Questions With Ryan Preece Following Seventh Place Finish In Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum 

Ryan Preece (Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

In his debut with the Stewart-Haas Racing Sunday in the Busch Light Clash At The Coliseum, Ryan Preece led a race high 43 laps. before a fuel pump issue relegated him to a seventh place finish. Preece lost the lead to eventual race winner Martin Truex Jr. with 25 laps remaining. 

More from Preece from the post race Sunday. 

What went wrong?

“The fuel pump,” Preece said. “The primary pump went bad. I don’t know. I don’t think we were close on fuel. At first, I thought it was ignition because usually when it’s fuel it just keeps cutting, so I shut off my alternator and all of my electrical stuff and it seemed to help a little bit. It did it again and I lost four spots, so I just flipped the switch and a miracle happened. Ultimately, this car was so badass. It was so fast. We drove from 16th outside, inside, everything it took. I’m proud of the speed. I’m happy for the opportunity, but it sucks giving them away.”

You were able to get out on all those restart, so the speed was there? 

“That just comes from, first off, my grassroots experience, just working hard and just having a fast race car. Chad and I, we’re a new team but we’ve already got a year-and-a-half experience together and knowing lingo. If it’s off, I’ll let him know it, but if it’s that close, he’ll go with his gut. I’m hoping that we can use this as a good start, go to the 500 and win that one and get ourselves in the Playoffs and then try to win some more.”

At what point did you start to have trouble?”

“As soon as [Martin Truex Jr.] caught me. I don’t know if it was with 30 to go, but five laps before he caught me it was the fuel pump going bad. I mean, what are you gonna do? You’re a sitting duck. This is a motor racetrack. It’s two drag strips and when you lose all the power, you’re just a sitting duck.”


  1. The 41 was the best SHR car out there, by far.

    Preece is exactly what NASCAR needs right now.

  2. Stuart A Fearn says

    They definitely knew he was there! Excellent start of the year. Not the end result they wanted but keep that up and the trophies will come that’s for sure

  3. Preece’s short track expertise is exactly what was needed at this race, and it showed. He could get under and around at will, as long as the fuel pump was cooperating.

  4. I watched the race (DVR). With only a few different leaders the race was somewhat boring. Perhaps if they raced more on similar length tracks the racing might be better? Fewer cars in the field might be better too given the short length of the track.

  5. It’s amazing what a talented driver can accomplish in good equipment. Looking forward to watching Ryan compete this season I see at least 1 win and numerous top finishes.

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