RaceDayCT Poll: Do You Agree With Sam Rameau Being Suspended Indefinitely

On Wednesday a number of Northeast tracks, promoters and sanctioning bodies involved in Tour Type Modified racing announced they were indefinitely suspending driver Sam Rameau. Rameau and his team were involved in attacking driver George Bessette Jr. during a Modified race Sunday at Thompson Speedway. Today’s poll question asks, do you agree with Rameau being indefinitely suspended by most groups putting on Modified races? Vote below.


  1. Knuckles Mahoney says

    Are you kidding with this poll? They hit people with a helmet, in any jurisdiction that would be considered a deadly weapon. The fact that the police haven’t arrested anyone thus far is astonishing.

  2. daRealTemper says

    Will he and his whole team complete 80 hours of anger management training taught by a certified anger management specialist?

  3. They should offer anger management and possibly community service like going to schools and talking about ways to control ones anger 🤬

  4. Back in the Day Driver says

    I’m not sure if I agree. I have always hated the rule “The driver is responsible for your pit crews actions”. The person who hit the other driver with the helmet should be banned for life. All others should be suspended for a very long time, fined and have to go through anger management. And I don’t think it is any different if a driver slams into the side of another competitors drivers door under caution. I have been an owner and driver, I know the frustrations when you are taken out, especially when leading, but people make mistakes when out there going that fast, and when they do it costs a lot of time and money to repair these cars. I know there are a lot of very young talent out there and when it is not their money they tend to be a bull in a China shop. I was watching the Whelen Tour on Flo, and I saw that Jake Johnson, and I like him, but he was roughing up everyone he was trying to pass. Something needs to be done to try to keep things settled down.

  5. Is having a poll about the very thing we’re all completely engrossed in inappropriate? A poll on a poll as it were.
    I’d vote no. In fact it seems to me one of the most valuable tools RaceDayCt can provide the greater racing community in this specific situation. Emotion running high and the response to the poll indicative of the support for it’s appearance and total number that voted.
    All it does is quantify what we have observed in comments here and those in social media. Strong support for consequences is all it’s concluding.
    I too am concerned about what legal consequences are forthcoming or more to the point if they’re coming. Clearly that mess that took a little over a minute will take time to sort out. What I understand is that charges are decided by the state not the victim(s). The term “pressing charges” more a practical matter. In this case Bessette and the other victims would need to cooperate with any formal charges. Fact is in the race community racers rarely want to go through all the hoops that formal charges complete with legal proceedings and penalties would entail. It’s time consuming, you have to relive painful experiences over and over and racers are more focused on the positive about next season. I can’t overstate that emotion. Racing is a powerful drug, the entire year defined in terms of things needing to be done at specific times involving getting ready for and participating in the next racing season. Racers are forward looking and positive by nature. Legal entanglements are negative and backward looking so don’t be surprised if nothing formal in the way of charges comes out of this.
    My evidence for that opinion is a couple events at SMS in the last few years involving physical violence and in one case dangerous physical violence. To my knowledge no one “pressed charges”.

  6. The people have spoken. The fans do not want to see this Neanderthal and Troglodyte behavior. It is now up to the local police, tracks, managements, sponsors, promoters, etc. to progress, and evolve, and make it happen.

  7. So I don’t know if I missed it or not but were is Stafford’s and the Tour’s response why haven’t they suspended these thugs. The Tour I’m not surprised but Stafford is surprising. Not showing much respect for their SK light champion.

  8. smac863,
    I don’t see the need for Stafford to make any public announcement at this time. They have one event remaining and Rameau has already been suspended by the sanctioning body that is putting that event on. There’s really no point in them saying he can’t compete in an event at their track that he’s already banned from competing in. As far as NASCAR goes, I’ve been told since Tuesday that they are reviewing the situation.

  9. Shawn I’m a huge Stafford supporter but I still think they are dropping the ball on this they are supposed to be the short track leader certainly in the northeast if not the country. In my opinion they have made two mistakes recently, one not being out front in this situation and two scheduling a race the same Friday as the World Series.

  10. smac863,
    Why do you think it’s so important that they make an announcement? Rameau has never raced in their SK Modified division. He has never raced in their regualr Open Modified events. The only time he races at Stafford is when he competes with the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series and the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series announced yesterday that he has been suspended so he cannot race in the event at Stafford Speedway on Oct. 28. So what is the point of them coming out and making an announcment about a driver who has only ever competed at their track with a series that has already announced that he can no longer compete with them? It sounds to me like you’re just looking for a reason to villify Stafford just to villify Stafford.

  11. Not vilifying Stafford at all been going there for 45+ years love the place. The Rameau team may be out of many options to race next year what would stop them from showing up next spring to race an SK at Stafford, just think they should make a stand that’s all. Not even saying they should never be able race ever again but the industry needs to make a united stand that this can’t be tolerated ever.

  12. “Effective immediately, we, the managing partners of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, have unanimously elected to indefinitely suspend Sam Rameau, Randy Rameau, and Rameau Family Motorsports from competing with the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series.”

    I don’t see how that wording keeps him from competing in the SK division in two weeks. Racing an SK is in no way competing with Tri track. Unless tri track is renting the track?

    I don’t really care when/if a place like Stafford or the tour make a decision. But there are plenty of other places he never raced that made the calls already.

    For people wondering about the tour, they are in a little bit of a tougher spot, as they have to apply their rule book as written. Which im not so sure is that easy for them to do with Sam. Anything they do would have to hold up in appeals if Sam took that path too. They can’t just rule with an iron fist like everyone else.

    “A driver is responsible for their crew” doesn’t seem to be in the NASCAR rule book.

    Can certainly get him with the actions detrimental section, but it would be based on his actions alone.

  13. Zig,
    If he was one of those people with a registered number who never much races I’d say they should probably say something. I would guess if he was to call tomorrow and ask about registering for an SK Modified number for the final race, maybe they’d say something. I think they’re pretty certain that’s not going to happen. The only time he has ever really raced at Stafford is with the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series and they’ve already banned him from the event.
    As far as your take on Sam and the rest of the crew and NASCAR, I’m sure the sanctioning body is making sure to cover themselves legally. Let’s take into account an interesting wrinkle to this story. They were all likely admitted to the pits and paid for admission that day through NASCAR’s competitor admission agreement with the facility. So even though they were competing in an event that was not NASCAR sanctioned, they had been signed in and admitted to the grounds that day representing NASCAR as NASCAR licensed Whelen Modified Tour crew members and a driver.
    And yes, the “actions detrimental” category can be a magic catch all for whatever you want to do. I would think as long as those crew members involved signed in that day representing NASCAR to gain access to the facility, they should also be able to fall under the “actions detrimental” category.

  14. Yea, for sure. I’m just spitballing pure hypotheticals, because why not.

    And I agree they can get him for actions detrimental. Even if he wasn’t signed in with the tour, or even if he didn’t have some sorta membership with them.

    They got a spotter who didn’t have an active license earlier this year, i believe.

    I just don’t think they will be able to get him for any actions other than his. I’ve only seen 1 video and can’t really tell all that much. But I don’t think he was the worst involved. Not great by any means certainly deserving of a penalty. But it does seem like some people on the interwebs think he is responsible for every member of his crew in NASCAR’s eyes. Which I think would have a hard time holding up if they tried to pin everything on him.

  15. Just Saying says

    There will be no controversy at Stafford they will have cops at the gate. Those guys are not going to be allowed in the pits what so ever oh Sammy ramrod is all done. Take your circus of misfits with you. Bye-bye and good riddance.

  16. I’m an old timer. Two different young folks have asked me what’s the big deal didn’t they used to fight all the time back in the day. Everything now is politically correct. Well no. In my opinion people use to have more respect for each other both on and off the track. And if there was a fight it was one on one face to face not what happened at Thompson. Just clearing that up in case a lot of people think this type of thing used to happen often.

  17. Just Saying says

    That’s the way it should be,talked out between the drivers nobody else, what happened at Thompson is just a cowardly act by the ramrod family and it’s low life crew of idiots they should all go to jail

  18. I second the comment by Camerissa. Back in the day, the two people that had a problem would work it out between themselves, one way or another.

    None of this disgusting Lord of the Fleas tribalism crowd attack nonsense.

    If racing wants to bring respectability to itself, it has to throw out the trash once in a while. This deal is a no-brainer.


  20. I doubt they would have had the need to pull Blewett from his car. Unless I miss my guess, he would have been more than willing to climb from his car and play their silly game.

  21. People need to understand this story more too. If you listen to the in car audo you can clearly hear Sam and his dad yelling at Besstte threatening his life and trying to follow thru on those threats by pulling him out of the car. He had Sam thru the windshield trying to get him, Sam’s scummy father Randy on the driver side and another goon of theirs on the passenger side and the only reason Bisette was able to get any help at all was because he had his helmet on still and was screaming for help as they were attempting to carry out their attack. Then as Bessette was being carried by emergency personel at Thompson, someone form their team tried to get at him again. Despicable

  22. On the audio you could hear them threatening his life? That sounds like the messages George’s sister was sending to a driver at Stafford threatening their life? When she got arrested for threatening a driver and George got suspended for it he said it was just some track drama. So when it was his team threatening another driver it was just track drama, now because it’s someone saying that to him everyone is supposed to weep for him? Oh well, karma happens. How’s that saying go, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

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