RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Driver Not Entered In The Spring Sizzler Would You Most Like To See In The Lineup?

Which of the drivers listed who are not currently entered into the 50th NAPA Spring Sizzler would you most like to see in the lineup? Vote below.


  1. All of them. The more great drivers the better!

  2. Viva Race Fan says

    Kyle Larson . Kid would be a beast in a Modified.

  3. Wait; but isn’t Bonsignore a three time and defending WMT champion?

  4. Write in- Ryan Newman

  5. The way too early first look at the Sizzler favorites. One to five stars providing my take on the chances of getting the win.

    02-if Blewett’s in the 7ny it’s a different story but in the 02 it’s hard to see any way he gets into the top 5. No stars.

    3 (Preece)- A few terrific runs with Swanson in the 3 last year but on the whole a disappointing year for Ole Blue. It’s a new season with Preece who qualified on the outside pole at New Smyrna and looked to contend until the dust up. Car is fast Preece has won everywhere at some point but consistency is still a question mark. **

    9CT (Dowling)-2 wins, 4 top 5’s in 6 TTOMS races. 3rd and 25th at Thompson. Two wins, a 6th and 26th at Stafford. Of note also won the TTOMS pandemic year TTOMS finale at Stafford in 2020. Great equipment, knows Stafford, recent wins at Stafford and is focused on Stafford. *****

    7ny (Christopher)-No TTOMS races. 9th, 7th and 16th at Thompson in 2021. A win, 8th and 2nd in three events at Stafford. 3rd in the New Smyrna NWMT race with Christopher driving followed by 2nd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and 2nd in the weekday opens with Blewett. Christopher knows Stafford obviously and knows what it’s like to win a Stafford open in the 7ny. Excepting Hirschman the 7ny was consistently terrific in 6 events in Florida and has to be a top favorite to win the Sizzler. ****

    10 (Coby)- 2 TTOMS races both at Seekonk with no wins nor top 5’s. 6th in the Thompson 300 his only race there. No Stafford opens in 2021. At the NWMT races in 2021 at Stafford finished 12th, 4th and 2nd. Elite status is in the rear view mirror and Moran is gone so a win here would be a surprise. **

    16 (Silk) -no wins, 4 top 5’s in six TTOMS races in 2021. 1st and 3rd in two at Thompson. Only Stafford race for the 16 was in the September 2020 open where they went from 17th to 6th that was impressive for a new team at the time. 7th in the NWMT 2022 opener followed by 4th, 1st, 16th, 5th and 8th in the weekday opens. Nice win at Thompson last year and a sprint at New Smyrna this year but wins few and far between. Usually gets good finishes but with little Stafford experience and Moran still new to the operation a win probably not happening ***

    25 (Swanson) With Williams driving no wins but 3 top 5’s in 6 TTOMS races in 2022. Car dominant at Thompson at times with two wins, 4 top 5’s in 5 races again with Williams. 5,12,4, and 22 in Stafford opens with Cipriano driving. Cassella’s car has a rich history of winning but the car that could dominate at Thompson and win a TTOMS championship in years past has yet to figure out Stafford. **

    44(Santos)- Got a win early in 2021 in the NHMS open with a limited field of cars. 3rd at a Thompson Open and 4th at one at Stafford. The Tinio car is a good car, Santos a pretty fair driver and a top 5 probable. A win not so much. **

    50 (Williams)- 7th,3rd.3rd and 12th last year at Stafford opens. 9th, 8th and 10th in the three NWMT races at Stafford in 2021. 12th this year in the NWMT opener. 6, 6,35,3,14 in New Smyrna open races. Stafford open wins in 2019 and 2020 for Williams and the 50 but no brass ring recently. Might be a tired chassis but whatever it is tends to fade at go time. **

    58 (Goodale)- 18th, 6th and 13th in three races at Thompson. 6th, 7th, 12th and 10th at Stafford opens. In 2021 a 2nd, 9th and 9th in the three Stafford NWMT races. An impressive second at New Smyrna then passed on the open races. Knows Stafford very well and has a NWMT win there as well as an open win a while back. Nothing to indicate the 58 is a favorite but the New Smyrna finish makes you wonder if something is better this year. **

    57 (Rocco)-No TTOMS participation in 2021. Thompson 2 wins, 5 top 5’s in 5 tries (2nd, 1st, 4th,2nd, 1st). One race at Stafford finishing 9th. Has wins in opens prior to last year so only one event in 2021 is a puzzler. Perhaps the suspension soured him on opens at Stafford but in any event he’ll have his steel head engine humming and will be a threat if not a favorite ***

    60 (Hirshman)- I don’t have to document the wins there are a lot of them right into this year. Only recent Stafford experience was the third in the 2020 TTOMS finale. The red 60 that was consistently a tenth or two off the leader, Hirschman knew it and was happy with the third. Hirschman’s red 60 is the shortie specialist but only a top 5 car in the Sizzler. The Pee Dee 60 dominated New Smyrna and has wins at other longer tracks in NWMT races like Oswego. Red 60 **, Pee Dee 60 ****.

    79 (McKennedy) – 2 top 5’s with one of them being a win in 2 TTOMS races in 2021. No wins, one top 5 in 6 races at Thompson (19th, 6th, 2nd, 6th, 11th). Forth in the NWMT 2022 opener then went home. They have the best equipment and brain power but no experience at Stafford and still working on team chemistry adds up to a good finish but a win unlikely. ***

    88 (Pitkat)-complete unknown. Dunleavy the new owner, Pitkat the driver and Cam McDermott the crew chief. They’ll have great equipment and the driver is a Stafford favorite but it’s just the opening act and glitches may arise. Win or wins likely in 2022 just not in the opener. **

    My score card has Dowling as the favorite at least for now and the 7ny a close second.
    Please jump in if you have a different take on anything.

  6. solsticeson says

    Max McLaughlin ,,,,, he needs a ride in Nascar down south too.

  7. What the hell is wrong with you people?

    How can you possibly prefer Hirschman over Santos?????

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  8. Fast Eddie says

    Dareal, just a reminder, the percentage of incorrect votes is almost always smaller than the correct ones anyways…

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