Whelen Modified Tour Looking To Crown Fifth Different Winner In Last Five Oswego Races

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour is back on the track this Saturday, June 12, set for a stop at Oswego Speedway in New York. Even though the race marks the fifth in the championship points schedule for the tour this season, it will be the second of three promoted by Josh Vanada and the JDV Productions team.

Entering the race, all eyes are on the entry list, as fans look to pick who might become the fifth different winner in five Whelen Modified Tour races at Oswego. After a more than 25-year hiatus in tour competition at the track, Doug Coby won the big return for the series in 2016, dominating the race, leading 121 laps en route to victory.

A year later, NASCAR Cup Series regular Ryan Preece stole the show, leading 33 laps to win, while in 2018, Matt Hirschman led 139 laps and went to Victory Lane. In the last event held at the track, in 2019, two-time series champion Justin Bonsignore — who is the most recent tour winner at Jennerstown Speedway on May 29 — scored the victory. On the track, Bonsignore was at the point for 81 of the laps.

There seems to be a common trend: champions become winners at Oswego, and they often find themselves dominating the race. Coby is a six-time Whelen Modified Tour champion, while Preece won the crown in 2013, en route to making it to the highest level of NASCAR. Bonsignore won his first title in 2018, and followed it up with another in 2020. And finally, Hirschman, who only runs select Whelen Modified Tour races — is no stranger to victory lane and titles up and down the east coast in Tour-Type Modified events. 

Oswego produces some exciting racing action throughout the field, but when it comes time for the checkered flag, the champions come out. All four of the recent race winners also started inside the top-five for the feature race, meaning Mayhew Tools pole qualifying will be important on Saturday.

Entering this event, Patrick Emerling, who won the race at Stafford Motor Speedway on April 30, leads Bonsignore by one point in the series standings, with Doug Coby third, four points back,. Eric Goodale, who won the event at Martinsville Speedway to open the season, is fourth, 15 points out. Goodale has produced two top-five finishes in the first four races and is hoping to add his name to the list of winners at the ‘Steel Palace’ on Saturday evening.

He knows qualifying and track position will be important.

“It’s competitive and close, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pass because the top-10 cars are so close,” Goodale said. “To get track position, qualify up front… it’s important to keep it to a minimum on how many cars you have to pass. But it’s also important to have a good team and a good pit stop to set you up late.”

After winning Martinsville, and collecting the historic Grandfather Clock, Goodale is also looking forward to trying to tackle Oswego — another historic track on the circuit.

“I like Oswego,” Goodale said. “It’s a fun place. We’re here to win races. That’s our goal every time we show up to the track.”

The schedule for Saturday’s race day for the Whelen Modified Tour includes practice from 3-4 p.m., Mayhew Tools pole qualifying at 6 p.m., and the drop of the green flag in the Steel Palace 150 at 7:30 p.m. The Oswego Speedway Supermodifieds will also join the racing card.

Advance tickets are currently on sale for $40 each at JDVProductions.com. In the ticket section of the JDV Productions website, fans also have the opportunity to purchase a special seat in the VIP Suite, located on the Frontstretch, for just $100.

For more information on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, visit NASCAR.com. For more information on Oswego Speedway, visit OswegoSpeedway.com. For more information on JDV Productions, visit JDVProductions.com.


  1. OK then just scanning the entry list it shows a few thinks. Hirschman on as promised……check. Preece as well……check. All the top full time teams battling for points……HMMM, no 10. but it is on the list on the Facebook fan page so we’ll give that a check. Fifield………check. A good local team representation…..check. Too bad Sapienza isn’t gonna make it. What’s that you say, he’s on the list but how can that be he said Vanada offended him and he was passing on all the JVD races. What’s that you say he changed his mind apparently.
    I’m shocked!!

  2. The NWMT #10 car is still not on the entry list for Oswego. 💭 🤔 🧐

    The NWMT #36 car has withdrawn from the Oswego event. 😢

    That leaves 22 entries.

  3. Facebook entries Whelen Modified Fan Page

    “Shane Ryan Bailey 17 h
    · Oswego Speedway Entry List…
    Chase Dowling will be subbing in the 10 for Doug Coby, as he is racing the SRX Series at Stafford Motor Speedway.”

    “Judy Thilberg
    I withdrew the 36 from the race tonight
    · 12h”

    “Judy Thilberg
    Doug Dunleavy We spent $4000 + for that race all we needed was a return phone call one thing I can say in our business good or bad we always return a phone call it’s called respect
    1 hr”

    Respect goes both ways. In my view the 36 showed zero respect for the situation Vanada was dealing with that it’s clear by now other teams understood.

  4. The Atomic Punk says

    Helping the 36 in his decision was the fact its a long haul for a race he has no shot at winning. Stay close to home where he will also have No chance at winning.

  5. WOW, OMG, the mighty WMT only has 22 entered for Oswego?

    Respect goes both ways? Sap has a complaint and contacts NASCAR/Vanada. No return communication from either to discuss the issue.

    Could have been resolved with a simple return call and conversation between the parties. How difficult would that have been? But no NASCAR/Vanada evidently took the approach screw that, we don’t owe anyone an explanation for what happened. And that approach accomplished what? Escalating the situation? Why not throw a little more ⛽️ on the 🔥? A professional organization like NASCAR doesn’t know how to handle conflict resolution?

    And this is Saps fault for showing no respect? It’s all about the approach. Like I said Saps may not have been the best however NASCAR/Vanada’s approach lacked respect, professionalism and good business ethic. This whole issue could have been de-escalated and possibly resolved with a simple return call and all this 💩 could have been avoided.

    This comment tells the whole story;

    “Judy Thilberg
    Doug Dunleavy We spent $4000 + for that race all we needed was a return phone call one thing I can say in our business good or bad we always return a phone call it’s called respect
    1 hr”


  6. When will the entry list be sub 20 ? Oh how the “mighty” have fallen.Looks like the opens and the TTOMS are taking their toll car count wise on the WMT…….LOVE IT

  7. I think NASCAR has lost focus that the WMT teams are their customer and the teams deserve to be treated as such with respect, if the partnership is going to flourish and continue.

    Lets take a look a 5 tips for proving great customer service.

    1. Listen and Understand
    First, always listen to the customer. They are concerned about an aspect of your services. Let go of the temptation to respond in any quick fashion. Take the time to listen and truly understand what is driving their concern.

    2. Empathize
    Once you have listened to their concern immediately empathize with their position to create a bond between you and the customer so that they know you have heard their concern and are going to work with them to resolve the issue.

    3. Offer a Solution
    Offer a solution to their problem. In this regard, always focus on what you can do as opposed to what you cannot. There is always a solution. It may not be exactly what they are asking for, but if you focus on what you can do versus denying them their requested remedy you have still offered a solution and often merely having another option is sufficient to remedy the situation.

    4. Execute the Solution
    Solve their problem be it with their originally requested resolution or an alternative you have proposed.

    5. Follow-Up
    Once you have gone through the first four steps, make sure to follow-up with them to make sure that they are satisfied with the solution and that you have taken care of their concern.

    Maybe NASCAR needs a little refresher in customer service? Or maybe they can continue to take the ostrich approach, stick your head in the sand and the problem will go away. And the more problems that go away (Sap), the car counts continue to decrease and the product will disappear. It’s just a matter of time if the course is stayed.


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