RaceDayCT Poll: What Should The Penalty Be For Stafford SK Light Mod Driver Nick Anglace?

SK Light Modified driver Nick Anglace offers up twin middle fingers toward the grandstand Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: FloRacing Broadcast image)

Friday Stafford Speedway SK Light Modified driver Nick Anglace was penalized during the division’s feature for over aggressive driving. In response to the penalty Anglace parked his car at the start/finish line, got out and stood on the nerf bars facing the grandstand and offered up twin middle fingers toward the flag stand and announcer’s booth. He then climbed off the car and walked back to the pit area, leaving the track crew to remove his ride.

It was a moment that ended being locally viral within the Northeast short track racing social media circles.

So what do you think Anglace should face for a penalty? Vote below.


  1. Turn One Fan says

    Walking on the racetrack as cars were moving under caution should also be considered as part of the penalty. The track needs to deal with this firmly, otherwise others will follow suit and it will start to look like the WWF. You can argue the penalty both ways but you have to have order at a racetrack.

  2. Just a fan says

    I wonder if he knows Chris Jones because they live in the same neck of the woods he did kind of the exact same thing about 10 years ago he got escorted off the property but it was the fall final i think so no suspension .

  3. Don’t think he will back anyway , I think maybe you let him try again next year if he wants not any sooner , a complete fool

  4. Don’t agree with the middle fingers and leaving car on track but can see how his frustrations finally came out everytime he has a fast car track finds a way to send him to the back also last year I believe he was plastered into the front stretch wall by someone and they were not penalized. The 87 car deal well let’s see 7 car went 3 wide twice in this race in the SK’s this move is done every Friday night on numerous occasions so why was he being sent to the rear?? Why isn’t everyone who pulls that move sent to the rear maybe if track more consistent with their calls racers maybe won’t get so upset let’s also not forget though I believe didn’t the 87 used to drive the pace car?? So I could be why he was being penalized I think 87 should have been put to rest for speeding under caution to go hit the 10 car in his displeasure but to me it’s over it’s done sit him down couple weeks off cool down I think he will apologize for what happened but that’s racing a lot of money in these cars people get angry.

  5. Does anyone remember how long Thompson suspended Joe Coates for mooning the tower? Shawn maybe?

  6. Ricky,
    I remember the action vividly but don’t recall the punishment.

  7. Could be wrong but isn’t the race director on the infield? At least direct your displeasure to the source, not the flag waver, the announcers, or even worse the crowd with kids amongst them….just saying.

  8. if bidens son drove an sk lite says

    another self entitled punk who thinks he`s cool. don’t bring your stuff back ! plenty of cars for next week . go to the speed bowl ..drive the same way and the officials will be the least of your problems. perhaps you and glenn reen can sit around the campfire on friday night and talk about what could have been LOL moron !!!

  9. James Scott says

    Just A Fan I remember Chris Jones antics all to well. I would sit Nick down the rest of the year. Try again next year. I know he has had A rough go of it but use A little class to get your point across.

  10. MazdaJ,
    The race director is in the control booth at the top of the grandstands.

  11. The camera sure didn’t show a violation as far as I could see Anglace looked to be holding his line low quite nicely. Then again the camera doesn’t have the best view all the time. For those that are implying there is some kind of favoritism with one of the best hired guns calling the shots I say balderdash. The notion one of the Arute’s call the tower and says lets give Joey a break here because he’s one of our favorites is……………well it’s balderdash plain and simple.
    What is in the realm of possibility is a catch up call like in basketball. Fuller had a beef and the replays show it pretty clearly Anglace gave her no room high. Screw the spotters nonsense she’d been racing him high for a couple laps, he should have known she was there, came out of 4 like he owned the whole track and drove here into the wall.
    Stafford is always so buttoned up with their rules like drivers having to keep their fire suits in place in victory lane and no burnouts or donuts they really try to keep the antics to a minimum and look professional. Seems to me seeing this sort of stuff with the obscene gestures as trashy as it is, is good for the show. Unexpected emotion, out of control viewed not just by the fan but to all of us at home. That said there has to be consequences.
    Hey how about this. No suspension, no money penalty to charity IF; if Anglace apologizes to the fans and track on that big ass screen and it’s shown on FloRacing for all the viewers at home. Otherwise he’s done for the year.

  12. He’s a complete hot head and it runs in the family sit him down all year

  13. Unbiased says

    Seems like an issue of maturity and again maybe it’s time to give these drivers spotters. Even if it’s only a one way deal,seems a lot of emotion and inexperience could be controlled by a good spotter. Either way Stafford doesn’t seem to play favorites, Ryan Fern last year being a good example he hasn’t been back and his family race teams have been huge supporters of the track and how it’s run.

  14. Make him run Waterford for a 3 year sentence.

  15. This stuff happens all the time – drivers get upset- so many drivers have been suspended for life and are back racing the next year, drivers have stated they will not return and are back the next week- so many drivers have left their cars on the track or have not let the wrecker pick them up with the hook, punches and helmets thrown on the track or in victory lane.,. It will happen again- I have seen drivers run up the stands to get to the guy making the call… this stuff is what competitors do

  16. I actually like Doug’s idea of disciplinary action; hold him accountable by apologizing to all via video and he can explain what he’s learned in the process.. and if he’s not up for that, lock him out.

  17. wmass01013 says

    Did you guys NOT SEE the Chastian/Hamlin/Elliot issues from St. Louis?
    Chastian gave the pit road i am so sorry, i am the worst driver ever, i owe an apology to the whole field BS, and he will not Change a thing,This week he is saying i need to drive my style of race! Whether or Not Anglace was given a raw deal and yes Officials make mistakes in all Sports but you dont see players Standing at Mid court, Center Ice, or 50 yr line FLIPPING off OFFICIALS, he was sent to the rear AT LAP 10, he had 10 laps to come back and if you feel wronged, talk to TOM FOX about it and move on. Woody had another bad pit stop and came out 17th and won the OPEN race, we dont need another FAKE i’m sorry, i won’t do again plea.

  18. Stuart A Fearn says

    Nick is going to have to attend the Chris Jones school of anger management prior to returning that’s for sure.

  19. This is supposed to be a family sport. His antics directed towards the grandstands goes way beyond just being upset.. Stafford needs to set a precedent here to make sure this does not happen again. A month suspension to let him cool off would be appropriate.

  20. Hillary 2024 says

    Darealdumbfella probably doesn’t even know that Anglace started his modified career at Waterford.

  21. if you intentionally leave a undamaged car on the track,, then the car should be sold to highest bidder..

  22. I love the way people come here running there mouths about self entitled kid really family isn’t rich by no means like some “entitled” kids at track his father busts his ass building that car himself not “buying” a ride. The only moron is the ones posting who have never raced or owned a Racecar and have a ton of money invested you sit in the bleachers or in your old nasty couch like you know everything. You morons also forget last year I believe that 10 car got destroyed on the front stretch by an “entitled” kid no one on here saying anything about that crash but again Poor Fuller running the outside you take a chance if someone getting loose it’s called racing seen every weekend on tv and local tracks. Yes the whole finger deal is not condoned but it’s just funny how when the 10 car gets taken out NO ONE in here saying a word but when someone crashes around him it’s bash the crap out of him you people are just as bad as the officials. Been around racing over 45 years seen it all an apology and maybe week or two to calm down take it from there. The 87 should be talked to as well for flying down under caution to hit the 10 in displeasure just my opinion will watch on Flo again next week

  23. Grumpa19 says

    Maybe he is a woke driver and decided to come out and declare himself #II!
    Park him until he issues a public apology.

  24. Modfan,
    You said that Ferrigno in the 87 was: “speeding under caution to go hit the 10 car”. And a couple other people have mentioned Ferrigno hitting Anglace under caution. Let’s make it clear and keep this to facts, Ferrigno never hit Anglace under caution.

  25. An old nasty couch indeed. It’s a recliner or as I like to refer to it the fart sponge.
    Am I a culprit in the moron laced exercise of first amendment rights? If that’s the case I have a question. Does using the word moron help make ones case. Moreover does using the word moron numerous times and associating it with decades of personal experience make it more so. I’d think it would be the opposite. Not unlike the Anglace tantrum.
    If any of that sharply pointed criticism was directed at old Doug let me suggest you don’t want to include the absence of on track experience in the critique. No there will be no return fire of mindless insults but you may get a racing memory. Let me assure you that’s not what anyone wants to see.
    The topic of parenthood has been raised and now is fair game. How many parents out there think their offspring could be capable of such a trashy display no matter how wronged they may feel? Maybe if young Nick had been raised to show more discipline he wouldn’t be flashing the international symbol of recognition to stands full of men, women and children. Assuming they all knew who he was directing it at which you can bet not everyone did.
    Lets see, children of means provided race cars making bad decisions vs children of working parents scraping by to share the same track. Does one consistently show more respect for the sport then the other. Hmmm, let me think. Nope, I see really bad decisions in each wealth class which makes me think lax parenting is universal.
    Zoom zoom!

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