Change Up: Ronnie Williams Rallies To Win Truly Lemonade Midsummer 75 At Thompson Speedway

Ronnie Williams celebrates victory in the Truly Lemonade Midsummer 75 Wednesday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – For much of Wednesday’s Thompson Outlaw Open Modified event Ronnie Williams hardly looked like a contender to win.

The reality was, it looked like the Tolland driver was going to struggle to stay on the same lap with the leaders after 40 laps.

For Williams though, Wednesday’s race was all about making the right adjustments to find the way back to competitive.

Williams and his Gary Casella owned team found the way to go from bad to the best and win the Truly Lemonade Midsummer 75 Wednesday at Thompson Speedway.

“We needed to make a big change there at the pit stop because what we had was not good,” said Williams, who earned $5,000 for the win. “It was a sixth place car at best. I don’t even know where the leader was [before the pit stop]. I think he was half a lap in front of us. We weren’t sandbagging, we were literally just hanging on. Gary made a great adjustment to just tighten up the thing and it was amazing.”

Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was second and Matt Swanson of Acton, Mass. third.

Keith Rocco started on the pole and checked out early along with Ryan Preece.

Preece went by Rocco for the lead on lap 14. Rocco stayed with Preece for the next 20 laps, but by lap 40 Preece was opening up a sizable lead.

Far behind them was Williams, running in sixth when the race’s first and only caution flew on lap 47 for the spinning cars of Brett Meservey and Andrew Charron.

The leaders headed to the pits with Preece leading, Rocco in second, McKennedy in third and Swanson fourth.

Preece and Rocco came out of the pits in first and second with Chris Pasteryak moving to third. McKennedy fell to fifth. Williams restarted sixth and Swanson eighth.

McKennedy made a quick jump to third on the restart and Williams was up to fourth by lap 50. On lap 53 McKennedy got by Rocco for second and a lap later McKennedy got under Preece for the lead off of turn two.

Williams moved past Preece for second on lap 57 off of turn two and quickly went to work on McKennedy. Williams got under McKennedy into turn three on lap 58 with McKennedy crossing him over coming off of turn four. On lap 59 Williams was able to clear McKennedy for the lead off of turn two and he went unchallenged out front the rest of the way.

“We weren’t good at the beginning of the race,” Williams said. “I was just loose everywhere. I was just hoping for that caution to come out and it came out at the perfect time.”

Said McKennedy: “The car was really good before the pit stop. We were in a really good spot. I was catching [Preece] at a pretty rapid pace. We came in and pitted and put a right rear [tire] on and the car kind of stunk after that to be honest. We pushed like a truck. It is what it is.”

Swanson recovered from left front tire issues to rally late.

“For some reason every time we come here with this car we have a problem with a left front bouncer,” Swanson said. “The left front tire just starts bouncing and it’s kind of hard to control a car going that fast when you get a tire bouncing. My crew chief made a good call to swap left sides and we put the right rear tire on and I was giving it all I had at the end of the race. … You name it, I tried it. This is definitely the best car we’ve had here in a long time. My Ol’ Blue guys have been grinding. This year has kind of been the year from hell I guess you could call it. We’ve had fast race cars everywhere we go, just luck isn’t on our side. We’ll go back to the shop and keep grinding.”

Truly Hard Lemonade Midsummer 75 Thompson Outlaw Modified

1. Ronnie Williams; 2. Jon McKennedy; 3. Matt Swanson; 4. Keith Rocco; 5. Chris Pasteryak; 6. Eric Goodale; 7. Ryan Preece; 8. Tyler Barry; 9. Paul LaPlante; 10. Andrew Charron; 11. Brett Meservey; 12. Dave Sapienza; 13. Josh Zentek; 14. Rob Richardi Jr.


  1. Picture perfect summer night at Thompson. And I have to say, decent crowd, but what really buoyed my spirits, (at least where I was at the exit of turn 4) was the amount of young people, families there.
    (Ok , I’ll admit everyone is young to me). Just a great summer night at Thompson.
    I also saw something else.
    Years ago, I saw Donnie Lia dive extremely deep into turn 3. I thought, never see that again. Till I saw TC do it a few years later. Tonight, I saw John mckennedy do that around lap 51, and hang on to it. How the heck do they do that! Anyway, at lap 50, I figured it was gonna be Rocco, and McKennedy. Boy, that pit stop changed everything.
    Overall, short fields, but good racing if you were looking beyond the top 2 in most all the divisions.
    But more importantly, just nice to be back live at Thompson.
    Love the streams, but you just can’t beat the smell of fuel, rubber, and, watching the whole race from the stands, unfold. Imo, just a great night of racing on a summer night.

  2. The Atomic Punk says

    Speed 51 charges $30 for a ppv on top of a $10 month script???

  3. While it’s always great to see the mods race, I truly believe Thompson should reconsider its working relationship with the Whalen Modified tour. i completely understand where management was trying to give the attention back to the local drivers. Sub car count numbers in the Outlaw and Late Model divisions doesn’t have a good look. While the crowd may have been large and mostly attentive, the spark of going to Thompson an hour away from my home wasn’t there for me tonight. It was a blah night and the energy, in my opinion was on verge of boredom.

  4. Yes, if Soeed 51 is involved it is automatically 51% or more expensive to start.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Bobf, agreed, the first thing I thought of hen McKennedy did that was that TC used to pull that off with regularity. Definitely good racing despite the short fields. Less cautions and more racing. Preece and Rocco at the beginning reminded me of their SK battles with the crossovers.

  6. What a shame only 14 modifieds for a decent mid week crowd. What cars were there put on a decent show.

  7. Speed51 provides a lot of content for $10/month. Certain events are an additional fee … presumably based on the requirements of the content provider (i.e., in this case, PASS/ACT) to allow Speed51 to show the event.

    DIRTVision does something similar with the Knoxville Nationals … if you don’t buy the Platinum Pass ($300/yr), a PPV pass for the week at Knoxville is $125 (or $40 for a single night).

    Have to wonder if PPV revenue will play a role in determining whether PASS/ACT return at Thompson next year.

    Lastly, and on a totally different subject, between Speed51, DIRTVision, and FloRacing, I’ve been amazed at how much dirt racing is out there. The dirt modified guys have got a ton of tracks, they can run multiple nights per week, and the payouts are strong. Dirt oval seems to be in a very healthy place.

  8. Well said Bobf. That pit stop changed everything!!!!! It was like two different events.

    Nothing like the aroma of racing gasoline.

  9. Jimmy,
    I don’t think you quite understand the moving parts and pieces involved. Thompson Speedway track ownership isn’t interested in operating the oval track program any longer. Apparently part of the reason for that decision to stop operating the oval was because they weren’t seeing a return on their investment with running events there, including the 3-4 Whelen Modified Tour events each year. If the costs associated with bringing in the Whelen Modified Tour outweigh the expected income for running that event then likely you’ll see track operators balking at bringing a series in. At Thompson you have an operating group that is now paying to lease the track. If the track ownership doesn’t see a positive road to making a profit with the Whelen Modified Tour without the cost of leasing involved, why or how would you expect a group leasing the track to try to pull off what the track operator doesn’t even see as being possibly successful? Obviously the financial model for putting on a Whelen Modified Tour event has brought it to this. In 2021 only three short track operators (Stafford, Riverhead, Oswego) decided to take a chance on putting on Whelen Modified Tour events. Not a good sign for a grassroots “short track series” when only three actual short track faciliy operators see the series as being a viable option financially for their schedules.

  10. Shawn,

    Thank you for your explanation. If that’s the case, than that makes 100% sense. I do believe that agreements with other touring divisions could help with getting car counts up, like tri-track or anything like that. I completely understand that it has to make money sense, but on the other hand it’s hard to get fans to continue to go to the track when there is only 15 cars in the main event field for a 30 dollars on a Wednesday night. I looked for the the entry list for the race and didn’t see it posted, not saying that it wasn’t but if it was, I didn’t see it. I probably would have still gone because I went with some family but it doesn’t add the same sizzle.

    Seekonk’s open wheel race had 38 cars enter for a Wednesday night show. I don’t know the dynamics of how true track arranges everything, but it made me wonder how Seekonk can get 38 and Thompson 14. Plus the price was the same. Again this is my opinion and going off of zero knowledge of the financial side of things from both ends but love Thompson and want to see bigger numbers.

  11. Jimmy,
    In defense of the group operating Thompson, this was something they introduced very late last year and I think there’s room for it to grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The concept is good, and while the fields may be short all three races have been fun to watch this year, with some very good names battling for wins. As far as not seeing entry lists, I think they’re trying not to sell something that doesn’t happen. In that I mean, I think there are getting a lot of people verbally committing to the events and then not showing up. I’m personally not a fan of series’ that sell fantasy entry lists. But I definitely understand that people are interested in seeing some kind of entry list. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the current Wednesday night shows at Thompson to what’s been created with Open Wheel Wednesday at Seekonk. That show at Seekonk has more than a decade of history and is considered one of the top Modified events annually.

  12. Be thankful you have oval track racing at Thompson next Year you may have nothing to complain about.

  13. I agree with what your saying and I get the position Thompson is in. The comparison to Seekonk was the price point, that’s how I was comparing the two. If I go to a 30 dollar fans have a certain expectation, 50 dollar show has certain expectations and so on.

    Hope Thompson can continue to grow the Wednesday night series as I love watching the action at Thompson.

  14. Tell me again how the driver makes all the difference. It’s 95% car. Gary Casella and the 25 were yet another glowing example as was McKennedy from the other angle. Casella is quietly having a terrific year accumulating good finishes no matter who drives the car. The heck with the spec’s that Performance Engine by Torrington’s own Billy the Kid is the heart of what makes that thing go and can do it on any size track apparently. Who’d of ever thought one of the best engine builders would be in Connecticut’s Northwest hills only major city. Home not only to Performance Engines but some of the best old school eateries in the state including Carbone’s Market. You can live off one of their old school grinders for days.

  15. @ racer. Hope it doesn’t reach that point where there will be no more racing at Thompson, and it wasn’t complaining, more constructive feedback 🙂

  16. Doug- i used to work in Torrington. i love how you drop Carbone’s Market that’s awesome. The meatball sub is legendary. More often I frequented jimmy’s, to get chicken parm on a round roll available only Tuesdays.

    Congratulations Ronnie!!

  17. wmass01013 says

    OK SHAWN its time to speak up!
    1st off you keep blah blah blah about ONLY 3 short track Operators wanted the WMT, But you NEVER once mention that the Schedule was put together when the pandemic still had crowd restrictions on Tracks, NEVER not once! WHY? I get the dislike about NASCAR and WMT from posters, who no matter what willl NOT say anything good, I agree NASCAR is EXPENSIVE, and they do things that seem questionable, But i notice you with a distinct trend to join in with the others, i just don’t get what you think is better?
    So what is LANCASTER? a super speedway, Richmond? Martinsville????????? SO Mike Myers worked a deal and doesn’t OWN Lancaster so what? Why the other 2 tracks and NHMS aren’t grass roots weekly tracks so they don”t Count as wanting races?????
    And i am sure you have been at MANY of the 148 WMT races at Thompson, while i do not have any insight to the Books of the HOENIG family, if you as a respected journalist can say to me that with the BIGGER CROWDS at Most every WMT race since 1985 the track has NOT made money, please, JUST the WORLD Series with the highest entry fee and CAMPING fees, t shirts and beer should always made the track a nice profit, not too mention the other 3 or 4 WMT events, why the new generation of Hoenig’s don’t want oval track racing is certainly their choice, saying its because of PROFIT is laughable, if the other Non WMT races or the DUMB K & N race were $$$ LOSERS, don’t BLAME the WMT

  18. mckennedy woud have won if he was in the 25 car,give him the hard charger of the race award.they need to to get the tour back at thompson in any way they can.nascar needs to work with the tracks,or what we have now will not get any better.

  19. wmass01013,So the schedule was put together during crowd restrictions so that’s the reason why only three short track operators were interested in hosting events? Nope. I can assure you that Thompson, Seekonk and Wall won’t be back on the schedule in 2022, so it isn’t because of restrictions.
    The point is, the long term health of the Whelen Modified Tour is dependent on track operators seeing it as a viable financial option for their facilities and having a solid base of events where the series teams are based. Right now you have very little of either.
    No knock on Mikey Myers or anyone other independent promoter who has leased a track to put on an event this year, but that sort of thing should be the exception, not the norm. When close to half of your short track events are being put on independent of the track operator, that’s not a good sign for your series.
    Let’s go back to long term security. Martinsville and Richmond are not events you can look at as long term security for the schedule. It’s great that the series is going to those facilities, but the history of events at places like that says they’ll be gone from the schedule within a few years of arriving on the schedule.
    New Hampshire Motor Speedway was close to dropping the series from its schedule in 2021 and there’s no guarantee there will be an event in Loudon in 2022.
    I’m not saying Thompson Speedway did not make money on most Whelen Modified Tour events at the track over the years. I can tell you with confidence that track lost money on its June Whelen Modified Tour events in recent years and they weren’t making a killing on their August events. Don’t you think if putting on Whelen Modified Tour events was an easy magic moneymaker for the track that the family that owns the property would continue to do it? You think they just decided to stop putting on events because it was making them too much money?
    There are still some great things about the Whelen Modified Tour. They have some great drivers and team owners and they put on events that are exciting to watch. And yes, they still pay out well to those who run up front when it comes to purses and at the end of the season awards. But if you think all is well with the Whelen Modified Tour right now you have some amazing rose colored glasses you’re wearing. The series is struggling to find tracks to put on events and is on pace to have the lowest level of participation in its history. Tell me again how a racing series struggling to find tracks to host them and struggling to find competitors that want to participate is doing great?

  20. increase payout purse money to all the cars in the race and lower the cost to bring the the tour to your looks like nascar wants to end the tour.most of you points are well known do you think there will be a nascar mod tour in a few years.

  21. Doug, respectfully unless I am misunderstanding, saying it is 95% car may be a little overstated. If that is indeed true then anyone can climb in that car and put it in victory lane. I think we know that not to be true.

    My take is the driver has to be skilled enough to take the rocket ship they are strapping into and drive it to its fullest extent. What I have noticed is Casella does not just put anyone in his ride. The drivers are top shelf individuals who have the experience to put the cars in victory lane. I am very certain that Williams communicated what he needed and Casella or whomever is the crew chief made the changes necessary to take the car from a zero to hero.

    Yes the car has some serious steam and it obviously handles pretty much where ever it races thanks to a skilled owner and team. But it takes a driver that knows what do and when to do it with the car to put it in victory lane. It’s my opinion that the car, crew and driver need to compliment each other to be successful. All are important for success.

  22. Like Wmass I too have noted the number of times the three tracks observation has been mentioned including an Unmuffled episode with Jimmy Wilson with total mentions pushing a half dozen by now. I too thought surely the pandemic had to be a giant red flag for a lot of tracks seeing as how the virus was gaining strength and a vaccine still a giant question mark at the time the schedule was made. But there it is in black and white again. Followed by the unequivocal statement no NWMT races at Seekonk, Wall or Thompson next year. That’s news considering the source.
    Why is it a bad sign for third parties to rent tracks to promote races could it not be simply a changing trend? Michaud and Mayberry rent Thompson. “ Rome wasn’t built in a day. The concept is good, and while the fields may be short all three races have been fun to watch this year, with some very good names battling for wins.”. That’s pretty optimistic isn’t it? Optimistic in spite of the fact the oval continues to deteriorate with the end in sight. The races there are on a year to year basis and the exit by the duo could be as quick as the entry if they found it not worth their time. I think an argument can be made that the NWMT with all it’s challenges has a brighter long term future then a couple guys renting a track that the clock is ticking on.
    I’m not trying to be confrontational here it’s just I know there are things Mr. Courchesne can say and things he’s gleaned from the myriad of contacts he has. Contacts that may be negative regarding the NWMT and it just takes it’s toll. For whatever reason it’s clear Shawn your tone has been skeptical with regard to the NWMT while giving other series the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying it’s wrong in any way I’m simply trying to read what you don’t say.
    These Wednesday shows are nice but the franchise is the Icebreaker and World Series. Got the 300 coming up so they’re locked and loaded on that if they can get the tire shortage sorted. Why can’t they make a deal to have the NWMT for the Icebreaker if they decide to continue to promote races at Thompson next year. Why is it so carved in stone it’s not going to happen? The Speedbowl has a longer term future then Thompson with regard to oval track racing. The NWMT modifieds are simply better at Thompson then open modifieds. There’s a large, specific fan base that wants to see the NWMT at Thompson for sure. Make a deal for one last event and not let the NWMT with all it’s tradition there simply die at the track like a wounded animal in the street. Have one last farewell by inviting all the greats back and make it a big deal. Just one last race for Pete’s sake. It’s not like it would be a charity event there’d be money to be made for sure.
    I see all the great reports from regulars attending the two Wednesday events and nice things as well from Mr.. Courchesne. Yet as far as car counts and attendance they are second lowest on the totem pole just above the MRS events while in total the NWMT has had some killer shows. The NWMT with decades of modified race sanctioning vs Michaud and Mayberry dabbling year to year yet the optimism is with the dabblers. What the hell is going on?

  23. NASCAR is pricing itself out of the market for most local track promoters. Those who put their ears to the ground walking around paddock areas will hear that every time someone asks track management is the Tour coming back. If your ROI isn’t there or its a loss even when its a chamber of commerce day; what motivates a race track to gamble and spend big money on bringing in the tour, a track drying service & hope the crowd doesn’t take a major hit. It makes more sense to just invest even a portion of that money into your own local divisions at that point.

  24. Sharpie Fan says

    Just to add another nail to the coffin, rampant rumor at Loudon was that 2023 would be the last race and that date would be going to Nashville.

  25. NASCAR is not at fault in that they are not trying to price themselves out.

    The “problem” is the overall economy and how the regular folks, the NASCAR base of fans, the lower and regular income folks, are being left behind in the economy and no longer have the discretionary funds to go to the track and have a family night out, or go as often as they used to or would like to.

    At $15/hr, that comes to $31,286 per year income. With both parents working, that’s $62,500 per year. That’s GROSS, before taxes, FICA, and other deductions, etc. That’s a very tight family budget. Taking the family out for a night out at the track is a very expensive once or twice a season thing, it’s all the budget will allow.

    The working class simply does not have the discretionary spending cash it once had. That is why NASCAR has moved towards attracting a higher income clientele, to replace what was lost and priced out.

    Many years ago, a $100k salary was huge for a single wage earner, now $200+k is the new $100k job. It takes a dual income family that much to live the house, 2 kids, dog, and two car American dream. That part of the economy is dwindling, and with it, the discretionary income that used to go towards small tracks and many other things. Areas of New England and its towns and cities that used to be prosperous economic centers are dilapidated.

    The divide between the haves and have nots keeps getting bigger, making many more have nots.

    For those of you that believed Donald Trump and thought you would become rich, or even a billionaire when he was elected, how’d that work out for ya? Why do you think he imported so many undocumented illegals to work his businesses? So Monday is August 16th, and that has been advertised as the date Trump will be reinstated as President, please let us know how that works out. For those of you that believe he is still President, good for you. 👏 For those of you that are upset reading this, seek help.

  26. wmass01013 says

    I don’t Look at ANYTHING with any colored glasses, facts are facts, ANY or alll current tracks can decide to say bye bye to the tour, I actually think Wilson did A tremendous job of putting a decent schedule in 2020 minus the Myrtle Beach foolish idea to start,
    Maybe just Maybe some track promoters SAW the success that LANCASTER was if anyone focused on the race and not the Coby incident over and over,
    i read an article in a LOCAL lancaster paper about how Mikey Myers wanted a race and NASCAR came and did a track inspection and pointed out several improvements LANCASTER had to make to get the race including New Safety track lights from WHELEN, if you wrote that article here I GUARANTEE you dozens of comments would be made on how NASCAR makes tracks spend $$$ instead of the safety aspects they have.
    You can paint all the gloomy pics you want about the WMT, and yes the WED open shows at Thompson have been good races but if they continue to get 15ish mods and small support from lower divisions, that cant be a good sign But you would never say something like that, its alll positive unless NASCAR is concerned
    Again Shawn what do you have against NASCAR??

  27. If Thompson is a no-go despite the overwhelming public demand for a tour race than that also means Stafford is dropping one or more tour races if your poll and reporting last week are correct. If so, why not get the Arutes statement and get this over with? Same at Seekonk, if 2022 is a no-go as well let’s have a track statement. I’d rather officially know now that there will be no races in southern New England next year.

    We see what non tour car counts look like. 11 at Loudon in April, 12-14 at Thompson, 26 at Stafford but with much of the field being SK drivers pulling double duty. Less races will eventually equate to less interest in the sport. If that’s what the tracks want than more power to them.

  28. Adam Smith says

    Good to see dareal knows sooooooooooooo much about economics. He must have read those books in between reading about valve stems and caps in the NASCAR rule book.

  29. Wmass01013,

    I don’t remember where I was critical in any way of the job Jimmy Wilson did in restructuring the 2020 schedule. The conversation we’re having right now has nothing to do with that.
    If someone sees the success the promoter had at Lancaster and decides to take a chance with an event that would be fantastic.
    I’m not “painting” the gloomy picture, I’m just stating what’s real and the trending issues currently in play. And the two biggest trending issues are that NASCAR is struggling to find tracks willing to host the series and struggling to find teams to commit to the series. There’s no “painting” of that as some sort of illusion. That’s real stuff, and there’s no sign that those two particular trends will be changing course anytime soon as long as the current status quo remains.

  30. The Atomic Punk says

    “Thought they would become rich or even a billionaire”????……… LOL…..Duhhhhh Duhhhhh Duhhhhreal.

  31. TJ,

    “Overwhelming public demand” is an interesting thing in 2021. In this day and age of social media often a small group of people can seem to make a lot of noise.
    For years many around the Whelen Modified Tour would say if only the series got a stand-alone event at Loudon the place would be packed. I guess you could have called that “Overwhelming public demand” right? And look what happened. Fans failed for three years to support the series in the Musket events, and now its gone.
    Just remember “Overwhelming public demand” doesn’t pay the bills. You can say all day that everybody wants a race, but if “everybody” isn’t enough to make the event profitable then you’re just essentially asking a track to lose money to make a group of people happy. That’s not how business works. As I said before, if the Whelen Modified Tour events at Thompson were making a major profit for the facility then the family that owns the facility would still be running events there. They didn’t stop running the oval because they were making too much money on Whelen Modified Tour events.
    I haven’t “reported” anything that is set in stone for the 2022 season. Has there been speculation? Sure there has, but that doesn’t mean any track has any obligation to put out any sort of statement regarding their plans. Will Stafford drop one or more of their Whelen Modified Tour races for 2022? I can’t tell you that definitively, and I’m not sure they even know what their plans are for next year. It’s my opinion that there won’t be three Whelen Modified Tour events at Stafford in 2022. That’s my opinion and speculation. Seekonk isn’t even on the schedule for 2021 so why should they put out a statement about a series they don’t even have on their schedule anymore? Should they also put out a statement saying they won’t be hosting a Cup Series event or Xfinity Series event or IndyCar event in 2022 also?
    You mention “what non tour car counts look like”. You do realize the Tri-Track Open Modified Series is averaging about 40 cars per event right? You know the Stafford Open shows are averaging more cars per event than the Whelen Modified Tour right?

  32. 🌈🦄2020 says

    There goes Dafella. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump 😂😂😂🤡

  33. Mid thirties in the driver roster for the next Stafford open meaning the car count will end up around 28 to 30. Including Santos, Santos, Santos driving in a Stafford open for the first time in the Tinio 44.
    Stafford does have a very strong contingent of SK regulars fielding tour mods. That’s not inflating the car count as was implied it’s a strength of the Stafford brand.

  34. wmass01013 says

    Shawn, i never said you were Critical of Jimmy Wilson in anyway, i said I think he has done a GREAT job putting Schedules together in 2020 and 2021 again minus the Myrtle Beach Gaff, you say the WMT is struggling to find teams and tracks, welll when yo go back the last 10-15 years, the average Number of cars is 28-32, maybe odd race or 2 you have 35 plus or 25ish, but mainly 28-32, No more 40-50 car fields, as far as tracks are concerned, go back 10-12 yrs and the NEW ENGLAND WMT was Mainly Thompson, Stafford, Waterford, Monadnock, NHMS and Riverhead, some tracks would go in and out Seekonk, Lime Rock, Bristol or other Southern tracks, so where is the STRUGGLE you say?????????? I think ADDING LANCASTER and the 3 VANADA races a smart idea!!!!!!!
    Yes Thompson is big loss but i believe Most fans would PREFER to have the WMT back at the Big T then the opens, which again i have NO bad things to say about PASS group Leasing except the purse they are paying to Me is not gonna get u decent fields of cars, Stafford may decide to leave as well, again they seem to be doing quite well with Opens and even reg Friday shows, so yes that forces NASCAR to go out further than NEW ENGLAND to find venues to race which in term makes some teams Stay close to Home, again The MRS had how many races in 2020? How many cars at Wisscaset???????? but No articles here about THE MRS Struggles, JUST the WMT!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I have a question for those knowledgeable about the NWMT.
    Yes there is a menu of things NASCAR could do better to invigorate their schedule, team participation and events but can we talk engines and if they play a roll?
    As of now NASCAR makes money on the specs so changing anything regarding engines is probably off the table but imagine if it wasn’t.
    Right now the NWMT events favor the spec engine whereas in other series they are not allowed or rules balanced to negate their intrinsic advantages. Right now in other series built engine variations are flourishing with multiple builders and options available to tour modified teams. By the rules building an engine to compete with the NWMT spec is cost prohibitive. However with open events with a equal playing field built engines are cost effective as the races at Stafford make very clear. Stafford so unconcerned about the spec they have never waivered from disallowing them in their rules.
    The question is were the NWMT to open up it’s engine rules equalizing them across the board ala the open model would that in itself encourage more teams to enter their events?

  36. “Overwhelming public demand”?????? That sounds like Nixon’s and Trump’s non-existing Silent Majority voters. 😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣😝🤣😝🤣😝🤣

    Where are those overwhelming crowds????? Where are those ticket buying crowds?

    Historically, the biggest crowds have been at Thompson and Stafford for the Spring opening events and Fall season ending events. The last few years, those events have not had the giant crowds as in the past. Good, but not like they were.

    The crowd at the Stafford SRX event was encouraging. Gotta get them to come out like that for the NWMT.

  37. I think the crowd for the last NWMT at Stafford was the we second largest crowd of the year behind the SRX , hopefully the SRX had something to do with that ,and hopefully Stafford made a good profit so they bring the tour back, don’t want to lose any races

  38. Shawn, just give up, you are beating your head against the wall. Some people just don’t get it and the truth hurts.

  39. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Last month it was only 12 cars showed up because of the weather. Alll because of the weather. This month only 14 cars show up because……..TRUMP

  40. Doug, the built vs SPEC engine issue has been beaten to death years ago. Your question has been answered ad infinitum. You never understood it. You still don’t.

    There are knowledgeable NWMT folks here that could explain it, but they don’t dare and don’t bother. Why? Because you are an idiot.

    Built engine shows are doing quite well. NWMT SPEC engine shows not so much. That is becoming clear. If a team wants a chance to be competitive on the NWMT they MUST use a SPEC.

    NASCAR monopolized the engines. There is no huge cost advantage at all. The SPEC is disposable and there is no secondary market like with built engines. That’s increased cost. The SPEC totally failed to bring in low budget teams and make them competitive. If the SPEC were such a miraculous cost savings, dozens of cars would be getting sent home from each event. Since you wouldn’t know, that has not happened. The SPEC appears to have reduced NWMT car counts, while other mod events draw larger car counts. This is simple observation. Clearly the SPEC engine experiment in the NWMT is a total failure.

    Parity between the SPEC and built engined CARS can be easily achieved. Weight is the great equalizer. Lighten the built cars, less left side weight for the SPEC cars would be a great start. Pretty simple, and the dolts at NASCAR should know this while they watch the once proud 🥲 and magnificent Tour mods decline.

    But then, if there was performance parity on the track between the built and SPEC engines, *NOBODY* would use the SPEC. You will never understand what that means.

    Doug, last time I checked, you were still an idiot.

  41. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”
    Doug… you see that???? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    544 It’s been said a few times that you are an idiot.(Doug)
    545 Doug calls people scumbags
    546 Doug supports pedophile sex offenders.
    547 Crazy, crazy, crazy.(Doug)
    548 You know Missy is hoping nobody shows up so she can harvest more points. What a way to move up in points
    549 Because you are an idiot.(Doug)
    550 Doug, last time I checked, you were still an idiot.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 228……………………………550

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 222……………….…………..7



  42. Doug calls people scumbags.

    When that is brought to Doug’s attention, and Doug is called out, he plays the victim card and says he is insulted.

    Doug posts telling people to support a pedophile/sexual predator to enrich him, when Doug is called out, he says he is insulted.

    I could do this all day… almost a thousand times.

  43. WeldingWonders says


    .” An insult can thus be interpreted as an attempt to reduce the social status of the recipient and raise the relative status of the insulter.”

    EXAMPLE: “When that is brought to Doug’s attention, and Doug is called out, he plays the victim card and says he is insulted.”

    “If that logic is correct, we can assume that insults are often motivated by anger surrounding issues of status insecurity. ”

    Example: 500 PLUS INSULTS AND COUNTING IN 2021

    “Social networks are replete with individuals who deliver stinging rebukes because they enjoy doing so and because they are mostly exempt from the reprisals that one might expect for real-world put-downs.”

    EXAMPLE:Example: “Doug calls people scumbags”.

    “The purpose of a put-down is to reduce someone else in the imaginary status hierarchy. So it is hardly surprising that insults will often refer to a person’s social status in terms of ancestry, lack of prestige, or membership in a despised out-group”

    EXAMPLE: “Doug posts telling people to support a pedophile/sexual predator to enrich him, when Doug is called out, he says he is insulted.”

    “Another way of taking a person down is by questioning their intelligence or general mental competence; for insult purposes, recipients are invariably “stupid” or “crazy.”

    EXAMPLE: “Doug, last time I checked, you were still an idiot.”

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