Todd Owen Declared SK Modified Winner At New London-Waterford Speedbowl After Disqualification 

Todd Owen (Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Todd Owen’s chase for a second consecutive SK Modified championship at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl gained some dramatic momentum away from the track this week. 

Owen finished second to Eric Berndt in Saturday’s 35-lap feature for the division. 

On Tuesday Speedbowl management announced that Berndt was being disqualified from the win due to an issue with his tires found in post race tech inspection. 

It took away Berndt’s division leading sixth victory of the season and gave Owen his now division leading sixth win of 2022 at the shoreline oval. 

Berndt was dropped to a 16th place finish in the final running order but was not awarded points for the race. 

Anthony Flannery of East Hampton was moved to second in the final running order and Stephen Kopcik of Newtown was moved to third. 

The penalty also dramatically shook up the SK Modified standings at the Speedbowl with two events remaining. Before the penalty Berndt was second in the SK Modified division standings, 12 points behind Owen. Following the penalty Berndt fell to fourth in the standings, 47 points behind Owen. Flannery now sits second in the SK Modified standings at the Speedbowl, 34 points behind Owen. Andrew Molleur is third in the standings, 40 points off the lead.

Owen is looking to go back-to-back seasons capturing SK Modified championships at both the Speedbowl and Stafford Speedway. He holds a 106-point lead over Marcello Rufrano in the SK Modified division standings at Stafford with three events remaining and could clinch the 2022 Friday at Stafford.


  1. Wow! Track must have had some rock solid evidence to do this.


    without specifics it leaves open so much rumor. are we talking soak/chemical treatment OR was it a tire not listed /shown as part of his inventory . does anyone feel the tire rationing effects safety and or can be advantageous to specific teams who are more conservative on a weekly basis? no finger pointing but I am sure everyone remembers the tire debacle with Thompson involving Owen who I believe was exonerated??.

  3. This sounds like a bear of a problem.

  4. I guess i am showing my age.. they call these cars “modified” so lets get back to the days when you can actually modify them…. rules should directly (not loosely) support safety only….

  5. High steaks 🥩 says

    Something sounds a little fishy about this especially given that vague nature of the violation referenced in the article.
    Im sure if there was more direct information provided that Shawn would have published it.
    If my intuition proves correct Berndt should ditch the Toilet Bowl.

  6. High Steaks,
    Still working on putting together something to be published with more info. What I can say is that the information I’ve garnered at this point indicates that Berndt’s team was found with a tire after the race which had been manipulated illegally. What I’ve been told is that the tire was found to have had an exterior identifying bar code glued to it that had come from another tire. More to come, maybe.

  7. Good post race tech …? More cars get caught cheating at the Bowl than any other CT track

  8. Sounds like a gummy bear of a problem now…

  9. Monkey Wrench says

    I guess Owen and Flannery got what they wanted,1 and 2 in points.With a lot of help from track.Congrats.Same thing happens at Stafford.

  10. 🍃 High Steaks 🥩 says

    I heard there was supposed to be a “meeting” this week where both sides would present their evidence. Not sure if this took place or not?
    I assume nothing new to report or we probably would have heard…

  11. High Steaks,
    It’s my understanding that a meeting took place Thursday and nothing was resolved and the meeting didn’t go very well. Track management doesn’t want to speak on the matter and Eric Berndt doesn’t want to speak on the matter. So that’s where it’s at unfortunately.

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