RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Are Your Thoughts On The 2022 Whelen Modified Tour Schedule

Wednesday NASCAR announced the 2022 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour schedule. The schedule listed 16 events, which includes three events still to be announced. Today’s Daily Poll question asks what your opinion is on the schedule? Vote below.


  1. curious how the car owners and drivers would answer this poll….

  2. I see Lutz will drive for Danny Watts on the WMT next season. Great news.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Can’t wait for Thompson and Stafford schedules!

  4. I’m thinking the NWMT consists of JBon, Emerling, Silk and Fifield in ’22.

    Over the decades, I missed one or two races per season. In ’22 it looks like I will only go to one or two races. I am not traveling all over to see these races. The NWMT has turned into a skidpad series, with a larger portion of races being itty-bitty tracks. I want speedways like NHMS and Thompson, where horsepower matters. Ain’t much of that left, and I ain’t traveling further than I would to Thompson or Stafford to see it.

    There was excitement to go to Bristol and NHMS. NHMS is back, but there is nothing else like that on the schedule. New Smyrna, Langley, Richmond and Martinsville are long haul versions of Thompson and Stafford. They do nothing for the NWMT other than increase costs and time away from home for largely volunteer crew. This is pure stupid. And the NWMT cars are far too much car and expense to be turned into a bullring series.

    For decades owners have been saying there is too much travel and not enough one-day shows, so NASCAR goes and does this. It just goes to show that NASCAR is being squeezed, and they are getting more and more desperate to find tracks to run at. Instead of playing nice, NASCAR wants to flex its flaccid muscles. 💪 Good luck.

  5. Phil A posted, “curious how the car owners and drivers would answer this poll….”

    Owners hate it more than ever. Owners have been screaming for one-day shows and less travel. This schedule has far more travel. It’s expensive to transportation and provide lodging for a crew.

  6. wmass01013 says

    I Asked Ken Massa this on Facebook.
    Ken Massa, So as A WMT car owner, do you mind the travel to these races?
    Great Question Since I started on the tour in 2010 the most tracks I’ve been to in a year has been 9 this year it will be at least 13. It’s a touring series I love racing at different tracks and yes there is no doubt some of the travel is difficult. I will give you a great example, this year before and during the ride to Lancaster I was saying to myself what are we doing but by the end of the night I was saying wow what a nice facility and great racing. To be honest that is what happens at most of the tracks we travel to but in the end I love what I do so it makes it easier

  7. This schedule is so stupid… it’s like the NBA playing 90% of the games in New Zealand.

  8. wmass01013 says

    Yur wrong again DADUMB!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wmASS01013, Massa clearly spends whatever it takes, no worries.

    Try asking all owners that finished in the top 15 how they feel about increased travel.

  10. Wmass with all do respect I think you should ask a team owner with a little less financing , which would be any of the other teams

  11. wmass01013 says

    Again DADUMBASS where do you want them to race? streets of Hartford? from Enfield to New Haven down 91? Open up Riverside Park or Islip again? Its called the WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR, Danny Watts just announced Craig Lutz with drive ALLL 16 races, so does he mind??? You never complained about BRISTOL, now your all of a sudden a spokesman for WMT OWNERS!!!

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