RaceDayCT Poll: What Did You Think Of Ross Chastain’s Last Lap Move At Martinsville?

On the final lap of Sunday’s Cup Series Championship 4 Cutoff race at Martinsville Speedway, Ross Chastain used an unfathomable high speed wall ride through the final two corners to pass Denny Hamlin at the line to secure the final spot in the Championship 4.

Immediately after the move multiple other Cup Series drivers said NASCAR needs to find a way to police something like that happening again. What’s your take on what happen? Vote below.


  1. LOL I do not consider the current NACRAP method of determining a champion as a good one so him bumping Hamlin out does not matter to me. The old method of determining a champion had some minor flaws but most other race associations use the season long accumulation of points to determine a true champion.

    It will encourage all the front runners to run high the last lap and avoid being passed using a bumper car style of driving. Just another way to make NASCAR boring. YAWN.

    It would be great if all the playoff drivers fail to finish or finish poorly. It could happen with all the one source kit cars. LOL

  2. Pete,

    I’ve been covering sports as a journalist professionally now for 30 years and in that time I know of no other segment of sports where so many people say they hate or dislike or have stopped enjoying a sport but still remain connected to it as I’ve seen forever with NASCAR. It’s amazing how many people claim to dislike everything about what the sport has become but still remain keenly aware of everything that’s happening.
    I was a huge baseball fan as a kid, but by the time I was an adult I had lost my enjoyment of the sport and basically stopped watching it. I’ll still watch it every now and again, but I don’t claim to watch it enough to really be up on all that is going on. But it’s always been wild to me how many people claim to hate NASCAR but still pay attention enough usually to know all the insider stuff going on. Pete, you seem to kind of fit that characterization.

  3. Fast Eddie says

    I’m really divided on this one. On one side it was a crazy idea to get in the final 4 that no one ever thought of or tried before. On the other side if a car blew a tire and hit the wall or if a car spun or bumped into the marbles while he was making that move it could have been disasterous. It looked like he was moving twice as fast as anyone else; he would never have been able to avoid literally going through another slowing car. It wouldn’t surprise me if next year there is a rule to prevent what Chastain did.

  4. Fast Eddie,
    Nevermind next year, I think there will be a rule – or at least a stern message expressed to drivers – before Sunday at Phoenix.

  5. Stuart A Fearn says

    Shawn is right, so funny when people say “i hate NASCAR and don’t watch since Dale died” then tell you they are so glad Hamlin got “Chastained”! Obviously still engaged one way or another.
    When someone tells me that I just say they must go local racing since that is still old school! Most say yes!
    Anyways, I think that Chastain executed a most unlikely genius move. Hamlin was 100% sour grapes after and said it was easy when it’s your last chance and nothing to lose. If it was so easy he should have done it and he would not be on the outside looking in at Phoenix. This is why so many people look down on Hamlin.
    Accept it, YOU GOT CHASTAINED!

  6. Stuart A Fearn says

    how dumb would NASCAR look if they make a rule outlawing a spectacular move that everyone is talking about but ignoring the Gibbs obvious dumping from Saturday that most say is a complete BS move and turns people off?
    Not an easy business

  7. Stuart,
    One hundred percent agree and I offered a very similar sentiment on Twitter last night. You just wonder what will NASCAR pick and choose to police at this point? Saturday they allowed a guy to apparently intentionally wreck another driver to win an Xfinity Series race. So now on the last lap at Phoenix next week – whether it’s the Truck Series, Xfinity Series or Cup Series – how do you penalize anyone for wrecking the leader on the last lap?

  8. It was a Hail Mary… and IT WORKED!!!!!!

    What is amazing is that his last lap time was about 2 seconds faster than the next fastest car. ALMOST 2 SECONDS, and he did the crazy wall riding for only half a lap!!!!!

  9. I commented in the wrong place. Silly me again.
    Its not illegal if they don’t say you cant do it.
    I expect nascar is going to say you cant do it by next week.
    Lets not forget, chastain was damn lucky it worked. I give him credit for big kahunas to try it. But at the same time it could have went horribly wrong. It that car gets twisted up and careens off the wall across the field at full tilt towards checkers, well, that could have had an entirely different outcome for sure. I record these every week, and watch later. I happened to choose to watch this race live yesterday as i had racing buddies over. Cant say any of us have ever seen this before at this level.
    All the talk will be about this, but what about the 20 team all the way through the rounds of playoffs. ! A great story as well, that will probably overshadowed when this race is talked about in the future. I get it, cup has lost its lustre, but I have always continued to watch, for moments similar to these.
    Hope Reddick ok, that was odd.
    Fords have issues with the additional air dams up front to prevent fires? Couple of left hand rubber fires yesterday on fords. Lots of stuff if you peel back layers…..

  10. Why does there need to be a rule to prevent the Chastain Move?

    Look at what Gibbs did in the Xfinity race, and that crap needs to be stopped, and should have been stopped years ago.

  11. No question about it dareal, Ross Chastain becomes the TAIL that wags THE DOG
    And who of the four drivers remaining will become the True Champion?
    Well we’ll have to wait and see, but you can be sure it will be a real barn burner

  12. Hoker Trucking says

    Chastain pulled off a perfect storm of a move. There are a limited number of tracks and situations where such a move could work.

  13. Dareal;
    I agree with you on ty gibbs move. And loganos move on truex years past, and the countless others.
    There is an art of moving guys out of the way, and blatant hits-by some, with catastrophic results. At least in those instances, the guys moved may be able to save the car. And, most times, guys know its coming. And yes, doesn’t make it right, but we have seen it time and time again, and the field behind those moves can take evasive action. I get your point, doesn’t make it right.
    But what I feel chastain did, exciting as it was, was wreckless at best. He was along for the ride intentionally, putting a huge part of the field at risk, and not one guy, if it goes wrong. The field has never seen anything like tgat either, full throttle to the finish line.
    I totally respect your opinion, but im not yet convinced at this point, that what chastain did, (but i may be proven wrong on that) and what ty did are one in the same. But i wasnt crazy that nascar let ty’s move stand either. It was blatant. I can hear all the “well Thats racing” now.
    But all good. Been a while since we have had a good “rhubarb” on this comment section regarding cup! And if nascar does decide to do something, what could it be? What message is sent? Ok racers, dont go all out for your owners and sponsors…
    Could end up being real pandoras box…..

  14. That was the wildest thing I’ve ever seen and man did that take nuts to execute… but yea, this could have turned tragic in multiple ways, say if the car rode the wall through the fence or just rear ended another car at such increased speed. Just an inherently dangerous and high risk move I hope isn’t repeated – for safety reasons.

    Did Denny get robbed? Pretty much and I almost feel bad for him, but he stayed true to character and didn’t hesitate to throw his pit crew under the bus for lost positions!

    Had to laugh at Larson’s remark regarding the already epic move “it’s not a good look for NASCAR”.. really Kyle? That’s hilarious, lessons in racing etiquette by Kyle Larson!! Was it not a good look because you didn’t pull it off?

    That Gibbs thing, just pathetic and extremely disappointed there was no penalty or automatic last place DQ…

  15. What Ross did is entirely within the current rules, or at least there ain’t a rule against it yet. I consider what he did as a last ditch effort. Now,look at what Gibbs did. He intentionally wrecked Jones, and Gibbs hood being buckled says it was nothing but blatent. Gibbs should get suspended for a move that could have ended a drivers career.

  16. Bobf, good discourse here. I hear you about the Chastain thing, but I can’t buy into the “what might have happened…” position. “Stuff” happens all the time. Cars going down a straight touch and set off pileups. “Stuff” happens all the time at speed. Superspeedways are infamous for “The Big One”, short tracks for the tight space and inevitable tangling. 💩 happens all the time already. Drivers find ways to wad themselves up all the time.

    I’m pretty sure Chastain would not have driven through a car that was up high. And let’s be practical here… nobody normally runs that high, especially on the last lap. He had the lane to himself. Everyone else was down low, trying to shove someone else out of the way.

    I’m good with what Chastain did. I can’t get all wrapped up about what might have happened. If we are going to worry about all that might happen, racing as we know it today, with all the inherent risks we don’t even think about, would have been banned long ago.

    It will be absolutely bizarre for NASCAR to announce a new rule or ban of what Chastain did.

    Ty Gibbs is going to do far more harm and damage to other cars every race with his normal mode of driving.

  17. Suitcase Jake says

    As a former Driver … IT WAS GENIUS !!!!! i know at Darlington its faster up against that wall… But on a track where everyone knows the bottom is where you want to be …. I used to Joke if i mount a roller skate on my outside door or nerf bar i could beat them all at Seekonk or Thompson …. But I was joking at the time … To see what Ross did was eye opening and mouth dropping for all of US… Especially drivers who know what usually happens when you meet the WHITE MONSTER it usually hurts and slows you down… I guess once He PLANTED the Throttle to the floor and had it nice and tight to the wall he actually let the steering wheel GO and it found its least path of resistance and followed the Wall true as could be … I still can’t believe what we all saw… He was faster than any car on the Track by FAR.. !!!! Ross is just an AMAZING THINKER behind the Wheel !!!! I am sure NO FUN NASCAR will outlaw it.. They always outlaw the FREE THINKERS like SMOKEY and the Kulwickis … I LOVED THE MOVE !!!! The things you HATE really do keep your ATTENTION…. Think about that for a minute….. Shawn and Stu and others really nailed it !!!!! oh by the way Panama City Beach is 80 degrees today and the Ten day looks just Sunny and nice… Now retired and traveling until MAY and then back turning wrenches on the race circuits…. OH yeah … SEEKONK has really put some STARS on the MAP this year !!!! Jake Johnson … Ryan Kuhn…. Derek Gluchaki … Rowdy Burns …all graduates of Seekonk … Vinny ‘Who” Seekonk Wall of Fame member Vinny Annarummo once told me …. Kid don’t expect to get any good results and Wins in your first six years… The guys you are racing with have 30 or more years of experience doing this than you or your Crew…. But if you do learn to Race up Front at Seekonk and if your Lucky enough to Win here….. Kid you can WIN anywhere …. True Facts from a Man that knew what He was saying… Walked His Talk … Multi time Champ.. and even bested Richie Evans in a Modified at Seekonk…. Thus getting His Nickname when Evans asked Who was driving that other car ? Vinnie Annarummo …. Vinny WHO ?? and the rest is History…….. it STUCK……

  18. Lot of great thoughts here.
    And really nice to have this “cup” participation.
    One thing for sure, it was as entertaining as hell.
    And if Nascar decides it does need a rule on this, I cant imagine what it might be, and if the sponsors and car owners would agree.
    I think most of us would agree on this point though. Made for great tv! That sells stuff….

  19. After watching the last lap at Martinsville, we all got a lesson on what the term “balls to the wall” means…….

  20. Shawn, There isn’t much of anything else racing wise to watch. I use my DVR and it takes less than an hour to watch the races. I watch no commercials and do not listen to the announcers but I watch and listen to the interviews sometimes. The only way to watch NASCAR in my opinion.


  21. Two of the luckiest people over the weekend. Mac Jones having his pick 6 erased after getting flattened on a roughing the passer call. Ty Gibbs as well going from the poster boy for entitle poor sport to an afterthought after Chastain’s wild ride.
    Self admittedly a cherry picker with regard to CUP events I know I have to bring something to the table to earn a space here so lets give this a whirl.
    Already posted a link showing two videos that more accurately depict what happened. The in car showing the violence and a fans video from afar that is mind blowing seeing it from a whole track perspective.

    Lap speed comparison.
    Lason’s pole winning lap 19.709
    Logano’s 2014 track record 18.898
    Fastest in race lap-Larson Lap 7 -20.508
    Chastain’s last lap 18.845
    Centrifugal force-est. 5G’s

    Video of Larson trying the move in the 2021 Southern 500 at Darlington on the last corner is available on Youtube. He called it embarrassing but it looked to me like it would have worked were it not for Hamlin running high although not on the wall. Just the wrong track for the move since the preferred line is at the wall.

    -Media value-not unlike the Yarborough/Parson’s brawl in 1979 on network TV. Completely unexpected, replayed everywhere and discussed endlessly everywhere with almost no blowback. Admired more the collective view.
    -Phoenix-ban it in the short term or not for the finale?
    -Who pays for the damage?
    -Chastain didn’t factor in the gate that held up fine but what if…………

    Joey Logano “”I mean, it was awesome, it was cool. It happened for the first time. There’s no rule against it. There needs to be a rule against this one because I don’t know if you want the whole field riding the wall coming to the checkered flag.”
    Sounds about right doesn’t it?
    A swashbuckling, devil-may-care risk taker going with his gut in the moment with complete success who doesn’t love that? But not in the spirit of the sport and odds for a catastrophic event increasing geometrically the more times it’s tried at more tracks. Potential law suits if something goes wrong, complaints from Safer Barrier using it’s product for something it wasn’t designed for, damage to pay for, insurance companies worried about risk it just can’t be part of the long game.
    Prediction-NASCAR takes the public relation win, lets it simmer for a bit before doing what is inevitable. Tell the drivers no, no, no for Phoenix and formalize it over the winter.

  22. I’m just sick of hearing about points starting the 2nd race in, or ” if the race ended now” BS. Every single lap. Give it a rest. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And, they should start the playoffs with 20, and have the championship between 8 drivers, would make the race more exciting.

  23. I just saw some more reporting on this Chastain move.

    He used 5th gear!!!!! That was the only time 5th gear was used at Martinsville.

    That was an incredible move.

  24. I caught that in his interview, he was haulin ass through that whole corner. I tried it on playstation, with last year’s car. I ran 10 3 lap runs to get to full speed. I got it right once out of 10. The in car view was like Ross’s from the race. Of course it’s only a video game, if you wad it up you just hit reset. Takes real balls to intentionally wall your car hoping it all works out
    As for a rule against it, how are they gonna pull that off? Put a yellow line around the outside? Good luck enforcing that. What about those tracks where everyone runs inches off the wall?
    All in all, it was the move of the decade so far. I think Ross has a long career ahead, what will he do next? Maybe win the championship this weekend at Phoenix? That would be cool.

  25. Fact Check says

    Vinnie Annarummo is a great Seekonk legend. However, the famous “Vinny Who” story has turned into a big fish story. In that race that predated the modern modified tour in June of 1983, Annarummo finished 2nd to Evans. The “Vinny Who” part comes from Evans asking who was behind him and pressuring him during a late race caution.

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