Race Preview: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Constantine Paving & Sealing Haunted Hundred At Waterford

RaceDayCT Poll: Who Will Win The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final At Stafford?

Event: Constantine Paving & Sealing Haunted Hundred

Where: New London-Waterford Speedbowl

When: Sunday (originally scheduled for Saturday but postponed due to weather)

Schedule: See below

Who: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Speedbowl Entry List


— The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series hosts the fifth of its six scheduled 2023 events Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

— Currently 40 cars on the entry list for the event.

— The second Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event of 2023 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. Matt Hirschman won the rain shortened Belltown Motors/Fowler’s Auto Wrecking 100 on Aug. 12 at the Speedbowl.

— After six years away from the shoreline oval, the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series returned to the track in 2022 with Dana DiMatteo winning last August in the division’s return to Waterford.

— The Monaco Modiifed Tri-Track Series ran two events at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl in 2015, with Ron Silk and Woody Pitkat scoring victories. The series also ran two events at the track in 2016 with Stepen Masse and Matt Hirschman scoring wins.

— Seven-time Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series champion Matt Hirschman leads the series standings. Woody Pitkat is second in the standings, 10 points off the lead. Matt Swanson is third, 17 points behind. Ronnie Williams is fourth, 25 points behind Hirschman. Click here for the full series standings

— Ronnie Williams won the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series season opening event at Thunder Road International Speedbowl on May 28.

— Matt Swanson won the second Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event of the season on June 28 at Seekonk Speedway.

— Jake Johnson was victorious when the series visited Star Speedway on July 22.

— Matt Hirschman won in the division’s most recent event on Aug. 12 at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

— The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series is celebrating its 10th season in 2023 – Decade To Dominance: Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Celebrate 10 Years Of Perennial Growth

— Matt Hirschman is the reigning Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series champion. Hirschman is looking for his eighth series title in 2023. Click here for 2022 series standings.

— The series began in 2014. Jon McKennedy won the first series title. Ronnie Williams was the series champion in 2019. Hirschman has won every other series title.

— Matt Hirschman is also the division’s all-time winningest driver with 17 victories in 46 series starts. Click here for the division’s all-time win list

— Spectator gates open at 11 am. Sunday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series practice is scheduled for approximately 1:05 pm.

— The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series closes out its 2023 schedule with the NAPA Fall Final on Oct. 28 at Stafford Speedway. The race was was originally scheduled for Sept. 23 but was postponed due to weather. Click here for the detailed 2023 schedule.

RaceDayCT Poll: Who Will Win The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series NAPA Fall Final At Stafford?


  1. Hillary 2024 says

    This season has got to be one of the worst for weather in recent history for many tracks. I’m making plans to be there Sunday, of course. Hearing that the championship Friday night could be moved to November. Some people are saying to hold the entire two days on Sunday. That’s just too much racing for a Sunday. Not to mention the pit situation with the big car counts. Plus the track must have taken quite a loss with all the rain outs. They’d have to up the ticket price quite a bit to make financial sense. As of today 45 ACT cars are signed up. This will make the speedbowl be the highest car count of any track all season. Awesome. Especially for the track “haters”. Tri track had 43 I think and a couple withdrew. Down to 40 today. With the sk lite big money race and the open street stocks it looks to be an very good show. Also interesting is I read that Racing America and Flo are going to be there. Not sure if both are broadcasting all the racing or what. Doug must be pretty ecstatic.

  2. Well that’s a surprise. I was hoping you’d bust my chops in the other thread I was trolling you specifically just begging for it.
    You’re a great fan Hillary that’s for sure supporting your home track. You seem so proud of the car counts always making the point when they’re great and for a fact they are for this event at least on paper. If you had to guess why the event is drawing a high level of interest from competitors why do you think that is?
    My guess is a few things. You can start with Haunted Hundred being a marquee event. Then add two highly respected sanctioning groups the MMTTS and ACT and make them must race points events. Being at the end of the year helps teams looking for that one last race to enjoy if points don’t motivate them. The geographic location ideal, centrally located with good highways to get to the general vicinity from many directions. Finally I’d add the track configuration that’s both challenging yet driver friendly if that makes any sense.
    Does the track management play a big part in the attraction? I’m thinking not so much as long as they can minimally organize their operation to comfortably accommodate a big event like that. They don’t even have to worry about the streaming production like the tracks that produce their own content.
    No doubt you’re a real racing patriot Hillary. I’d guess by your own definition a person that supports their home track by attending weekly or at the very least as often as they can. I was a racing patriot at one time. Competitor, season ticket holder and decades of attending races but no more. Last attended race the Lincoln Tech Open at Stafford in 2019. But ironically have seen more races then I did in my prime as a race fan patriot.
    No doubt I’m low hanging fruit for the race fan patriots that buy tickets, attend races and like to bust stones. The Barcalounger guy I do make it easy. No actual Barcalounger it’s a metaphor for all the virtual fans that subscribe to watch races of which there are quite a few. Many older like me in fact taking advantage of the access.
    The wisdom I have to offer after all this nonsense is this. If the race at the Speedbowl is attended as robustly as one might expect it’s important that the event get exposure that only FloRacing can offer. Yes I know all you true race fan patriots have no regard for the virtual fan but if you’re being honest with yourselves you’d admit you tend to by martyrs and myopic. Not able to see the importance of exposure nor the significance of promoters like NASCAR, Stafford, Smart, MMTTS and ACT making a point to advertise aceess via FloRacing or Racing America.
    I’m telling you man next year they have to consider “Creepy Bruce’s Haunted Hundred” it’s a natural. Maybe put up the blank billboards they took down and cover them like before with black shrouds it would be Spook-tacular.
    Give it some thought.

  3. Hillary 2024 says

    Come on Doug. Two streaming choices for one event and you’re surprised you got a mention? It’s a no brainer really 😄. Speaking of no brains this certain lady on FB who keeps complaining that last Sunday wasn’t used as a rain date for the championship night. Friday was the scheduled rain date and she thinks they should have just changed it to Sunday overnight because nobody was sure about the forecast for tomorrow. Talk about being clueless on how running a race track works.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    I think it’s great the streaming exist for people that can’t make it to the track for one reason or another but still want to check out the races. I may be part of that at some point but for now I’m still heading to the track. We each participate whichever way works best for us!

  5. Ideally both services show everything. If I were to speculate Tri Track will be on FLO. ACT will be on Racing America. The other stuff who knows, maybe both. It stinks when they have these split shows, and you don’t have access to one of them.

    Well, I think that is the end of my in-person race season. I was hoping to get to this Haunted hundred, but the weather had other plans. I made them all at Seekonk, really liked this race there and was willing to give Waterford a shot. Hopefully the weather cooperates on Sunday for everyone. This has been a brutal race season. My area typically gets 48.26 inches of rain a year. We hit that mark in September, and they say we are trending 7 inches higher than normal. Local news said it has rained at some point 15 out of the last 20 weekends. It looks like we may go 16 for 21. That is .760 batting average, that is good weather for ducks, bad weather for race fans.

  6. Just Saying says

    So I’m thinking the infield is gonna be full of water. Hopefully that’s not the case cus that would make for a big mess

  7. The ACT race is listed on the Racing American site. You can get that race by signing up for the monthly subscription. If you only want to see this event it would be about $13 then you can cancel. The MMTTS race already announced as a FloRacing event.
    Having two services for one event is nothing new but this is a little different. For one the MMTTS race was not originally scheduled on the FloRacing schedule it was a pleasant pop-up surprise. Why did that happen and who initiated it? If it’s by the book that would be the Speedbowl since the MMTTS always leaves the final decision on streaming to the tracks. Two services getting the green light at Waterford says something significant but not exactly sure what that it. Hope the mobile camera doesn’t get in the way of Hillary’s line of sight it could get ugly with that temper of his.

  8. Doug,
    Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series management is responsible for arranging the broadcast through FloRacing.

  9. I was trolling on that very question so thank you for the clarification. That would be a change from traditional practice I believe unless the Speedbowl had final veto power. That should it have been the case chose wisely not to exercise.

  10. Doug,
    Yes, certainly done in cooperation with track management, but definitely organized and overseen by series management.

  11. The prior Flo broadcast for the Monaco Tri track Modified Series at Waterford had an odd camera shot. The majority of the broadcast was shot from the outside of turns 3 and 4. There were multiple cameras but turn 3.4 seemed to be the most popular shot with replays showing infield camera shots. It was a little difficult to follow the action as the cars were moving towards the camera and away from you without car numbers easily visible anywhere but turn 3 and 4. I haven’t been to Waterford since the renovation, but I don’t think there is a tower on the front stretch to shoot from. Unless they brought in a scissor lift or take up a few rows of seats on the top of a grandstand, I would expect the same camera shot. Its worth watching just not your traditional broadcast perch. I think the guys at Sids view do a great job with the traditional camera shot from the front stretch. They also mix in a bunch of in car camera Go Pro shots, but they have the benefit of editing and not producing a live broadcast.

    Local weather was cold and raining all day. So definitely the right call to move it out to Sunday. The forecast looks much better. Enjoy the races. 40 cars entered. Nice points battle with 2 races to go. Waterford usually puts on a great modified show. It should be a good one.

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