like a six-year old counting out every piece of candy mommy gives out to the group of kids, and god forbid you get shorted one M&M less than the others because if so you have a snot flying tantrum. There was a new podcast posted here on Sunday featuring the reigning Whelen Modified Tour champion, Justin Bonsignore. There wasn’t anybody from the Thompson Icebreaker entry list on that podcast. But you know what, nobody came on here and cried about it like you do every time you perceive the Whelen Modified Tour gets slighted here.

  4. Thunderstorms and rain forecast Thursday through Sunday at Martinsville.

    Would suck to see all those teams haul with such high risk.

    🌈JD🌈, (aka: 👶) Mods won’t run rain tires. In case you didn’t know that already. xfinity will get priority on Friday, dodging the raindrops. Friday is not a good option at all. up against the xfinity race and rain.

    Hey 🌈JD🌈, with such a supposedly big-time season opener, you’d think 🤔 NASCAR could have done a commensurate and early press release, including the entry list. But alas, NASCAR is still fan rather unfriendly.

  5. ah that forecast sucks. I want to see some racing. I had one of the best Thursday nights planned. I have UMass hockey in the frozen four, Masters golf tournament, Bruins v Caps and the whelen tour from Martinville….I just ordered fresh batteries for the remote. I think the dirt at Bristol might be racing Thursday too.

  6. The 7ny was a rocket ship last fall and can barely garner any interest while the star power has the audience agog. We’ll see how that works out. Rocco may crash the notables reunion in victory lane as well.
    Aside from who wins that list is pretty darned impressive.

  7. solstaceson says

    The rain, probably will start 12-1pm, has to wait till then,,,,, dang it..

  8. Just Me - The Original says

    McKennedy and Zachem tested yesterday, both in brand new LFR cars while Pasteryak and Nocella tested last week.

  9. Thompson will most likely rain out on Sunday does anyone know the rain date and will they run against Loudon next weekend

  10. Joe,
    The forecasts I’ve seen are for a 50 percent chance of rain or lower. So that means 50 percent chance that it doesn’t rain. So I find it hard to say it will “likely” get rained out when there’s a 50-50 chance it won’t even rain.
    I’m not sure if there’s a rain date set for Sunday. They will not run against the event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway because the same promoters putting on the Icebreaker are putting on that event in Loudon.

  11. solsticeson says

    No way could I ever be a weatherman, deciding in between partly cloudy and partly sunny would keep my awake weekly,

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