New London-Waterford Speedbowl Announces 2024 Schedule

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

Speedbowl track officials are proud to unveil the 2024 full season schedule, packed full of action from our weekly racing, returning series, and even a new one to the shoreline oval.

Drivers from all around can shake off the cobwebs on April 18th and 25th for some pre-season open practices as they gear up for Blast Off 2024 on May 3rd-5th. That Friday will be a practice session for Blast Off competitors only. Saturday the 4th will be headlined by the Milton CAT Modified Racing Series! The MRS make their return to the Speedbowl for the first time since Matt Swanson won in 2020. They will also join us at The Finale on October 19th.

Back after a few years’ hiatus, our Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday competitors of the X-Cars, Super X-Cars, and INEX Bandoleros will have a chance to compete in a pre-season exhibition. Also, on Blast Off Saturday, the Evolve Pro Trucks open their season.

Blast Off Sunday, May 5th, will be headlined by a 73 lap SK Modified® main event, representing 73 years of the Speedbowl. The day will kick off with a pit party and hold feature races for all 7 of our weekly divisions including the Late Models, SK Lights, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, Trucks, and INEX Legend Cars.

There’s 23 point paying weeks for the Saturday Night competitors, with various off nights sprinkled in. The Late Models go 100 laps as a part of Full Fendered Throwdown on August 31st. Going 50 laps for their extra distance races, the SK Lights are scheduled for August 3rd, the Street Stocks on June 15th, Mini Stocks on July 27th, and Trucks on June 1st.

INEX Legend Cars’ National Qualifier will be held on June 22nd, have double features on July 20th, and we will once again hold the Fall Classic on September 14th.

They’re also back on Wednesday Nights as part of Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday. A 14-event season kicking off on May 29th include two special Sunday shows on July 14th and August 11th featuring the X-Cars, Super X-Cars, INEX Bandoleros, and more!

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series takes on the ‘Bowl for their annual trip on Saturday August 10th. Matt Hirschman swept both events in 2023, and Dana DiMatteo took the win when they first returned in 2022.

The always entertaining Sundail Cocktails 350 SMAC (Small-Block Super Modifieds) kick their season off with us on May 18th, and the American Three-Quarter Midgets make their return on October 19th. The lightning fast NEMA Midgets return with two dates for the main series on May 25th and October 19th, with the NEMA Lites racing on two additional dates of July 6th and August 17th.

Based in northern New England region and new to the Speedbowl, the New England Dwarf Car Series makes its debut. Similar in stature to the Legend Cars, the Dwarf Car features open wheels and nerf bars, with a 600cc Suzuki or Honda motorcycle engine under the hood. 

Six Open Street Stock events are sprinkled through the year. The first five held on May 25th, July 6th, August 3rd, August 31st, and October 19th will be chances to tune up for the 5th Annual Northeast Street Stock Championship held during Smacktoberfest. Winners of those 5 events will have a guaranteed starting spot come October 26th.

Also during the Twentieth running of Smacktoberfest, Open Competition Mini Stocks are back! Full Size, Truck/SUV, and Ladies Enduros will be held on both Smacktoberfest and on Sunday July 14th. The Compacts will also compete, and have 6 total dates including June 1st, July 14th, August 11th, August 31st, September 21st.

Events listed on the schedule such as The Mid-Season Championship, the Waterford Team Race, Legends of the Bowl Night, and others will be highlighted with details coming up soon.

Finally, Driver Registration, Number Registration, and rules will be published in the next couple weeks.

Full detailed schedule with built in open practice dates is posted below. Events are subject to change. Keep up with what’s going on at our website, on Facebook at The New London-Waterford Speedbowl, and on Instagram and X @SpeedbowlCT.


  1. Who is running things since Foster is gone?

  2. No ACT at Waterford this year. Only one tri track race. Anyone know where the Tri Track haunted hundred is going to be this year? I am guessing maybe it’s added to Thompson’s World series. The race doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s schedule and is listed as TBA date and location on tri tracks schedule. Has MRS been announced for Thompsons World series? I don’t think I have seen their schedule yet.

  3. Mark Andrews says

    Who’s running the place?As Usual…crickets…nothing…cant believe they have a schedule out…is hell freezing over tomorrow?I’m looking forward to the fresh air in the tires of the broadcast bus to get it level and the improvements to the track.

  4. Rafter fan says

    Do we know who the “Speedbowl track officials” referenced in the first sentence of the press release may be?

  5. Rich,
    The staff that was already in place under Sean Foster.

  6. CSG,
    The Haunted Hundred will not be part of the World Series at Thompson.

  7. Rafter Fan,
    The staff was that was in place under former general manager Sean Foster.

  8. Good News is they open in 2024. Hope they get another Tri-Track date, a return of the high paying SKL race.

  9. Steve,
    There will only be one Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series event at the track in 2024.

  10. Rafter fan says

    Who’s included in “the staff that was in place under former GM Sean Foster”? I apologize for my ignorance.

  11. Tri Track hasn’t released their schedule yet but I’m counting seven races thus far… Thompson, Thunder Road, White Mountain, Seekonk, Star, Stafford, and now Waterford. Also just read MRS is going to do 10 races.

  12. Hillary 2024 says

    Surprised to see MRS back at the bowl. Are they making a comeback or is that series still dying? Nice to see blastoff and the finale back to a traditional weekend of racing format. No need to bring dwarf cars down here. Happy to see the tq midgets back. Those things are insane at the speedbowl. Also nice to see 6 open street stocks races. Wonder what the deal is with the haunted 100. All in all the schedule looks good with some interesting additions. So Shawn, who is running the track in 2024?…..

  13. Mark Andrews says

    So the Same Speedbowl Officials under Foster who backstabbed him,Created an atmosphere that breaking the technical rules is allowed for certain teams,that refused to follow through on stated punishments for physical altercations in the parking area? That group of officials? Who couldn’t come to an conclusions about on track incidents? That Group.Cant wait to see what this upcoming season has on store for the “Rule by Committee”Group.So as a Car Owner of Driver when you have an issue…..there is no one individual to go to one to day the buck stops here.Just a he said she said of bouncing issues back and forth and passing the blame or the buck to Jimmy,Suzy who knows who?See it now….gee ..I have a tire issue…well you need to go see Jimmy.Jimmy says…Suzy is handling that…and so on and so on…Wait…call the track during the week to find out…Oops…no one answering the phone.No one returning Calls.Wait,your tires are ok.Bruce called me himself during the week and wants us back.No issue.Oops..trying to sign in.worked all week to prepare our members here and hauler.Soery.Jimmy and Suzy day your not allowed.But Bruce called me during the week! Don’t know anything about that.Sorry.But….tell you what….your child is allowed to sit in the grandstands as long as they pay admission.But the family dog can’t come in
    ,Showed some aggressive behavior last week when it smelled a strange substance on the point leaders tires.This actually happened!!!! Not the dog part, but nothing would surprise me any longer.It won’t matter.The regulars or as I now reference, the sheep,can’t and won’t go anywhere else because they are local,are low on funds,and want to be big fish in a small pond.They will show up no matter begging the Team.The Group.Whatevet you call yourselves.Just be honest for once.At least give us car owners or drivers a chance to make informed decisions.Tell us the truth.The present owner did save the place.He did.Saved by simply buying an asset.A personal playground.Yes did some upgrades.That were needed.However.No more to follow because he is bitter over no pat on the back for doing so.All the love at the begining.Then issues Then nothing.After an overturned verdict.Weres the love?What about me? So….I’m not putting anymore into the place.Wont look to the future.Wont keep a steady Manager.Wont pay a competent one.Shiw up at your own risk and enjoyments.This is all I’m doing.Period!Don’t count on fairness with rules.Dont count on any word or transparency regarding anything to do with the Track.Other than.Heres the schedule.Firget the rules…they are simply guidelines.Only to be enforced based on friendships and popularity of the rule breaker.Its not shirking nor dad….many businesses are rule like this.Heres your menu selection…no you can’t have a side salad you can’t have it with no mustard.You get what you get and you will like it or don’t come.Please just be honest about what won’t be done….allow people to make informed decisions.Scirers Tower and Bleachers at the Start Finish Line?Ive been to racetracks all over the country for 60 plus years….never …never have seen a track with no Stands or Bleachers at the Start Finish Line!Upgraded or More Restroom Facilities,Real Stand Alone Concessions?More importantly.A Real General Manager who can Oversee the Aspects that keep Racers coming Back.Car Counts High which brings fans.Anyone listening? Team? Committee?Tell us the truth.We are waiting.

  14. Mark Andrews says

    Shawn…sorry for my poor texting skills ..I’m an old man

  15. Do we even know if there will be a haunted 100 this year? cant say the last few crowds have been that great.

    There is currently 1 off weekend for tour modifieds in October. And that is currently Waterford “finale” weekend. And also oxfords 400 weekend. Haunted 100 has historically been an ACT/pass group race right? Not sure if they would want 2 things going on the same weekend.

    If its not Thompson, Stafford or Waterford. Would they go back to seekonk? I’m not sure more north is better that time of the year.

    riverhead? wall? mahonig? evergreen? some other new territory?

    Also, after the cluster that was October 2023, maybe its not the worst idea in the world to leave an off weekend in case it rains once during the month.

    Also, TRI track is already at 7 confirmed dates. + 1 over last year. Will they go to 8? In a year when both Stafford and NASCAR pulled back on their schedules after everyone complained about oversaturation, will tri track be the baddies now? Maybe. will basically bring the number of major events back to the same level as 2023.

    If they were done adding races, i would have thought they would have a schedule press release by now. so i guess they still plan on it.

    odd, its mid January already and no schedule from tri track. wonder if martinsville moving to a Saturday threw a monkey’s wrench into things.

  16. Fast Eddie says

    Maybe the haunted hundred goes back to seekonk?

  17. Rafter Fan,
    I think the primary individuals as far as management at this point are Chris Austill and Heidi McDonough.

  18. Zig,

    Saying: “odd, its mid January already and no schedule from tri track” is a little misleading. The seven known events have all been announced or aknowledged by Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series management. They’re waiting on finalizing details for one more event. Let’s not act like the entirety of their 2024 schedule is a mystery when seven of a possible eight events are known and confirmed.

  19. Hillary 2024 says

    Zig, is there an off weekend in October for tour mods? The speedbowl finale has MRS.

  20. @Hillary 2024 just saw a Facebook post from MRS and their tentative schedule has 10 races with 2 more to be determined. Car counts haven’t been great the last couple years so even with a bigger schedule it’s hard to say the series is healthy. It is encouraging though that they’re not just giving up. There sure is going to be plenty of modified racing in these parts in 2024.

  21. Just Me - The Original says

    Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series has the Haunted Hundred listed on their website as TBD

  22. It’s a nice schedule, I just wish the Big-Block Supers would be back/ together with the MRS or Tri Track series for an event on the same day. I see the MRS features are on different days then the SK’s. But, beggars can’t be choosers. I am just happy there are more Tour-type races at the CT tracks now.

  23. Bob Grinex says

    Open streetstocks!!! Oooh Yeah!!! i know someone who is coming out of retirement to run those shows!!

  24. youre right hillary, guess i didnt read the schedule close enough. that makes:

    9/14 Riverhead NWMT, 9/15 TT star

    9/21 Monadnock NWMT

    9/28 Fall Final

    10/5 NWMT Wilkesboro.

    10/11-13 Thomspon world series.

    10/18-19. Waterford MRS, Oxford 400. KoTG (historically), SMART Wilkesboro.

    10/26 NWMT Martinsville.

    11/2-3 NSS (historically)

    11/9 Islip 300 (historically).

    not much room to be had for a haunted hundred. 1 rain out weekend makes a big mess too. i guess tri track would still be the big enough dog on 10/18-19 to have it then. Might lose some cars depending on where though.

  25. Thanks zig13 for taking the time to put Haunted 100 “obstacles” in print right in front of us for analytic prognostication. In the past I’ve seen a few Haunted/Spook/Howler/Goblin themed races originally scheduled as late as 3rd or 4th of November but not in the Northeast.

    Two of the best possibilities might be whatever day of the weekend (10/18-19) that Waterford MRS ain’t ; or the first weekend of November against the exponentially diminished NSS. (Since NSS left Concord and since Modifieds run at Caraway 77-78 times a year anyhow the race is just a shell of what it once was.) The latter makes more sense for Tri-Track car count because other than Hirschman it shouldn’t be a tough decision between a Tri-Track race and the NSS.

    Like zig13 said ,the where is a big variable. Tracks that far north, to keep it a close tow distance are only a few. In order, my predictions are #1. No Haunted 100 in 2024. #2 Seekonk 1st weekend in November. #3 Waterford same weekend different day as MRS, or maybe MRS un-schedules between now and then leaving that weekend to Tri-Track.

  26. Personally, I would like to see it go back home to Seekonk, If they cant do PASS and ACT companion show. I would love to see a big money open street stock race and SMAC supers with Tri track at the Konk. I was thinking maybe it would be a part of the oxford 400. but MRS at Waterford puts a damper on that idea. Looking at the schedule for tour types it looks tough. The haunted hundred was my favorite show of the year.

  27. That didn’t take too long to sort itself out nicely. Now let’s just hope no untimely rain outs. MRS just posted a good looking schedule (to me anyhow) on their website.

  28. Enduro59,
    Yes, it was also posted here at noon. Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Announces 2024 Schedule

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