RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Head-To-Head – Who You Got? Chase Dowling Vs. Ronnie Williams?

It’s time for another “Head-To-Head” poll. So here’s the scenario, two drivers, equal equipment, nobody knows the track style. Who you taking? Today’s matchup pits two of the top young guns of Tour Type and SK Modified racing, who seemed to have a feud brewing. It’s Chase Dowling versus Ronnie Williams. Who you got? Vote below.


  1. Stafford is playing this up and now a poll that pretty much wrote itself.
    Understandable highlighting a grudge since we fans love grudges but it’s going to be an epic fail with these two just like it failed with Williams and Rocco. They’re both smart racers and aren’t going to be twisting up other peoples cars to settle a 1960’s era rhubarb that probably has passed by now. It’s not in Williams nature to perpetuate extracurricular antics and Dodge has probably already talked it out with Chase.

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