RaceDayCT Poll: Your Opinion On The Bubba Wallace Penalty By NASCAR

On Tuesday NASCAR announced a one-race suspension for Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace as a penalty for his incident Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with Kyle Larson.

Today’s poll question asks, what you think of the penalty? Vote below.


  1. Well deserved but to short.

  2. i didnt see it so I have no opinion here but i heard it was bad. Maybe I will seek out the video and take a look at it. But. I wonder if Bubba’s retaliation whether consciously or unconsciously may have had anything to do with Kyle Larsons reason for his year long suspension a few years ago. Happy no one was hurt. Honestly once football season starts Nascar at the highest levels doesnt exist to me anymore.

  3. Should have been a 4 race suspension, this season’s 3 remaining races and the Daytona 500

  4. It was quite clear that Bubba intentionally hooked Larson. Thank God Larson was not hurt. Bubba should be suspended for at least 2 races, and should lose points and pay a hefty fine. This type of behavior has no place on the track.

  5. penalty nowheres fits the crime. intentionally hooks Larson’s right rear and wrecks him along with Christopher bell; gets out of his car, ignores NASCAR officials and starts swinging away at Larson. He s/b gone for the rest of the season AT A MINIMUM. NASCAR set a dangerous precedent on this one. It’s FAR more serious in NASCAR’s mind to hava a loose wheel than what happened at a high speed track in LV.

  6. Im just really disappointed that nascar, in their suspension, made no mention or used this as a reaffirmation of drivers getting out of cars, walking on tracks with cars circling under
    caution. Pissed me off that safety personnel were put in harms way trying to get Mr Wallace to the mandatory ride to the care center. The very people that are their to keep all drivers safe.
    If the punishment is a one race suspension, fine. But make it the first race next year. Because really, what is a one race suspension now? The 45 is out of everything this year. The Rovel took care of any shot at an owners championship.
    And you can say anything you want about sponsorship. Sponsors matter. It’s my opinion that the apology does not come, unless owners and sponsors read him the riot act. I’m hoping all drivers learned something from this, and took notice. Someone really could have got hurt here. And Christopher Bell, who did everything under the sun last week to get to the final 8, gets taken out on the first go round. We can argue till the sun goes down on why that is.
    Yeah yeah, fight in the infield. Well, this aint the old days anymore.
    Its too bad this had to take the headline. If your a Nascar Cup Hater, then you will hate this. The race had great story lines, and was a very good cup race. Terrific finish as well. Sure, rather be at a tri- track, or a modified anything race, I get it. But if you still follow Cup, and I do, this was a good race sans the fireworks. Jmo.

  7. Capt. Mike Qbvious says

    It was less than I thought Bubba should get, and more than I thought NASCAR would actually give him based on precedent. So that averages out to one race being just right.

  8. Larson put him up never touched him all he had to do was lift a touch then go back after Larson the next lap pretty simple

  9. True. Seems Bubba’s lack of experience with running up front may have came into play here. Or he may have felt he could not pass him if he fell behind. He will never tell us nor do I care. He’s a mid to back runner and will likely be there when/if he returns. If I was the team owner I’d be concerned about him wrecking himself and others in an expensive tool that I paid for.

  10. The penalty doesn’t have enough “teeth” to make an impact or curb this type of aggression or behavior. I agree with others it should have been more and add in the 500 next year, that would have been the one that really got the attention this very dangerous retaliation hook should have received… and I don’t even like Larson.. at all..

    I’m very tired of the booth hyping retaliation over time… look at where we are now, it’s just expected. They (announcers) often come off like excited little girls as a retaliatory hit unfolds..

  11. Pete,
    I get that you hate the guy, you’ve made that pretty clear. But your argument goes out the window when you say he’s a “mid to back runner”. You know he’s had seven top-10 finishes in the last 14 Cup Series events and a dominating victory six events ago? I get it if you hate the guy, but at least argue with something close to facts.

  12. Hey Pete, you’ve posted like 8 times about this subject after you said you were done with it. Please.

    Byron, a white guy, was fined 25 pts recently, only to have that overturned. It was a consequential penalty, and nobody wanted to see that. The fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars are meaningless, they will pay these every week. But don’t touch the points. Hmmm… Isn’t that what penalties are supposed to be… consequential?

    Let’s see what happens when a white guy, say Kyle Busch, or other well sponsored and bankrolled driver does similar, let’s see what doesn’t happen.

  13. Can’t wait to see you folks throwing a Trumper tantrum when a penalty like this gets handed out to a white guy.

  14. I know it was a split second decision for Bubba to do what he did, but he ruined the day for himself and 2 other competitors. They all could of got good finishes, if not for that. The penalty and ire of his competitors. and fans should give time to think about what he did and reflect. and reset.

  15. I don’t hate the guy. I don’t think he belongs in the top level of NASCAR yet. He may never be at this level. Look at his record since he got into the top series. How many teams has he been on? I thought this discussion would die. Lots of folks coming late to the discussion. Kind of like Bubba, not on the lead lap. LOL.

  16. JH wrote, “The penalty and ire of his competitors. and fans should give time to think about what he did and reflect. and reset.”

    Nah, that never happened for Kyle Busch and many others, they kept going, wrecking others at will, and laughing about it.

    That said, it looks like Toyota finally had it with Kryle Busch Trumper tantrum wrecking antics and sent him on his way over to RCR.

  17. I think it should have been at least one race per other car wrecked, as in a two race minimum suspension, and probation through the end of next year.

  18. Pete,
    I think you’re just arguing to argue here because you have a dislike for him on some personal level for some reason, who knows what. You say, “How many teams has he been on?” He’s been with two teams at the Cup Series level. Petty Motorsports and 23XI. He left Petty Motorsports on his own because he was hired by 23XI. I’m not sure where the there is that you’re trying to get to, but you’re not getting there. You know Kenny Wallace made 344 Cup Series starts over his career and never had a win? Are you going to say he didn’t belong in the Cup Series? Ken Schraeder made an astounding 763 Cup Series starts and had four wins in his career. Bubba Wallace has made 181 Cup Series starts and has two wins. As I illustrataed before, his stats over the last half of the 2022 season have shown that he’s found his place racing within the top-10 of the Cup Series. I’m not sure where you think he belongs, but I’d be hard pressed to say a guy who has won a race this year and raced regularly in the top-10 doesn’t belong in the series.

  19. Pete wrote, “I don’t hate the guy.”

    🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥 🤥

    There are dozens of other drivers you could latch onto to claim they don’t/didn’t deserve to be in Cup, but you chose Bubba? 😆

  20. As dareal said, this is a very racist penalty by NASCAR.

  21. LOL. Bubba stands out because NASCAR wants him to. They feel the need for minorities. He is on a team owned by a former basketball great and a current NASCAR driver. A well funded team. He still struggles so it isn’t inferior equipment holding him back. Put one of the many other back markers in his ride and they could soar to be a front runner perhaps? None of those other drivers is wrecking and pushing people in front of the fans in the stands and TV viewers. Look up thug in the Webster dictionary. They might have his picture with it now.

    NASCAR needs full fields of cars. The prize money is pretty good so the field tends to be full. Remember the start and park teams? NASCAR outlawed that more or less. Don’t you wonder why NASCAR stopped including the winnings amount in the finishing order? I had some friends that ran about a half dozen NASCAR races per year. I learned a lot from them about how it all works.

  22. darealgoodfella wrote, “Can’t wait to see you folks throwing a Trumper tantrum when a penalty like this gets handed out to a white guy.”

    Silly me. It will be a very cold day in hell before a penalty like that gets handed out to a white guy. A very cold day in hell.

    Hey, remember the days of “HAVE AT IT!!!!!” 😝

  23. If this is the new benchmark, and it was applied this way the last ten seasons or so, Kyle Busch would have been sat out for about 30 races, wait… much more.

  24. Pete,
    I sure do enjoy having a civil debate with people, but when it just turns to spitting out the same inane musings and dogwhistle terms, it becomes pretty clear the message you’re trying to send. I’m done going in circles, have a great day.

  25. Some people don’t remember unless you tell them many times.

  26. Pete wrote, “Some people don’t remember unless you tell them many times.”

    So not true. But what you wrote is straight out of Mein Kampf. No matter how many times you repeat a non-truth, it remains a non-truth.

  27. Edward York says

    this is my thought — Bubba should have been Suspend for the rest of the year, and fined $300,000.00 and points taken away, then go to anger management classes before driving again. in the past other divers have been suspended for a lot less infractions, like a wheel rolling down pit row. this could have ended Kyle Larson career and his own. then Bubba pushes Kyle and doesn’t know if he has been injured from the crash. in closing suspending Bubba for 1 race is a joke…

  28. I can’t wait to see all the white drivers being suspended, docked points, massive fines, etc. for all the times they take out another car(s). The Toyota trucks that dry the tracks are going to be needed to clear away all the tears.

  29. Shawn and dareal trump lover. We get your woke. Enough already.

  30. lmao please name another driver in the last 20 years that have been suspended for less.

    There have been more other drivers do the same exact thing Bubba did and get nothing.

  31. Comical,
    So I’m “woke” because I’ve corrected someone for posting information that’s far from being reality? As I’ve said already here, I think multiple times, I think what Bubba Wallace did Sunday was wrong and I think he deserved a penalty and his suspension is just that. But when you come on here and say he doesn’t deserve a Cup Series ride or is only in the series because of the color of his skin, then I’ll argue the other side, as I would argue the other side of any driver in the series who has the stats and experience to be there. It’s the sad state of this country now, not just with this topic, but with so many. If you don’t hate Bubba Wallace you must be “woke”. If you don’t choose a side that’s 100 percent all-in with the mob then you get labeled. If you say you don’t like Joe Biden you’re a Trump lover. If you say you don’t like Donald Trump you’re a Biden lover. Where’s the middle? Where can you just see things any more on even plane without going all-in for one side or the other?
    An so, by my count “Comical”, you’ve left about 26 comments on this page in the last few years and you’ve used a different name on pretty much all of them. To me, that’s the real “comical” part of your stance that arguing a point about Bubba Wallace makes someone “woke”. You literally don’t have enough courage to put a name on what you say, and you don’t even have the courage to use the same fake name on all your posts. Just another keyboard cowboy, brave enough to call people out just as long as nobody knows who you are. You call me woke, I call you spineless.

  32. When Biden pardons Bubba maybe an executive order or two to fix the issues with the cars themselves since he is helping NASCAR. He fits right in.

  33. To all of you who are pulling the “race” card here. Its not about RACE it’s about RACING , emphasis on the ING part. and why does everycontroversial issue have mention Trump or get into politics somehow? Did Trrump spot for Bubba last week and tell him to slam into Larson? Guess I missed that. Bubba belongs where he is. He’s earned the rigth to be in the seat for 23 XI. What he need is the emotional maturity to be a true champion at the top level of the sport. I hope he gets there with help. He needs that help. Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have done some bone headed things in their careers. Remember Matt Kenseth with Joey Logano at Martinsville? They all paid the price with suspensions too. I do agree with Kyle Petty that the penalty was too light. He should have been set down for at least the rest of the year. That’s not anything against Bubba. it’s about sending a message to all the other drivers that whatr Bubba did is not OK and here’s what will hapopoen if you do that. NASCAR made this penalty too light in my humble opinion. Kevin Harvick’s comments were spot on when he said NASCVAR need to save us from ourselves.

  34. Ed P, you almost said some good things.

    Trump has to be brought up because he constantly says he is exempt, above the law, has executive privilege, etc. He of course is wrong and absurd, and people have to learn and understand that. It applies here because NASCAR sucks at enforcing rules. Some have gotten away with Bubba did, well, many have gotten away with what Bubba did. So why now against Bubba?

    For decades, white guys have been doing what Bubba did with the approval of NASCAR (HAVE AT IT BOYS!!!)))), to turning blind eyes and ears to it. Years ago, Kryle Busch absolutely crushed Kyle Larson in an advertised, deliberate wreck. The announcers were talking about it and were saying here it comes, payback… and KBusch plowed into the rear of Larson, destroyed Larson, and went on like nothing happened. The fines of a couple ten thousand dollars are meaningless to these teams, but looks like a ton of money to the NASCAR fans that have to figure out how they will pay for a ticket and all those beers. That the points penalty on Byron was reversed a couple weeks ago is also proof that NASCAR sucks at parenting. The penalty was deemed consequential, so it was reversed. That’s the damn point behind penalties: THE DAMN CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!

    NASCAR sucks at parenting too.

    Penalties have consequences. If these consequences impact points, you better know that sponsors are going to exert influence. If cars are penalized and that might affect a manufacturers award, they won’t be happy at all.

    That Kryle Busch was not retained by Toyota is speaking volumes, and y’all need to pay attention.

    So now, a precedent has been set by NASCAR for sitting out Bubba. Cool, I’m okay with that. But when the white guys do the same, they better get parked. Or all that happened here was a race card was played against Bubba. You all know that drivers take each other out very frequently. They talk of how much they owe some other driver, and then they act on it. Well, drivers better be getting parked, or all that happened here was a race card was played on Bubba.

    The Republicans are comparing Trump to Jesus Christ. Fair enough. Nail him up. If he comes back in three days, I’ll admit I was wrong.

    😝 🤣 🤪 😆

  35. You know what right wing media does super good. They create and hammer away at catch words and phrases that end up being short hand for their audience.
    Ed P referred to the race card. He says the entire discussion about Wallace over two threads and dozens of entries should have nothing to do with race. I agree 100%. Unfortunately that’s not the way it played out. So who did play the race card first. That would be Pete J Pfankuch our man in Wisconsin.

    “If NASCAR allows Bubba to be a thug it is because they feel the need for a minority presence thinking that will help their popularity. ”

    Pete held his cards close to his vest briefly commenting on the events and possible penalties but then slapped that sucker right down on the table……..the race card. That was the opening salvo but there were other references to race as well from Pete. Like:

    “Bubba has some talent but he would not be in the top series if he was not a minority that brings sponsors and attention.”

    “LOL Sponsors are needed and Bubba can attract them. Who owns the team he is on? DUH. (Team partly owned by a black man)

    “Bubba stands out because NASCAR wants him to. They feel the need for minorities. He is on a team owned by a former (black) basketball great and a current NASCAR driver. ”

    Ed P also thinks Trump should not be brought up in this discussion. I’m not sure I agree but lets say those are the rules no politics. Then why do you exclude Biden who has been mentioned three times he didn’t spot for Bubba either?
    I can only conclude Ed P you’re a poo pooer. Poo pooing like crazy about the race card when clearly it’s a factor and being a little obvious poo pooing the Trump deal with no equal time for Shotgun Joe Biden.

    Shifting gears the word “woke” got my attention. Another short hand expression for something that’s hammered on right wing media like it’s a bad thing. Poor Mr. Courchesne seems to have gotten a little defensive being called “woke”. Here’s the definition via Merriam-Webster:

    “: aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”

    Tell you what you can call me woke any day. Mix woke with a good understanding of political and economic issues you have a right fine citizen by gum. The opposite of woke being intolerant and small minded.
    Thug a right wing dog whistle for sure. Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition for thug.

    “a violent or brutish criminal or bully”

    Seriously do you really think Wallace who weighs in at 145 and is about 5 feet 6 inches qualifies to be a thug? For pushing? Come on man?
    I don’t have a cleaver finish like the previous comment comparing Trump to Jesus Christ. A well traveled meme in left wing circles not unlike the race card and woke. Ed P seems like a pretty good guy but even he couches disingenuous one sided logic in a cloak of reason that in the end is pretty one sided.
    This is all about race like it or not and the fact that no one, including all the people I respect the most are even mentioning Larson putting Wallace in the wall as a mitigating circumstance is pretty disappointing.

  36. Shawn Raymon says

    Congratulations Bubba Wallace! I’ve watched NASCAR 30 years, and NOW, I have to say, I’ll never watch another race. Had it been the other way around, the penalties would be significantly more. Everyone knows this. Makes me sick to see how people are evolving, and nobody pays for what they do any longer. Wonder why we’re in the shape we’re in….duh?

  37. Maybe NASCAR shouldn’t have th oval at the LA Colluseum. Don’t put in any pit walls and make it a demolition derby. Let the drivers get all the temper tantrums, revenge anger, and stupid track moves out of the way to start the season? Then maybe they’ll just race for a while. 🤪

  38. Interesting idea. One reason I like Sprint Cars is the open wheels. When they touch it often results in a wreck. So no moving someone out of the way. A little contact is typical with fenders. Wrecking someone should result in a time out. It should be several races as just losing a wheel results in four races off typically for members of the crew. It isn’t bad enough that the driver is SOL for the race usually. Penalize a whole bunch of them. NASCAR where stupid is typical of their management.

  39. Hmmm, NASCAR offers a wide variety of races from pavement to dirt, road course, short and long tracks. How about make Martinsville or any one of the shorter tracks the riding the wall race. One race where the wall is redesigned to accommodate the increased stress, the cars modified to withstand the maneuver then let them have at it. Not just at the end at any time they think they can pull it off and survive. Maybe slow them down a bit going it but make it completely legal. Call it the Slingshot race. Viewership would be through the roof.
    Give it some thought!

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