RaceDayCT Poll: Will Matt Hirschman Win All Five Tour Type Mod Division Events At New Smyrna

The Tour Type Modified division is scheduled to run five consecutive nights of events at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing at New Smyrna (Fla.) Speedway this week. Matt Hirschman won the division’s opener on Monday night and follwed up with a cruise to victory on Tuesday. Today’s poll question asks, do you think he will win all five Tour Type Modified division events this week at New Smyrna? Vote below


  1. Suitcase Jake says

    Well He is certainly very capable….. He is just head and shoulders above the Competition….With it proving to be tough place to pass in my opinion as Driver see’s it… With him qualified up in the Top 5 each night He could easily go out and Win them all… But , with that being said… We have been around long enough to see all kinds of crazy things happen in racing….Just like the Super Late Model 100 lapper… The FASTEST car does not always WIN … Bryon was a top 5 car… running fourth … then ALL 3 of the cars in front of Him were faster but had mechanical misfortune… This can happen to anyone at any time… not to mention restarts and accidents & lap cars all can take a Win out of your hand.. flat tires have taken away so many wins its hard to count…With that being said … Yes he could win all 5 …. With cool hand Silk it would have been a much tougher task.. Emerling also has a shot too… But it’s hard to say …Emerling may become frustrated running 2nd and may get a little rough on a restart, or take a chance at a dive bomb if he is close enough at the finish… Blewett seems a step behind this year… maybe tonight He can RALLY for John’s 76 lap Memorial Race….lets hope someone steps up and makes it a SHOW…..HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY…

  2. The 60 has this track figured out better than the rest. Everyone else is racing for 2nd place. Unless the 60 has a technical failure, the rest of the the field has to figure out how to catch and pass the 60.

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