Questions Abound Concerning Return To Action For New London-Waterford Speedbowl On Oct. 30

Editor’s Note: About 30 minutes after this report was published New London-Waterford Speedbowl general manager Mike Marfeo called RaceDayCT. Marfeo said he could not make any comments beyond what has been publicly announced by the track.

Sunday’s horrific SK Modified crash at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, and the subsequent announcement this week that the track will return to action with what is left of the SK Modified feature on Saturday Oct. 30, has created plenty of questions for many.

Unfortunately, management from the New London-Waterford Speedbowl has not responded to repeated requests this week for comment.

On lap 43 of the 100-lap SK Modified feature Sunday contact from Glen Reen in a battle for fifth place sent the car of Tim Jordan riding up the backstretch wall. The car subsequently flew into the turn three catch fence, tearing down a huge swath of the protective barrier between the track and the pit area. The carnage left two people in the pit area injured.

The final 58 laps of the $7,000 to win SK Modified feature will be run as part of the track’s Smacktoberfest event on Oct. 30. The race will resume with Keith Rocco leading and Andrew Molleur in second place.

Let’s examine some of the questions out there regarding the return to action:

Will the damaged catch fence be fully repaired by Oct. 30?

One has to assume that track management wouldn’t move forward with any sort of competition on track without a full repair of the catch fence area that was torn down in the turn three area. It’s unclear what type of approval or inspection process will follow those repairs.

Will fans continue to be allowed to stand near the fence in the pit area and in the grandstand area?

Standing just behind the turn three fence in the pit area at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl has been happening for decades at the shoreline oval. No official announcement of any changes regarding that being allowed have been made this week by Speedbowl management. It’s also unclear if track management will return to policing fans from congregating close to the frontstretch fence. Recent videos show groups of fans regularly standing at the fence in front of the two main grandstands.

Will Tim Jordan be allowed to repair his car and return to competition in the event?

Much of Jordan’s car was shredded and damaged in the high impact force with the catch fence and fencing standards. It’s unclear if track officials would allow him to repair his car and return to action. From the outside looking in, it would seem track officials would have a hard time saying that he couldn’t do it. Cars were not impounded after the event, meaning any team that was participating when the race was stopped after 42 laps can make changes or repairs before the race returns to action on Oct. 30. So why would Jordan be any different than any car that wasn’t involved in the wreck that ended the event? Jordan has not publicly ruled out attempting to return to the event.

Will Glen Reen be allowed to return to competition in the event?

It’s unclear at this time if officials made any penalty calls involving the wreck that ended the night on Sunday, but one would think in the immediate aftermath of the wreck penalties were probably the last thing on the minds of track officials. But, it is a question of whether or not Reen will be penalized for the crash and what the penalty will be? Based on video evidence it seemed clear that Reen pushed Jordan up into the wall after Jordan got to his outside in turn two on lap 43. And there are plenty around the sport that believe Reen walking around the track on Sunday in a shirt that read: “Wreck Everyone & Leave” set a malicious tone that ultimately only came across as uglier by the time the night was over. Though it would be quite a precedent to set to penalize someone over words on a shirt.

Glen Reen Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in a photo that was posted publicly on Facebook


  1. its not the first time a catch fence has been torn down at a race track or a car has left the speedway. should be business as usual once the fence is repaired. DMV is not in charge anymore so that is a good thing. As far as Timmy allowed to come back for the remainder of the race – absolutely. the track officials can make the call on Reen anytime till race day.

  2. the Speedbowl is a tight place both on and off the track.. when a car gets into the fence it is “highly likely” that fans or crews can get hurt,, this whether standing in front of fence or walking in front of grandstands\pits.. up to track management to provide best fencing possible ( in this case looks to me like safety standards held up).. likewise,, up to management to enforce any rough riding penalties deemed appropriate..

  3. I love how this idiot manages to turn 2 questions in to 4. Of course the fence will be fully repaired before the race and the Jordan/Reen questions are the same. I also wonder why the bowl management won’t reapond to a hack writer that blasts them every opportunity he gets

  4. Another question – will ticket stubs from 9/17 be honored on 9/30?

  5. Rafter,
    I wish I could tell you.

  6. Scott Young sr says

    There is always the threat of anything leaving the track and going outside of the fences. Been at the bowl for many years and the facility is much safer now than it’s been in years.I was hit bye a tire that came off a midget back in the 80’s while standing along the fence in the pit Area. Things happen when racing that’s the chance we take.

  7. Rafter fan- what planet do you live on? The race event was 99% over. The other ct tracks charge for parking,and parking now a days

  8. Steve,
    No other tracks in CT charge for parking. And I know you’re going to reference this SRX event at Stafford. Yes there was a parking charge for that, an event which was unlike any typical racing event put on at Stafford.
    Your constant mission to use twisted facts to make Stafford Speedway management look bad just gets so painfully stale and old.

  9. Four legitimate questions, no legitimate response from the Speedbowl. Not sure why Shawn is getting blasted for asking the questions that most of us are thinking of. Give him credit for a site dedicated to local racing, like the content or not. Do i always agree with his stories, comments, articles? No, but what other site can you go to for results, news, etc.?

  10. Reporting on anything in a lot of ways is like sales. You have to call and talk to people you know don’t necessarily want to talk to you and somehow convince them to buy into the idea that releasing their side of the story will benefit them in the long run. Gotta have a thick skin to take all that rejection. At least you got a call back and I’d hope some forthcoming information discussed “off the record”.
    It’s such a shame. The last Speedbowl press release published before the fence incident garnered a total of 3 Speedbowl fans commenting that viewed the event reported on. . There’s just zero buzz for Speedbowl events outside the long time club members.
    Aside from the crash coverage The Vault Productions 20 plus minute video was super entertaining. That SK field of cars was really strong and seeing the guys react when picking their starting position was entertaining. Rocco on the poll and Reen mentioning Reen Acres is good stuff. Seeing the camera’s on the cars being checked and turned the behind the scenes stuff fans love.. You don’t have to put yourself at risk standing by the fence. Take a seat somewhere and what you’ll see is terrific racing from the best track for fans to view races in Connecticut. On a track configuration that lap for lap provides the best competition because it’s the ideal size.
    That whole crew down there has purposely hand cuffed themselves when it comes to promotion. What happened with the fence isn’t a negative to be shielded from the public it’s a freakin promoters wet dream. The fence held, disaster averted and no one hurt seriously. Stop the presses! Get reporters down to the track from every news outlet in Connecticut to view the repairs, spin it into a success story and watch the stands fill up on October 30 for Smacktoberfest.
    But no the only call you’ll get from the Speedbowl brain trust is to say stop calling and check our Facebook account.
    It is the way it is. As long as the owner is who he is it’s not about promoting races at the Speedbowl. It’s about sharing a secret about how good the racing is there among the limited number of people accepting whatever conditions the owner with that giant chip on his shoulder and horrible reputation sets.
    I’ll admit to fantasizing about a couple guys like Michaud and/or Mayberry owning the Speedbowl. Real racing people with sterling reputations that know how to run a track, promote races and maximize a tracks potential. The current owner from early 2015 to last year corralled a wild injured animal, nursed it back to health and trained it to be a stallion. Now pulling on the reins as hard as he can to hold the stallion back afraid anyone outside his private corral will notice him next to a prize winning stallion.
    Such a waste.

  11. Billybob for PR director says

    I don’t speak Billybob eze, what does reapond mean? Is he the same person writing Speedbowl press releases.

  12. Will the damaged catch fence be fully repaired by Oct. 30?

    Well, great question given the well documented history of the track failing to achieve promises over years, perhaps decades.


    Will fans continue to be allowed to stand near the fence in the pit area and in the grandstand area?

    Got a ticket???? No problem!!!!


    Will Tim Jordan be allowed to repair his car and return to competition in the event?

    A draw for sure. Will help sell concessions. SURE!!!!!


    Will Glen Reen be allowed to return to competition in the event?

    Drama Queen, a must factor. Sure!!!!!

  13. I know it’s not the thrust of the interest here but someone should say it. The picture of Reen with the tee shirt and thumbs up and all. Come on man that’s epic in terms of bad timing. Make your own judgment on whether the guy can drive or not he’s a good guy.

  14. Jim ballard says

    On if the catch fence by repaired, why doesn’t someone take a ride over there and see if it has. I would but I’m a hour away.

    On standing by the fence, that’s been the policy since the place opened. Why change now. It’s your choice to stand there or not. Can you still sit in the turn four grandstand at Stafford after Corkey want through it many years ago, yes. I’d like to see the track make a pit grandstand where the old turn four stand is now.

    On Tim being able to return to the race, I think you answered your own question. It didn’t think the track needed to be asked that.

    On Reen, let’s look at this another way. Had Tim not gone into the fence and just wrecked what would have happened? He be sent to the rear of the field. I’d like for him to DQ’ed, but don’t think that will happen.

    And on someone asking about asking if tickets will be honored, every race that weekend was run. Most had great finishes. Everyone got their $30 or $40 dollars worth. If you want to see the finish you have to make the decision if you want to pay $20 next week to watch a 57 lap sk feature. And you can watch some other races too. I’d honor pit passes, because the racers are there to race their own division.

    Bottom line is we’ll know the answers to all these questions next week. So just wait and see.

  15. Stuart A Fearn says

    OMG that shirt! I recall now seeing it earlier in the day from someone’s facebook post or somewhere. How ironic! I’m sure Reen didn’t pinch Timmy up to the fence maliciously as there is a very good chance of turning yourself straight into the fence. That’s racing unfortunately, unfamiliar track, spotter fell asleep, steering wheel fell off, whatever happened it was tragic.

  16. Come on Doug, a racecar nearly going onto the pits and injuring people is a promoters dream? And it was not shielded from the public as it was all over on the local news stations ,Shirt or not Reen, should be suspended for the remainder of the event . Clear intent there.

  17. Jim,

    You said: “why doesn’t someone take a ride over there and see if it has. I would but I’m a hour away.”

    It’s private property. You can’t just wander in and take a look.

    You said: “standing by the fence, that’s been the policy since the place opened. Why change now.”

    The NFL used to play with leather helmets. Then they realized there was a safer way to do things. The NHL used to play without helmets, then they realized there was a safer way to do things. NASCAR used to have no speed limit on pit road for the Cup Series. Then they realized there was a safer way to do things.

  18. Yeah, and when TC said something like “If you want to make friends, go to summer camp”, that was funny, and it’s not much different than Reen’s shirt. If TC was in Reen’s place, y’all would be making like TC was an angel, and Jordan had it coming. It happened every time.

  19. Shawn, to add to your post, the NHL and MLB have added netting to protect fans from pucks and flying bats, respectively.

  20. Point well made JH. Could you take a look at this news report and tell me what your thoughts are on it?


    no real questions here .. This site and many who participate on it bash the speed bowl. ..They don’t have to talk to anyone. dont need promotion or a public relations person.. you got Monahan talking on TV as well as Serluca and Sids social media . I am confident no event will take place unless the fence is fixed properly with inspection. I don’t anticipate Jordan driving in the remaining event however I don’t believe given the damage viewed even with an extended caution period that car could have return to the track ..hence I dont see any question there . Reen as a jerk no matter what the ruling ..always has been. he wont show his face at any race track unless he is willing to deal with those whom hold him responsible for his actions . will crew members and friends stand in three? better questions is there more exposure in turn one ? should you even sit in the stands at all ? anything can happen ! how far away is safe ? they are not NASCAR sanctioned.. are there state permit or engineering requirements in place regarding safety (distance). what is the distance between the catch fence and the first row of seating at a super speedway ?? is there a formula ? examining what protocols and or equipment is in place at ANY track should be first and foremost in the minds of competitors and fans alike on BOTH sides of the fence. do you think the racing moms and dads worry about a car coming thru the fence before they strap their MINOR son or daughter into a race car ? . do you think your any safer at a summer carnival? on a ride at six flags? .do you think all three tracks could fight a major fire incident on the track or in the pits should that scenario present itself? .you started bashing the track after Bemers arrest and management debacles . Bemer saved it and made all the required improvements NO ONE wanted to pay for ! profits BEFORE safety. if you count capital improvements BEMER wont make a profit in his lifetime ! . I feel safe at the bowl where I sit or stand in the pits and the bleachers . PS why didnt anyone in the media reach out to Terry Eames or the Kortewegs asking about safety protocol ? LOL

  22. What more can be said except the new fence with cable system did its job and minimized what could have been a catastrophe.

    Like the Speedbowl or not, lets give credit where credit is due. It’s called being proactive when recognizing an issue (inadequate protective fencing) that needed correction.

  23. Just Me - The Original says

    The fence has not been fixed yet. They are still waiting for the fence company to get the fencing needed. Not your typical home owners fence.

  24. Just Me - The Original says

    As far as Timmy returning back to finish the race, everyone talks about the car, Heck, he could could borrow someone’s and wrap it like his. What no one is talking about is his health. He received a pretty good concussion, He needs to make sure he’s healthy before returning to racing. Speedy recovery Timmy…

  25. Few things that came up today in discussion with fans at Seekonk regarding next week.

    One person is convinced they will not have the show next week. Thinks the State or town or Insurance company will not give approval in time. Probably pure speculation on their part but it made me wonder. Another person said he wasnt thrilled about paying twice to see the same SK race. He was actually thinking of going somewhere else instead. Mahonig I think. So he seems to think rain checks will not be honored.

    Take it for what it is. Grand stand banter based on nothing but speculation

  26. Just me the original, you are the first to raise the point of Tim’s health and concussion. This should have been at the forefront from minute one. I hope Tim gets well soon with no side effects and gets back racing. Thank you for caring!

    I also hope those injured are getting better as well.

  27. This implication is that we’ve been insensitive with regard to Jordan. Thinking more about his car and a return then his health. We can only know what we are told. Our last view of him is exiting the car and getting into a dust up with Reen. Normally a concussed person is too disoriented to do that which brings me back to media access and accountability.
    I used the word shielded to describe information getting out of the Speedbowl, I was called on it and the person doing it was right. You can’t shield several thousand people from releasing what they saw at the track. I should have said the Speedbowl shields itself from the outside.
    The news report I provided the link to is positive. It shows no Speedbowl representative contributing to the story. My interpretation of it was why if it’s positive would they not provide an on camera Speedbowl representative. Instead the reporter forages for Monahan and a guy in a car. Perhaps the reason the Speedbowl isn’t providing commentary is because they know things like Jordan isn’t OK like Buckler first reported after the crash.
    So here we are. No one knows anything and we depend upon a guy that calls himself Just Me-the Original who is usually right to give us the inside scoop.
    No track outreach or accountability.
    The sport of short track stock car racing at it’s best…………….not!!

  28. At Stafford when a car landed in the seats says

    gee Doug does the racing public expect the speed bowl to comment or report on a drivers personal private medical condition ? your as bad as da real moron…only matt buckler could call someone OK who exited a destroyed race car who sprinted to confront the idiot who was responsible for the mayhem and then had to be restrained. hope jordan and the crew/spectators are OK .. PS .I still recall many years ago at Riverside Park when Ben Dodge himself proclaimed to a pit full or enduro drivers ” auto racing is a dangerous sport and you could be killed”. stop already ..this is getting more heat than the Austin Dillon wreck . fix the fence ,hope all those effected by the event are ok and move on already ..its racing for gods sake not checkers!

  29. After a traumatic accident, a sports injury or a fall, the symptoms of a concussion can be immediate or latent.

    “For some people, the symptoms after a concussion may not become apparent until later in the day,” says Beth Kolar, advanced clinician at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital, part of Main Line Health, who explains that delayed concussion symptoms may present 24 to 48 hours after and injury. “After getting home or even the next day, they may start to develop a headache, or other post concussive symptoms.”

    The symptoms one develops can vary from person to person, and may include headaches, nausea, dizziness, difficulty remembering, fogginess, irritability, difficulty sleeping or trouble balancing. Symptoms can vary so greatly that it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly you might experience and when.

    Anyone ever heard of HIPPA laws? That’s why the Speedbowl can’t and won’t comment on injuries to private parties that occurred at the facility. If they do, they are in violation and open to litigation so don’t expect any reporting of injuries anytime soon.

  30. Would it be possible for someone from the press to reach and see how Tim is doing health wise and ask if he will be competing in the race on the 30th?

    Has the Speedbowl invoked a “gag” order on their competitors that prevents them from speaking with the press unless the release is cleared and approved by the Speedbowl?

    Maybe Tim doesn’t want to comment but how will we know if someone doesn’t ask?

    Shawn, maybe something you can do? Just asking.

  31. Earl, I’ve spoken to Tim multiple times since the accident. That’s all I can really say.

  32. Who cares about those that were injured??????

    You cretins are only concerned about when you’ll see racing at the 🚽.

  33. Earl, have inspected the progress with the repair of the fencing?

  34. How dare you compare me to some other person you consider a moron. I like to think I’m my own special kind of moron and unique.
    I got off easy. That last post of mine was a drunk post. Basking in the glow of a gathering where the Pat’s pulled off a much needed and impressive win. No need to play down the thumping by saying it was the Jets our new reality post Brady is we enjoy the victories we get.
    Earl gets the nod for the best response with an intelligent, thoughtful reply addressing the basic issue. Essentially calling me a moron without using the word moron. One correction though it’s HIPAA not HIPPA.
    If I’m clear headed I’m agreeing completely that it is not any track managements responsibility to comment on anyone’s health where people are injured. My question for our resident HIPAA expert is can you say everyone will be fine even if you have no idea that they are?

    Speedbowl management on Facebook
    “We’re happy to report everyone involved in tonight’s incident will be okay.
    Thanks to the Cohanzie Fire Department and EMTs for their help.
    We will release relevant details about any scheduling plans as soon as theyre made available.
    Goodnight from the Speedbowl”

    To the person with the long screen ID not as skilled at word craft as Earl I have one word for you……..normalcy. I’m not going to tell you what that is I’ll show you.

    And show and tell number two:

    See that’s the way it should work. Track management accessible to the media to help report on events and detailed reports from independent sources not hand cuffed by preconditions or reporting outside the gates of fortress Speedbowl.
    Using the words of the great Ronald Reagan with regard to the current Speedbowl media policy.
    Mr.Marfeo, tear down this wall!!!

  35. Earl, The Forum Idiot, wrote,

    “Would it be possible for someone from the press to reach and see how Tim is doing health wise and ask if he will be competing in the race on the 30th?

    Has the Speedbowl invoked a “gag” order on their competitors that prevents them from speaking with the press unless the release is cleared and approved by the Speedbowl?

    Maybe Tim doesn’t want to comment but how will we know if someone doesn’t ask?

    Shawn, maybe something you can do? Just asking.”

    Earl, it has been posted numerous times that the 🚽 has invoked iron-fisted control over the information that gets released. Numerous times. And you still don’t get it. You still don’t get it. You still don’t get it. 🃏

    What does the 🚽 have to hide?

  36. Henry Lecomte says

    This is Racing open wheel Racing at that it’s Some of the Best in New England. Accidents happen I would hope it was not intentional.I do believe both Jordan and Reen should be parked. Why because if the fence wasn’t damaged Jordan would be done And Reen would be sent to the rear. However I’m ok if they let both return however both Drivers to the rear and both Warned to mind their p,s &q,s. With that said LETS GET READY TO RUMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEDD

  37. “My question for our resident HIPAA expert is can you say everyone will be fine even if you have no idea that they are?”.

    Doug, great question. I am not the resident HIPAA expert. All I can say in layman’s terms is HIPAA is about sharing of private patient medical information and who the patient will allow it to be shared with.

    I can only tell you that from past experience speaking in generalities not specifics is the best approach. Saying everyone will be OK may have been premature unless the track was in direct contact with those injured.

    After a wreck in NASCAR cup, you notice it is usually reported the drivers are out of their cars and heading to the infield care center. The pit reporter will then usually greet the drivers when exiting the care center and ask the question if they are OK? What the driver discloses is up to them however, it is coming directly from them.

    If a driver has to be transported from the track, the track will usually report the driver is being transported to a local medical facility for further evaluation and as details become available they will be passed on. Whether those details are reported to the general public or not is up to the driver and they would need to give their permission.

    In defense of the Speedbowl or any other race track, with the many ambulance chasing attorneys that are out there, IMHO it is better to play their cards close to the chest and be very careful what is disclosed. I am certain they are doing exactly what their attorneys are advising them to do.

    As much as we want to know more obviously it ain’t happening.

    Thanks Shawn for you response.

    Doug, don’t worry about the little ankle biter with the long screen ID. Just ignore it like I do and it will go away.

  38. REEN, ran Jordon up the track and right into the wall, check SID’s view out and if you were there you saw it for yourself, He’s a total nut case in a race car (the spotter didn’t do his job also) and should not be allowed back in the track period. As far as Jordon both cars crashed out and would not have been able to make repairs so they are out period. No need to bash the track they have been improving (new catch fence that worked) and have plans to continue the make improvements, it is the best place to race..

  39. Smith,

    You say: “both cars crashed out and would not have been able to make repairs.”
    Isn’t that a subjective assessment of the situation? In a normal SK Modified event at the Speedbowl any car involved in a wreck is allowed to to work on their car to attempt to make a return to action before the race is over. Who deems a car to be “crashed out”? I’ve never heard of that on this level. Did some official say on that night that those two cars were officially “out” of the event going forward?
    Every other competitor running in that event now has been afforded a two-week window to make any repairs or adjustments they want before returning to action. So let’s say a guy running in 10th place at the time of the red flag had a part broken in his right front suspension. He can now fix that issue under no threat of penalty. So why would these two cars which were the cause of the red flag and suspension of the event be treated any different than any other competitor. If the guy running in 10th place can make repairs to his car and return to action then why can’t the people involved in the crash.
    It’s probably all a moot point at this juncture, but I don’t think there’s any way within the scope of the current rules that you can say some competitors can make repairs to their car before the resumption of the event and some competitors cannot.

  40. No worries… the honor system has been invoked. This is just like an impound race, or impound interruption. The teams were all told to not touch the cars in any way, just bring them back to finish the race just like they left the track. They all agreed. It’s all good.

  41. I was there today, the fence is completely repaired, and the infield is dry…

  42. Looks like this was postponed to 11/6. Right call weather looks bad.

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