Digging Deep With Denise: Visiting With Melissa Fifield

“Digging Deep With Denise” is a semi-regular question and answer feature with local racers and racing personalities produced by RaceDayCT’s Denise DuPont

Melissa Fifield (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Melissa Fifield – I still get goosebumps

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour driver Melissa Fifield from Wakefield, NH got her passion for racing from her dad. Her father started bringing her to the track when she was five years old and let her join him in the garage as he worked on cars. Starting her career in karts running at Londonderry Raceway her quest and dream began to be in the seat of a Tour Type Modified. Fifield now is living her dream of owning and running Tour Type Modifieds and managing her own used car business, Pine Knoll Auto Sales in Wakefield, NH.

What made you get interested in racing?

“I grew up going to the races. When I was about five years old, I would go to [New Hampshire Motor Speedway], Lee [USA Speedway] and all the local tracks. And I fell in love with the Modifieds, particularly whenever I got to go to Loudon. It was a dream of mine to someday drive one of the best race cars in the world – a Tour Modified. ”

Which type of racing do you like the best?

“NASCAR Modified, that is where it is at. You have the best drivers in the world with the best run series.  They do a great show. ”

Would you say racing is your hobby?

“Racing is my life/job. I own a car dealership and my race cars are at the car dealership. So I am working on them when I am not selling cars. So life/job. ”

Do you work on your own car? Where did you learn?

“Yes I do work on my own race cars. Back before my father became a police officer, he was a mechanic in his younger days. So I grew up, starting about age six or seven, going out into the garage learning how to take motors apart, doing brake jobs… I just fell in love with cars. We have four wheelers and snow mobiles when I was younger and I just loved speed. I begged from five to 12 that I wanted a race car and finally it happened.”

What racing memory stands out above them all?

“Probably my first start at Loudon. Just because I grew up going there. Even now, I still get goose bumps going through the tunnel and think – ‘Oh, wow, I am really racing here!‘ it finally happened.”

Your thoughts on the draft at Loudon?

“You can tell when someone is near you and you have the extra push from the draft. It is pretty wild. It is hard to describe but it does give you that extra push of speed and momentum.”

What was your first race car? Where did you compete?

“I started racing Jr. Champ Karts at the age of 12, and won the Londonderry Raceway track championship my first season of competition. The next year, I moved to the World Karting Association (WKA) Northeast Pavement Series winning as many races as I could. After one year of WKA, I moved to the Allison Legacy Series where I ran for four or five years competing in five to ten races a year, both north and south. A friend gave me an opportunity to drive a Late Model when I was about eighteen, but I did not enjoy full fender racing. I quickly traded the ride for a family owned [Modified Racing Series] ride. In 2014, I moved to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. I always wanted to compete in a professionally run series with good drivers. The tour also had more races, ran at different tracks, and had more perks and opportunities.”

Can you talk about your most memorable win?

“My first win was in an Allison Legacy car at [New London-Waterford Speedbowl]. I finished second in my heat race and then won the feature. After previously losing a motor and having no luck at all, everything went right that day. I was excited that I finally got a win.”

What is your goal for 2021?

“Probably survive. I have hopefully a couple of big sponsors coming on for 2022, so I am looking forward to that. Gaining more momentum and more speed. We have had a lot of issues with things breaking. A couple of motors blew up this year and at Stafford the shifter broke. I would just like to make it through this year with everything that is going on.

“Right now I wish that we had the budget this year to get more speed. But the last couple of years with everything going on including limited sponsorships due to the economy it has been a little rough. Luckily car sales have been up to keep us going, otherwise it has been tough”

What challenges do you feel drivers have on the tour?

“That is a good question. I guess it would be teams deciding between running NASCAR or an Open show. They have different motors and there is a need for different cars for each. There are a lot of tours popping up and I am hoping that NASCAR still stays with a high car count with plenty of drivers.”

Your thoughts on women and racing on the Modified Tour?

“There are more women involved now in the racing business and I think that soon we will see more. I think that you will also see more female driver’s moving up from SK and SK Light Modified divisions, particularly from Stafford Speedway. Amy Catalano tries to run the tour when she can but has been concentrating on her son Timmy’s racing this year. When I am at the track, I just consider myself another race car driver. I just put on my helmet and drive.”

Have you always driven your own car?

“Yes, I have never driven anyone else’s Modified car.”

If you had to do it all over again, would you?

“Yes! I have learned a few things on the business side of [racing] to maybe improve sponsorship wise when starting out and things to do. I also would have gone back and told my dad let’s start sooner. I know it took forever but let’s start even sooner.”


  1. I want you to succeed! Do you have access to a really good simulator? You have a Fury chassis so a good car is not the problem. Motor, I have no idea, if shifters fail, start in 2nd gear? Run up a lane, follow the next inline, because there were no other cars lapped until I think lap 28 at Stafford. You let off early on the front stretch going into 1 and took your foot the pedal off of turn 2. You need to look at what speeds you are running and what the front runners are running there setups may not help. You need to tap into a resource you have as you have made some friends on the tour no doubt. I honestly suggest a good simulator and see what your car can do. It will feel different doing it in realtime, but I think those simulators are fairly accurate. And have someone else drive the car. They might have some ideas for you! Again, I am just a fan of Modifieds, but I am pulling for you and want you to succeed!

  2. Racing personalities are volunteering their time to be interviewed and being confrontational is not the way to handle interviews with people responsible for putting on the show. Fine for highly paid professionals, these folks have day jobs. However you are allowed to ask a tough question respectfully. I hear Shawn Courchesne do it all the time. A series of meat and potato questions, informative but not controversial. Then a tough one and finish up with a question or questions that allow the interviewee to expand on what they think is important.
    What would it of hurt to ask the one question fans have been wondering about for literally years. Something like this:

    “You have a lot of fans that support your participation in the NWMT race events showing fierce loyalty to the tour by showing up everywhere they schedule a race. The fact remains that with over a 100 events in your resume you continue to qualify last and are the slowest car on the track at nearly every event as well as retiring early in a large number of races. Is your goal simply to race with some of the best and fastest modified drivers in the Northeast or can you see yourself competing for position at some point.”

    Come on man, it’s just insulting labeling this a deep dive when it’s simply human interest fluff. The one question that meant something, the one that has been on folks minds here and on social media for years was not broached at all.

  3. The Atomic Punk says

    Sponsors? How?

  4. Bill Realist says

    Hard hitting interview. We all know what it is though.

  5. I agree with Doug. With all due respect Denise, this was not a “Digging Deep” it was more of a “Visiting With”. Let’s be real here, time for the tough questions that in my opinion won’t and can’t be answered.

  6. Absolutely Pathetic!

  7. Liz, Missy needs sponsors, here’s your chance.

    💰 💵 💰 💵 💰 💵 💰 💵 💰 💵 💰 💵 💰 💵

    Show her how much you support her. C’mon out and put your misandry on full display. Get your name on the car!!!!

    Those Most Popular Driver awards have lost the luster. 😝😝😝

  8. I think there’s a satisfactory answer to be had to my question. The results fall far short, the motivation perplexing but the effort and commitment exhibited admirable.
    Were I in the exact same position I could imagine and answer something like this.

    “Yes as I said it has been my dream to race a modified with some of the best in the biggest modified races and venues and I am regardless of the results. NASCAR inspects my car, monitors my performance on the track and yes as you suggested I have been in 100 race events something most people cannot say. Of course I aspire to be more competitive and believe I will in the near future but regardless of that I am a NWMT driver and very proud to be a part of the premier modified series. How many people can say that?”

    I don’t know about your all but an answer like that would be very satisfactory in my view. I just wish the question had been asked.

  9. No amount of money can help that driver become competitive in a Tour Mod.

  10. WeldingWonders says



    Fifield competes in 12 or 13 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield

    Fifield competes in 13 of 15 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 16 of 17 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 16 of 16 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 16 of 16 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 15 of 15 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 9 of 9 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.

    Fifield competes in 9 OF 9 NWMT races with a NWMT legal car
    Darealgoodfella, location unknown, wrote posts anonymously that appeared in RaceDayCt mocking Melissa Fifield.



  11. Here are the statistics, in case anybody cares for that sort of thing…


    If she ran the Tour mod in a SK light race, she would barely be competitive.

  12. I WIN FREE RENT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    This is awesome!!!! 😎

  13. Every year her average finish is better than her average start position. That’s something. Anyone know what RAF and LLF stats are?

  14. Alot of gooseggs on the statistical sheet….Pathetic….is she too good for other modified divisions and or modified series? Or is she just in it to say she’s a NWMT driver?

  15. RAF = Running At Finish
    LLF = Lead Lap Finish

    I do believe the way her finish is better than her start is because lower car counts and other cars wreck out and DNF, before she pulls off.

  16. girl power says

    dareal that’s racing and attrition ! let me ask a question.. does any other driver have the same race stats for attendance (starts) and a lower finish than Melissa. she has a right to compete and apparently people are willing to support her efforts possibly on a larger scale for next year . .. stop the hate ..

  17. 🍸🍸🍸Liz Cherokee🍸🍸🍸 says

    Free rent? The only thing occupying any space around here with free rent are Melissa’s three consecutive Whelen Modified Tour Most Popular Driver Awards in daRealLabotomized’s head. I can only hope it is not a psychosomatic condition he is afflicted with and that he, like Melissa, can someday find some type of meaningful enjoyment in life. Best wishes and bottoms up boys! 🍾

  18. Thanks Dareal. I was scratching my head on those two.

  19. The Atomic Punk says

    Comical. I’m embarrassed for the writer and the subject.

  20. How about we support Melissa while she has fun. Every series including cup and even their own name field fillers. She deserves respect for trying and for competing. No different that more than half the cup,Xfinity and truck racers with virtually no chance of winning. I would love to see her succeed with higher finishes. All the key board critics she has already beaten by showing up and trying instead of crying like her critics do.

  21. Fast Eddie says

    Nice to read about where she came from and her racing background. I knew nothing about any of previous racing experience before seeing her at MRS events. Also intriguing to know she works on the car. Sounds like she really wants to be out there, which I think is the most important part of this article. You go girl! If you’re loving what you do, forget all the peripheral BS from others!

  22. ModFanFromStafford says

    I get frustrated when we can’t win within a year. How can someone continue year after year with no improvement? I get that you love racing but there’s a time and a place and I think you’ve out worn you’re welcome. You going a lap down at Stafford within 10 to 20 laps causes single lane racing for the other racers on the race track. Nobody is saying you have to quit but take a step back and run an SK Light and work your way up. Maybe becoming an owner is something you should consider with and up-and-coming driver from one of the lower ranks

  23. The Atomic Punk says

    Shawn??…. Don’t back peddle now.

  24. The Atomic Punk,
    I’ve deleted my response to your initial comment and the further back and forth dialogue that took place. I shouldn’t have responded in the first place. I apologize for my responses. I’m the one that hosts what is a forum that is essentially almost all anonymous commenters and I shoudn’t have called you out in the way I did for what you said about Melissa Fifield and Denise DuPont.

  25. The Atomic Punk says

    Its cool Shawn. Its all in good fun from my end. I am often Misunderstood in text form. I am just a fan with an opinion. I am ok with the fact my opinion is not always correct and others can and will disagree. If we were having these conversations in person my thoughts would have less of an edge on them…. So I’ve been told.

  26. The writer did the best that could be done with the situation. The writer was walking through a field of cow-pies with little clear green grass. Kudos to the writer. Yes, clearly there was plenty of evasion.

    That said, Missy just isn’t cutting it. Not even close.

    Over 8 years and 106 races, she has finished 23 races. And you call that participation? You call that trying?

    This season, 2021, she has finished ZERO races… zilch… zip… nada…

    She’s had only one lead-lap-finish, and I think that was Loudon, of course, where the cautions worked in her favor.

    This season, 2021, she has completed 552 laps, while JBon and Emerling have each completed 1,435 laps. Good thing she gets points for rolling on to the track. It’s got to be pretty pathetic to be a participant and hoping very few cars show up so you can harvest more points and move up in the standings.

    Blame the car? Still after 8 years and daddy was a mechanic? 😝🤣

    She’d get destroyed in SK and SK lights. Those series are hyper-competitive.

    She is terrified of the style of racing known as Tour Modified asphalt oval track. She can’t enter, the trouble starts before she even lifts. If she’s terrified to enter, the rest of a turn is far worse. And Tour Modified asphalt oval track racing is all about turning. Pretty much everybody can go fast on a straight, the cream of the crop can be faster in the turns. She simply does not have any talent for this style of racing. After EIGHT YEARS and no progress or even a slight hint of improvement, there can be no other conclusion. She’s had every car and engine, and top notch at that. Many teams dream of having that equipment. You’d think mechanic dad would have figured something out by now, or sought help. She was running a Fuller prepped car a few times, right? I think she bought one of the Fuller R&D Marketing cars. No joy.

    If that team can not prepare a car that can finish every race, and the statistics show they rarely ever finish a race, then they have no place participating. And then when you consider that the car is not being stressed because of the way it is NOT being driven, it should not be breaking as often as it is being reported. The car is just cruising around.

    Put her in the 51 and she’d run 2-3 seconds slower than JBon. It ain’t the cars. If she’s looking for more speed, she needs to look in a mirror.

    She should consider putting Chase Dowling in the car a few times. He’s become a journeyman lately, and can set up a car.

    She better hope the potential sponsors don’t look her up on racing reference.

  27. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Oh Dafella certainly has a condition and affliction. What it is, one can only speculate. A good question for Missy would have been: Is it true you quit the MRS because back in those days you were failing to qualify?

  28. Darealgoodfella,

    Nice stats.. but who cares??? She is out having fun each race enjoying her hobby. No different than fans enjoying watching each week and complaining about her. The same fans who complain about short fields like the one Jacob Perry recently won. You don’t hear her complaining or bad mouthing people! Or even anything bad about her. She is only guilty of not meeting others expectations of how she should run: Have you ever heard of someone racing for fun and not necessarily wins?? I know foreign concept!! I hope Melissa has fun and enjoys racing her way!! There is a cup driver not in the playoffs with the best equipment, full sponsorship and two amazing owners., yet the on track results are still mediocre at best. My point Melissa could have the best equipment money can buy and still enjoy racing her way with the same results and that would be ok! At least she is not sitting in the stands bad mouthing and bitching about drivers who give their blood, sweat and tears to put on a show. I hope Melissa reads this and sees one fan has had enough of the complaining about her. It’s time we back her and support her!!! Hope Melissa keeps enjoying racing her way as long as she wants!

  29. I don’t think Mr. Courchesne was saying he wasn’t correct he was saying it was inappropriate to respond in the manner he did. He de escalated and for a person with pride that’s difficult. And you can see the response as the guy known for explosive one liners melts instantly into a thoughtful response. I think we just had a moment. Short lived but a moment.

  30. Remember Eddie the Eagle?

    The Jamaican Bobsled team?

    How about that guy from Togo?

    All endearing, didn’t have a chance, and were laughing stocks. Covered in the news and media because they had no place competing and were jokes.

    I’m a paying customer and I don’t want to see these moving obstacles in the way of the competitive cars. This has nothing to do with who has a team, who turned a wrench, who runs the brake press, who does the welding, who packed the bearings, and all the other stupid false equivalents brought up as desperate attempts at substantiating an indefensible situation. This is short track racing, much less area and space on the race track, it is inherently crowded. Cup cars run on huge tracks where the slower cars don’t get in the way like on a short track.

    Listen on a radio… a large part of comms between the spotter and driver is warnings of slow cars ahead. This is oval track asphalt RACING, not an obstacle course.

    Short track Tour Modified racing would be awesome if the competitive cars did not have to be concerned with traffic caused by incapable cars.

    The subject team has had all the best equipment. The driver can’t drive, and is not getting any better.

    As a minimum, when there is about a third of the race to go, NASCAR needs to clear the track of these lame cars so the competitive cars can race and put on the show they are capable of. And that’s from a PAYING CUSTOMER.

  31. Racer28 wrote, “Nice stats.. but who cares??? ”

    The paying customers in the stands, that’s who.

    Those paying customers in the stands, shake their heads or are laughing at the 01.

    Watch the people in the stands. Pay close attention at driver introduction. She has been left off the driver introductions. Why is that? So she is not subjected to the boos or silence?

    Strangers have struck up conversations in the stands about how absurd the 01 is.

    The paying customers care, that’s who.

  32. So Doug, the guy with numerous screen names on these forums, the guy that regularly calls people scumbags, has weighted in and judged the posts of others. Isn’t he special?

    Doug, et al., are you feeling insulted?

    WeldingWonders in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, ….


  33. I did in fact contact Mr. Courchesne privately concerned that I too would be included in the category of “spineless”. That being a person that goes out of their way to insult others using the cloak of anonymity knowing they’re not risking a punch in the nose were they to say it in person. . I won’t say what was exchanged but can say it caused me to realize how much I enjoy RaceDayCt and increased my level of support to $10 a month.

  34. Let me open with… 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝🤣🤣😝🤣🤣😝🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝🤣😝

    Doug, the guy that runs numerous anonymous screen names on these forums is worried about being perceived as spineless?

    Hey idiot, you really think “Doug” is not anonymous?

    Doug, you had your spineless, anonymous posting by WeldingWonders pulled??? I saw it. 😝🤣

    It was right on cue.


  35. Darealgoodefella,

    Really you care about .01.. does anyone else?? I go to watch the show not get to excited about.01. Every series has slower cars. Doesn’t mean we have to bash her and make her not feel welcome. She deserves the same respect as all the other drivers. I hope she has a blast with her hobby. Go Melissa!!

  36. Hey, who is punching who in the nose? 👃

    What did I miss?

  37. The Atomic Punk says

    Doug I dont think my “one liners” are explosive. I have an opinion and don’t waste many words on expressing it and would never hit anyone over their opinion nor do I have any fear of a “punch in the nose” because of my opinion….and for the record I will ask again…Who and where did I insult anyone in this thread?…..Please tell me.

  38. Racer28, no, I do not care the least bit about the 01. That driver could never show up again and I would not be disappointed at all. What I do care about is that the car gets in the way of racing, real racing. The 01 interferes with the real racing. The competitive cars have to watch out because it’s so slow. Not only do the competitive cars have to fight off the legit competition, they have to watch out for the obstacles, like the 01. So no, I don’t care at all about the 01, I do care about the negative impact it has on the real racing, and wonder what it would be like without the 01, and that the competitive cars would only have to worry about going fast, passing other competitive cars ahead, and who’s trying to pass them.

    Trophies for participation are for little kiddies. NWMT racing is about mature, adult qualified competition.

    You people that are backing her are probably the same people that rage about helmet baggers with deep pockets that buy rides.

    Qualifying serves a purpose, to get the fastest cars in the competition, and intrinsically, eliminate the cars like the 01. In the absence of full fields, something has to be done to cull these incapable cars.

    She’d never run if full fields were happening. Think about that. The anxiety of watching the entry list and hoping for less than full fields is sad. She can’t race her way into a feature through heats, she won’t make it past heats.

    Just the opinion of a paying customer.

  39. Atomic ☢️, all you have to do is not agree with Doug, or his many other screen names, and he whips out the victim card. I find it very entertaining. He’s a drama queen. 👑

  40. Here’s a few I saved from you Atomic Punk. A bit dated but many are definitely “Atomic”

    The Atomic Punk says
    February 28, 2021 at 4:09 pm
    Thank you Viva. When I read your dribble I all of a sudden feel Very.very,very very very very smart

    The Atomic Punk says
    February 25, 2021 at 12:03 pm
    Lets see… Do i want to put money in a Predators pocket, One that has destroyed lives so he can use that money to destroy more? Hmmmmm

    The Atomic Punk says
    February 28, 2021 at 6:15 pm
    If you think the Bowl is thriving and on stable ground then you shake more when you speak than Crazy Nancy does.

    The Atomic Punk says
    January 21, 2021 at 12:16 am
    Viva let me help ya out….Its You’re,,,,Not your….. You’re as in You are….. and I’m an idiot that made it past the 6th grade…. …It takes a Predator to defend one.

    The Atomic Punk says
    January 22, 2021 at 12:12 am
    Hey 2020 just take away his 1st amendment right… Thats what you Dems(China) do,,,,Isnt it??

    The Atomic Punk says
    January 3, 2021 at 10:52 am
    I wish for terrible karma to those who put $ in his pocket. Hope the place goes silent again until new ownership.

    The Atomic Punk says
    January 3, 2021 at 6:08 pm
    Yes Earl. Those who prey on the less fortunate tend to bring out the blunt honesty in me…. I stand by it.. You support a Predator. I support a smile when something bad happens to you.

    The Atomic Punk says
    February 13, 2021 at 9:49 pm
    Hirschman and Santos both should have Full time Mod Tour rides.The Tour needs more of them and fewer Rich kids.

    The Atomic Punk says
    January 20, 2021 at 12:07 am
    Only if they bring a Bigger knife.

    The Atomic Punk says
    March 16, 2021 at 10:41 am
    Lots of entitlement at the Little T. Watch some of the Parents. OMG.

    If I said edgy would that have been more acceptable?
    Then there is the continuing reference to Staffords one groove what the heck is that all about? Point made why not move on unless you are trying to get people ticked off.
    You are the Atomic Punk. My point was the value of a strong willed person like Mr. Courchesne dialing back the tone and your response. It was a moment. What’s wrong with that?

  41. Oh boy, and Atomic Punk ☢️ gets free rent!!!!

    And you get free rent!

    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!
    And you get free rent!!!

    Dougie, you went nonlinear with the “Doug” screen name, how unlike you.

    Where’s WeldingWonders this evening?

  42. The Atomic Punk says

    Only edgy in text. In the spoken word its just an opinion from a guy that is comfortable with the fact others will disagree and I may be 100% wrong. I also asked where in THIS thread I insulted. I have thrown a barb or 2 before without a doubt….But not about Denise or the 01 in this story. Insult me fine but just make me laugh doing it please.

  43. I didn’t realize Dougie was the self-appointed hypocritical morality police.

    Fits the profile.

  44. As I understand it the Dupont’s are fans first and do what they do for RaceDayCt to contribute to the coverage of the sport and help Mr. Courchesne. Neither are hard hitting, highly paid journalists trying to uncover explosive stories to generate clicks. The Digging Deep catchy but as we’ve seen not literal. I know I’d like to thank both the Duponts for what they do and from now on will take their contributions to the site in the spirit in which they are intended.
    You want to focus on this thread Atomic Punk with regard to your posts but that I do not believe is how this works. We that post frequently leave tracks in the snow and have persona’s we carry around with us in each post for better or worse. People that are brief and blunt in my experience always view their entries in a positive light as economical and truth telling. It can be that or it can be lazy and offensive.
    You’re on record Atomic Punk for constantly needling Stafford fans with the implication that the racing there is sub standard because of the lack of an outside groove. Forgetting the accuracy of that it’s good natured chop busting and I take it in the spirit it’s intended as a Stafford first fan. More controversial are comments like this another recurring theme of yours.

    “Yes Earl. Those who prey on the less fortunate tend to bring out the blunt honesty in me…. I stand by it.. You support a Predator. I support a smile when something bad happens to you.”

    In that respect you are a kindred spirit of darealgoodfella essentially labeling every person that competes at the track, works there or attends a race there as a supporter of predator. By extension all the people that are customers of Bemers other businesses as well. That’s not race banter it’s accusing people of some of the worst possible motivations that strike at the very core of their existence. You’re calling them fundamentally evil something that you cannot possibly know and you do it so glibly.. You say you’d be happy to express that idea to any one of the thousands of people it applies to but I’m thinking you might dial it back a bit in person.
    Mr. Courchesne may have deleted his comments but I kept the important parts that he meant. that are true and apply to all of us in the anonymous category.

    *I’m embarrassed for people who use the web to insult other people but are too spineless to put a name or identity behind their words.

    * Just sad to see people who use the cloak of anonymity to insult others but would never possess the courage to stand behind what they say and speak it to someone’s face.

    He expressed them in an emotional moment in support of a friend but they are valid and supported by authoritative experts like those at Psychology Today. It is cowardly to use anonymous commentary to insult people.
    We all need to be on guard not to go too far if we each consider ourselves stand up people that try to do the right thing. We all know the good guys that never approach the line. We know those that approach it but try not to go over such as myself. Then there are those that simply don’t recognize the line or revel in going over it knowing there are no consequences.
    What category do you want to be in Atomic Punk?

  45. Doug, you’re an idiot.

  46. Doug wrote, “It is cowardly to use anonymous commentary to insult people.”

    This is from Doug, or Dougie, or Insipid Cybil, or WeldingWonders, or RickyinMass, or many other anonymous screen names that he uses to troll, stalk, denigrate, and call other people scumbags.

    Doug is an anonymous name, just as anonymous as WeldingWonders.

    And I am as direct in person. My friends look to it. When they are struggling with something, they come to me for my truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I don’t sugar-coat or enable stupid. For example, I was just getting ready to do a mid-life crisis thing, and I asked a friend if I was bonkers, and he brutally laid it out for me and brought me back to reality. I thanked him profoundly.

    Then there’s idiots like Doug that can’t get enough stupid, and fights tooth-and-nail against sanity. So Doug, you exercise your liberty to support an admitted and convicted pedophile sexual predator, and continue to denigrate and chastise those that refuse. It’s your brand.

  47. The Atomic Punk says

    Needling Stafford fans??… I don’t blame them for the lack of an outside groove…. I do respond when their blind loyalty for the place makes them say otherwise. As for what Shawn said, I stand by what I said. I am not afraid to give my opinion to anyone’s face… Its Just 1 opinion….As far as the name I post under goes its more about being a Huge Van Halen fan ( with David Lee Roth of course ) than it is about hiding who I am. I appreciate Shawn letting me, a fan, post on his site but when I am attacked for the name on a post in a debated subject I feel I can throw that in the Win column on the debated subject…. Nobody rubs my back and gives me milk and cookies when they are critical of me nor would I expect it so….

  48. I just wish Steve Masse, Eric Berndt, Michael Christopher Jr, Glen Reen, or if Todd Szegedy would come out of retirement and drive the 01. I mean it’s such a great car, (best of the best equipment) that just does not perform even when comparing to SK Light speeds, and it’s the person in the driver’s seat. When I went to the Stafford Tour race a couple weeks ago, I watched Qualifying and just listening to the 01 on the straightaway, she backed out wayyy to early, I’m talking before the enter wall area where the cars enter the track, going into turn three and for a car that is that heavily invested in, I’ve seen the shop photos that’s not their only FURY tour, it’s just painful to watch. Sometimes, like when Steve Park said Dale Sr took time to test and Rockingham and Sr let out way earlier and ended up being way fast on the time sheet than Park but, that view doesn’t work at Stafford. Compare that same car the 01 to the 10 of Coby and he sails that car into the corner on the throttle. No argument about handling, when you are over two seconds slower on time, it’s either a major mechanical part failure or driver, and it is not the parts. I don’t want to nock people and such because, yes I’ve never driven a race car but, the excuse, “OHHH YOU HAVE NEVER DRIVEN A CAR, YOU’RE MONDAY MORNING QB’ING IT” doesn’t fit here. I asked my dad if he was the owner with that equipment, and I was the driver putting out those results, he would fire me. At Stafford again, when she was lapped the first time-lap 7ish and she was exiting turn four, she was in the main bottom lane and I could see Preece have to tip-tow it through the exit because, she never moved out of the way. When Coby, Goodale and McKennedy were racing for second, she kept getting in the way when Goodale was side by side with Coby and again in the way both time for those guys alone. By the way, this has nothing to do with gender or double standards so don’t use that, I could care less about the gender of the driver. Yes, Wade Cole was slow but, he had the most unfunded team and yet, he may be getting lapped, he never seemed to actually, “be in the way”. I just want to see more, “Blue chip equipment racecars” being driven by drivers like- Steve Masse that always had to deal with, “Blood out of a stone” equipment and still be able to win. I love occasionally coming on here and asking questions to Shawn because, I know Shawn has more sources and credibility from those sources and it is great. I’m am not trying to rant but, yes I am with this comment. My apologies.

  49. Doug, you’re an idiot.

    You’ve been walking around with an arrow through your head and when people tell you that you have an arrow through your head, you play the victim card and claim to be insulted.

    That’s pretty much a perfect example of an idiot. If you think walking around with an arrow through your head is perfectly fine, then you are an idiot.

  50. The Atomic Punk says

    …..and as far as the Dupont’s being fans?…GREAT so am I. Does that mean they can’t disagree with me because I am a fan? Does that mean they can’t call my opinion Crazy or wrong because I am a fan? How soft will this society get?….Again I question the writer and the 01 on this pc when every fan in the stands are thinking and saying the same thing watching her on the track… Watching her after PAYING to enter said track $…. and when I buy a meal at a restaurant I will most likely tell you if I liked it or not….Call me crazy I guess…..My guess is Doug will not comprehend any of this.

  51. What Tyler said. 👏

    Especially the comments about the 01 at Stafford.

    Stafford is a flat track, or the least banking around, there’s no help from banking, and she’s terrified. No banking to help. Also, because she’s so slow, she’s pinned down on the bottom, making a bad situation even worse. It’s way harder to enter on the bottom than from the top.

    But that shouldn’t be a problem during qual. Like Tyler said, listen to the 01 during qual when she’s the only car and you can tell she’s not in the throttle much at all, and then listen to the 10, and well, just about any other car. She can’t drive and it shows.

    It is a miracle she hasn’t caused wrecks, and that’s not a major achievement to write home about.

    Don’t even think about whatabouting Wade Cole… his stats are far superior to Missy. No comparison at all.

  52. The Atomic Punk says

    I agree with Tyler and Da. My question for the 01 would be Is it fun what she is out there doing during a race? Getting lapped every 4 laps always having to get out of the way, being shown the passing flag for 150 laps? I’d be interested in watching her in a lower division and if she ever turns her racing around I will be the first on here to pat her on the back.

  53. The Atomic Punk,
    I would imagine if she was miserable doing what she’s doing she’d stop doing it. Until then I think she and her family and the sponsors she has pay the bills so they can make the decisions on what they’ll do. Everybody has the right to their own opinions, but nobody has the right to tell them what to do or how they should feel about what they do. If there was a kid on a playground shooting a basketball and was missing every shot he took but still enjoying what he was doing would you tell him he sucks and he should stop doing it because you don’t want to watch him? The reality is, based on the qualifying rules and the field limitations set by NASCAR, Melissa Fifield has every right to race in every event. Until the overall health of the Whelen Modified Tour improves and attracts more competitive cars that fact will remain.

  54. The Atomic Punk says

    Shawn,I would never tell anyone they “suck” at something they love to do even if bad at it and I would not be paying to watch a kid at a playground shoot around. I understand the point you are getting at. If that kid at the playground was in over his head and everyone watching could see it 100% I would tell that kid to drop down a level, get better and come back one day and show everyone you put in the time and effort to improve then show us and makes us go WOW! I never said the 01 didn’t have a right.

  55. Shawn, you are up in the Ivory Tower at the track. The rest of us sit in the stands, and experience the reaction of the PAYING CUSTOMERS. That is not quite the same as some kid trying to shoot hoops. Fifield has been omitted often from the driver introductions. Why is that? The paying customers in the stands wait for it. “Mistakes” like that don’t happen repeatedly.

    The problem of slow cars and minimum speed rules is getting plenty of attention lately:


  56. WeldingWonders says





    darealgoodfella says
    August 19, 2021 at 9:37 am
    And I am as direct in person. My friends look to it. When they are struggling with something, they come to me for my truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I don’t sugar-coat or enable stupid.


    derealgoodfella says
    May 16, 2020 at 11:50 am
    My wife’s employer, a huge multinational entity with hundreds of thousands of employees

    darealgoodfella says
    June 6, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    Vehicle technology IS math, high level math. Memory recall and understanding are two completely different things. I don’t even bother getting into conversations about technology or chassis tuning unless the person has the appropriate training

    darealgoodfella says
    May 5, 2020 at 10:08 am
    As far as exercise goes, I avoid the crowded trails and stay on the road, or avoid the times the trails are more crowded, and still get about 15 miles of biking per day or 3 miles of walking.

    darealgoodfella says
    May 14, 2020 at 9:25 am
    My diet is already in line with the Mediterranean and DASH diet protocols, so I’m good. (EXCEPT THE BBQ AND SLAW AT THOMPSON)

    darealgoodfella says
    November 3, 2018 at 9:16 am
    I asked my team owner why MH was not running regularly and he explained that MH demanded to be paid. And this was around 10 years ago.

    darealgoodfella says
    September 9, 2020 at 4:15 pm
    Earl, no offense intended, but it takes far more than the numerous degrees I hold and schools I attended for you to qualify my expertise.

    darealgoodfella says
    March 16, 2021 at 2:38 pm
    When I was coaching little kids, and I was the Director of the division

    darealgoodfella says
    March 17, 2021 at 9:21 am
    wmass01013, I have rarely been in my basement, just to do things like laundry, change the HVAC filter, or get a bottle of rare, fine bourbon from my collection.

    darealgoodfella says
    March 9, 2020 at 12:39 pm
    So yes, I am normally preparing multi-million dollar plans and budgets for a variety of huge product development efforts. Knowing how to calculate what something will cost is a major part of what I do with my engineering expertise. Common practice for engineering professionals. It’s what we do.


  57. WeldingWonders says




    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    August 19, 2021 at 11:01 am
    Shawn, you are up in the Ivory Tower at the track. The rest of us sit in the stands, and experience the reaction of the PAYING CUSTOMERS.



  58. NY home fans (paying customers) boo the Yankees when they don’t play well.

    Glen Sather was excoriated in the media (by fans and paying customers) for the failings of the NY Rangers, and he is gone.

    Fans don’t convert into paying customers when the product sucks, and you can see that by empty stands at the venues.

    If a ball player on a pro team played like a sandlot kid, he’d be subject to heaps of scorn, as would the management.

    PAYING CUSTOMERS have every right to voice their feedback on the product they spend their money on.

  59. The Atomic Punk says

    Doug pick a name to post under….1 Name or amuse us and have a conversation with WeldingWonders.

  60. The Atomic Punk says

    Adding some levity to the moment. My top 5 Van Halen songs:
    1. Atomic Punk
    2.Mean Streets
    3. On Fire
    4. Everybody Wants Some
    5. You’re No Good
    Honorable mention to 40 others possible top 5 songs.

  61. 🤣🤣😝😝🤣😝🤣😝

    Atomic Punk wrote, “Doug pick a name to post under….1 Name or amuse us and have a conversation with WeldingWonders.”


    Oh he did that already, and he screwed up so bad, that’s how he galactically exposed himself as a fraud, chicken 🐓, coward, etc. It was friggin comical. Doug has NUMEROUS other screen names. NUMEROUS.

    Of course, I pounced on it and called him out, and he ceded a humiliating defeat, calling himself “ham handed” for that screw up. He pretty much owned himself. 😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Just Me - The Original says

    Shawn, I totally agree with you
    Couldn’t have said it any better
    I think it’s time to move off the Melissa complaining train.

  63. I am by no means an expert. I have said some harsh things to Dareal, Atomic Punk, Doug, Shawn, and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, etc. I gave a snippet of advice to Melissa and hopefully that stuck. I think we all need to take a deep breath, and, go to Stafford tomorrow. It would be fun! Wear masks if needed. We could all sit together and enjoy a race. I will have to leave 2 laps before the last race is done and will hear the finish, but we could all wallow in our our own misery. We can listen to my dad talk about his all time favorite(not going to mention who he was),and The Christopher’s. And how racing was better in the old days before store bought cars. If you guys want I can wear the J.M. shirt. Wondering if that would work for everyone!

  64. WeldingWonders says




    😷😷😷 darealgoodfella 😷😷😷 says
    August 19, 2021 at 9:37 am

    I was just getting ready to do a mid-life crisis thing, and I asked a friend if I was bonkers, and he brutally laid it out for me and brought me back to reality.


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