Reasons Your License May Be Suspended

Driving has become an everyday necessity for many people. You need your car to go back and forth to work, grocery shopping, and other daily tasks. Being unable to use your vehicle can be an extreme inconvenience when you have a full day ahead.

Personal injury lawyers know that being involved in a car accident with a suspended license will not look good to police officers. If you inflicted damage and injuries on another driver while you were not supposed to be behind the wheel, you might experience unfortunate consequences.

You might have had a few collisions with the law, depending on your driving history. You might have lost some driving points in such cases, leading to a potential license suspension. If you find out that your right to drive has been suspended for a certain period, these points might help you understand why.

DUI Arrests and Convictions

Driving while intoxicated with alcohol or other illicit substances is punishable by law. When driving impaired, your ability to react to incoming hazards decreases significantly. Colliding with another car while under the influence will determine the police officers to consider that you could have prevented the accident if you were sober.

The Blood Alcohol Limit (BAC) in the United States is 0.08% for drivers over 21 and 0.00% under 21 years old. Whether it is a repeat offense or not, you will receive a license suspension for a few months or even longer. If you receive a DUI charge and want to minimize the conviction, you will need a qualified lawyer to guide you through the entire legal process.

Acquiring Too Many Driving Points

Depending on the number and the severity of the road violations, the police officers might ‘’award’’ you with demerit points. If your infraction is severe enough, you can receive up to six points at a time. A license suspension occurs when you reach twelve demerit points and lasts three to five months. 

Another factor that influences the suspension’s limit is your longevity as a driver. More experienced drivers can get a license suspension if they accumulate twelve points in three years. On the other hand, a new driver will have a limit of four points in the first year and eight points in the second year.

Reckless and Distracted Driving

Reckless driving increases the chances of being involved in an accident. Considered reckless behaviors are speeding over the lawful limit, ignoring traffic signs and signals, swerving in and out of traffic lanes, and distracted driving. When you do not pay attention to the road and engage in potentially dangerous behaviors, you breach the duty of care that a driver’s license implies.

Additionally, using your phone while driving removes the attention you should give the road. Answering calls, having conversations on the phone, texting, and using social networks will affect your attention span, preventing you from noticing road hazards in a timely manner. These behaviors will surely get you a few demerit points, consequently leading to a license suspension.

Insurance Law Violations

Most states require you to purchase minimum car insurance to cover damages if you get into a car accident. Moreover, you might need to acquire uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to ensure you have personal injury protection (PIP). These insurance policies cover any medical bills resulting from accident injury treatments.

In some states, you will have to pay a fine of around $100 – $200 the first time you are pulled over and found without insurance. In some cases, a police officer might consider impounding your vehicle necessary, and you will have to pay towing fees and other additional costs. You might be able to reinstate your driver’s license only after you have proof that you acquired auto insurance.

Missing Child Support Payments

Missing child support payments will get you a license suspension. You will receive a notice if you did not pay child support in the last six months, owe at least six months of child support payments, or receive a court order. You can avoid a suspension if you ask for an administrative hearing or establish with the administration a payment schedule.

To modify your child support payments to recover your driver’s license, you must provide information about your financial status and the needs of your children. If you reach an agreement with child support services, you might not have your license suspended. On the other hand, if a child support amount establishes in a court, you will have to file a Petition to Modify Child Support Order with the same court.

Hiring a lawyer to guide you through the process might benefit your case in such complex circumstances. A knowledgeable lawyer will help you minimize the charges and fines, allowing you to reinstate your driver’s license more quicker. 

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